Best 6-Man Tent Reviews

Families who like camping out should consider getting a 6 Man Tent. It has a space intended for family use. When buying this kind of tent, you would want to make sure that you are getting one that is sturdy, really has enough space for you and your family, has extra space for all your important outdoor gear and can provide you with ample protection against external elements.

There are so many choices out there, so allow us to guide you in the right direction. We have looked for the best 6 Man Tents out there and made recommendations based on the space, functionality and durability of the products. Find out below which products we highly recommend.

Benefits of Getting a 6 Man Tent

Why a 6 Man Tent, you ask? You can always get something bigger or smaller. But why is this size of tent the best for your needs?

A 6 Man Tent is just right for small to medium-sized families. It can fit up to 6 people with more room to spare for your belongings. If you are a family of four or five, you will find this tent the most ideal for your needs.

Most 6 Man Tents also come with separate sleep quarters. Those divisions provide extra privacy in such small space, great for those camping out with friends or families who have bigger kids.

The weight of the 6 Man Tent is also just right for occasional camping. Depending on the brand you are getting, it’s also not that difficult to set up.

It’s a versatile tent that will serve a lot of purposes as well. Concert goers will find this easy to bring. There is plenty of room for camping out during music festivals.

Get the 6 Man Tent if you have a need for a tent that provides space and has the right size and weight for outdoor camping.

Best 6 Man Tents Review

Here are the 6 Man Tents that are worth buying:

  • Coleman Da Gama Outdoor Tent
  • CampFeuer Tunnel Tent
  • Coleman Tent Cortes Octagon Tent
  • Skandika Nizza Family Tent

Find out more about these tents:

1. Coleman Da Gama Outdoor Tent

Coleman Da Gama Outdoor Tent

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This 6 Man Tent is ideal for family use. It features a spacious living area and includes separate bedrooms for more privacy. There is even a rain porch to keep your belongings secure in the event of a heavy rain. If you have been looking for a tent with a full head height, this is a good choice or you. No need to crouch down when you need to change clothes inside the tent. The living area instead is also spacious enough for you to eat when the weather is not agreeable.


  • This tent feels very well-made. The poles and the fabric material seem sturdy.
  • There is a lot of headroom. You can easily get in and out of it and do the things you need to do inside without crouching low.
  • A lot of people commented on how easy this is to set up even though it is a larger tent. Even one person can set it up easily.
  • It comes with a steel frame that holds up well against bad weather conditions. Customers tested it in heavy winds and did not experience issues with it.
  • The rooms inside can be merged. If you are camping out with your family, you can remove the partition and make it into one big bedroom.


  • It can be a bit hefty.
  • There are no interior pockets to keep some of your things.

2. CampFeuer Tunnel Tent

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This tent was designed for the use of 6 people. It comes with a movable entrance to ensure that there is no need to re-pitch when the weather gets high. Its main feature is its 5000 mm water column that ensures water will not get in your tent in case of a heavy rain.

The inside features sleeping spaces. There is a dividing wall to provide more privacy to users. Add the ground sheet for more protection against the elements and you are good to go. With this tent’s taped seams, you can be assured that it will last long.


  • This tent has superior water protection. It has been tested by users under heavy rain and there are no leaks inside.
  • It comes with detailed instructions on how to set up. It’s quite easy to set up as well. Even one person can set it up with very little help from others.
  • The front door is movable. It prevents the need to re-pitch the tent if the wind is in the way.
  • This tent is more affordable than others.


  • You might need to sew the underlay to the skirt of the tent.

3. Coleman Tent Cortes Octagon Tent

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Get the best view with this tent that is meant for the use of 6 to 8 people. It features six windows that affords you the view of the outdoors. It has a unique mesh roof that allows you to view the stars unobstructed. This also gives plenty of air circulation inside, great for when it is tight quarters in there.

The doors of this tent open up like a real one. This makes it easier to get in and out of it. You will also like how good the headroom is. There is no need to crouch down low.

It’s a tent that is easy to pitch as well. The steel poles have been color-coded for easier reference. It comes with a removable flysheet for extra protection from the rain.


  • This tent affords you an amazing view of the outdoors.
  • It has a spacious interior. It doesn’t feel constricting. There is also an available partition in case you need more privacy, or you need to transform one space into a changing room.
  • Pitching is a cinch due to the color-coded poles. The poles also keep the tent upright even when the wind is high.
  • It features a WeatherTec system that comes with a 2000mm water column for sufficient water protection. You won’t wake up with the inside of your tent soaking.
  • Natural light and air can get in through the windows. You can get the best ventilation inside.


  • Some said putting it inside the bag can be difficult.

4. Skandika Nizza Family Tent

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This tent is advertised for 6 people, but it is spacious enough to fit in more people. With its ample 6.5 feet of headroom, you can be assured that this tent won’t prevent you from moving effortlessly inside. It comes with 5000 mm water column for reliable protection against rainwater. The 185T polyester fabric used can fend off the elements, so you can stay nice and comfortable inside. There is also a sewn-in groundsheet for added protection.


  • The interior space is huge. It fits 6 people and more. You can comfortably put all your camping stuff inside as well.
  • The headroom for this tent is remarkable as well.
  • It has more than adequate water protection. You won’t find the inside of your tent went after a bout of rain.
  • The sewn-in groundsheet prevents rain from seeping in your tent. It also keeps the ground protected from the cold.
  • Comes with a mosquito net to keep the inside of your tent free from bugs.
  • There is a hook provided for your lanterns.
  • Set-up is easy. In fact, even a customer who has an injury was able to set this up successfully.


  • This is an expensive tent.

Which One Should You Get?

So, which of the above-mentioned products is the most fitting choice for you?

Great HeadRoom: Coleman Da Gama Outdoor Tent. Do you want the ability to stand up inside the tent? Get this one then. It has one of the roomiest interiors coupled with a good headroom, that is suitable for those campers who don’t like crouching down. It’s also a very stable outdoor tent that can stay upright even under bad weather conditions.

Superior Rain Protection: CampFeuer Tunnel Tent. With its water column, it’s not surprising to find this tent the best when it comes to keeping its users dry. Even when you camp out for a few days with some rain, this will keep the inside of your tent sufficiently protected.

Most Features: Coleman Tent Cortes Octagon Tent. If you are looking for a tent packed with features, get this one. From its 360 degrees view to its superior ventilation system, this tent won’t fail you. It is also roomy and has a good water protection system that will keep your tent in great condition no matter what the weather conditions are.

Value for Your Money: Skandika Nizza Family Tent. This is the most expensive tent in this list but with its superior features and functions, it is definitely a value for your money. You are getting a tent that is roomy enough for your family members and can provide a good amount of protection against rain and wind.

Tips in Finding the Best 6 Man Tent

1. Consider the seasonality.

The seasonality of the tents will determine how well they hold up against external conditions. Don’t expect a 3-season tent to protect you against harsh winds and rains because this kind of tent isn’t designed for such a purpose. These are usually lightweight tents that are more ideal for temperature weather conditions such as in the spring, summer and fall seasons. They should provide a good amount of protection against light rain, thanks to some tents’ additional rainfly feature, but not for heavier ones.

The 4-season tent is one designed for stronger and heavier winds. These tents typically come with poles that are made stronger and heavier. The fabrics used are also resistant to rain and harsh winds. They don’t get wet easily or get ripped due to lashes of wind.

If you are looking for features that are somewhere in between, get the 3-4 season tent. It is a tent that can provide the weather protection you are looking for until the end of the fall season when you might already start experiencing snow. But unlike the 4-season tent, this kind of tent offers more ventilation.

2. Check the key features of the tent.

There are a couple of things you need to check when determining the features of the tent. The first one is the peak height of the tent. If the peak height is too low, it might not be ideal for taller people. Also, it’s not the best if you are the type of camper who prefers standing up straight while changing your clothes.

Floor length is also an important factor to consider, especially for taller people. You don’t want your feet to stick out when using the tent. Check how big the floor length is and choose that have a substantial length.

The style of the tent determines how well it will hold up against the elements. For instance, dome tents tend to be better when deflecting wind because of its design. The downside to this is that the liveable space inside is not maximized compared to a standard tent.

Check the doors as well. Make sure you can easily get in and out of it. Some tents are integrated with two doors, so there is no need to re-pitch when the winds get high if the wind gets on your door.

If you prefer a tent that is easy to set up, which many people do when they are with their family, choose the freestanding ones. They can also be picked up if you need to change location.

Additionally, check the textile material use, the vestibules, ventilation of the textile materials and availability of pockets inside. Choose those that suit your needs.

3. Compare price.

The next thing to do is to compare prices. See to it that you are buying one that is within your price range but will not compromise on quality and durability.

While all the tents we’ve recommended are a good purchase our very best 6 man tent is the Skandika Nizza with its ample space and weather protection.

What to Do Next?

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