Rucksack, backpacks, haversacks whatever we may choose to call, is essential components of a trekker or a backpacker’s kit during expeditions. And, when it comes to choosing the right backpack for your expeditions, Berghaus backpack garners most attention in our plethora of choices.

Our understanding of Berghaus backpack reviews leads us to understand why these backpacks have been in vogue for so long and, continue to be so. But, before that, let’s take a peek in the history of Berghaus rucksacs!

The list of things that are essential for a good and safe camping trip must be made well in advance. This eliminates any mishap when items are left out. The trick is to be organised to the point of being compulsive about it.  There are a few points to be taken into serious consideration when packing for a camping trip.

A Peek Into The History Of Berghaus Backpack Reviews

These bags go long back to the 1970s wherein, outdoor activities were an absolute must in terms of sporting and gaming in the jungles. And then, there were the treks that brought out the fitness quotient in people.

Berg 172 and Berg 272 were the first highlights of Berghaus backpack series in 1970. Later, in 1973 and, in the subsequent year, Cyclops of the Berghaus rucksack series earned rave Berghaus backpack reviews and, entered the backpack market with a bang, endowed with extra padding.

This was followed by further innovations in the making of Berghaus backpacks in 1980s such as the Adjustable Back Carrying system and Occipital cavity technology. The implementation of these technologies in rucksacks took Berghaus backpack reviews to a whole new level, as far as outdoor performance products were concerned.

The other notable improvisations included FGA Adjustable Rucksack system in 1993 and Nitro rucksack in 1998, with the latter being awarded Millennium Product Award by the Design Council of Great Britain. It was Nitro rucksack’s ultra modern style quotient and, its Limpet carrying and compression system that won it the accolades.

Berghaus backpacks reviews caught more pace on the positive note with a deluge of innovations that marked its place in the world of backpacks. Freeflow was designed with an added feature of airflow space that served as a cushion between the back of the wearer and the backpack. This model was further improvised with a lighter frame in 2010 and was named as Freeflow Pro.

With an aim to reinvent the wheel every single time, Berghaus continued in its quest of getting us the best rucksack and, it was in 2005, Bioflex® was launched. This model was specially designed to work in tandem with our movements on expeditions and treks. Bioflex® won ISPO award for this novelty.

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Why Berghaus Rucksack Backpack rules the roost?

The biggest pros of Berghaus rucksack backpack is its adaptability to the various kind of clientele it holds. Two main advantages in the improvised versions of Berghaus rucksack back pack include

  • Biofit Back system: This feature in Berghaus rucksack backpack allows us to adjust the length of our rucksack as per our convenience. Importantly, this system takes into consideration our height, weight and, the load we choose to carry in the rucksack. The webbing pull incorporated in the system allows us to give the much needed adjustment while we are on the move. This means, we do not have to take unnecessary pauses only to adjust our load, thereby saving time and efforts.
  • Integration of occipital cavity technology in Berghaus rucksack backpacks eases our occipital cavity area and, aids in looking up with no pressure on the neck.
  • New and advanced Berghaus rucksack backpacks come with breathable and non compressible EVAbreathe Matrix foam padding for shock absorption.

The Berghaus Travel Backpack review that you need to read

Some of the Berghaus travel backpack reviews that we have come across have addressed the biggest cons of the brand.

  • These rucksacks make a lot of noise when folded. But that is not the only miss for berghaus rucksack.
  • The integrated adjustable back system has been designed in a way too complex manner with the much breakable moving plastic putting off the customers even before experiencing the feel of this sturdy rucksack.
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Where does Berghaus rucksack fit in our lifestyle?

With a comfortable and an adjustable back carrying system, who would not want to include Berghaus rucksack in their outdoor kit? Berghaus rucksack ranges anywhere between £15 to £115 depending on your requirement.

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The overall quality of Berghaus Rucksacks

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The general quality and durability of products from this manufacturer is best from what we have come to know from customers who have used Berghaus rucksack. With a flexible back system that moves with our body, aiding in equal distribution of load, Berghaus rucksack has been designed to avoid the splinting effect that is normal in the case of large frame packs during extended hours of backpacking.

Berghaus backpacks are durable and, how! The load transfer and distribution is managed in an impeccable manner by transferring the load to the exterior mouldings of the hip belt. This is done using a Delrin rod. This rod aids in adjusting our hip load too. The entire system has been designed such that, even if we bend forward while trekking, our back is allowed to extend naturally rather than struggling to fight the resistance of the load. Besides, Berghaus’s breathable and non compressible EVAbreathe matrix foam padding that protects our body from shock and heavy impact.

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Let us take a peek into Berghaus backpack features

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  1. Shoulder Harness aids in giving the necessary support and cushioning to our shoulders, thereby preventing them from getting hurt by the straps. If we are carrying heavier loads, broad and curved shoulder harness with padding serves best!
  1. Sternum Strap aids in maintaining our chest in the right posture by preventing the backpack from pulling our shoulders back.
  1. Hip Belt helps in distribution of load by alleviating the strain on shoulders and, passing the load to the hips that are closer to our centre of gravity.
  1. Inner and Outer Pockets are a part and parcel of almost all Berghaus rucksacks as they are best for keeping our load contents such as provisions, protective gear, maps et al in an orderly fashion. This features enables us to access things we need at the right time, easily.
  1. Hydration system in Berghaus rucksacks are built in water bottles with a hole. This comes with a drinking tube. While we are trekking or climbing mountains, this feature helps in easing our drinking challenges during the expedition.
  1. Splash cover comes handy when we are stuck in heavy rains during our treks and camping trips. It essentially protects our backpack from moisture.
  1. Berghaus rucksacks are also equipped with bungee cords and equipment straps that enable us to attach our backpack to eternal objects such as hiking poles and crampons.
  1. Berghaus rucksacks are endowed with spindrift collar too that helps in giving us access to the inside pockets of our backpack while we are on the go.

However, it is the additional features added to the product of this brand that gives Berghaus the popularity it enjoys.

  • Berghaus Freeflow with its special air flow feature has a mechanism of getting the air locked between the pack and us, thereby making the whole experience less sweaty and more cool.
  • Berghaus EVA Breathe makes use of perforated EVA foam sheets that are designed in an honeycomb structure. This design gives a robust base to the pack ensuring that the foam stays intact, letting the air flow within, uninterrupted. The air flow usually enters the inter linked cavities in the honey comb structure and escapes through the back. The EVA feature adds breathability to the back, thereby regulating the moisture.
  • Berghaus Bioflex, the award winning model of this brand comes with a body adaptable feature that essentially responds to the way we move. This feature eases our strain while we trek.

What have our customers thought on Berghaus backpack reviews?

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Customer reviews impressions about products of brand are by and large, positive. Most of them have shown faith in Berghaus backpacks that have been steadily on rise in the rucksack and backpack favourites among people. Berghaus backpacks are extremely popular among hiking and trekking expeditions.

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Berghaus Berghaus Rucksacks in UK

Popular Berghaus backpacking rucksacks like Berghaus Trail Head 65


berghaus trailhead 65

With an integrated BioFit back system, this 65 litre capacity holding Berghaus Trail head 65 is an excellent choice if we plan backpacking adventures over a prolonged duration. Weighing about 1.7  Kg, this model of Berghaus backpacking rucksack is equipped with chest strap and hip strap that aid in easy movement on the go. There are provisions for keeping water bottles and, side pockets for keeping important stuff such as maps and other hiking paraphernalia.



  • Biofit back adjustment feature is the highlight here as it aids in even distribution of load across the shoulders, back and the hip.
  • This version of Berghaus backpacking rucksack has a large storage in the form of a top pocket with an extendable lid that provides for keeping provisions in an easily accessible manner.
  • The water bottle storage in this model ensures we access water easily to keep ourselves hydrated.


  • Berghaus trailhead 65 is an entry level backpack and hence, can be disappointing for those of us who need a bigger rucksack.
  • Besides, the water proof cover i.e the rain cover which does not stand strong against very heavy rains coupled with strong winds, given its inability to self tighten.


Berghaus Trail Head 65 is about 77 x 44 x 30 in dimensions.


Customer feedback

This backpack has raving customer reviews as a starter’s back pack. With sturdy straps and clips and with a rain cover, Berghaus trail head 65 is a delight among children who look forward to using it in their camping trips!

The perfect fit for Berghaus Rucksack hiking

Berghaus Twenty Four Seven Plus 20 Backpack

Another backpack that is best for hiking is Berghaus Twenty Four Seven Plus 20 Backpack. Weighing only 410 g with a capacity of 20 L, it is equipped with huge storage comprising of internal and external pockets wherein, electronic gadgets, walking gear and other equipments can be stored.

This model of Berghaus rucksack hiking comes with an adjustable chest strap that aids in wearing the backpack without straining the back. Other notable features include a grab handle and a laptop sleeve. With its large sized pockets internally and externally, it aids us in an organized activity of hiking, skiing or camping.


  • The best feature about Berghaus Twenty four Seven plus 20 Backpack is its flowback system that gives the much needed cushioning to our back through the vented air foam placed between our back and the pack, easing out any kind of discomfort. This feature also makes us feel less tired, given the circulation of air on our back.
  • This version of Berghaus rucksack hiking is hydration system compatible too. This means, we need not take unnecessary stops to drink water when we can do it on the go, through the inbuilt water bottle holding facility.
  • Walking pole attachments in this Berghaus model comprise of walking pole attachment points that aid us in less wear out and, keeps us organized and focussed in our activities.


  • Berghaus Twenty four seven plus 20 rucksack gets its miss off the mark by its size, which is rather small. Hence, its versatility is curbed to our needs pertaining to our daily routine.
  • The zip of the internal pockets are stiff. Hence, a little carelessness will result in breaking them.


Berghaus Twenty four seven plus 20 is about 47 cm high, 27 cm wide and 22 cm deep.


Customer feedback

Over all, Berghaus Twenty four Seven plus 20 Backpack is great with rave reviews from customers except for the stiff zipping on the internal and external pockets.


Looking for Berghaus Small Rucksack to suit you?


Berghaus Twenty Four Seven Plus 10 Rucksack

Weighing about 260 g, Berghaus Twenty four seven plus 10 rucksack is a light weight and compact rucksack that holds a capacity of 10 L. True to its name, it is a versatile pack that serves our purpose twenty four seven! With enough storage space for electronic gadgets and with an internal organizer, this model of Berghaus sure fits our brief of a backpack needed for daily use. This model of Berghaus small rucksack is also equipped with grab handles and key clips.



  • With an incorporated flow back system, the comfort quotient of this backpack is raised manifold. This feature ensures that our backs are not covered in sweat and stress all the time we carry the load.
  • Internal pockets and internal organizer make sure that we do not fumble for things we search for inside our backpack. With large and deep storage space, this Berghaus model is at par with our expectations from an every day usable backpack. Walking pole attachments are featured in this model and, this feature keeps us well organized and stress free during our short travels.
  • A laptop sleeve eases our stress over securely carrying our indispensible device.  


  • There is no chest strap for load adjustment.
  • It is not recommended for very long hiking or trekking trips, given its small size.


Approximately 38 cm high, 25 cm wide and 20 cm deep.


Customer feedback

Berghaus Twenty four seven plus 10 rucksack is extremely popular among customers as an everyday backpack. It has been more popular with women, given its small size and easy handling.

Interested in Berghaus Daypack Backpack?

Berghaus Twenty Four Seven Plus 25 Rucksack

With a nominal weight of about 480 g, Berghaus Twenty four seven plus 25 rucksack is another modern and compact rucksack equipped with laptop sleeve and internal organizer. It has been designed to feature spacious internal components that can accommodate our lunch, gym kit and other electronic gadgets we choose to carry.


  • Flow back system in this Berghaus daypack backpack ensures us a discomfort free back when using this rucksack. Height adjustable chest strap further mitigates uneven load distribution on our back.
  • With a reflective detail for visibility in the form of large internal pockets, organizing is a cakewalk with this rucksack.
  • Water bottle pocket is also featured in this model of Berghaus daypack backpack which ensures we remain hydrated through the trip.


  • Unlike the higher models, Berghaus Twenty four seven plus 25 does not have the number of internal pockets that we would have expected.
  • Besides, it is a small ruck sack and hence, its uses are limited to events in our daily grind such as going to office or school or, shopping.


Berghaus twenty four seven plus 25 rucksack is about 49 cm high, 28 cm wide and 24 cm deep.


Customer feedback

From customers’ reviews on this Berghaus model, we have deduced that despite the minor misses in a few cases that concerned stiffness in zipping the internal pockets and, a not-so-prompt tightening of the chest strap, this has been a leading purchase for all those who love to shop and, hit the beach.


Is the Berghaus lightweight backpack better?


Berghaus F-Light F20 Rucsack

With a capacity of 20 L and weighing approximately 175g, Berghaus F-Light F20 rucksack is water resistant and can accommodate a variety of essentials in its main compartment and small front pocket. The berghaus lightweight backpack is better if you prefer to carry light during your trips, especially if you are travelling by air.



  • This model of Berghaus lightweight backpack is a delight for office goers who can accommodate their essentials like phones, tablets and stationery items in the front zipped pocket. This feature gives us an easy access to the things we need.
  • The height adjustable chest strap aids in even distribution of weight making us free from stress on back and shoulders.


  • The chest straps in Berghaus F-Light F20 Rucsack are thin and, can accommodate some more padding for a better cushioning effect.
  • Internal organizer is lacking in this model of Berghaus lightweight backpack, as there are not many internal pockets for maintaining your stuff exclusively.


Berghaus F-Light F-20 rucksack is about 50 cm high, 27 cm wide and 21 cm deep.


Customer feedback

It is viewed by customers as a cross between simplicity and class. Customers have expressed extreme satisfaction over the use of these light weight rucksacks, given their choice of vibrant colours.

The popular Berghaus womens backpack everyone’s talking about

Berghaus Women’s Freeflow II 30 Backpack

Weighing about 1.3 kg, Berghaus Women’s Freeflow II 30 Backpack is a much sought after Berghaus womens backpack, given its heightened level of security and comfort. With a capacity of 30 L, this version of Berghaus womens backpack is equipped with BIOFIT™ technology that makes the back, shoulders, hips and the chest free from physical duress.



  • The free flow back system is highlighted with its ergonomically designed backpanel that not only aids in much needed ventilation but also provides the shoulders, chest and back with comfort. Besides, the chest straps are height adjustable.
  • With a zipped internal lid pocket, this Berghaus womens pack comprises of a zipped hip belt pocket too which aids in keeping extremely handy and reachable items that would otherwise disappear in the main compartment.
  • It is hydration system compatible.


  • One of the drawbacks in this model of Berghaus womens backpack is lack of expansion of the bag.
  • Albeit its versatility, it may not be a comfortable choice in cycling events, depending on the load we carry.


Berghaus Women’s Freeflow II 30 Backpack measures about 68 cm high, 31 cm wide and 29 cm deep.


Customer feedback

Equipped with a rain cover for protection from moisture, a grab handle and, with walking pole attachments, Berghaus Women’s Freeflow II 30 Backpack is a hit among women who use it not only for daily purposes but also, effectively for hiking and trekking expeditions.


What we have concluded after going through Berghaus Rucksacks Review uk

What we think about Berghaus backpacks and rucksacks? Every model has been designed meticulously by Berghaus team, keeping in mind, the choices of their customers. So, depending on how we plan to use it, we must know our requirements well.

Berghaus rucksacks review uk from various customers give us a peek into what would suit our requirements best. This is what we suggest you do:

If you are passionate about hiking, skiing, camping and trekking, we suggest you go for the options we have listed for you:

  • Berghaus Trailer head 65 backpack
  • Berghaus twenty four seven plus 20 backpack
  • Berghaus Womens Free flow II 30 pack

If you are more of an indoor person, we suggest you pick

  • Berghaus Twenty four seven plus 25
  • Berghaus F-Light F20 Rucksack