Best 6 man Tent in 2018 – Know all about it!

Best 6 person tents
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Our Pick – Vango Farnham 600

Best 6 man tent

Best 6 Man tents Comparison Table

Weight (kg)
Unpacked (cm) / Packed (cm)
Pitching time (m)
Customer rating(0-5)

Vango Farnham 600



600 x 360 x 195 / 68 x 32 x 33








Coleman Coastline 6 Deluxe



580 x 270 x 200 / 70 x 31 x 31








Vango Odyssey 600



480 x 390 x 200/ 69 x 30 x 30








Skandika Montana 6



650 x 240 x 200 / 75 x 40 x 40








CampFeuer Tunnel Tent 6



540 x 450 x 210 / 78 x 40








Best 6 person Tent in 2018 year – which are the most popular ones?

Best 6 man tent – the title goes to Vango Farnham 600!

How to choose best family tentsWe check why large 6 man tent is so niceIs it really good six man tent

Vango Farnham 6:

If you are looking for a large all-weather tent, then the Vango Farnham 6 is a good choice. It features living and sleeping areas and an extension on the outside which can be used as a covered sitting area.The large windows ensure that the tent is well lit during the daytime. Please also note that Vango Farnham series is exactly the same like Vango Avington but Farnham is exclusively for Amazon.


  • The tent material is fire resistant and come with water resistance rating of 4000mm. 
  • The uniquely angled poles protect your tent during the winds and also make the tent more spacious. 
  • The fabric is almost opaque so you can block all the light during the early mornings. 
  • The VangoAirZone system offers ventilation panels. This prevents condensation within the tent. 
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6 man tunnel tent – introduction and features of the Coleman Coastline 6 Deluxe Tent


Coleman Coastline 6 Deluxe Tent:

Your family will feel safely ensconced in this spacious 6 man tunnel tent thanks to the stable and wind-strong tunnel structure which copes effortlessly with tough weather conditions, together with a sewn-in groundsheet, ensuring your tent remains bug-free while also keeping the effects of the weather outside your front door. This clever 6 man tunnel tent design includes handy details such as Peak Protection over the door, offering shelter from the rain as you unzip your tent. Inside, the handy features continue with the new Coleman® self-rolling window covers on the large PVC windows for instant access to the outside world. The cool air port provides the option of additional ventilation, critical when camping in warmer conditions.

  • Tunnel tent structure offering a good internal space and easy pitching – each individual bedroom sleeps 2, thereby guaranteeing both flexibility and privacy.
  • It has a fully integrated sewn in PE groundsheet, providing dry and bug-free camping.
  • The 6 man tunnel tent features 2 doors, one side door and a large door that can be opened into a large porch area.
  • Optimally place guy-lines along the poles and around the tent ensure stability in high winds.
Second pick of 6 man tentsBest 6 man tunnel tents outside viewBest 6 man tunnel tents dimensions

Why is a Vango 6 man tent good?  Still on the box Vango Odyssey 600

How we choose good 6 man tentWe know why Vango Odyssey 600 is so greatDimensions really good vango 6 man tentOutddor vie of best vango 6 person tent

Vango Odyssey 600:

With a tall and spacious living area, the Vango Odyssey 600 tent comes with a bedroom. The living room is welllit thanks to the clear windows. For those warmer days, the tent comes with a flysheet-mesh door. This improves the ventilation while also protecting you from small insects. Here are some of the great features about the Vango 6 man tent: 


  • The Vango TBS II is a patented tension band system that makes the tent withstand strong winds. There is not side-swaying or wobbling of the tent in a windy area. 
  • The groundsheet is PE water resistant material which is also durable. The taped seams and groundsheet together offer impressive waterproofing.
  • The awnings as well as the tents are made of Protex fabric which is known for its UV- resistance and water resistance.  
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Skandika Montana 6:

With sewn-in waterproof groundsheets and insect meshes, the Skandika montana 6 tent has everything you need for a good family tent. You don’t have to worry about water seepage or entry of crawlies and flying insects. The rooms are spacious and well-ventilated. The rooms come with additional accessories like magazine holders and other interesting details to make it cozier. 


  • Roominess is the first thing you would notice about this 6 man family tent. It can comfortably accommodate 6 people. The height of the tent also offers easy movement across the tent.  
  • Waterresistance– the 5000mm water column rating and 185T Polyester PU coated, UV protected water resistant flysheet  of the tent means that this one is a great choice for camping in rainy areas. 
  • The tent is pre-assembled and can be set-up in no time. You also get a pack of other accessories with the tent. 
  • Repair kit included in package for unpredictable situations
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6 man tent Outwell Montana 6p – the quality on highest level !

Outwell Montana 6p:

The Outwell Montana 6p is regarded as one of the best 6 man tent that has won multiple awards for its sturdy construction, attractive looks and easy to use design. It is the attention to detail that really makes this tent stand out. The tinted windows and zip-up curtains offer flexible privacy and temperature control, organiser pockets are well placed to conveniently store smaller items, and the ‘Night Sky’ ceiling darkens the bedrooms to help you get a good night’s sleep. A tent that is as beautifully simple as it is practical and durable; the Outwell Montana 6P is a great choice for any family camping holiday.


  • The internal layout is designed to give maximum space and light, with the bedrooms at the back and a large living area that is both weather and insect proof thanks to the sewn in groundsheet and taped, waterproof flysheet.
  • The front has a large door that can be converted to an awning and panoramic windows so you can enjoy the view even if the weather forces you to stay inside.
  • Smaller doors on either side, one with a wet weather porch, provide alternative entrances and ventilation on hot days.
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Best 6 man tents Outwell Montana 6pBest 6 man tents Outwell Montana 6p dimensionsBest 6 man tents Outwell Montana 6p inside

Heard about the  6 man dome tent Skandika Daytona XXL?

Skandika Daytona XXL:

This 6 man dome tent is spacious, quick to pitch, and of high quality. The entrance flap can be used as a sunroof. The roomy central living area provides ample space for baggage, groceries and everything else needed when camping. With over 195 cm headroom it is a perfect retreat for cosy evenings. The Skandika Daytona XXL model is designed to give you and your family many years of camping fun.


  • Thanks to the colour coded poles it is super convenient to pitch this tent, which is sturdy and weatherproof.
  • The strong poles are made of flexible, but at the same time shatter-proof fibreglass.
  • The water column describes the quality and strength of the tent coating: the higher the water column, the more water resistant the coating. A tent is considered waterproof at 1 200 mm, but the difference between this and higher levels becomes obvious as soon as it rains heavily. This 6 man dome tent provides a 3 000 mm water column thanks to innovative PU-coated polyester, which also makes the tent UV-resistant and particularly weatherproof.
  • The tent comes in a handy pack complete with numerous accessories such as guy ropes, tent pegs, a repair kit for emergencies and assembly instructions.
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Best 6 man tents Skandika Daytona XXLColeman Coastline Deluxe TentBest 6 man tents Skandika Daytona XXL outside view

The good and bad of a Coleman 6 man tent listed for you 

On of the Best Coleman 6 man tents is Coleman RidgelineWE are choosing best coleman 6 man tentBest six person tent

Coleman Ridgeline 6 Tent:

For a 6 person tent, the Coleman Ridgeline Tent has been a popular choice because of the roomy interiors of the tent. This makes it perfect for a family of 6. The Coleman 6 man tent comes with 2 separate sleeping areas and a spacious living area. The height of the living area is also designed to offer free movement within the tent. Here are some of the features that make this tent one of the best choices: 


  • The tent is quick and easy to set up. The tent can be setup in one-pitch. The bedrooms also come attached and this means that you do not have to connect and disconnect them each time. This saves some more time. 
  • The groundsheet with PE rising offers protection from wet grounds and crawlies. The rising groundsheet also promotes better ventilation by allowing circulation of colder air below the tent and promoting warmer air to be pushed out through the roof. 
  • The tent comes in a bug-resistant breathable polyester material. For the living area, stronger PE groundsheet is provided.
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6 man inflatable tent – should you buy the Vango Eclipse 600 Airbeam Tent ?

Vango Eclipse 600 Airbeam:

The Vango Eclipse 600 Airbeam Tent 2015 is truly luxurious in its features and impressive in its size. The 6 man inflatable tent has enormous windows and pre-bent AirBeams to create a very bright and airy living space that is ideal for groups of friends and family gatherings. This, combined with the new AirSpeed® valves makes the Eclipse an ideal solution for families who want home comforts when they camp A Tent Tidy, which is an added storage unit attaches into the porch of the tent.


  • 6 man inflatable tent via Airbeam pump – A double action pump that will rapidly inflate your tent. It comes with a pressure dial and a pressure release valve making it simple to get your AirBeam to the right pressure.
  • Reflective webbing picks up torchlight so the pegging points are easily visible in darkness.
  • Weather tested to ensure it performs well in all kinds of conditions.
  • Breathable polyester inner tent- the fabric allows condensation to pass through, ensuring a comfortable nights sleep.
Vango Eclipse 600 Airbeam dimensionVango Eclipse 600 Airbeam ViewVango Airbeam tent Eclipse 600

Bentley Explorer 4-6 Six Man Person is one of the best cheap 6 man tent

Best Cheap 6 man tents BentleyBest Cheap 6 man tents Bentley spaceBest Cheap 6 man tents Bentley blue

Bentley Explorer 4-6 Six Man Person:

This Bentley Explorer 4-6 Six Man tent is ideal for large families or groups of friends for camping trips, festivals, holidays or even in the garden. The cheap 6 man tent is great value for money and can be assembled easily in minutes. It has two bedrooms as well as a living area and canopy. The tent is double skinned, the bedroom ground sheet has been sewn in and the hall ground sheet can be removed.


  • 2 large bedrooms with 2 vents and a living area with side zip
  • The hydrostatic head is shower resistant.
  • Includes: Inner Tent, ground sheet, ground pegs and poles, instructions, carry bag and guy ropes.
  • The cheap 6 man tent is easy to pitch without requiring help.

Is a 6 man 3 room tent comfortable?  

Peaktop 4000mm waterproof 6-9 persons:

The pre-assembled outer portion of the Peaktop 4000mm waterproof 6-9 persons 3 room berth hiking dome camping tent makes the set-up quick and simple. The 3 room tent can easily accommodate 6 to 8 people. The living area, as well as the sleeping areas,comes with sewn-in groundsheets that do not let water into the tents. So you can be safe inside your tent even in the wettest weather conditions.This 6 man 3 room tent comes with a hydrostatic head rating of 4000mm. so if you are looking for a tent that would perform well in rainy areas, then this one might suit you well. 


  • The 210T polyester constituting a majority of the tent material is resistant to tears besides guarding you against rain and cold winds. The fiberglass poles are also strong and flexible at the same time. So they can withstand winds better. 
  • The living room and sleeping areas come with sealed insect protection meshes. And the tent material is also breathable to enhance the ventilation inside the rooms.  
One of the best 2 room 6 man tentOuutdoor Peaktop 4000mm waterproof 6-9

Why do you need a Large six man tent 

What are the most Crucial Factors while Selecting Tents 6 person?

Why setup time is so important in choosing best 6 person tent

How does pitching time factor into Six man tent?

The ultimate goal is to ensure that the six man tent can be pitched within just a few minutes. No one wants to figure out a complicated mechanism to set up tents that takes them a long time to finish. Ideally the pitching time should be less than half an hour. While you can easily pitch a six man tent on your own, getting some help gets it done double quick.

Are size and weight so important for 6 man tents?

The average floor area for 6 man tents is approximately 80-160 sq. ft. and varies in centre height from 4 ft. to almost 7 ft. depending on brand and model. From these variations, you could select the best size that fits your needs. The price also varies as the floor area and its height varies. However, 6 man tents could easily be assembled or disassembled due to its simple construction. Most tents weigh average to being quite lightweight, but heavier varieties is available too. However, it is advisable to steer clear of those.

Dimensions of family tents are important
Family tents

Are 6 person tent spacious when it comes to sleeping space?

As discussed before, 6 person tents are structured to house 6 people comfortably so they can stretch their legs, relax, and get some privacy at the same time. Some tents come with a special feature where the inner portion of the tent can be divided into two sub-tents, which create two different areas for the people inside. For instance, if there are 5 people in the tent, 3 can sleep on one side and 2 on the other. The bedrooms are adequately spacious so there is no cramped sensation.

6 man tent with porch – what about the space outside sleeping area?

Can you imagine sitting on a porch while camping and enjoying the peace and tranquillity it offers? A 6 man tent with porch makes your wish come true! Not only do you get to enjoy some quality family time or weekend getaway sans interruptions from work, but you also experience the wonderful feeling of exploring nature from a 6 man tent with porch. This feature is generally screened for better protection without hampering your lovely view outside. A screened porch can often double as an extra sleeping area too.

how to choose family tens with porch

Are 6 man tent with sewn in groundsheet – how is the ventilation and insect resistance?

6 man tent with porch

The 6 man tent with sewn in groundsheet offers the necessary ventilation inside as it is made specifically with a type of material that allows excellent air circulation. The windows come with a robust screen mesh to add to the ventilation while keeping bugs and insects out of the tent. You can enjoy the night sky without listening to the buzzing sound of mosquitoes or waking up to find a bug next to you!

How many doors should 6 person tent have?

A 6 person tent with an increase of than one doorway might help with the totally free circulation of air flow through the tent, assisting to improve ventilation. Additionally, it may enable a welcoming through breeze in warmer weather. So, a minimum two doors can be perfect for a 6 person tent.

6 man tents
6 man camping tents

Looking for tents (6 man) for camping purposes?

By far the most popular choice, 3-season tents (6 man) are lightweight shelters designed for the relatively temperate conditions of spring, summer and fall. Properly pitched with a taut rainfly, 3-season tents (6 man) can withstand downpours and light snow but are not the best choice for sustained exposure to harsh storms, violent winds or heavy snow. Key features:

  • Ample mesh panels to boost airflow and keep out insects.
  • More upright walls to create more interior headroom.
  • Fewer poles and lighter fabrics to keep weight low.

What do cheap 6 person tents lack or have better vs more expensive? 

A good tent doesn’t always have to be expensive. Expensive ones might usually come with separate compartments, larger storage areas, easier set-up processes or other added accessories. But the fact is, if you are a hardcore camper, you would understand how it is easier to improvise a tent and give it your personal touch. You can add a lot of improvements on a cheaper tent that can make it even better than the expensive ones. You can add a little extra waterproofing yourself. You can do a lot more with the cheap 6 person tents and make them suit your needs rather than going for the more expensive ones. These might often come with features that you might not really require. 

6 man tent price
Wide in choosing best 6 person tents

Features to look for in camping tents 6 person

When you are looking for 6 person camping tents, there are a lot of varieties of tents available on the market. There are several factors that you should help you choose the best camping tents, 6 person:

  • Space:

This is evidently the first factor to look for in a 6 person camping tent. Take into account the average size of the people in your family or group for which you are buying the tent. The amount of furniture you would include in your tent and the storage space you need would also be crucial factors to consider.

  • Weather:

Are you looking for an all-season tent or a summer tent? Are you looking for a tent that would withstand extreme weather conditions? This is the next factor that you should consider.

  • Water-proof material:

Determine the type and degree of waterproofing you require.

  • Ease of set-up:

Look for a tent that is easy to set up and fold back. A tent that can be stored compactly is a plus.

Best 6 man tents – the conclusion

You need to weigh a lot of pros and cons before deciding on what kind of 6 man tents will be suitable for your requirements. Think very carefully before going ahead as it is a solid investment that is supposed to provide healthy returns for years to come. Check customer reviews to get a better insight that will aid you at the time of purchase.


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