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Why A Double Sleeping Bag Is Great For Camping


A star lit sky to gaze at after a hard day of hiking and trekking is what adventurous souls want to do; the pleasure is doubled when you have a loved one to share the scene. Double person sleeping bags have been manufactured for this very reason. They are the perfect solution for couples who like to do all things together- be it hiking, trekking or camping.

Often they share everything but have to sleep separately; a sad end to an otherwise fulfilling day. Not anymore; there are several double person sleeping bags designed for couples to snuggle in when out in the open. The double sleeping bags can be used by two or three kids depending on their size. It can also be used by someone who wants more leg space to wriggle and toss and turn at night.

Double sleeping bags come in various shapes and sizes but the most common one is rectangle shape. There is no single bag for all temperatures and seasons. Hence all sleeping bags are temperature rated. It is of two kinds:

  • Comfort – the temperature where you will feel comfortable
  • Extreme – the maximum temperature the bag can protect you against and help you survive.

Sleeping bags are rated according to the seasons. As a result season 1 is ideal for summer camping, season two for late spring to early autumn, season 3 for mild winters and finally season 4 for severe cold. A point to note before we proceed further is that seasons and temperatures vary from country to country hence make sure you are aware of your destination before you buy a double sleeping bag.

Listed below are key features that you must consider before buying a double sleeping bag

  • Lining: nylon, polyester, flannel and cotton.
  • Outer shell: nylon ripstop and dryloft
  • Zips: how many and whether it is right or left; are zip cover and zip baffle present.
  • Hood: To protect your head
  • Draft Collar: around neck and shoulders to prevent heat loss
  • Inner Pockets: For storing your valuables
  • Compression sac: to reduce the size of bag while repacking storing.
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What is a Double mummy sleeping bag?

The double mummy sleeping bag is designed to be narrower around the shoulder and hips. It contours to your body shape and minimizes heat loss because of its design. It has a hood for each individual. There are side zippers making it convenient for each individual to manage their side of the bag.

Let us look at some pros and cons of the double mummy sleeping bags:


  • Snuggle in with loved one: The bag is roomy enough for two people to fit in comfortably and sleep close together.
  • Greater Warmth: The Mummy design ensures that there are no air pockets and hence keeps cold drafts away. The tapering design minimizes heat loss.
  • Portable: There is a stuff sack which makes the bag more manageable during packing and storing, hence easily portable.


  • Heavy: Double mummy bags are heavy and are not meant for backpacking.
  • Zippers not adequate: Whenever there is a zipper, cold air gets through the gap between the zipper seals.
  • Less roomy: Contoured mummy bags reduce the moving space and especially when sharing with a partner it can be a tad uncomfortable.

Is a Double rectangular sleeping bag better?

The double rectangular sleeping bags are squared at the corners and hence have more room for free movement. There is no confining hood at the top thereby giving you free movement of the neck and head. These bags can easily accommodate even large people (6 feet and above) quite comfortably. They are ideal for summer camping and caravan camping because of their poor heat retention.

Rectangular double sleeping bag


  • Inexpensive: Since it is the most common and basic design, these bags are relatively cheap.
  • Roomy: The design provides greater space for free movement.
  • Easy storage: These bags are easy to roll and store.
  • Can add more comfort: The straight lines ensure that a sleeping pad fits in perfectly and provides more comfort.


  • Not warm enough: Because of the design these bags allow air to seep in and hence not warm enough.
  • Heavy: These bags are often bulky and heavy and therefore not meant for backpacking.

Try out a Double sleeping bag backpacking today!

The outdoor tends to become very cold and hence the double sleeping bag should be ideal for the temperature, have sufficient insulation and weigh less for easy portability. It must also be compact and small to fit into your backpack. Most bags have the size marked as regular, long or XL. These bags always have hoods. They have insulation tubes running along the zipper and the above the shoulders to prevent heat from escaping.

backpacking double sleeping bags


  • Portable and Light weight: Makes it easy to snuck it into your backpack.
  • Warm and comfortable: The bag can withstand a wide range of temperatures.


  • Expensive: To cut down on weight, ultra light weight material is used which adds to the cost of the bag.
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Will a Double sleeping bag for camping be suitable?

The double sleeping bag for camping is often light and easy to carry. They are thinner than the other sleeping bags. The bags are invariably made of polyester to withstand any wetness and for easy maintenance and drying. Like with most of the sleeping bags these bags too come with zippers for convenient get in and out.


  • Large and Roomy: The bag has a lot of space for the partners to sleep comfortably side by side without restricting each other’s movement while asleep.
  • Easy to Store: The bags are often lightweight and easy to roll and store away.


  • Getting even ground is hard: It is far easier to get an even ground for one sleeping bag than a large double sleeping bag.
  • No backup: In case of any damage to the bag, there is a backup because both partners have just one bag.

An important Double sleeping bag review 

The double sleeping bags are ideal for couples and families travelling with children. These bags are large and provide greater movement than the single sleeping bags. In addition to that it is easier to carry one sleeping bag in the place of two; it is not only lighter but also consumes less space. Finally when compared to buying two sleeping bags, a double sleeping bag works out cheaper.

That is one of the reasons that customers opt for double sleeping bags. Several customers are actually happy that finally they can share the same bag with their loved one just like home. They feel, especially for couples that it enhances the romance as they can cuddle together after a long day outdoors.

In addition to the above features, when two people share a bag, it is warmer inside and better to withstand the cold.  These bags are more versatile and flexible because of the two way zips. The double sleeping bags have more insulation on one side which gives the partners the flexibility to choose who wants to sleep warmer and who doesn’t.

Some consumers were averse to the double sleeping bags because they felt it is hard to be cozy when two people are sweaty and dirty after a day out in the open. Since the bags tend to be bulky they are ideally suited for family outing and camping by car and therefore they are not ideal for backpacking.

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Best Double sleeping Bags

Try out a Best double sleeping bag 2 season


Vango Harmony Double Sleeping Bag

It is a norm to classify sleeping bags according to the season they are suitable for. Thus a season 2 sleeping bag is suitable for both spring and summer. The Vango Harmony Double Sleeping bag comes in vibrant hues and fabrics that are soft to touch and are comfortable. These squarish and stylish bags are not too expensive and ideal for the first time campers and families who want more space. The bags are lined with 100% polyester with microfiber lining.  The filling is evenly distributed to retain the shape and minimize the weight.



  • Plush and bed like feel.
  • Headrest for extra comfort.
  • An auto lock zip which is also insulated to prevent cold spots and to prevent the bag from opening from outside.
  • Internal pockets to store valuable.
  • Compression sack provided for easy transportation.

A little bit about Double sleeping bag 3 season

Sleeping Bag Hug Flight XL Double Thickened Lightweight 0 Degree Warm Sleep Bag

The 3 season sleeping bags are meant for summer spring and autumn. Like everything else from this company, the Sleeping Bag Hug Flight XL Double Thickened Lightweight 0 Degree Warm Sleep Bag is of high quality with 400 GSM hollow fiber fillings and high grade full length zips. The bag is wind proofed and has water repelling properties. An ideal companion when travelling with kids whether you are biking or camping and even backpacking because it is really light at 3.8-4 kg. And the best part is that it can be separated into two single sleeping bags.



  • Roomy and adequate padding for a comfortable sleep.
  • Can be split into two separate sleeping bags.
  • The drawstring draft collar prevents cold air from seeping in
  • When unzipped it can be completely transformed into a comfortable quilt.

The ideal 4 season double sleeping bag for you


Andes Alma 400 3-4 Season Double Camping Sleeping Bag

The Andes Alma 400 3-4 Season Double Camping Sleeping Bag – an all season companion, is ideal for camping, hiking travelling and sleepovers. The 190T polyester lining makes the bag durable and provides warmth. 400 GSM hollow fiber filling while keeping the bag lightweight ensures that heat is retained within. The 3-4 season rating means even in the frosty winter nights when temperature touches -12 you can sleep like a baby in your cozy sleeping bag.



  • A compression sack that ensures that the bag is compact and easy to carry at 20” x 16”.
  • Internal storage pockets for valuables.
  • Three sided zips which allow flexibility and ventilation.

Which is the Best double camping sleeping bag?

Ohuhu 86″x 59″ Huge Double Sleeping Bag

The Ohuhu 86 “x 59” Huge Double Sleeping Bag a must have for hiking or camping. For camping or hiking, you must carry as minimal luggage as possible and that is where the Ohuhu scores. This huge double sleeping bag comes with pillows and a carrying bag too; so all you need is just one bag to make your night comfortable. Basically it has two individual sleeping bags which can be zipped together for a double bag. The waterproof 210T polyester shell filled with cotton keeps the bag light and you comfortable.



  • It is easily portable as it can be compressed into small carrying bag
  • Zippers on both side and bottom ensure easy entry and exit.
  • Can be used as a double sleeping bag or two single sleeping bags

Which is the Best double sleeping bag for backpacking?


Coleman Durango Sleeping Bag

Try the Coleman Durango Sleeping Bag for your backpacking trips. The Coleman Durango Sleeping Bag is the best double sleeping bag for backpacking. It is a square sleeping bag which is roomy and provides enough space for movement during sleep. It can be easily stuffed into the accompanying sack and shoved in your backpack. It’s now easy to be cozy on your travails across mountains and valleys.



  • The synthetic filling ensures that the bag can be easily washed in machine and it doesn’t lose its loft.
  • Thermo lock zips ensure that heat is not lost.
  • Inner pockets to store valuables
  • Can be zipped with identical sleeping bag to form a double sleeping bag.
  • Lightweight at 2.8 kg

Which is the Best double synthetic sleeping bag?

Redstone XL Double Sleeping Bag

The Redstone XL Double Sleeping Bag- a bag you wouldn’t want to part with. Using latest technology the Redstone XL double Sleeping Bag remains a favorite with those who like more space when they rest at night. You can either get cozy as a couple or sleep separately and establish your individual link with the universe. The bag can be rolled into a small and compact size.



  • Machine washable
  • Lightweight
  • Can be split into two separate bags
  • Easy to roll into a compact size and stored.
  • Easy to maintain.

Which is the Best double sleeping bag down?


Outwell Conqueror Double camp sleeping bag

Try the Outwell Conqueror Double camp sleeping bag- innovative and refreshing. It has never been this easy to carry just one piece which serves the function of a sleeping bag and a duvet at the same time. No more cold air seepage through zipper holes because this Outwell Conqueror Double Camp Sleeping bag is a no zipper sleeping bag. It is a 3 season bag with excellent breathability and ventilation.



  • Roomy with plenty of space to move freely
  • Compact
  • The mummy design minimizes heat loss.

The final word on Double sleeping bag reviews

If you want to be close to a loved one when out in the open and do not like the synthetic wall in-between, then double sleeping bags are meant for you. They are also cheaper than two single sleeping bags. But on the flip side, most of the double sleeping bags are rectangular in shape as a result there are too many air pockets. But overall all the products listed above are popular among families with kids and couples who love the outdoors and each other’s company too.


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