Berghaus Trailhead 50 Review

Berghaus Trailhead 50
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Get To Know More About The Berghaus Trailhead 50 Rucksack

When you think of undertaking an adventure trip, the excitement apart, the next image that comes to the mind is the backpack and the choice of the backpack depends on the nature of the journey. The Berghaus trailhead 50 with its stability, simplicity and compactness is suitable for multiple day journeys. It is designed to suit tough terrain.

The Berghaus trailhead 50 is a medium sized backpack which is suitable for any exploration activity like hiking, trekking, skiing and biking. The backpack is medium sized but a spacious and smartly designed bag.

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Does The Berghaus trailhead 50 Dimensions Fit Your Need?

As the name indicates, the Berghaus trailhead 50 rucksack comes with a volume of 50 ltrs. The bag weighs approximately at about 1.5kgs. The Berghaus trailhead 50 dimensions are H76*W38*D14cms. This product is aimed at adventure enthusiasts who require simplicity, comfort and reliability from their rucksacks.  The Berghaus trailhead 50 is functional in terms of its dimensions and weight.

The biggest pros and cons of the Berghaus trailhead 50 backpack

The advantages of the Berghaus trailhead 50 backpack are:

  • Commodious: The Berghaus trailhead 50 backpack is spacious and can carry quite a lot of trekking gear and equipment.
  • Simplicity: One of the best pros of the Berghaus trailhead 50 backpack is its simple yet functional design.
  • Hydration compatible: The rucksack is hydration compatible keeping the owner hydrated throughout the hiking/trekking trip.
  • Rainproof: The rucksack comes with a detachable rain cover and can protect important stuff during rains on your hiking expeditions.
  • Adjustable straps: The straps are adjustable even ‘on the move’ therefore give the bag the advantage of flexibility and adaptability.
  • Better back support: The Berghaus trailhead 50 backpack gives a customised fit to almost any back length and the weight is evenly distributed giving a better support for the back.
  • Smartly designed pockets and compartments: The Berghaus trailhead 50 allows easy accessibility to the essentials during a trek and this is a big plus for the bag.
  • Versatility: The Berghaus trailhead 50 rucksack is versatile, because it can be put to a variety of uses which include skiing, climbing and trekking.

The disadvantages of the Berghaus trailhead 50 backpack are:

  • Flimsy waist strap pockets: The waist strap pockets are of the mesh variety and do not hold well in rough weather.
  • Narrow body and base: The Berghaus trailhead 50 looks unconvincing with its narrow body and small base space, although it can hold a good number of equipment and accessories.
  • Rain cover and the accessibility to the zips: The rain cover runs over the zips and covers them, which make them difficult to access in a few situations.
  • Inconvenient main zippers: The Berghaus trailhead 50 backpack’s main zippers open completely like a travel bag or suitcase and getting to your stuff in the middle of the bag can be a little inconvenient.
Berghaus Trailhead 50 bagpack

The Customer Friendly Berghaus Trailhead 50 Backpack Features

    • BioFit back system for length adjustment.
    • Top tension straps with height adjustable take-off points and a per-curved hip belt.
    • Accessories like rain cover, top lid pocket and walking pole / ice axle attachments.
    • Side compression straps and bottle pockets.
    • Life time guarantee.

    The additional features include a base compartment bivy divider, bottle pockets and multiple attachment points.

How Comfortable Are The Berghaus Trailhead 50 backpacks?

The biggest comfort factor provided by the Berghaus trailhead 50 backpacks is that they can be altered and adjusted to a back length that will exactly suit you. The padded shoulder and chest strapsand the waist belt ensure comfort even while doing difficult activities like climbing. These evenly distribute the weight around the back and offer comfort and convenience overall.

The Superior Trailhead 50 Quality Is Responsible For The Success of The Backpack

The trailhead 50 quality stands for endurance and reliability. The trailhead 50 is known for its durability because it is made of a good quality Polyester Esdura 600D. This explains the ability of the Berghaus trailhead 50 to withstand adventure, rough terrain and tough weather conditions.

The key point to be noted here is that the rucksack does not give in easily and is counted one among the best bags designed for backpacking adventures. The lifetime guarantee provided by the manufacturer only vouches for the quality and endurance of the product.

The Berghaus Trailhead 50 UK Customer Reviews For First Hand Feedback

The overall feedback for the Berghaus trailhead 50 is positive and gets a thumbs-up for its better features and overall design. There are minor drawbacks which can be overlooked. The Berghaus trailhead 50 scores on the smart design which spells simplicity, comfort and versatility. The backpack is built with good quality fabric, zippers and buckles which makes it a very reliable product. The Berghaus trailhead 50 has garnered appreciation from UK customers, explorers and adventure lovers.

Excellent rucksack. Used for Dof E award and general backpacking and fell walking. Adjustable back system makes a very comfortable fit. Good compartments and pockets for easy storage and accessibility.
Berghaus Trailhead 50

Choose Wisely With The Berghaus trailhead 50 review

The Berghaus trailhead 50 features among the best backpacks manufactured. It is a sought-after backpack for nature trips and exploration activities. The Berghaus trailhead 50 rucksack scores on smart design, multiple yet conveniently placed pockets and compartments which are suitable and convenient on the hills. The rucksack is stable, secure and compact and works well on the hills and rocks as you scale and climb through them.

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