What exactly is a Rab Survival Zone Bivi Bag?

Rab continues to manufacture products that are not only functional but also highly durable and one such product is the Rab survival zone bivi bag. It owes its durability to the fact that it is made with Pertex Endurance fabric and it is extremely light in weight to add to its portability factor.

If you are a travel enthusiast, there is no doubt that this well made bag will be your best companion. An excellent outdoor gear, this bag is also waterproof and makes it an ideal choice for camping, hiking, trekking and other adventurous journeys where a travel bag as light as this, is a boon in the truest sense of the term.

For whom is the Rab Survival Zone lite bivi bag the perfect choice?

If you are the kind who always keeps a backup of supplies while heading for a journey that might have emergency needs, the Rab survival zone lite bivi bag will keep you sorted.

Whether you are pitching a tent in the Swiss Alps or bivvying in mild to moderate weather, this ultra light bivi bag will help pack your bare essentials without any hassle. This is clearly meant for people who travel light because you would want to preserve all your energy to climb the mountains rather than lugging around baggage weight.

The Upsides and the Downsides of the Rab Survival Zone Bivy Bag

While purchasing a travel bag for your adventures, it is important to take a look at how well the options serve your purpose. Some of the noticeable advantages of the Rab survival zone bivi are:

  • Ultra light

    The bivi bag is an ultra light outdoor gear that weighs not more than 200 gms and is probably the lightest travel bag in the world.

  • Waterproof

    The bivi bag is shower proof, in the sense that it will protect you from mild to moderate rainfall and also from morning dew.

  • Breathable

    Its fabric ensures that it is more breathable than normal waterproof materials and you will not feel suffocated while it drizzles outside.

  • Stay warm

    This bag can be used as your sleeping bag cover if there is a need for more warmth and protection from spillages.

  • Not very spacious

    Apart from the bare necessities for your camping trip, you cannot really stack much in your Bivi as it is meant for light traveling.

  • Not fully waterproof

    If the place where you are traveling to experiences heavy rainfall for longer stretches, this will not provide complete protection as it is not fully waterproof.

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How compatible is the Rab Survival Zone Bivi with Bad Weather?

Being made of Pertex Endurance Fabric, the Rab Survival Zone Bivi does offer partial protection from unfavorable weather conditions. Simply put, if there is a mild to moderate drizzle, its waterproofing properties will keep you dry but if there are longer spells of rainfall or heavy rainfall, you will end up getting wet because it is not fully waterproof.

Is Rab Survival Zone Lite Ultralight Bivi Bag Spacious?

The Rab survival zone lite Ultralight Bivi bag is often labeled as a sleeping bag cover because not only will you fit into it but also your sleeping bag along with a few essential items for camping etc. the hood of this bivi can accommodate your sleeping bag, a pillow and a kit bag and it can be tightened with a drawstring. This bag is clearly not to be used for stacking more than basics. It weighs not more than 200 gms and is the lightest bivi bag in the world!

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How Breathable is Rab Survival Zone lite bivi bag?

The biggest advantage of the Rab survival zone lite bivi bag is how the breathable fabric keeps you from feeling clammy if there is condensation on the inside due to showers outside.

What do customers say about the Rab Survival Zone Bivi bag?

Customers are of the opinion that the Rab survival zone bivi bag makes traveling more convenient. Quite a few travelers have said that they don’t need to carry sacks for their sleeping bags any more. They also go onto say this bag is highly portable and can be stuffed in their rucksacks easily. Some more have converted to minimalist travelers, thanks to the incredible features of this bivvy bag.

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will be using an event biby and a poncho in Michigan this late October for shelter. I also bought a ‘Union suit” — wool with cotton liner, and I have a wool hat with flaps for my ears. I cut three panels off a z closed foam pad, will use for my back — length wise. They fit in a recent purchase of an Osprey Day Pack. Trout fishing!
Used this recently while instructing on a Mountain Leader Assessment, and am very impressed. I chose to do away with a stuff sack for my sleeping bag and kept it in the bivy bag – just stuffed the lot into the bottom of my rucsack (kept the sleeping bag perfectly dry). Once the tent is up, just unroll the sleeping bag/bivy bag combo – always happy to reduce the amount of faffing about with stuff sacks….. As a sleeping bag cover the Survival Zone protected my bag from damp really well. I used an OMM Mountain Raid on the assessment that should have been a bit chilly, but was warm enough inside the Survival Zone Bivvy.
very prompt -as described -product looks good -will test asap

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Summary for The Rab Survival Zone Bivi bag review

Lightest travel bag



Not fully waterproof

Rab Survival Zone Bivi-min
Top product from top brand
Also Top
No biger disadvantages

How will this Rab survival zone bivi review help?

The Rab survival bivi review is to help you in making an informed choice about the product. Traveling light will no longer be a dream but a reality with this ultra light bivi bag.