Best 3-Season Sleeping Bag For Cold Weather

Be it the confines of your room or a starry sky for a ceiling, a good night’s sleep is a must. In fact, a refreshing sleep is more important in the wilderness when you are away from other materialist comforts.

That said, a good quality sleeping bag should be an indispensable part of your camping arsenal. There are plenty of sleeping bags to choose from, however, not all sleeping bags are alike. Basically, they are classified according to the season they are best suited for.

You can find one season, 2 seasons, 3 seasons and 4 seasons sleeping bags out there. Today, we are setting our sights on the reliable 3 season sleeping bags.

A 3 season sleeping bag can be defined as a sleeping bag that is adept at coping with three seasons: summer, spring, and autumn. The temperature rating for this sleeping bag is 0 degree onwards. A 3 season sleeping bag keeps you warm on chilly nights but doesn’t become too hot on milder nights.

If you are on the lookout for this kind of bag, you came to the right place. We searched the market for the best 3 season sleeping bags that can deliver the best features outdoor enthusiasts are looking for. Read on to find out about these recommended products.

Why Should You Get 3 Season Sleeping Bags for Camping?

The 3 season sleeping bags are suited for summer spring, fall, and a mild winter; one bag for almost all seasons. Most of the 3 season sleeping bags can keep you warm during chilly nights and cool when the temperatures are hot.

The average 3 season sleeping bag has a temperature that can go as low as 20 degrees. However, how well it will keep you warm during cold nights will still depend on a number of things. Your metabolism, for instance, plays a major role. Some people generate more heat in their body than others. Some might easily get cold or might not tolerate even a slight chill in the air. What you are wearing can also play a role. This is why you still need to take into consideration your own preferences, so you can find a sleeping bag right for your needs.

Best 3 Season Sleeping Bags Reviews for 2019

We checked out the best 3 season sleeping bags out there and here are our recommendations:

  • Mountain Warehouse Everest Down Extreme Sleeping Bag
  • Andes Alma 400 Double Sleeping Bag
  • Vango Wilderness Sleeping Bag
  • Active Era Professional 300 Mummy Sleeping Bag
  • KeenFlex Mummy Sleeping Bag

Let’s check out further what these bags have to offer:

1. Mountain Warehouse Everest Down Extreme Sleeping Bag

Mountain Warehouse Everest Down Extreme Sleeping Bag Click for Price

Stay warm and cosy in the coldest of temperatures with the Mountain Warehouse’s Everest sleeping bag. It is designed to withstand temperatures ranging from -3C to -9C. I can even protect you and keep you relatively comfortable even when temperatures get as low as -28C. There is no chance of air pockets forming because this mummy bag fits you snugly and keeps you warm even in snowy mountains.

Despite its cosy features, it is a lightweight sleeping bag. It comes with a hoodie to protect your head from the cold.


  • Lightweight yet very protective
  • Good insulation that keeps you warm even in snowy climates
  • Becomes really small and compact once folded.
  • Customers said it really is warm. It can even be used indoors as a snuggle blanket when temperatures drop.


  • The fabric gets stuck in the zip while unzipping
  • Once wet, the bag becomes ineffective and unusable
  • Some said it can get constraining around the leg area.
  • It is more expensive than other 3 season sleeping bags out there.

2. Andes Alma 400 Double Sleeping Bag

Andes Alma 400 Double Sleeping Bag Click for Price

Now you need not be lonely again because the Andes Alma 400 3-4 Season Double Camping Sleeping Bag has ample space for you and your companion. Lightweight, heat retaining and suitable for 3 -4 seasons, this sleeping bag is an ideal companion for camping, trekking, and sleepovers.

It boasts of high-quality materials. With its 400GSM hollow fibre filling, it ensures users can feel comfortable even while sleeping on hard ground. It comes with double zips that go around the 3 sides for easier access.


  • The bag is large and spacious, great for 2 people.
  • The presence of internal storage pockets for valuables.
  • The inclusion of a compression bag to store the sleeping bag.
  • Comfortable, thanks to its filling.
  • It is a waterproof camping bag.
  • The price is affordable.


  • It is bulky even when rolled up
  • Not suitable for hiking and cyclists
  • The inner lining has a plastic feel, according to some.

3. Vango Wilderness Sleeping Bag

Vango Wilderness Sleeping Bag Click for Price

The Vango Wilderness 350 is a splendid union of affordable quality microfiber fabric with a design that is practical and useful. Comfortable and stylish, the Vango retains warmth and the temperature ranges between +2°C to +20°C.

The insulated shoulders coupled with zip baffles effortlessly deliver warmth and comfort to users. It also comes in different color choices so if you are concerned about aesthetics, this should be a good choice.


  • This delivers comfort even during colder days.
  • It has plenty of room to move around. It doesn’t feel constricting. Even restless sleepers can feel comfortable in here.
  • It folds and packs away with ease.
  • It has excellent waterproof functions. It stays dry inside.
  • It is a more affordable 3 season sleeping bag.


  • Might not be ideal for extremely cold weather

4. Active Era Professional 300 Mummy Sleeping Bag

Active Era Professional 300 Mummy Sleeping Bag Click for Price

With its 300GSM of filling, you surely will feel comfortable in this sleeping bag even when exposed to colder temperatures. Its comfort temperature is at +10 degrees Celsius to 0 degrees Celsius while extreme temperature goes as low as -10 degrees Celsius.

It is a water-resistant sleeping bag that will keep you warm and dry even when it is pouring outside. There is a mummy hood with a drawstring to protect your hand. The weight is just right and shouldn’t be cumbersome to bring.


  • Can protect you from the cold. It’s very warm and cozy to use.
  • It is surprisingly lightweight. You can pack it away with no issues.
  • There is an internal pouch that you can use to store valuables.
  • It features a double zipper system that is great for insulation.
  • It is one of the most affordable 3 season sleeping bags out there


  • Some said the pouch that it came in was small and flimsy.

5. KeenFlex Mummy Sleeping Bag

KeenFlex Mummy Sleeping Bag Click for Price

Don’t get stuck in cold weather, shivering because your sleeping bag provides inadequate warmth. Get this one instead that boasts of good weather-proof materials that can protect you from harsh environments. Ideally, use this for temperatures -5C to +15C.

It is ergonomic to use as the baffles found at the shoulder and neck provide comfort. The zippers also have anti-snag features, great for seamlessly getting in and out of the sleeping bag.


  • This is another affordable 3 season sleeping bag you should get.
  • It keeps you comfortable even in moderately cold temperatures.
  • The design is ergonomic. You can unzip it with ease and not worry about snagging.
  • The materials are high-quality.
  • It folds and rolls easily, thanks to its compression bag.
  • There are pockets inside to keep your valuables such as phones.
  • It is backed by a satisfaction guarantee.


  • Might not be for bigger people

Which One Should You Get?

All of these recommendations are great. However, if you are looking for the one that can truly bring you warmth while outdoors, go ahead and get the Mountain Warehouse Everest Down Extreme Sleeping Bag. The price can be off-putting for some but if you are an outdoor enthusiast and you want to be prepared for anything the weather throws at you, this product can be a good ally.

Camping out with your partner or do you just need something a lot more spacious, so you can easily move your legs? Get the Andes Alma 400 Double Sleeping Bag. It can fit 2 people so there is plenty of space in here to snuggle up or move around.

The Vango Wilderness Sleeping Bag is a good choice for those who are looking for a quick sleeping bag to bring and pack away. It’s not as difficult to fold as other thicker sleeping bags. This is a good choice even for backpackers.

People on a tight budget can go for the Active Era Professional 300 Mummy Sleeping Bag. It is a more affordable choice, but it definitely isn’t lacking in comfortable features.

The KeenFlex Mummy Sleeping Bag is best for people with an average height. It might be too tight for taller people. However, it still adequately provides the comfort you might be looking for in a sleeping bag. And with its affordable price, this is an easy choice to make.

Things to Consider in a 3 Season Sleeping Bag

When getting 3 season sleeping bags, make sure you scrutinize what you are buying so you can maximize the money you spend on it. Here are the important factors that determine the quality of a 3 season bag. Knowing the significance of each of these will aid you in choosing the right sleeping bag for your needs.

Insulation: The insulation material in a sleeping bag is the key to the bag’s efficiency. The most common insulating materials used are down and synthetics; cotton too is used in some bags but very uncommon.

Inner Material. There are two options to choose from:

  • Synthetic: Bags filled with synthetic are cheaper than down filled bags. They are easy to maintain, easy to clean, dry fast and retain their insulating properties even when wet. These properties make these bags very popular among users. But they are not too durable.
  • Down: Down filled bags are breathable, lighter and highly compressible. They have the highest warmth to weight ratio. They retain heat very well and they are more suited for a wider temperature range. They are more durable than synthetic bags. The biggest drawback here is that down becomes unusable when wet and also takes really long to dry.

Weight: Since you will be carrying your gear with you when you are hiking and trekking, the weight of your sleeping bag plays an important role. Down filled bags are lighter when compared with other fillings.

Outer Material: The outer shell of any high-quality sleeping bag must be durable, water repellent, breathable and to some extent abrasion resistant too. Nylon is the preferred material; polyester is used for cheaper sleeping bags.

Size: The sleeping bag should be the right size to provide optimum warmth.

Temperature Rating: This is a guide that informs the user about the least temperature to the maximum temperature a sleeping bag can withstand.

Style: The style of the sleeping bag too determines its efficacy; mummy style is the most prevalent type.

Technology: Technological advances have led to better quality sleeping bags that are more durable, lighter and adept at maintaining the right temperature with respect to the surroundings. For example, to improve the breathability of the outer shell, a very thin membrane of a waterproof material like ePTFE with polyurethane film is bonded to the outer shell. This allows moisture to escape but doesn’t allow outside moisture to enter the fabric. This advancement has helped in improving the durability of a sleeping bag.

By using high-quality synthetic fills, you can achieve the loft of down; this way even at a lower cost you can buy a high-quality sleeping bag. Nowadays, sleeping bags also come with a coating of fluorocarbon-based durable water repellent (DWR) for better moisture repelling properties.

Here are more technologies to look for:

  • Hydrophobic Down

A fine example of how technology improves the quality of a sleeping bag is the Hydrophobic Down. This is a specially formulated down that maintains loft 30 times more than the normal untreated down and absorbs 70% less water. It rises faster too.

  • Thermacapture

Another example of technology in sleeping bags is the thermaCapture. It is a special lining attached to the inner lining of the bag. This thermacapture does not increase the bulk of your bag but provides added warmth.

Most sleeping bags are built to withstand a fair amount of wear and tear but sometimes, nature is unpredictable, and you might be subjected to heavy rain, sleet or gusty winds. The key technological features of weather resistance in sleeping bags you should look for are:

  • An outer shell made of ripcord nylon and at times Gore-Tex too. Ripcord nylon is windproof, and Gore-Tex is water resistant. Water-resistant shells like Pertex Endurance too are apt.
  • Sleeping bags with down treated with dryloft is the common fill used. This technology overcomes the downside that down has in wet weather. Fill should be greater than 600 for severe weather conditions.

What to Do Next?

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