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A general overview on the north face big shot backpack:

The north face big shot backpack is a part of the North Face Base Camp series. It is a great and comfortable daypack which carries a considerable load. It can be used for just about any occasion and is ideal even for hiking and travelling around town. It can be used for overnight camp stays and short weekend trips too.  The north face big shot backpack is versatile and can carry laptop, hiking tools, books for class and a couple of clothes in case of short trips. It is a good multi-purpose product very well designed and built.

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What are the dimensions of the north face big shot backpack?

The north face big shot is a big daypack with a dimension of 50H*35L*19Wcms. The bag weighs about 1.3 kgs and has a 33 ltrs capacity. It is designed to hold a 17inch laptop and therefore has got good inner space. The north face big shot backpack is unisex and is excellent for people who wish to have a multi-purpose versatile bag for their day tours, overnight camping and short weekend trips. The backpack with its numerous compartments is suited to carry almost anything from tools to books to laptop. It is suitable for students who can take it outdoors on the weekend and for people who wish to go on a day-long hiking or trekking trips. It is also best suited for travellers who undertake one-day sightseeing tours across a city or any such places of interest.

The pros and cons of the north face big shot backpack: 

Some Pros of the north face big shot backpack are:

Spacious: The daypack is definitely spacious and can conveniently fit in a lot of things.

Support: The north face big shot backpack has a great back support and has sturdy but cushioned shoulder pads which give comfort.

Strong Zippers: The north face big shot backpack has strong and durable zippers that can withstand any rough and tough use.

Versatility: The backpack can be put to any use right from carrying books and laptops to equipment required day long hiking/trekking trips and simple sightseeing tours.

Attractive Design: The backpack has a very appealing and attractive design.

Lightweight: The north face big shot backpack weighs less but carries more.

Some cons of the north face big shot backpack are:

Length: It may not be convenient for tall people who are more than 6 feet.

Lack of ventilation: The breathability factor is a bit low because airflow is restricted and transfers the heat to your back making it sweat on hot days.

Flimsy hip belt: The hip belt is flimsy, non-padded and almost non-existent.

Flimsy water bottle pockets: The north face big shot backpack has not so convenient water bottle pockets which are ok for use now and then, but may tend to give in during rough conditions.

The distinguishing features of the north face big shot backpack are:

  • The north face big shot backpack has a 17inch laptop sleeve.
  • Padded fleece lined tablet sleeve.
  • Two front D pockets.
  • Flexvent suspension system, padded shoulder straps and back support provide for maximum comfort.
  • Two side mesh pockets, mobile phone holder, inside pockets and mesh compartment.
  • The additional features include handle, organizer, pen loops and compartments for documents.

The comfort factor in the north face big shot backpack:

The north face big shot backpack is a very comfortable bag to carry around. It can carry a good amount of load as well. It is an ideal accompaniment for any day-long or short trips. It is comfortable in any situation be it hiking, moving around in college, airports and around the town trips. The north face big shot backpack isn’t that very comfortable in very hot climatic conditions, because it has restricted airflow making your back sweaty.

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North face big shot backpack -quality and durability:

The nylon material used in the backpack is of excellent quality and the north face big shot backpack is built to withstand tough conditions. It is known for its durability and versatility. It is a big kit which is reliable. The north face big shot backpack is designed for constant use and can easily accommodate day to day activities without wear and tear. The weather proofing isn’t great but all other quality checks are in place.

Customer reviews on the north face big shot backpack:

The general feedback is positive for the north face big shot backpack. It is a great daypack, versatile in its design and use. It is ideally suited for all rough and tough usage and shows no signs of wear and tear. The north face big shot backpack has a lot of clever compartments. The weather proofing and ventilation could have been better, but the comfort, quality and durability factors more than make up for it. The customers love this tough and solid bag.

customer reviews
Needed a BIG backpack for my son to carry his books. Most larger backpacks are deigned for laptops and thus have far too many compartments. This one is large, sturdy, and well made. He did not want it to look like a camping pack so I cut off the chest strap and the lower strap. He seems happy with it.
Had back surgery and was looking for something easier to carry my laptop in than my briefcase w/shoulder strap. Fits my 15″ MacBook Pro & charging cord, with tons of room left over. I can tell a HUGE difference in how much I can carry, how much farther I can carry it, and how much more comfortable it is after surgery for a herniated disk. Highly recommend TNF–the price may suck, but the quality and comfort are great. You get what you pay for…
BE WARNED: The zippers are not as shown!
I purchased this backpack to replace my existing BigShot because both flimsy front zippers blew out despite the rest of the backpack being of great, sturdy quality. The picture clearly shows the front zippers to have large, durable teeth. When I received the backpack, I discovered that it has the same flimsy zippers that quickly failed on my last backpack.

General conclusion and north face big shot review:

It can safely be summarised that the north face big shot backpack is a very durable and comfortable daypack. The quality of the product is very good and the versatility factor makes it ideal for any day-long or short-term trips of any nature.  The north face big shot backpack can be subjected to rough conditions and therefore ideal for students, day-long hikers, weekend trips and short-term sightseeing tours.

We hope that we helped you to make convinced decision about buying north face big shot backpack…

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