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Best advice I’ve read yet, and I’ve been reading about tents on the net for five hours! Cheers.

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Thank you for giving the advice. It will help me bunch.


Olpro Martley 6 Review

Fast Summary 70 - quite nice but with few bad things 66 - medium range of price 80 - Quality and design on ok level Size- 70 cm x 36 cm x 38 cm Weight - 20 kg Check best price on Amazon Olpro Martley 6 tent – an overview [...]

Kampa Hayling 6 review

Fast Summary 77 - very popular and vell design 72 - almost any could afford on it 81 - few small problems can occure Size- 74 cm x 34 cm x 34 cm Weight - 23,7 kg Check best price on Amazon KampaHayling 6 tent – An Overview It is [...]

Kampa Cryode 6 Review

Fast Summary 75 - quite organised design 42 - rather proposition for more wealth people 89 - durability on stable level Canvas Pack Size- 70 cm x 42 cm x 37 cm Canvas Weight - 18,4 kg Frame Pack Size- 75 cm x 24 cm x 24 cm Frame Weight - 19,5 kg [...]

A Coleman Cabral 6 Review For The Camper In You

Fast Summary 86 - Really good product 59 - Price is quite high 91 - we can see that durability of product Size- 680 cm x 230 cm x 200 cm Weight - 22 kg Check best price on Amazon Coleman Cabral 6 tent - a home away from home Do [...]

Rab Ascent 300 Sleeping Bag Review

Rab Ascent 300 sleeping bag – your companion in the wilderness The importance of a sleeping bag is realized by the one who has spent a night out in the woods and not slept a wink. The rugged terrain, the creepy crawlies and the weather are your foes when out on a [...]

Rab Ascent 500 Sleeping Bag Review

Know Your Rab Ascent 500 Sleeping Bag Travelling can be so exciting but only with the right gear that will give you a good night's sleep.  Pack your backpack and travel light with the Rab ascent 500 sleeping bag. Coming from a brand that is known for its core expertise in sleeping [...]

Mountain Warehouse Bivvy Bag

Why should you choose Bivvy Bag Mountain Warehouse The typical Bivvy bags are small, lightweight, waterproof and an alternative to the bulky tents that climbers, hitchhikers and backpackers carry on their sojourns. There are several brands of Bivvy bags in the market. We recommend Bivvy bag Mountain warehouse because of the extra [...]

Rab Andes 800 Sleeping Bag Review

Calling all backpackers out there! Have you been looking to find a good sleeping bag for your next adventure? Then look no more. Your gear that will be travelling with you could well be the Rab Andes 800 sleeping bag. Nothing can be more useful than some in depth information on the [...]

Highlander Echo 400 Sleeping Bag review

The highlander Echo 400 is an ideal companion for the extreme conditions If you take your camping seriously and do not shy away from rough weather conditions then the highlander echo 400 should be an essential part of your camping gear. The bag has been built to withstand extremes of [...]

All You Need to Know About the Best Camping Mat UK

What are the essentials that you need to pack for a camp, apart from your camping mattress? Apart from your camping mattress, the essentials for a camp would include the tent, ropes, maps, torch, first-aid box, food supplies, water, a camping shower, a camping cot and other miscellaneous items. A camping mattress [...]