North Face Terra 65 Backpack

North Face Terra 65 Rucksack – Everything that you need in a backpack!

There is something very thrilling about going on an adventure trip, whether it is camping or trekking or even just plain old backpacking! While a planned and organized tour has its own advantages, a spontaneous adventure trip has its own charms indeed. I have always felt refreshed and recharged after such trips.

One of the most essential components of travelling, especially when it comes to adventure travel, is our luggage. With the right piece of luggage, the trip can go smoothly. On the other hand, if our luggage is too heavy or too unwieldy, it can spoil the entire trip in my opinion.

I believe that the first thing that anyone who is interested in adventure travel must do is invest in a good backpack. The North Face Terra 65 rucksack is one such fantastic backpack that I keep recommending time and again. North Face has long been in the business of manufacturing trusty adventure gear, and this backpack does justice to its reputable brand name.

What are the North Face Terra 65 dimensions?

This backpack works well both for short trips as well as extensive journeys. It is especially suited for those who want to keep their hands free while travelling instead of dragging or carrying around heavy luggage. If your travel would involve moving around on uneven terrain like the countryside, mountainous areas or even many sets of steep stairs, then this backpack is for you.

The North Face Terra 65 dimensions are 27.5 cm x 16 cm x 49 cm. The smaller sized one weighs about 2.14 Kgs and has a capacity of 63 litres while the larger one weighs about 2.34 Kgs and has a capacity of 65 litres.

Although not the lightest backpack that one can find, it is still easy to manage, thereby earning a rating of 3.8 on a scale of 0 to 5.

What are the major advantages and disadvantages of the North Face Terra 65 backpack?

The main pros of the North Face Terra 65 backpack are as follows:


  • Sturdy: This backpack is very robust and strong enough to face tough travel conditions.
  • Versatile: This backpack is very adaptable as it can be used for a wide variety of trips as well as by different travellers of both genders and varying builds.
  • Sleek: This backpack appears slim and trim even when fully packed to its maximum limit.
  • Affordable: For the range of features that it come with, this backpack offers good value for money.

It is hard to find any downsides to this backpack.

North Face Terra 65

Elaborating on the North Face Terra 65 rucksack features

  • Ventilation: One of the most uncomfortable aspects of carrying a backpack is the fact that often there is absolutely no provision for ventilation between the backpack and the user’s body. This leads to excessive sweating which is both inconvenient as well as unhygienic. However, one of my favourite North Face Terra 65 rucksack features are the vertical channels that make it breathable.


  • Accessibility: This backpack has side zippers for easy access as well as a separate sleeping bag access route. Plus more than 7 pockets – including hip belt pockets – means that you can store more stuff in a nifty manner.


  • Improved design: Thanks to continuous reinvention, this backpack has gone through many iterative improvement cycles making it supremely user friendly.


  • Adjustability: This backpack is simple and easy to adjust to fit your body and style. A perfect fit ensures that users don’t have to suffer through any unnecessary body pains when using this backpack.


How comfortable are the North Face Terra 65 backpacks?

The trademark OPTIFIT suspension system makes the North Face Terra 65 backpacks extremely comfortable to use.

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Comments about the terra 65 quality

As everyone knows, North Face products are renowned for their quality and durability and this backpack is no exception. It is guaranteed to last for a long time – until you yourself get bored of using the same backpack over and over again!

What are the North Face Terra 65 UK customer reviews saying?

Customers have only good things to say about this backpack. I searched high and low and trust me, I could hardly find any negative reviews about his backpack.

People are pretty pleased with the huge amount of storage that this backpack provides. Now staying organized during your travels will be a breeze. They also really like the simple and uncomplicated design. In fact even those who have been using backpacks from other brands have become instant converts once they tried their hand at the North Face Terra 65 backpack.

customer reviews
This pack is great for day hikes or a few days out on the trail. It is large enough to house what you will need for a few days, but not too big that you can’t take it out for a couple hour hike. It has lots of pockets for storing the camping essentials. The inside hydration slot is big enough to fit a 3 liter hydration pack, even though it only says one liter. It would be useful if it came with a built in rain cover.
Ryan Noeker
I bought this for my boyfriend. We are taking a 3 day hiking trip in Iceland, this will be his first real hiking trip. For the price and reviews I’ve read on multiple sites this bag sounds like it would be a good beginner back bag for the short amount of time we’re going. The quality of the back-bag is great, except there are no side pockets for your water bottle. The color is true to the picture as well. Can’t wait to use it and leave another review!
North Face Terra 65 Backpack

Concluding my thoughts about the North Face Terra 65 review

When you buy a North Face Terra 65 you can be assured that you are paying for quality. Special mention has to be made about all the extra padding that this bag has, which makes it very gentle on the body. It is also easy to clean and maintain which is always a desirable trait in a backpack.

They also come in a variety of different colours so you can pick one that appeals best to your tastes. Don’t waste your time, money and energy on inferior quality backpacks. Such backpacks can break or tear easily and are difficult to manage. Your entire trip might become a nightmare spoiled due to a bad backpack.

Many of my friends who use the North Face Terra 65have absolutely no complaints! These backpacks are easily available both online as well as in any decent travel/adventure gear stores. Go for it!

We hope that we helped you to make convinced decision about buying the North Face Terra 65 …