Berghaus Centurio 45 Review

Berghaus Centurio 45
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Backpacks and rucksacks are lifetime investments if the passion to explore, hike, trek and camp burns bright and large. A good quality backpack is every hiker or a camper’s best companion throughout the expedition. Berghaus, the name speaks for itself! If we look at its history, we realize that it has been in vogue since the 1970s, when hunting was more of a sport that was supplemented with the awareness of fitness and, spirit of adventure.

Berghaus Centurio 45 rucksack Always In Vogue

When you are considering rucksacks for your trip, the Berghaus Centurio 45 rucksack cannot be overlooked. Ever since, Berghaus backpacks have undergone transformations with every improvisation taking it a notch higher in the world of backpacks. This rucksack is as good as it gets and won’t ever go out of style. It is a medium sized bag that can fit in things like a large sized bag.

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Which Kind Of Customers Are Berghaus Centurio 45 Dimensions Best Suited For?

With a large top extension and, adequate gear, Berghaus Centurio 45 rucksacks hold a capacity of about 45 litres. This bag is approximately 56 cm high, 35 cm wide and 32 cm deep and, weighs approximately 1.35 Kg.


With the given Berghaus Centurio 45 dimensions, this bag is well suited for versatile and laborious mountaineering and camping expeditions. This gives a tough competition to the military specific Centurio 45 MMPS rucksack too!

Vantage Points And Setbacks For Berghaus Centurio 45 Backpack

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of this backpack based on its usage and the load it can carry.

  1. Multiple Attachments– This backpack has many attachment points that allow you to carry a number of accessories like a walking pole, ice axe, etc, with you.
  2. Versatile – This bag can be used as it is or can be zipped up to make a single bigger bag. When the two side pockets are zipped up, you get a 20 litre backpack.
  3. Tough Zips – These bags are generally put through rough use and if the zips are delicate, it handicaps the entire bag. These zips are strong, sturdy and designs for rough use.
  4. Convertible – When you want to carry lot of things, you can carry this as a single bag. When you want to get on the next flight, just unzip the pockets to create a secondary small luggage.
  1. Narrow Opening – The front width of Berghaus Centurio 45 is narrower than the rear width which cuts down on the possibility of extra space.
  2. Not Very Durable – Despite being designed for a sturdy use, it does not have durable layers underneath to last through rough use. Though it is made of nylon material which is resistant to abrasions, it lacks extra padding.
Berghaus Centurio 45 Backpacks

The Impressive Berghaus Centurio 45 Features 

  • Here, let us share some of the prominent Berghaus Centurio 45 backpacks features that make it one of the most adaptable and comfortable possessions.
    1. Straps on the side of Berghaus Centurio 45 backpacks are astutely designed to hold enough gear while we expedite. They are equipped to hold snow shoes and skis and, also come with a secure locking system to ensure that they do not move much during the expedition.
    2. Another feature that makes Berghaus Centurio 45 backpacks a hit amongst trekking and skiing trips is its molle webbing feature on the front. This enables attachment of extra pouches and peripherals. For instance, we can attach a solar battery to keep our devices charged through the trip. This molle webbing feature also enables attachment of camping knives and a satellite GPS messenger, both of which are indispensible during such outings.
    3. Berghaus Centurio 45 comes with a flow back system. This is very essential in hiking and trekking phases wherein we are susceptible to experiencing fatigue induced by perspiration. This feature keeps our necks and backs cool, thereby keeping us brisk during the trip.
    4. The incorporation of MMPS organiser pocket creates a space in a streamlined manner in which, accessing essentials is a cake walk, leaving no space to fumble! This versatile MMPS organizer comes with the main advantage of being the impeccable organizer.



    On a scale of adjustability, it scores a complete 5 as if can be accommodated anywhere during the course of travel.

Berghaus Centurio 45 Backpacks – Designed For Comfort

Berghaus Centurio 45 backpacks have an internal and removable u shaped frame that supports our body well when the load is approximately around 35 lbs. The frame contains a thin overlay foam pad with flex that prevents the backpack from digging into our back.

There are a number of straps such as the shoulder straps, waist belts to distribute the weight and ensure all the weight does not land on your back.


On the scale of comfort, Berghaus Centurio 45 backpacks, if used for short camping trips, scores a complete 5 on 5 owing to its amazing features!

Berghaus Centurio 45 Quality Is Nothing Short Of Impressive

Berghaus Centurio 45 quality makes it a fore runner in the race of Berghaus backpacks, owing to its durability, the MMPS feature and, added safety features. On a scale of 5, it earns its due as a whole owing to its versatility and adaptability.

Berghaus Centurio 45 Customer Reviews To Aid Your Choice

Some have expressed displeasure over the design of the Berghaus Centurio 45 backpacks’ ice axe straps, citing their positions to be chaotic. A few felt the need to increase the size of the hydration system and this bag works best for people with small hands. Other than the minor misses here and there, a sizeable crowd of customers have vouched for its quality and durability, giving this backpack a rating of 3 on 5.

This is a super simple bag, but has an innovative feature. the side straps are designed to hold skis. Why does no one state this?
Because the side straps have buckles, you could conceivably attach snow shoes to these as well.
These are not side compression straps, and I sincerely hope people will stop referring to them as such.

The Berghaus 30 is a tad too small, about the size of a school backpack.

If you have a decent 30 degree sleeping bag, and a 3-4lb tent, you can fit everything into the main compartment including the tent poles, stakes, ground sheet, and even a spare tarp. Then you can stack a little more. I add a folding bucket, and a towel.

This really necessitates the side pockets to carry extra gear, like a small jet boil stove, a spare canister, first aid kit, tiny lamp, water filter, etc. etc.

Interestingly, when you get the MMPS, you’ll find that they have the same ski straps as the main Centurio 45. This is great if you want to take the MMPS pockets off and do a day hike, but want to leave the skis or snow shoes behind and properly attached to the main bag. Also good if you want to take the skis or snow shoes with you.

I do have one small complaint, The front width of the Centurio 45 is narrower than the rear. I don’t know why as I’d prefer the front to be just as wide to get a little extra space. As it is, when attaching the side pockets, they lean a little forward.

The molle webbing is nice. I recently purchased a 5.11 6×10 vertical pouch which makes full use of the webbing for maximum pocket size. It’s just a pouch with no padding, so it’s basically a third pocket.

The hood main pocket is much smaller than the pockets of other hoods, which seems a little strange to me. They could have made this hood pocket particularly useful by making it bigger. As it is, I stuff a poncho and rain pants in there and it is really maxed out. I don’t use the smaller inner pocket.

Another great thing is that even though the shoulder straps and back padding is said to be thicker than previous models, it’s still rather small and thin compared to modern straps. That’s a GOOD thing. modern day straps are much too thick, and understandably so, since many of the packs they support need to hold up to 30KG or so of stuff, so the straps become pretty critical.

Even better (from my perspective, the waist strap is thin). It’s more like a 2″ belt than a waist strap. The reason I like this is because it’s a great compromise for me. Most of the time, I will have this pack on an external frame, so the thin straps get around the frame easily without impeding the external frame’s carry system. And since this has an internal frame and padding, the weight is transferred to the hips and the waist belt can help keep things in place for the most part when it’s not on the external frame. in these situations, I have to lighten my carry load a little, but that’s okay, it’s still better than having the pack swing all over the place.

But the Berghaus is designed more for about 10-15KG at most, so they don’t need thicker straps and therefore the straps aren’t as cumbersome.

Same for the waist strap. Modern waist straps are way too thick, but really, you shouldn’t need such a thick waist belt if you’re not hold a ton of gear. What’s more, for those of you who might wear a tac vest, I imagine that a thick strap would get in the way. This is more of a simple 2″ strap belt. just perfect for lighter gear that’s still heavy enough to require some strapping at the waist.

All in all, I’m superbly happy with this pack and hope to get many many years of use out of it.

For now, it is attached to my Tatonka Lastenkraxe, and set very high, so that I have plenty of space between the Berghaus Centurio 45 and the shelf. This is important to add a bear canister onto the shelf.

But when necessary, I can remove the Centurio 45 from the Lastenkraxe for a nice lighter pack that can still hold plenty of gear.

Also, there are other similar packs out there, like the Snugpak Rocket Pack and the Karrimor of roughly equivalent size. They also have removable side pockets, but those pockets don’t zip together as nicely and instead require a separate yoke system to combine the pockets together for a day pack. I didn’t want to have a separate yoke system as it might get lost, so having the side pockets already have a built in strap system was perfect for me. Also, the Snugpak Rocket uses shock cords instead of molle webbing, which slightly limits attachment options.
Wisport has some packs that zip together, but they are not available in the States and it appears no one ships internationally.

If you’re looking for a fairly light backpacking pack that is tough enough for years of abuse, get this pack.

Tetsu Noguchi
Berghaus make a range of rucksacks for the military. These bags have been around a long time and have built a reputation for been extremely tough, I have heard of them lasting people over 15 years!

In the past Berghaus’s military range has been a popular choice for English soldiers forced to buy their own equipment because the stuff the army supplies was crap( current standard issue kit has now improved a lot). Berghaus rucksacks popular with English soldiers are the Vulcan and Munro, both of which are now getting on a bit and the Centurio is meant to be a modern update to the Munro.

Some of the improvements over the Munro are better padding on the back, MOLLE compatibility, hydration system compatibility and Berghaus’s Multi Mission Pack System (MMPS) side pockets (although I have seen modified Munros that support side pockets as well).

The MMPS is two pouches that zip on to the sides of the bag increasing the bag’s load capability from 45 litres to 65 litres. They can also be used as a mini rucksack or shoulder bag then zipped back on to the Centurio bag when not in use, which is handy. Unfortunately the MMPS does not come with this bag and needs to be bought separately( but other bags such as the Crusader do come with MMPS). See my MMPS review for a more detailed description of the MMPS.

If you want to use the side pockets off a Vulcan (mark 1) you will be annoyed to learn that they do not work on this or any other MMPS bag.( well actually you can get them to work by putting them on upside down, but this looks stupid).

The MOLLE webbing on the back and top mean you can attach Molle compatible pouches to the bag as well.

It has one large compartment as big as the bag, which also contains the hydration pocket

Not as big as it is touted as one reviewer notes the increase in compartment space comes from making it longer than the 35. It really does need those add on pockets. The design of the ice axe straps cinches are a bit haphazard. The hydration pocket is not that large so get a platypus. The construction is solid enough. The handle is rather insubstantial and only for small hands. The cinching straps interfer with the mole and the ice axe straps. Needs a redesign. I suggest a discrete look at the Kelty range. It needs another carrying handle on its face together witha loop for carabiner. It needs net pockets with solid bottoms to take rifles should they be used for military use. The aluminium bar is minimal but the back padding is difficult I would favour a plastic plate, preferably stab proof and instead of the aluminium bar they could try an aluminium pole bent to back shape.
Update – matched up with a kelty cache hauler external frame.
B. Zabavnik
Berghaus Centurio 45

What We Have Assessed From Berghaus Centurio 45 Backpack Reviews?

As per Berghaus Centurio 45 backpack reviews, we recommend these backpacks for their quality and durability in tough treks and rugged trails. They are sturdy and durable and can withstand all the duress during expeditions that last for three days or, even three weeks!

We hope that we helped you to make convinced decision about buying Berghaus Centurio 45 Backpack …

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