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Some basic 40l backpack reviews

Best 40l backpack

When you travel around the world and are awed by nature’s beauty in every locale and get an opportunity to know about different cultures and taste various cuisines, your buddy and loyal companion is a sturdy backpack.  It is that one piece which carries everything that will keep you comfortable and safe in your travails.

There are backpacks of varying capacities depending on the duration of your trip, which part of the globe you want to explore – the mountainous Alps or the Himalayas or the rain forests in Brazil; it can also be just sightseeing in south East Asia. Depending on your destination, the gear you want to take along, you should choose a backpack.

Backpack sizes are normally measured in liters. Thus, you have backpacks of 30L, 40L, 65L and so on. According to several 40l backpack reviews, backpacks of 40 liter capacity are ideal for most travels, hiking tours, biking and trekking. These backpacks are also ideal for camping which involves anything between 2 days to a maximum of a week’s stay.

All short distance camping and overnight stay do not require you to carry bulky equipment or gear, thus making the 40l backpacks a perfect mate for such trips. They are spacious enough for all your hydration bottles, snacks and other essentials like laptops, clothes, sleeping mats, tarps etc.

The 40l backpack is also suited for school and college goers who carry a lot of books.

Weight (kg)
Dimensions (cm)
Customer rating(0-5)


Osprey Farpoint 40 Backpack



54 x 35 x 37







Berghaus Freeflow II 40 Rucksack



69 x 31 x 31







Lowe Alpine Men’s Airzone Pro 35:45



68 x 34 x 34







Mountaintop 40L Hiking Daypack/Camping



60 x 28 x 22







The North Face Big Shot Backpack



51x 32 x 20







Mardingtop 40L Hiking Rucksack



52 x 32 x 24







Vango Traverse 40 Litre Backpack



55 x 35 x 25







Vanwalk 40L Hiking Backpack



50 x 28 x 20







Thikin Ultra Lightweight 40L



52 x 30 x 22






Best 40l backpacks in UK – Reviews

Which is the ideal 40l travel backpack?

Best 40l rucksack

Mardingtop 40L Lightweight Daypack Camping – review

Your loyal companion on all your excursions, the Mardingtop 40L lightweight Daypack is probably the most ideal 40l travel backpack you may ever need. Made from water resistant nylon and polyester fabric, it has a spacious front pocket to hold your phone, cards and other essentials. It also has an amply padded internal pouch for your laptop or tablet. There is a loop to hang lightweight items too.

40l backpack


  • Roomy
  • Comfortable padding on shoulder straps
  • Safety whistle.


  • No specific place for hydration bag
  • Minimal hip support for people over 6 feet


20.5 x 12.6 x 9.4 inches

Best 40l backpack Mardingtop

General feeling of customers:

A decent bag sufficient for a beginner who doesn’t want to spend too much money on a backpack. The absence of a hydration bag and a suitable opening for it was sorely felt by many. Overall users were happy with the sturdy design, lightweight nature and ergonomical fit and ample pockets of the bag. Many consider the bag to be a multipurpose, super useful backpack which has uses other than hiking and camping.

Is 40l hiking backpack the answer to your hiking queries?

Mountaintop 40L Hiking Daypack/Camping – Review

If you are looking for an ideal 40l hiking backpack then the Mountaintop 40L Hiking Daypack/Camping backpack might be the solution you are looking for. It is the perfect size for those embarking on a fascinating experience of hiking for the first time. It has 6 adjustable straps which facilitate carrying your additional gear like sleeping bag, mat, hammock, tripod and other related stuff fairly easily. Substantial padding on the shoulder straps and back ensure the shoulders are not sore from long hours of wearing the backpack while also creating space for air circulation in the back. There are also numerous pockets to help you organize your stuff.

Best 40 litre backpack


  • Ergonomical design
  • Can be used as a carryon bag on airplanes
  • Hydration bladder compatible.


  • Shoulder straps not suited for broad shouldered people
  • Poor quality zips
  • Not the best stitching.


21.7 x 13.8 x 9.8 inches

40l backpack Mountaintop

General feelings of customers:

Users have vouched for the durability, construction and overall design of the 40l hiking backpack. Though meant for hiking, the bag has found multiple uses and is frequently used by many customers for trekking, overnight trips and for school. The ease of access from the bottom and the presence of multiple pockets was well appreciated. There are those who have has bad experiences with the zippers not working well and stitches coming apart. But everybody agrees that the back is a good buy at an affordable price.

40l Rucksack reviews

40l waterproof backpack for those that brave the rain

best 40l Backpacks

Lowe Alpine Men’s Airzone Pro 35:45 Hiking Backpack-Oxide – Review

Those who love the outdoors do not let nature deter them from their goal – be it rain or shine they trudge along. It is for such people that the Lowe Alpine Men’s Airzone 40l waterproof backpack is ideal for. It has the innovative Airzone Centro back system which keeps you cool and adjusts according to your back. The Lowe comes with several cleverly designed pockets which keep your stuff organized and in place.

We are choosing best 40 litre ricksacks


  • Easy access to gear without removing the bag
  • Breathable back system ideal for hiking and trekking
  • Plenty of pockets.


  • Sweating around the waist bag when worn for long periods of time.


11.81 x 11.81 x 27.95 inches

How we know which 40 l backpack are good

General feelings of customers:

General feelings of customers: Whoever used the bag is immensely satisfied with the design, the support, and the ease of access to gear; the multiple pockets for storage were considered an additional bonus. In fact some customers call it the ideal backpack for a camera also because it was so convenient to store the camera and its related accessories in bag, while the tripod could be carried on the side. All the extras like batteries and lens caps and other small stuff found a perfect storage in the hip belt compartments.

Some important facts in the Lightweight 40l backpack review

Thikin Ultra Lightweight 40L Large Capacity Back Backpack – Review

According to lightweight 40l backpack review the Thikin Ultra Lightweight 40L Large Capacity Waterproof backpack made from durable and water resistant nylon material is a very adept backpack. Its breathable mesh back ensures your back stays cools during arduous hiking and trekking.  Pockets to store laptop, camping tent, shoes and several other accessories are features that work in favor of this lightweight backpack. Adjustable shoulder straps and safety chest straps provide the much needed comfort and support. It is easy to cycle, hike, trek and sightsee wearing the Thinkin Ultra because it is so light and comfortable that you never realize you are wearing it.

WHo is choosing good 40 litre ruckacks


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to wash
  • Durable.


  • Zippers are not of the best quality.


20.5″ x 11.8″ x 8.7”

Which is best 40l hiking backpack

General feelings of customers:

Many customers like the looks and functionality of the backpack. They feel it is worth the cost given its versatility, since it can be used as a backpack, a rucksack and a knapsack and for activities as varied as mountaineering to outdoor sports.

We know best 40l lightweight backpacks

Womens 40l backpack for those who love their contours

Vanvalk is the best 40 litre backpack ??

Vanwalk 40L Hiking Backpack – Review

Backpacks are designed for both men and women separately because the body contours are different and hence the kind of support and comfort they require too is varied. The Vanwalk 35L / 40L Hiking Backpack has been exclusively designed as a womens 40l backpack. It is highly durable, has waterproof qualities and has zippered inner pockets to store small articles. The breathable mesh shoulder straps ensure that the back doesn’t get too sweaty and the shoulders remain comfortable while carrying the backpack.

All information in 40 litre backpack reviews


  • Waterproof
  • Compact and Lightweight
  • High quality buckles.


  • Difficult to unzip outer pouch
  • Zips are not sealed, so not fully protected from rain.


19.7 x 11 x 7.9 inches

Why our review of 40l rucksack is best

General feelings of customers:

Most of the users felt the bag was best suited for students and as a school bag. There are others who were satisfied with its engineering and durability. Users were delighted with the overall comfort, spaciousness and lightweight nature of the back which could be worn even when cycling and biking.

Best Berghaus 40l rucksack is a name every man will want to be associated with

Berghaus Men’s Freeflow II 40 Rucksack – Review

Berghaus Men’s Freeflow II 40 Rucksack is one of the best Berghaus 40l rucksacks that are suitable for a long day of outing and a trek that lasts several days. Its BIOFIT technology ensures that the back length adjusts according to your height and body shape. It is comfortable to wear for long periods of time without sweating and chaffing because of the use of the freeflow system whereby there is air circulation in the back.

Our decision in best 40l backpacks


  • Air circulation in the back
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Walking pole and ice axe attachment provided.


  • No internal pockets in the main compartment
  • Buckles are small and fragile
  • Uncomfortable for tall people.


69cm (H) x 31cm (W) x 31cm (D)

best 40l rucksack

General feeling of customers:

The Airflow system has been appreciated by one and all because of the comfort it brings to wearing a backpack.  The wide straps, the adequate rain cover and the easy access to gear are other features that have endeared this lightweight backpack to its users. There are few who were disappointed by the poor quality buckles, and tall people found it to be too short in the back.

Best 40l backpack

The Best Vango 40 liters backpack is here

waterproof backpack 40l

Vango Traverse 40 – Reviews

The Vango Traverse 40 allows easy access to the main compartment from top. Its air vent back system is designed to improve ventilation to the back. It is lightweight, generously padded and ergonomically shaped. This is probably the best Vango 40 liters backpack because of its emergency whistle, duraflex buckles, side compression straps and the webbing grab handle which makes it easier to handle the bag.

Vango 40l Rucksack


  • Elasticized side pockets
  • Duraflex buckles provide strength and durability
  • Hydration compatible.


  • Not waterproof


L24cm x H58cm x W35cm

Vango 40 litre rucksack review

General feelings of customers:

A relatively new entrant to the backpack scene there are no customer reviews available for this product.

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Which is the Best Osprey 40 liter rucksack?

 Osprey farpoint 40 – Our Opinion

If you are an ardent Osprey loyalist than you will like this Osprey Farpoint 40 as it is a lightweight backpack that is ideally suited as a carryon back. This is one of the best Osprey 40 liter rucksack that confirms to the EU carry on dimensions. It can be packed like a suitcase and the internal compression straps keep all stuff in place. There is a place for everything in this backpack.

Best Osprey 40l backpack


  • It opens like a suitcase
  • Numerous pockets to make organizing easy
  • The back straps can be comfortably tucked inside.


  • If the bag is stuffed, the front pockets become practically useless.
  • Not easy to access the water bottles
  • The compression straps in the interior are poorly placed.


14 x 21 x 15 inches

Best Osprey 40l rucksack

General feeling of customers:

It is thought to be one of the best travel carry on rucksacks available.  Users feel the bag is padded well and has contoured shoulder straps which can be adjusted to suite your torso. The weight is evenly distributed and the bag fits comfortably. The construction, the fit, the fabric and the aluminum frame have been praised by users.

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Best 40 litre rucksacks

Get the Best Northface 40 liter rucksack today

Why northface 40l backpack is so good

The North Face Big Shot Backpack – Review

The Northface big shot backpack is the best Northface 40 liter rucksack as it is made of the top notch 420D nylon and has a sturdy handle. There are separate compartments for A4 documents, laptop and pen loops. It is ideal for light backpacking and school. The flexvent shoulder straps ensure there is no stress while carrying the backpack.

Our 40 litre backpack review


  • Durable
  • Padded shoulder straps
  • Hydration compatible.


  • Inner pockets are not zipped
  • The hip straps are not padded
  • Not suitable for very tall people.


3 x 15 x 3 inches

40l rucksack reviews

General feelings of customers:

This bag is of decent size and is super durable. Customers like the assigned compartments for everything. The neat and clean lines of the bag too are too liked by customers. On the flip side they are disappointed that there is no hip belt to provide additional support for hiking. Despite the flexvent system the air circulation is poor and wearing the bag long uncomfortable.

Which is the Best 40 liter backpack?

The prices of backpacks vary depending on the material used, the kind of framework, hydration system, back support and any additional features. The best 40 liter backpack normally ranges from around 35 dollars to over 200 dollars a piece. Some really high end backpacks even cost over 300 dollars.

Best 40 litre backpacks available in UK

Is a 40 ltr rucksack better?

The durability of a 40 ltr rucksack depends on various features and usage. The ideal material for 40 ltr rucksack is dependent on weight, tenacity and water resistance of the fabric. The strength and durability of a backpack too is dependent on the weight of the fabric. Nylon, polyester, canvas and leather are some of the materials used for backpacks.

For backpacks designed for outdoor use, Cordura nylon is by far the most durable, lightweight, abrasion resistant material commonly used.  The other variants of nylon commonly used are nylon coated with polyurethane and ripstop nylon both of which are water resistant and durable. Polyester too is commonly used for its UV resistant.

Thus quality and durability of backpack depends on the fabric, the construction and the technology used in manufacturing a unit. Durability on the other hand also depends on how you handle your backpack. By nature most people tend to over pack and overstuff their bags. As a result many a time a bag designed for say 40L capacity will be carrying 50L or even more; the best of bags can bog down to that kind of pressure.

What are the Backpack 40 liter additional features you need to know about?

With the quest to make backpacks lighter and more functional and efficient, each edition of backpacks is coming out with additional features. Some of the backpack 40 liter additional features include ventilated back panels to improve air circulation and avoid sweaty backs. Here the back panels are covered in mesh and have air channels to allow movement of air. Almost all backpacks are designed ergonomically to provide greater comfort with use.

The additional features also include several internal and external pockets and attachments for hiking poles, ice axes etc. Nowadays most of the 40 liter backpacks are hydration compatible where the system’s mouthpiece is on the shoulder strap for convenience.

Backpack 40 liter additional features are innovative, have greater functionality and durability. These features ensure that you are organized, your gear is protected and all that you need is handy and easily accessible; all in all they ensure that your hiking/camping or trekking trip is comfortable and endurable.

Best 40 litre rucksacks available in UK
Our Reviews of best 40l lightweight rucksacks

What are the general 40 litre rucksack customer reviews?

According to 40 liter rucksack customer reviews, the backpacks with 40 liter capacity are most ideal for school goers, short overnight trips and hiking tours. They believe the 40l rucksack can be taken along for grocery shopping as comfortably as on an overnight trip; it is also very convenient to wear it and run according to some fitness conscious users. It is compact, spacious but not overtly large and doesn’t hinder any activity. In fact there are a few customers who have successfully taken 40l rucksacks for two week long trips and swear that the bag could accommodate all their essentials.

A final word on the 40 liter rucksack review UK

A good rucksack is a loyal companion on all your travels across the globe or even on overnight camping trips. It carries all the essential stuff you need for your trip away from home right from sports gear, laptop, clothes, food and anything else deemed important by you.

A 40 liter rucksack is probably one of the most used and highly adaptable rucksacks used world over. According to several 40 liter rucksack reviews UK, this backpack is widely used by adults and school children alike because of its multifaceted uses. These bags suit almost all kinds of travel needs.

They are large enough to carry almost all your gear and yet small enough to be taken as a carryon bag on most airlines. They can be easily stowed in the seat in front or put in overhead compartments. That’s not all, several seasoned backpackers claim that the bag can actually accommodate more than its said capacity of 40 liters.

As seen from the above reviews, the best 40 liter backpacks are all ergonomically designed, have compression straps and well designed internal and external pockets to help you organize and store your stuff.

Thus when you wear a good 40l backpack you worry less about the safety of your gear and focus more on the experience and the beauty of nature around.


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