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When you are on the move and want to carry your world with you, you need some real good quality backpacks. Be it a camping trip, a hike or just a backpacking trip across Europe, you need the perfect backpack that can hold all your essential requirements, without weighing too much on your back.

Best 30 L Backpacks In UK

Looking For A 30 L Travel Backpack?


Trespass Neroli Ruck Sack Review

The Trespass Neroli Rucksack is a compact and durable rucksack with a capacity of 28 litres. It has one main compartment that can be closed with a zip and an extra pocket too. You can keep things that you need on the go, at easy access as the bag has 3 mesh pockets. You can store your water bottles on the side and some essentials in the front pocket. When you are on the move, a little music can give you the best company and keep you entertained for a long time. With this bag, you can listen to your favourite tunes without exposing your iPod or phone with the help of the headphone access.



  • Compact and perfect for regular use
  • Chest and waist straps ensure the bag is secured to your back without causing any pain
  • Padded back for comfort when the bag is worn for long hours


  • Too small for overnight trips or large items
  • Does not last long when too much weight is carried regularly
  • Not enough closed pockets or compartments to store items separately


17 inches high and 12 inches wide with a capacity of 28 litres


Customer feedback

Customers were very happy with the low cost and compact size of the bag as it is just perfect for regular use. Be it for school or the gym, it has enough space to store few items. When you are carrying this for a trip, the shoulder and waist straps ensure the weight is evenly distributed and your back doesn’t feel the full pressure.

Go On that Hike With The 30L Hiking Backpack

Mountaintop 30L/32L/36L Hiking Daypack/Camping Backpack/Travel Daypack/Casual Backpack for Outdoor Climbing School – Review

The mountaintop 30L backpack is highly versatile and can be used for hiking, camping, travel or even school or a casual day out. When you want to carry just a few things, you don’t want the items jiggling around on your back. This bag has a compression strap which will hold all items securely in place and will also prevent the weight from falling away from your back. The hip belt helps in distributing the weight, thereby ensuring your comfort. The computer based embroidery and the good quality buckles offer durability to this bag. The manufacturer backs up the quality claim with a 90 day warranty period.



  • Compression straps helps to hold things towards your back, thereby reducing the impact of the weight on your back
  • Hip belt and mesh back offers good comfort
  • Small zipped pockets at the waist to hold things at easy access


  • Made of very light material


55x28x14cms (HxLxW)


Customer feedback

This bag is just the right size for regular gym use or carrying it on a regular basis. The hip belt and compression straps ensure you are comfortable while carrying the bag for a long time. The bag is light, easy to carry and has enough number of zipped pockets to store things at accessible distance.


Keep Your Things Safe With A 30 L Water Proof Backpack

Skysper- 30L Water-resistant Outdoor Sports Travel Hiking Backpacks Trekking Backpacks Our Review

When you are out hiking or just trekking around, you never know when you will be exposed to moisture and water. The best way to ensure your things are kept safe from water is by using the 30L water resistant outdoor backpack from Skysper.

This bag is made out of polyester fabric, which makes it water resistant and even tear resistant. It has a spacious compartment to fit in your big items and two mesh side pockets for smaller things or your water bottles. There are a number of straps and belts to distribute the weight evenly and protect your back from unnecessary pain. You can also hang many items off the bag, thus making it just perfect for that trek you have been planning for.



  • Light and durable material
  • Can hang a number of equipments from the bag
  • Can carry heavy stuff as weight is distributed with the various straps


  • Shoulder straps are too small for an adult
  • Vertical zip on the outside, not very convenient to store or retrieve


47x32x18cms (HxLxW)


Customer feedback

Value for money! This bag is reasonably priced for its size and features. Can carry good weight and the pressure is taken off your back, thanks to the various straps at your hip, shoulder and chest. The adjustable straps help to hold the things in place, allowing you to even run with it. However, the shoulder straps are just too small for an adult, and is suitable only for kids.

Get The Perfect Under Armour backpack With The Lightweight 30L backpack Review

Under Armour Hustle Backpack – 27.66 Litres – Review

This 27.66 litres hustle backpack from Under Armour is ergonomically designed to offer you sufficient comfort while wearing the bag. It also has a head gear that is padded and can be adjusted to the desired height. The bag material has a DWR finish which helps it repel water effectively. Now you things are safe from water, comfortably loaded on your back and you are good to go.

The top grip handle gives you a comfortable hold when you want to just lift your bag and not wear it. There are a number of pockets to fit in all your things.


  • Inbuilt laptop sleeve, you can use the bag for work or play
  • Ergonomically designed to keep your back comfortable all day long
  • Spacious pockets


  • Side pockets get stretched easily when heavy things are stored
  • Top panel allows water to seep in when exposed to rain for some time


45.36 x 30.24 x 20.16 cm


Customer feedback

Customers are very happy with the spacious pockets and main compartment that can even fit in a football. There are enough number of compartments to keep your things segregated and can also be accessed easily. The sporty design and colours make it just apt for both men and women and can be carried by both adult and children. It has a full five star rating from the customers.


Women’s 30L backpack – Why Should Only Men Have All The Fun?


Berghaus Women’s Freeflow II 30 Backpack Review

The Women’s freeflow II 30 backpack from Berghaus is just perfect for a hiking or a trekking trip. These outdoor activities are not limited to just men and Berghaus ensures the women have a bag specially designed for them.

This bag offers great comfort with it s shoulder straps that are ventilated and the ergonomically designed back panel. The weight of the bag gets evenly distributed, thanks to the chest and compression straps. If you are going on a trek, you can attach your walking pole to this bag and not worry about carrying the pole in your hand. You can adjust the height and straps of the bag to suit your comfort level.



  • Waterproof
  • Adjustable straps and height
  • Ergonomically shaped and has external attachments


  • No side pockets for bottles
  • Front pouch gets compressed when main compartment is filled


27x14x7 inches


Customer feedback

The customers are highly impressed with this backpack as it is not only roomy but is also very comfortable to carry despite being filled up. The straps ensure the weight is spread and your back is not strained. Women of all sizes can use this bag as you can adjust the height of the bag itself and also the shoulder straps. The good quality material protects the bag against rips and tears.

Cheap 30L Backpack To Fit Your Budget

Gonex Lightweight Packable Backpack Hiking Daypack Upgraded Version 30L – Review

The lightweight packable backpack from Gonex is just the bag you need for those impromptu treks or walks on your otherwise fun free trip. Just put this bag, all packed up, into your main luggage and pull it out when you decide to step outdoors and want a compact bag to carry all your things in.

Made from nylon, it is rip and tear resistant, thus making it highly durable. The bag itself is light and is easy to carry when fully loaded. The bag is made of supreme quality and is expected to last for a very long time. This claim is backed up with a lifetime warranty – return or even exchange. The bag has abrasion resistant metal zippers, which boast of a long life.


  • Can be easily packed
  • Very light and easy to carry
  • Very durable with the tear resistant nylon fabric


  • The zips don’t last long and tend to snag the bag material when the zip is used
  • Packing in or unpacking the zipped backpack is quite a task


When folded fully – 17 x 17 cm (HxWxD). When unfolded, 48 x 30 x 20cms.


Customer feedback

The compartments are both big and small in size, thus offering you the option of storing different things in differently sized pockets. it can be used as an additional bag when you are travelling abroad and can’t really buy a new bag to accommodate your overseas shopping. This bag is sturdy despite being made of light material. The straps are well placed and enable you to carry the weight well distributed over your upper body, rather than your back taking the full weight on it.


The Best 30L Tactical Backpack


Mardingtop Tactical Backpack/Military Rucksacks/Sports Outdoor Military Bag/Compact Pack/Summit Bag Our Review

The Mardingtop Tactical backpack can be used as a military rucksack, a summit bag, or for a number of other outdoor activities like sports, hiking, trekking, etc. It is made of 600D polyester, which gives it the water proof quality and has provision for attaching your name to the bag with the help of a Velcro patch.

When you look inside the bag, you are sure to be impressed with the 3 compartments that allow you to keep your things segregated and there are side pockets too, on the outside. It is a 40L backpack, meaning you can store a little more than your regular 30L bags.



  • Expandable middle compartment
  • Zippered pockets, both on the inside and outside
  • Many loops to attach other gears


  • All are zipped pockets, hence you cannot access anything without having to open the pocket first
  • No easy to access pockets on the hip belt or shoulder straps for small things


51x39x24inches (HxLxW)


Customer feedback

Customers are extremely happy and impressed with the high quality material used in the making of this backpack, which makes it very durable. The number of zippered pockets enables one to store many things very securely. The bag is of the right size and can be used for a number of purposes like school, hiking, trekking, outdoor sports, etc.

Best Berghaus 30L Rucksack For Everyone, All The Time

Berghaus Mens Ladies Twentyfourseven 30 Litre Daysack Rucksack – Review

With a flow back system and adjustable chest straps for good comfort, the Berghaus TwentyFourSeven is just perfect for both men and women alike, even when you are on the go for the whole day. As the name suggests, this bag is here to keep your things organised and safe, all day long. There is a zipped compartment in the front and you can even carry your laptop and tab safely, as the sleeve inside will protect it from getting scratched.



  • Reflectors for night safety
  • Multiple compartments on the inside


  • No laptop compartment to keep it secure, only a sleeve to avoid scratches
  • No extra pockets on the front for quick access
  • Flap on the top for hydration tube is too big and can let moisture seep in


49x31x27cms (HxWxD)


Customer feedback

Customers have given it a very high rating owing to its multiple compartments that helps you keep things organised on the go. It is big enough for an overnight trip or a small trek as you can even attach light weight equipment to the front bungee system.


Enjoy Your Trek With The Best Vango 30 Litres Backpack


Vango Vibe 30 Urban Rucksack – Review

The Vango Vibe 30 Urban Rucksack is a comfortably sized eco friendly backpack, made out of high density Eco PVC material. The air channels on the back provide enough ventilation for your back when you are wearing the bag. Multiple compartments on the inside help you keep all your small items well organised. You can even carry your laptop or tab without worrying about it getting scratched.



  • Multiple little compartments for easy organisation
  • Water resistant


  • Not very spacious for big items
  • No hip belt or chest straps to distribute the weight


23x 43x32cm (LxHxW)


Customer feedback

This bag gets a good rating for the internal compartments and the padded laptop sleeve. However, it is not very spacious to carry things for a trek or a hike. It is good for regular use like sports, school, etc.

The Best Osprey 30 Litre Rucksack For All Your Outdoor Needs

OSPREY Tempest 30 Backpack – Review

The Osprey Tempest 30 backpack provides sufficient ventilation for your back with the improved airspace back system. The hip belt and the shoulder straps are made of bio stretch fabric. The shoulder straps can be adjusted for your height and the hip belt has mesh pockets to store things at easy access. There are compression belts on the top and the sides to keep your things in place and hold the weight in.



  • Multiple pockets at convenient points
  • Comfortable hip belt to distribute the bag’s weight
  • External hoops to attach other equipment


  • No hydration access
  • No rain cover


9 x24x10 inches


Customer feedback

The bag is very comfortable to wear for long durations, spacious and has multiple pockets to store small items separately. Weight gets well distributed and you don’t feel the impact on your back. Height adjustable straps are a big win-win.

Check the best price OSPREY Tempest 30 Backpack

The Best Northface 30 Litre Rucksack For Some Outdoor Fun


The North Face Mens Borealis Backpack – Review

The North Face men’s borealis backpack has laptop and tablet sleeves lined with fleece to ensure they don’t get scratched. The padded shoulder straps and mesh panel at the back ensures you are comfortable when you are carrying the filled bag for a long time. If you less load, the side compression straps help you hold all the things together in one place.



  • Compression belts
  • Padded shoulder straps and back panel
  • Fleece lined compartments


  • No quick access mesh pocket on the front
  • No pockets on the hip belt


50 x 22 x 34.5 cm


Customer feedback

The customers are very happy with the adjustable main compartment to fit in lesser items and the padded straps, which ensure your comfort. The bag is of very high quality is true value for money.

Have You Read the 30L Backpack Reviews?

One of the most important things to consider while buying your backpack is the size. There are different sizes and you can choose the one for you, based on your needs. A 30 litre backpack is considered medium sized, as it is neither too small nor too big. This is the right size for those of you who want enough space just to hold the required essentials for a short trip.

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Is The Best 30 Litre Backpack Expensive?

When you hunt for the best 30 litre backpack, you are bound to come across a number of backpacks from various manufacturers. The cost of these bags varies depending on the material used, the added features and the brands. Generally you can find a bag as cheap as $11 or expensive as $202. The usual price range for such backpacks is anywhere from $25 to $60.

Good Quality 30 Ltr Rucksack Lasts Long

Any bag of good quality will last long. A 30 litre rucksack is something you would carry on your outdoor trips; hence it has to be sturdy and waterproof to ensure your contents are kept safe throughout. These bags come in different materials such as canvas, leather, nylon or polyester. However, canvas and leather will be heavy and not really suitable to be carried around on your back for long durations. The polyester and nylon bags will be light, easy to carry with all your stuff and last long.

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Let’s Look At Some Backpack 30 Litre Additional Features

Apart from the regular features every backpack has, the 30 litre variety has the following additional features, which make it just perfect for any kind of trip.

The backpack from overboard is not only waterproof but also has 3 D-rings for attaching multiple objects and a large mesh pocket on the outside, for you stuff things on the go, that you need quick access to.

The Karrimor rucksacks have padded backs to keep you comfortable throughout the trip. It also has reflectors to make you visible in the night; this ensures your safety when it is dark.

Different brands have different features to suit varying needs.

Know More With the 30Litre Rucksack Customer Reviews

Customers feel this bag is just right for a short trip where you are not required to carry much. If it is a trip for a few nights, this bag will be too small as it cannot fit everything in. If it is a short hike or a one day trip, you can carry this bag and hook on your other trekking gear as well.

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The 30 Litre Rucksack Review UK To Help You Decide

There are number of 30L backpacks in the UK. You not only have different brands, but different materials, shapes and features make it difficult to choose the right bag for your needs. Read through these detailed reviews of the 11 most suitable bags in the UK market and get firsthand feedback from the customers to help you choose wisely. Enjoy carrying your things in style!


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