Berghaus Freeflow 40 Backpack Review

Berghaus Freeflow 40 Backpack
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Berghaus freeflow40 rucksack- an ideal travel companion

Hiking and trekking are exciting adventure activities. The trip can become comfortable and convenient with the right hiking equipment and accessories. A rucksack which can be used on a single day or multi-day trips is of utmost use. The Berghaus freeflow 40 rucksack looks promising scoring on two important factors of comfort and pragmatism. The flexible Berghaus freeflow 40 features among the best backpacks in the market, because of its compact design and exclusive technology. The rucksack has some unique features which makes it an ideal accompaniment for hiking adventures.

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The Dimensions of the Berghaus freeflow 40 rucksack:

The Berghaus freeflow 40 rucksack has a dimension of 31W*31D*69H cms. The Berghaus freeflow 40 backpack has a volume capacity of 40 ltrs. The dimensions and volume makes it a convenient backpack to carry and fit in all hiking equipment. The backpack weighs at 1.60 kgs and therefore ideal and comfortable to be carried on longer and difficult hiking expeditions. The Berghaus freeflow 40 is suitable for people who go for frequent long hiking trips and are looking for a rucksack which weighs less, but will be able to withstand hiking gear and equipment.

The pros and cons of the Berghaus freeflow backpack:

Some major advantages of the Berghaus 40 freeflow backpack are:

Spacious: The Berghaus freeflow 40 backpack is big and voluminous and can carry a lot of weight.

Flexibility: It is a backpack which is designed both for single and multiple day hiking trips.

Adaptable: The Berghaus freeflow 40 backpack can be made to fit any back length, tall or short.

Ventilation: The rucksack allows airflow in all the right places and reduces sweating.

Adjustability: The backpack straps and harness can be adjusted even when you are on the move, when the rucksack is still on your back. This is a great advantage.

Waterproof: The backpack comes with a nice rain cover and is adequately protected from rains on hiking/trekking expeditions.

Accessibility: The product comes with adequate number of zip space and clever compartments, placed conveniently and provides easy access to things during a trip.

Some disadvantages of the Berghaus freeflow 40 backpack are:

Awkward design: The rucksack has a sloped bottom and tends to fall off when you try to place it upright.

Small buckles: The Berghaus freeflow 40 backpack for its volume and size should ideally have bigger buckles. The given buckles are small and a tad bit inconvenient.

Thin straps: The straps of the Berghaus freeflow 40 backpack are not thick and they are narrow, considering the weight and load capacity they have to handle. They are not good enough for attaching heavy equipment.

Not ideal for very dirty and wet surfaces: The slightly narrow bottom and the material used in the Berghaus freeflow 40 backpack may not be exactly ideal for very dirty and wet surfaces.

Berghaus freeflow 40 backpack

The best features of the Berghaus freeflow ii 40 rucksack:

  • The best features of the Berghaus freeflow ii 40 rucksack:
    • Freeflow V fresh air technology, which gives minimal contact area and allows airflow and reduces sweat.
    • BioFit system is another distinguishing feature for the Berghaus freeflow 40 rucksack which makes it adapt to any back length and gives great comfort.
    • Bungee on the front enables easy accessibility to essentials on the move and is a good storage option too.
    • Hydration compatibility feature of the Berghaus freeflow 40 rucksack is very convenient for sweltering hiking/trekking expeditions.

Some great additional features of the Berghaus freeflow 40 rucksack are:

  • The Berghaus freeflow 40 backpack comes with a rain cover.
  • The backpack walking pole/ice attachment straps that are conveniently placed, as a result of which accessibility to these important tools is increased.

The comfort factor of the Berghaus freeflow 40 backpack:

The BioFit technology which is used in the Berghaus freeflow 40 backpack gives a great feel and ups the comfort quotient when used. The on the move adjustable straps, height adjustable chest harness and zipped hip belt are a huge plus and gives a secure and snug fit on the back and can be made to adapt to any back length. The Berghaus freeflow 40 with its comfort and convenience factor is a useful hiking essential.

The quality and durability of the Berghaus freeflow ii 40:

The materials used in the stitching of the Berghaus freeflow ii 40 are of good quality and has a good durability in the sense that except for some minor wear and tear after continuous rugged, rough and tough use, the backpack is well-known for its good quality material and stitching and long term use.

Some customer feedback on the Berghaus freeflow 40:

The general buzz on the Berghaus freeflow 40 has been positive. The back length adjustment and free flow V fresh air technology has won rave reviews overall. The numerous conveniently placed zips and compartments and the good Berghaus quality are mention-worthy. The sloped design at the bottom does not look good, the generous but awkward front zip and fiddly buckles do not go well with such an otherwise remarkable design.

Used this bag for a 3 week trip to south america, perfect for what i needed it for and was compact enough to carry the luggage on the plane.
Good storage space, clever compartments, aesthetically pleasing, ideal laundry section at the base and comes with it’s own rain cover.
Highly recommend this for any trip less than a month.
Used this to travel south east Asia. Perfect size and tonnes of adjustments on it for a comfortable fit. More than enough compartments yet minimalistic so very light. A versatile bag I look forward to using again
I didn’t like the design of this pack. The seller was good but the pack has design issues I think. It’s reviews see good and I’ve no doubt it’s a good pack but it sits awkward. You cant place it on the ground upright as it has a sloped bottom and falls over. Not great on dirty or wet surfaces. The side comp straps are not in great locations and the front zip pocket , whilst a great idea and generous in size, sticks out awkwardly. The pack just doesn’t sit together well. Also the buckles are very small. Why so small? Overall, I wish I liked it more. Overall, I think it would be a comfortable pack, but it wasn’t for me so I returned it. I think berghaus were getting closer here but not near close enough. I have since bought something more suitable. I rate it three stars as its a good serviceable pack, just not for me.
Alina Nancy
Berghaus freeflow 40

Overall conclusion and review for the Berghaus freeflow 40:

The Berghaus freeflow 40 rucksack is ideal for activities like hiking, mountaineering, climbing, trekking. It can be subjected to everyday use too. The Berghaus freeflow 40 features among the best rucksacks for adventure trips, day camps and overnight stays. It is a versatile, comfortable and sturdy bag.

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