15 Campsites one hour driving from Bristol

15 Campsites one hour driving from Bristol

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Work without play makes Jack a dull boy. Probably, you have a routine of home-work-local-store and home again. That sounds exhausting! I want to give you a menu of places in Bristol where to unwind and refresh. Places with outdoor activities that will leave you rejuvenated after visiting. Campsites!! There are excellent campsites in Bristol where you can have fun, relax, or spend some quality time with family and friends. They can simply be referred to as “campsites Bristol” Here are 15 campsites within a one hour drive from Bristol.

The Top 15 Campsites Near Bristol


#1 Thistledown Farm is the Place to be

Thistledown Farm – Review

The camping site is an organically managed family farm in Stonehouse town of Stroud District. The address is Tinkley Lane, Nympsfield, Stonehouse GL10 3UH. The farm, sitting on 70 acres of land, comprises of woodland, pastureland, and an orchard. There are three different camping areas; 3rd pasture, 2nd pasture, and Elderflower Orchard. Vehicles are only to the one site while the other two are car-free. It can be termed as one of the most natural campsites in Bristol.

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Thistledown Farm – Important Details

• Thistledown Farm is located at Tinkley Lane, Nympsfield,Stonehouse, GL10 3UH

• Customer review rating:

• http://thistledown.org.uk/camping/

Thistledown Farm – Pricing

• Camping charges per night essentially vary with the camping area.

• You pay for each tent, adult, child (4-17 years), dogs, and mule lift up.

• Tent charges for the pastureland are £10 in addition to £8 for adults and £4 for campers below the age of 17.

• Adults are charged £8 at the orchard while children pay £4.

• There are no camping fees for infants.

#2 Beeches Farm Campsite: The Most Interesting Campsite near Bristol

Beeches Farm Campsite – Review

Beeches Farm is strategically located, offering splendid views of the valleys. Essentially, there are two open fields; camping field open from April to November and the events field. The camping area has 8 points for caravan and tents. These are the Hookup area, Go’s window, Modesgate, Stonehenge, Monksroad, Hawthorn, and Oaks corner. The sites offer spaces for both small and large groups besides a host of other exciting features such as the ancient tracks used by monks to travel to Tintern Abbey. Besides the traditional appeal, Beeches camping site has firewood for sale on site and fresh free range eggs. It is true to say that it is one of the most fascinating campsites near Bristol. Fewer worries of carrying broken eggs to camping!

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The Beeches Farm – Important Details

• The Beeches Farm is located at Miss Graces Lane, Tidenham Chase, Chepstow NP16 7JR, UK

• Customer review rating:


The Beeches Farm – Pricing

• Camping rates per night are £6 for adults, £4 for children and £2 per stay for dogs.

• Over-sized tents and vans go for £5.00 per night while Electric Hook Up is £4 per night

#3 Petruth Paddocks is the Ultimate Place for Families

Petruth Paddocks – Review

Located in Cheddar, Somerset, Peruth Paddocks provide on of a kind free range camping. It is among the most accommodating campsites near Bristol, bearing in mind it allow dogs, open fires, and hot showers. Oh! There is access to complimentary Wi-Fi. Essentially, it is ideal for big groups of family and friends. With the range of available activities, there will be no need of leaving your kids behind. It has “refreshingly” few rules, thus allowing campfire, music, and free movement for better interaction. Peruth paddocks provide a home away from home.

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Petruth Paddocks – Important Details

• Petruth Paddocks is located at Labourham Drove, Cheddar BS27 3XW, UK

• Customer review rating:


Petruth Paddocks – Pricing

• The rates vary from £70 per night, minimum 2-night stay, low season.

#4 The Blackberries Camping Park is an Amazing Place Visit

The Blackberries Camping Park  – Review

Camping in Bristol would never been better without this camping site. It is located in a small village of Monkton Farleigh in the Wiltshire countryside. Its location is strategic as it can easily be accessed from towns including Georgian City of Bath and Saxon town. Some of the interesting things at Blackberries are electric hook-up, free hot showers, and a clean environment by having proper waste disposal sites. Privacy and comfort are somehow synonymous with the camping site. The pitches are well spaced with ample parking area as well as grassed areas for tents. Each of them has a built-in fire pit. It is usually open from April to September.

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The Blackberries Camping Park – Important Details

• The Blackberries Camping Park is located at Farleigh Rise, Monkton Farleigh, Nr. Bath Wiltshire BA152DY.

• Customer review rating:

• http://theblackberriescampingpark.co.uk/

The Blackberries Camping Park – Pricing

• The park requires you to book for a minimum of 3 nights.

• The rates range £25-£30 per night for two persons and £5 per night for children.

• Extra adults are charged £10 per night each.

#5 Hidden Valley Yurts is the Most Natural Campsite

Hidden Valley Yurts – Review

Located in Monmouthshire Wales, the Hidden Valley Yurts offer a splendidly different camping experience. Ideally, it has changed how people view camping in Bristol. There are five Mongolian yurts for hire with a capacity of five to seven people, which totals to a maximum of 31. You can also be treated with a good therapy helping you relax and unwind. The yurts sit on wooden decks and are fully furnished with chairs, tables, and benches. There are on-site stone barbecue area and wood store. The yurts have a crown that lets in light and can be capped during rains. You can also remove it at night to gaze at the stars from the comfort of your yurt.

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Hidden Valley Yurts – Important Details

• Hidden Valley Yurts is located atLower Glyn Farm, Llanishen, Chepstow NP16 6QU, UK

• Customer review rating:


Hidden Valley Yurts – Pricing

• The rates stand at about £250 for a three night weekend or 4-night midweek break.

• There is also a host of adventures with special rates.

#6 Tudor Caravan Park is a Campsite near Water Bodies

Tudor Caravan Park – Review

The park is among the best places to visit in Gloucestershire. It is located in a serene environment alongside the Gloucester-Sharpness canal. You will have a fantastic opportunity to try out fishing at the channel or some nearby lakes. The site magnificently fuses of caravan and camping activities. There are different packages at the park whose charges vary with the season- low, mid and peak.

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Tudor Caravan Park – Important Details

• Tudor Caravan Park  is located at Shepherds Patch, Slimbridge, Gloucester GL2 7BP, UK

• Customer review rating:

• http://www.tudorcaravanpark.com/facilities.php

Tudor Caravan Park – Pricing

• The tariffs cater for two people in that the Non-electric tariff ranges between £14 (low season) to £21 (peak) while the Serviced (Electric) is between £18 and £25.

• A one man tent ranges between £8 and £15.

#7 Brook Lodge Farm and Camping and Caravan Park is a Site on the Countryside

Brook Lodge Farm and Camping and Caravan Park – Review

The camping and caravan park is located in the ancient village of Cowslip Green. The facility is ideally for nature lovers with separate areas dedicated for walking, bird watching, and cycling through country lanes. It is endowed with a rich diversity of flora and fauna.

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Brook Lodge Farm and Camping and Caravan Park – Important Details

• Brook Lodge Farm and Camping and Caravan Park  is located at Cowslip Green, Wrington, BRISTOL, BS405RB.

• Customer review rating:

• http://www.brooklodgefarm.com/

Brook Lodge Farm and Camping and Caravan Park – Pricing

• The average prices include £5 – £20 for tents depending on the size and season and £3.50 for adults.

• Group camping prices range between £9 and £17.50 for adults and £5.00 and £9.00 for children.

#8 Bury View Farm Campsite is Ideal for Private Occasions

Bury View Farm Campsite – Review

The campsite is a privately owned farm in rural Bath. It is unique camp near Bristol,as it also hosts caravan and motorhomes. Its location in Bath is another attraction as it is a Spa City with natural thermal springs. The campsite is ideal for a getaway from the bustle and hustle of urban areas.

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Bury View Farm Campsite – Important Details

• Bury View Farm Campsite is located at Corston Fields, Bath BA2 9HD.

• Customer review rating:

• http://www.buryviewfarm.co.uk/page10.html

Bury View Farm Campsite – Pricing

• The average prices are from £17 for two adults, pitch, and electric hook up.

#9 Brockmead Scout Campsite is the Best for a Group of People

Brockmead Scout Campsite – Review

It is probably the best camp near Bristol, if you are planning to take a group of youngsters for camping. Alternatively, you may consider taking your kids to a camp while you camp in other sites in this list. Urban lads and lasses would have ample space to stretch their minds and bodies in a serene and secure environment. It is divided into four sections, three of which are used for camping and a woodland with a house and space for smaller camps. The campsite sits on 15 acres of land. The prices are friendly with a host of complementary services and facilities. There is a rafting pond, full catering kitchen, and a “campfire circle.”

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Brockmead Scout Campsite – Important Details

• Brockmead Scout Campsite is located at Bristol, South Gloucestershire BS35 5RX.

• Customer review rating:


#10 Knights FollyFarm is the Easily Accessible Campsite in Bristol

Knights Folly Farm – Review

Located on the edge of Bitton village, and between the Cities of Bristol and Bath, Knights Folly is an ideal camping site for all kind of people. It is also readily accessible in case you don’t have private transport arrangements as it is about 5 minutes from the bus stop. It is among a group of privately run campsites under the jurisdiction of a camping and caravan club. It has a capacity of five caravans and a maximum of ten trailers tents. The pitches are situated on the level grass overlooking the Avon Valley Railway and Bristol-Bath cycle way. It makes it ideal for cyclists and walkers.

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Knights Folly Farm – Important Details

• Knights Folly Farm is located at Bitton, Bristol BS30 6HX, UK

• Customer review rating:

• http://knightsfolly.co.uk/

 Knights Folly Farm – Pricing

• The prices vary from about from £14.00 to £19.00 for a family and unit.

#12 Seaview Holiday Park for Family Camping

Bath Chew Valley Caravan Park – Review

The park is ideal for a quiet holiday, preferably for adults. It has forty-five exclusive pitches with neatly manicured lawns, flower beds, and shrubs. There are also enjoyable activities, especially for nature lovers to explore in the vicinity such as bird watching and fishing at Chew Valley Lake is less than 800 yards away.

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Bath Chew Valley Caravan Park – Important Details

• Bath Chew Valley Caravan Park is located at Bishop Sutton, Bristol BS39 5TZ

• Customer review rating:

• https://www.bathchewvalley.co.uk/default.asp

Bath Chew Valley Caravan Park – Pricing

• The prices range from £26 per night to £30.

• Members of the club can enjoy a discount of £1 per night.

#12 Baltic Wharf Caravan Club Site is the Best for Picnics

Baltic Wharf Caravan Club Site – Review

The site is conveniently located in the heart of Bristol and other attractions such as the Zoo and Downs Park, ideal for children and picnics. Boat trips offer scenic views of the area. It offers discounts between March and October.

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Baltic Wharf Caravan Club Site – Important Details

• Baltic Wharf Caravan Club Site is located at Cumberland Road, Bristol, Bristol, BS1 6XG.

• Customer review rating:

• https://www.campsites.co.uk/search/campsites-in-gloucestershire/bristol/baltic-wharf-caravan-club-site

Baltic Wharf Caravan Club Site – Pricing

• Prices range between £8.40 and £12.90 for adults and £2.30 and £4 for kids.

#13 Walnut Tree Farm Camping, Shepherds Hut And Bunk House is a Good Place for Outdoor Activities

Walnut Tree Farm Camping – Review

The campsite is easily accessible from the cities of Bristol and Bath. It offers a tranquil and relaxing environment away from the city life. There is ample space for camping and setting up tents. Also, there is a bunk house for eight adults and beautiful shepherd huts. Camping is however apt for people who love outdoor activities.

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Walnut Tree Farm Camping – Important Details

• Dunn Street Farm is located at Regil, Winford, Bristol BS40 8BD.

• Customer review rating:

• http://www.walnuttreefarmcamping.co.uk/

Walnut Tree Farm Camping – Pricing

• Adults are charged £8 for camping while children aged up to ten years pay £4.

• If you plan to stay for a longer, the prices are negotiable.

#14 Nettwood Farm has Amazing Views

Nettwood Farm – Review

The farm is situated on the Mendip Hills in Somerset. The site offers magnificent views over Chew Valley Lake and the landscape. The farm is composed of a 210 acres stock farm and 30 acres of woodland hosting a diversity of flora and fauna. If you want to go for camping for the love of nature and still want to spend time with your family, Nettwood farm should be among your options. The farm has an excellent playing area nestled in the wood for kids.

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Nettwood Farm – Important Details

• Nettwood Farm is located at Smithams Hill, East Harptree, Bristol BS40 6DA, UK.

• Customer review rating:



• http://www.nettwoodcountrybreaks.co.uk/

Nettwood Farm – Pricing

• During the low season (April, May, June, September, and October), standard camping at the grass pitch is £12 per night, per pitch/ person/car.

• The high season in July, August, Easter, May Bank holiday and spring break the same goes for £14.

• Each of the additional services will not cost you more than £5.

#15 Hortham Farm’s Wood Camping is Ideal for Couples

Hortham Farm’s Wood Camping  – Review

The farm sits on 200 acres of land in Almondsbury village. The site is open to caravans and motor homes owned by members only. The farm, however, has a camp site opened in 2014. The campsite sits on 20acres of land. It does not accept bookings for parties. This makes the site ideal for family groups, couples, and campers looking for a peaceful time. The maximum stay is three nights. Wood Camping at the site is good for kids to enjoy the forest, campfires, and tree climbing.

campsite near bristol

Hortham Farm’s Wood Camping – Important Details

• Hortham Farm’s Wood Camping  is located at Hortham Lane, Almondsbury-Bristol, BS32 4JW.

• Customer review rating:

• http://woodcamping.com/campsite/

Hortham Farm’s Wood Camping – Pricing

• Charges are £8.00 per night for adults and £4.00 /per night for a child.

• You however part with £5.00 per night for the camp fire.

To summarise the best campingsites near Bristol

Whether you want to get away for relaxation purposes or fun, it’s nice to have some options (campsites Bristol). I hope this list is informative to assist you in planning for a change from your routine or seek to quench your thirst for adventure. Ideally, camping activities have an inherent therapeutic element.


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