Osprey Farpoint 40 Backpack Review

Solo travel has been catching on like wildfire of late. While it is good fun to travel with family or friends, it is also quite interesting to travel alone. If you thought that solo travel is a lonely and boring idea, think again! I can assure you, that solo travel can be as exciting as travelling in a group – and sometimes even better!

There are many lessons that one can learn from solo travel. Solo travel helps in cultivating several essential life skills such as building up your confidence, enabling you to think on your feet, forcing you to become adaptable, teaching you to be open to new experiencesand most importantly being independent. And when it comes to independence when travelling, the starting point would be your luggage.

Having to depend on someone else to help carry your luggage can put a major dent in your quest for independence and confidence when travelling. This is why I am such a big fan of backpacks. Backpacks are the ultimate lifesaver for a solo traveller. You can literally carry the world on your back with a good backpack!

One of my favourite backpacks ought to be the Osprey Farpoint 40 Rucksack. This backpack has certainly gained a huge fan following ever since they were first launched. In fact, chances are high that you would spot a bunch of fellow travellers with these backpacks on their backs on your journey!

What are the Osprey Farpoint 40 dimensions?

The Osprey Farpoint 40 Rucksack is mainly for travellers who pack light. If you are the type of person who always packs too much stuff then this might not be the ideal choice for you. Packing right is an art and if you can pack perfectly, then you will have no complaints about the Osprey Farpoint 40 Rucksack.

The Osprey Farpoint 40 dimensions are as follows:

Weight: 1.44 Kgs

Size: 54 X 35 X 37 cms (L X W X D)

In my personal opinion, this backpack deserves a rating of 4 on a scale of 0 to 5 for its dimensions.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Osprey Farpoint 40 backpack?

The biggest pros of the Osprey Farpoint 40 backpack are:

  • Size: This backpack adheres to EU cabin luggage specifications, which make it perfect to use as carry-on luggage.
  • Comfort: This backpack is really comfortable to use thanks to its padded shoulder pads and hip straps, which do not dig into the wearer’s body.
  • Durable: This backpack is designed to last for many years of travel.
  • Stylish: This backpack looks chic and sleek even when packed to the seams.
  • Convenient: This is a front loading backpack, which means it is very easy to find what you need in it, without digging around for ages unlike in conventional backpacks.
  • Easy to stay organized: Organizing all your travel essentials will be an absolute breeze thanks to the 9 pockets in this backpack.

The biggest cons of the Osprey Farpoint 40 backpack are:

  • Price: Although you have to keep in mind that you are paying for quality, nevertheless the cost of this backpack might be a turn off for some people.
  • No wheels: Having wheeled luggage especially in places like airports can be a big plus, but this backpack compromises on wheels for the sake of staying lightweight.
  • Lack of ventilation: There is no air channel between the backpack and the user’s back, which might make the wearer’s back sweaty especially when worn in hot conditions.
  • More suited for petite people: This backpack is apt for small-framed people and larger people might find it a bit inconvenient.

What are some of the salient Osprey Farpoint 40 rucksack features?

Apart from all the above mentioned properties, there are also some additional Osprey Farpoint 40 rucksack features that ought to be pointed out. A padded laptop compartment is a big bonus in this backpack. It helps to keep your laptop safe and secure. Not only that, this backpack can also be carried with your hands, thanks to the padded handles at the top and also at the side.Plus the detachable shoulder strap makes it a really flexible backpack which can be carried whichever way you please.What’s more the main compartment of this backpack can also be locked for additional safety and privacy. The compression straps are handy too as they prevent the items in the bag from moving around much in case your backpack isn’t too full.The backpack also comes in two sizes M and L. So you can choose one which suits you the best. While certain parts of the backpack like the straps are adjustable, the harness is not which might disappoint a few.Hence I would give this backpack a rating of 3 when it comes to adjustability.

How comfortable is the Osprey Farpoint 40 backpack?

A bunch of my family and friends use Osprey Farpoint 40 backpack and they always keep raving about how comfortable it is to travel with this backpack. I would personally rate it a 4 on a scale of 0 to 5 in terms of comfort.

What about the Farpoint 40 quality?

One look at this backpack and you will have absolutely no doubts about the Farpoint 40 quality. The ‘All Mighty Guarantee’ that the company extends for it backpacks is enough proof that these bags will last for a long time. I will gladly give it a rating of 4.5 for its quality and durability.

Concluding my Osprey Farpoint 40 review

I would like to sign off my Osprey Farpoint 40 review by stating that this is an awesome backpack which will amaze you with its capacity and capability. Rest assured that it will serve you well on your travels – be it solo or otherwise.

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