Best sleeping bags available in uk guide – how to choose it properly

It is important to choose one of the best sleeping bags when a person is going on a trip or vacation with the friends or family members because if they don’t enjoy a good night’s sleep, then they will not be able to enjoy the trip. There are some important points that need to be kept in mind while purchasing a sleeping bag from which one is selecting a bag of size that is long from the individual’s height. The second thing that needs to be considered is its size in width because if it is too tight, then it can be irritating and it can disturb a person while sleeping. A sleeping bag should be purchased which extra care because it is the thing that assists in making the person fresh.

A sleeping bag should not be loose enough that air can enter into it, but it should not be tight and short because I experienced the discomfort while camping as I had no idea of how to purchase the sleeping bag.

Benefits of sleeping bags

Sleeping bags are a must on a vacation and a lot of people prefer using them on a trip because of the benefits that are as follows:

Keeps the individuals warm in cold climates.


A sleeping bag protects the individual from the insect bite.


The individuals feel safe while sleeping in sleeping bags especially the kids feel secure.


It increases the comfort level and aid relaxation


It makes the sleeping experience outside the home great

Selecting the best sleeping bag for camping – Temperature Level

The best sleeping bag for camping manufactured by the reliable brands are rated according to the temperature levels in which the bag performs best and the individual using it stays comfortable. The rating a person selects will depend on where he/she is going to use it and what temperature he/she feel comfortable sleeping in when it comes to the climate condition. The sleeping bags for the hot climate are rated 40 to 50 degrees F and for the temperature lower that this number, the bag will not be able provide the warmth and comfort required.

We can choose between 1, 2 or 3  sleeping bag seasons:

Average 3-seasons bag is rated 20 degree F range and a 4-season sleeping bag is not appropriate for the hot climate. There is a need of choosing the sleeping bag with care and according to the season in which the individual has a plan to go for camping or in which season the person goes for camping often. One should purchase a 20 degree sleeping bag for the 3-Season experience, Zero degree rating for camping in cold climate. It should be kept in mind that it is not necessary that if one sleeping bag works great for you, then it will work well for any other person as well.

Types of best sleeping bag in terms of insulation:

The factors that make the Down and Synthetic insulation bags different are given below:



Water Resistant


It is mandatory to choose the right type of insulation otherwise the camping or trip can be ruined by the severe cold or hot weather. The best sleeping bags with the Down insulation works well by trapping the air and is lightweight due to which it is easy to carry. It is long-lasting, it is perfect for using in the cold climate and when the weather is dry. Synthetic insulation is liked by the campers and the individuals who go on the vacations often because of its great overall performance and the main reason is its low price. It is great for using in the wet climate and it is made up of the polyester filling which contains the ability of quick drying. It is durable and is available at a low rate than the sleeping bag made up of down insulation.

Pros and Cons of the best synthetic sleeping bag:

Given below are the pros and cons of the best synthetic sleeping bag.


It works great in the wet climate


It is hypoallergenic


It is best for use because it is water-resistant


Heavy in weight and difficult to carry


Provide less warmth to the person using it


It is not long-lasting

Pros and Cons of best down sleeping bag:

Given below are the pros and cons of the best down sleeping bag.


Provides more warmth


Easily compressible




It doesn’t work well when it gets wet


Cleaning demands special care


Not hypoallergenic

Shapes of best sleeping bag for camping

The best sleeping bags for camping are available in different shapes and a person can select a bag that he/she feels will be comfortable for him/her according to the shape of the body. The sleeping bags manufacturing companies manufacture them in different shapes including a mummy shape, rectangular and semi-rectangular. Choosing the shape that suits the body of the person is necessary to sleep well without experiencing any discomfort.

Looking at the weight and shape while choosing a best sleeping bags:

People prefer choosing a sleeping bag and buying which is lightweight because a person has to carry it everywhere when he/she goes on hiking. The sleeping bag with one quality may not possess the other, but it is important to select the one which is easy to carry. The shape is another important thing on which attention should be paid if the person wants to enjoy the camping to its fullest.


Best for Warm and Camping conditions


Cheapest Sleeping bags


Recomended for Camping not backpacking or Hiking


Heavier and bulky than other sleeping bags


Compromise between Rectangular and Mummy


Less weight and air space to be heated than rectangular


More space for shoulders, feets than in Mummy


Not as heat efficient as Mummy


Most efficient Bag due to heat resistant and cocn like shape


Least amount of material and where gives less weight and bulk


Recomended for Backpacking and Hiking


Too restrictive in space for many customers

Purchasing the sleeping bag accessories

Pillows and the sleeping bag liners are the necessary sleeping bag accessories which need to be purchased for sleeping comfortably. Sleeping bag stuff sacks work great as I have the experience of using it. One can easily carry the sleeping bag by packing it in the sack and it also keeps it away from the damage.

Some great additional sleeping bag features which are really usefull

Zippers for Sleeping bags

 it assists in keeping the bag warm by preventing the heat loss

Hoods in sleeping bag

the hoods in the sleeping bag is another great thing which keeps a person warm in cold climate. When fitted on the head, the hood leaves a very small space for the air to enter and irritate while sleeping in cold climate.

Sleeping Bags Collars

it also keeps the individuals warm and some bags contain the removable collars while others come with the permanent collars and those are just for the winter season.

Sleeping bag Pillow pockets

some sleeping bags come with the additional pillow pockets which are for fitting the pillow when not in use

Sleeping bags available colour

the bags are available in many colors and one can choose from the wide variety

Innovation in the manufacturing of best sleeping bag 2016:

The brands offering the comfort to the campers and those planning a vacation with family by providing them with the best sleeping bag 2016 are paying much attention to the aspects which help the individuals in sleeping with more comfort. The companies are focusing on making the bags with softer materials and the ways with which the individual remains in his/her place, the sleeping bags are packed with technology to provide extra comfort when a person is far from home.

A few sleeping bags with innovative additions are manufactured containing a patent-pending fabric technology, which works perfect in creating a no-slip interface between the bag and pad.

A guide to choose the best sleeping bags in UK Summary

Some people get confused when they need to buy a sleeping bag, but buying the best sleeping bag UK is not a difficult task. The person just has to keep some important things in mind such as how much he/she can bear the cold climate and in which sleeping bag the body will fit best. A sleeping bag should be purchased according to the climate condition in which the person plans for hiking or camping because there are bags available with the temperature rated making it easy for the campers to buy the one which will work great in the season in which he/she has planned camping.

Choosing the sleeping bag keeping the season in mind is an important decision because I had made the wrong decision and suffer as it was my first camping experience.


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