About us

" Welcome to Camping Style, a camping and outdoor gear review and blog site that provides all the information, tips, and reviews avid campers and outdoor enthusiasts need. "

Camping Style was created by a group of people who enjoy camping and the great outdoors just as much as you! We love hiking, camping, and generally spending time outside. One of the things that bugged us most was the quality of outdoor gear we had, simply because there are too many options to choose from and no guidance about which ones to choose. We would browse through a variety of products like camping tents, sleeping bags, etc. and more often than not, end up with low quality products. Thus, always being enthusiastic about helping others and the outdoor/camping community, we decided to start a blog that would guide all other campers and outdoor lovers on what are the right outdoor gear and products to buy.

Our aim is to provide camping tips and camping gear reviews that ensure your experience in the great outdoors is as pleasant and positive as possible. We want you to help you choose the right products using our quality tips and to enjoy the very best of what the outdoors has to offer by learning from our very own camping, hiking, and outdoor experiences.

Working this Camping Style blog is no less than a passion for us! This is an online camping resource that stems from our love of camping and we are truly passionate about sharing tips and experiences with you. All our posts are based on our own experiences – whether they are about using the right products (or the wrong ones!) or about stuff we have learned from camping out.

We are not endorsing, sponsoring, or negating any outdoor gear brands – our purpose is only to help camping and outdoor lovers like us so their experience can be improved! Whether you’re looking for the right camping tents to buy or sleeping bags, outdoor wear and outdoor apparel, or any other outdoor product, you can choose the right one using the information and reviews we, actual campers like you, have provided.

So go ahead and browse through the Camping Style blog to learn about camping and outdoor gear, the right outdoor products, camping experiences, and how to enjoy the best experience outdoors!