Best 65-Liter Backpacking Backpack Reviews

When going backpacking, bringing all your outdoor essentials in paramount. There are so many things to bring such as extra clothing, some food, water, first aid kit and camping paraphernalia to name a few. You would want to be prepared for whatever the outdoor life throws at you. After all, there are no groceries, hospitals or restaurants at the mountains.

With that said, you should invest in a good-sized backpack. A 65L backpack will allow you to carry most of your travel essentials. If you plan on bringing more stuff with you or you plan on staying up in the mountains longer, this size of backpack will provide you with ample space to store your backpacking essentials.

If you are on the lookout for the best 6L backpack, you came to the right place. We checked the market for some ideal finds. We chose the best-rated backpacks out there and pick them because of their durable, lightweight and comfortable features. Find out below which products we highly recommend.

Why You Should Scrutinize Your Options When Choosing a Backpack

There are plenty of backpacks out there designed for outdoor use. Sure, you can just spend a bit of money on a backpack that does its job in keeping all your backpacking essentials but there are consequences to doing this and that is discomfort. Low-quality backpacks are just not that great when it comes to providing comfort. And when you are trudging uneven terrain with a hefty backpack with all your camping essentials, every step would feel as if tons of weight are weighing down on you.

It will be harder to get to your destination. You will huff and puff until you finally succumb to the weight and the heat. With a nicely-built backpack that will probably cost you some money, you can lighten up your load.

The thing about these backpacks is that they help fit your body more. Because there is a proper fit, the backpack doesn’t move as much, thereby making you feel as if you are carrying a lighter load. There is more proper distribution of weight.

Not all backpacks are also capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions and wear and tear. You should choose those made from rip-proof materials or those that have waterproof functions to bring to the table. These are the backpacks that you will be happy to use for a long time.

Best 65L Backpack Reviews

Here are the backpacks with 65L capacity we believe you will love:

  • Mountain Warehouse Tor 65L Spacious Rucksack
  • Mountainshack Adventure Camping Backpack
  • Berghaus Mens Trailhead 65 Litre Rucksack
  • Vango Sherpa 65L Rucksack
  • More4bagz Large 65 Litre Travel Hiking Camping Rucksack

Let’s find out more about what these backpacks can offer:

1. Mountain Warehouse Tor 65L Spacious Rucksack

Mountain Warehouse Tor 65L Spacious RucksackClick for Price

This rugged-looking backpack is all you need for those outdoor excursions. It is one of the best when it comes to breathability, thanks to its air mesh bag function that allows air to flow easily for more ventilation and comfort. There are plenty of compartments inside that can be adjusted to suit your personal preferences. The back is also adjustable. You can change the settings of the strap to suit your back’s length. The exterior has a lot of pockets, great for stashing small but valuable things.


  • This backpack has a good price. It won’t break the bank.
  • The bag seems to be well-made. The materials are sturdy and do not rip easily. You can load a lot of stuff inside it without worrying that the straps will give out. It doesn’t feel bulk as well.
  • It has customizable features. You can adjust the straps to get the back fit that you prefer.
  • There are plenty of compartments you can use to store your valuables. The inside is quite spacious as well.
  • It doesn’t feel too heavy when you fill the inside up with your backpacking essentials.
  • There is a zip at the bottom of the backpack, which makes it easier for users to access the contents found at the bottom.
  • It holds up well against regular use.


  • It is not waterproof, so if you do a lot of backpacking where you will have to wade in the water, this isn’t the backpack for you.

2. Mountainshack Adventure Camping Backpack

Mountainshack Adventure Camping BackpackClick for Price

Avid backpackers and campers should invest in this great-looking rucksack. With its spacious interior and large capacity, you will be able to stash more of your essentials in it. It suits people of various heights as the bag can be adjusted to up to 6’4” of height. They also did a lot of research on which points of a backpack usually wear out from constant use and they used that research to reinforce the points of wear and tear. They also ensure that the bag will maintain its balance through integrated adjusters.


  • This backpack offers superior comfort and interior space. It prevents your shoulders from aching, thanks to the padded straps.
  • The balance adjusters in it are great as well. You can prevent one shoulder from getting sore.
  • There are plenty of compartments inside. There is also a slot for hydration bladders and ice axe.
  • The foam used is breathable. It prevents sweat from forming.
  • It comes with a rain cover.
  • This product comes with a money back guarantee.


  • Some had issues with broken zips but since it comes with a money back guarantee, that can be rectified

3. Berghaus Mens Trailhead 65 Litre Rucksack

Berghaus Mens Trailhead 65 Litre RucksackClick for Price

Featuring a Biofit back system, this rucksack will conform to the shape of your back with ease, so you can achieve optimal comfort even when hauling litres of stuff. The dual height top tension straps also help users get the right fit at the shoulder area, to reduce soreness at the end of the day. The hip belts are already curved, so fitting it is easier.


  • This rucksack is one of the most comfortable bags around. It has been loaded with features that promote comfort. It fits the shoulders, the back and the hips comfortably.
  • There are a lot of compartments inside as well. You can fit your stuff inside without any issues and still have more room to spare.
  • It is compatible with hydration systems.
  • It comes with a raincover as well and features attachments for walking poles.
  • This is a durable backpack. Many users said they used it a lot and even threw the bag around and it still didn’t show signs of wear and tear.


  • It is not waterproof.

4. Vango Sherpa 65L Rucksack

Vango Sherpa 65L RucksackClick for Price

You will like how this backpack looks. It is certainly fitting for the rugged outdoor life. One of its key features is its Self-Adjust A3 system. This ensures that the bag will fit no matter what the length of your back is. The harnesses included can also be adjusted to fit your preferred level of comfort. And with the use of Excel 600D polyester material, this bag is capable of withstanding rough handling.


  • This bag has an adjustable comfort. If you are buying online and not sure which one to get because you can’t test it, it might be better to get this one as you are more likely to find this comfortable, thanks to its self-adjust system.
  • The materials used are resistant to rips, wear and tear.
  • The harness provides superior comfort as well.
  • There are side compression straps to allow users to secure their backpacks.
  • The back has ventilated air mesh panels.


  • Some said this backpack is too narrow for them.

5. More4bagz Large 65 Litre Travel Hiking Camping Rucksack

More4bagz Large 65 Litre Travel Hiking Camping RucksackClick for Price

If you are looking for something more affordable, here is a nice option for you. This backpack has been crafted from lightweight 600D material that is a mixture of nylon and polyester. You can expect it to last for a long time. The exterior features 3 pockets and 2 side pockets, all zipped for extra security.


  • The bag has a nice design. A lot of users also said they used this roughly and it still didn’t show a lot of wear.
  • It is lightweight.
  • The price is just right for those who are on a budget.


  • Some said it is not for carrying heavier loads as it might wear out fast.

Which One Should You Get?

So, which of these products should you go ahead and get?

Plenty of Compartments: Mountain Warehouse Tor 65L Spacious Rucksack. If you are looking for the best rucksack that has a lot of compartments and has a spacious interior, you will not be disappointed with this one. Many customers commented on how spacious the inside of this rucksack is.

Featured-Packed: Mountainshack Adventure Camping Backpack. This backpack is the one with the most bells and whistles. It features a lot of compartments, hooks and slots for all the things you need to bring on your backpacking trips.

Best Comfort: Berghaus Mens Trailhead 65 Litre Rucksack. The manufacturing company of this backpack went out of their way to ensure a customizable fit. As a result, this backpack provides unparalleled comfort. If you don’t fancy suffering from stiff shoulders and back pain when going backpacking, consider getting this one.

Useful Features: Vango Sherpa 65L Rucksack. If you are looking for a value-for-your-money find, get this one. It is a backpack loaded with different features for comfort and ease-of-use.

Cheapest Backpack: More4bagz Large 65 Litre Travel Hiking Camping Rucksack. This backpack is what you should go for if you are looking for something inexpensive to get. This bag is for the occasional backpacker.

Tips in Buying a 65L Backpack for Outdoor Needs

Now that you have decided to get the best 65L backpack, let us help you decide even further which one to get. Here are some tips that you might find useful:

1. Take season into account.

The best backpacks are all-season backpacks. These are all-season backpacks because they can be used no matter what the season is without worrying that harsh rain or snow will deteriorate the materials of the backpack. If you do a lot of backpacking and you often get stuck in bad weather conditions, going for an all-season backpack is the best option.

2. Check the size and the weight.

Aside from its capacity, also check how big the actual backpack is. Can you fit the straps comfortably over your shoulders? Does the backpack cover the entirety of your back? How heavy is it when there are no contents? If the bag is heavy to begin with, it will become heavier once you load it with your stuff. You would want to go for the lightweight ones that can conform to the shape of your back well in order to experience optimum comfort.

3. Look for those with sweat-proof features.

Backpacking, trekking or hiking is a physical activity. When you are doing it in the summer, you could end up sweating buckets. If the backpack doesn’t have ventilation properties or sweat-proof functionalities, your back could accumulate heat, which can eventually cause discomforts. Thankfully, there are now 65L backpacks that you can find with good air circulation benefits at the back. Make sure you look for them.

4. Make sure it has plenty of compartments.

Look for those with plenty of exterior and interior compartments. The interior compartments can keep you organized, so you can store more small things without misplacing them. Choose those with exterior compartments that can help you stash bottled drinks and other camping or backpacking paraphernalia.

5. Compare prices.

Do a research on the best backpacks out there and compare their prices. Find out which one has the most suitable price range for your preferences. Compare their prices and make sure you buy one with a reasonable price that can still offer quality and comfort.

What to Do Next?

Need more help finding equipment that can help make camping and backpacking easier? Do check out our homepage for more product reviews. See our product recommendations to know which products will suit your needs and will make outdoor life more comfortable and convenient.