Backpack In Style With This North Face Terra 50 Review

North Face Terra 50
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Weekend hikes and short trips are the best way to get a break from routine life. When you go hiking, a good backpack can make a huge difference and in this North Face Terra 50 Review,

you might discover a companion for your next trip.

Ultimate Comfort With The North Face 50 Rucksack

The North Face terra 50 rucksack comes from a brand that is synonymous with outdoor gear. It is a lightweight and slimmed down bag, designed to give you maximum comfort on your trail. The bag’s design spells comfort as it comes with ergonomic shoulder straps to load spreading hip belts to air channels and many more features. Read on as we take you through the entire spectrum of capabilities that the rucksack has to offer.

How 50 Litre Rucksack can help you in trip

Do the North Face terra 50 dimensions make for a slim bag?

The North Face terra 50 dimensions clearly show how both the width and depth are matched to make it a super-slim model. The 50 L pack has a maximum weight capacity of 45 lbs and is light weight at 2.5 lbs to 3.49 lbs as it is made of thinner materials.


This unisex model is available in two sizes viz. small to medium and large to extra large, both varying slightly in height and a capacity difference of a liter. The dimensions of the Small/Medium and Large/Extra large sizes are 21.8” x 11.8” x 11.8” and 27.6” x 11.8” x 11.8 respectively.

The good and the bad of the North Face Terra 50 backpack

Even though many of the features of the Terra 50 live up to or exceed most light backpacking expectations, it does have a few shortcomings that are worth mentioning as it could mean a change in decision for some of you.

  • LightweightThe North Face terra 50 backpack is lightweight and slim making it ideal for hiking and short trips.
  • Separate sleep bag compartmentCarry your sleeping bag easily in a zippered compartment at the base of the bag with a divider separating it from the main compartment.
  • Shoulder comfortYou will be able to carry up to 45 lbs comfortably without any chaffing as the bag comes with anatomically correct shoulder straps that are also padded for extra comfort.
  • Hip beltsThe hip belts are designed for a snug fit and more importantly spread the weight so that your shoulders don’t take up all the weight.
  • Sweat-freeThe vertical air chambers on the back of the pack allow for free air circulation while the air mesh provides additional sweat-free comfort.
  • Narrow openingThe opening of the bag is too narrow, so you will have to remove everything from the top to access things inside.
  • Non-extensible front pocketsAs the front pockets are not extensible, anything put into it eats away into the bag space of the main compartment.
  • No rain coverThe bag is water-resistant but not completely water proof, so you will need to buy a separate rain cover if showers are expected.
  • No tent attachmentYou will have to work with the lashing points to carry your tent as there is no specific tent attachment.
North Face terra 50 backpacks

The North Face Terra 50 features

  • The Terra 50 is full of great features that have been designed with a lightweight hiker’s needs in mind. Here is a list of the North Face terra 50 features. 
    • Contoured and padded shoulder straps
    • Suspended mesh back panel
    • Adjustable hip belts with pockets and air mesh lining
    • A total of 7 pockets
    • Zippered sleep bag compartment
    • 6 lash points for tools
    • Trekking pole loops with hook and loop closure
    • Sternum clip with safety whistle
    • Hydration bladder compatible

The comfort factor of the North Face terra 50 backpacks

The best thing about the backpack is that it has been specifically designed to maximize comfort. Most backpackers who have used the North Face terra 50 backpacks vouch for it, given its upper weight limit of 45 lbs.


While the padded shoulder straps and hip belts fit snugly distributing the weight, the aluminum internal frame adds to the strength of the pack avoiding any sagging. The compression belts also help keep everything nice and secure.

Is the Face terra 50 quality really good?

The reputation of the brand itself speaks for the terra 50 quality. The back pack is made of quality materials like 600D polyester, 420D mini-rip stop nylon and 1200D polyester to keep it light weight and sturdy at the same time.


In fact some backpackers have succeeded carrying beyond the suggested weight capacity and the bag still works fine though it is not advised if you wish the bag to last its life.

Are the North Face terra 50 UK customer reviews positive?

We did quite a bit of research and found that almost all of the North Face terra 50 UK customer reviews have good things to say about the rucksack. Most users of the backpack are happy with its performance and would recommend it to others.


A very small number of users feel that it might be more expensive than other backpacks in the category but it is only a small price for a quality brand like North Face.

I decided to wait until I had some more serious miles under this pack. After putting on over 80+ miles in the Yosemite and Sierra backcountry I can honestly say this pack is legit. The weight distribution and fit is excellent, the quality is top notch and the durability is 100% quality. The only thing I would suggest if you get this pack is to invest in a rain cover, it’s not terribly water resistant and gets soaked pretty quick. Other than that, it’s well worth the minimal charge for the pack and I would easily compare it to the quality and comfort I have had from bags 4x as much in cost.
Camilo E. Rico B
North Face terra 50 backpack

Take home points for the North Face terra 50 backpack review

If you want to go on a multi-day trip or want a great weekend backpack, then the Terra 50 will do everything you need on your trail and keep you cool even in the most humid of conditions.

You won’t even feel the weight of the bag with its padded and air lined shoulder and hip belts.


The medium sized slim backpack will let you carry all your gear and more with multiple pockets and lash points. We hope the North Face terra 50 backpack review above will help you decide if this rucksack is the right one for you. We are confident that it might very well become your next weekend backpack buddy.

We hope that we helped you to make convinced decision about buying North Face terra 50 backpack …

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