Berghaus Trailhead 65 Backpack Review

The berghaus trailhead 65 backpack is an entry level backpack for all those entrants setting out on their first few multiple day expeditions. The trailhead 65 is simple to use and comfortable to handle on hikes and treks. It is a spacious bag designed to fit all equipment and essentials for people who are new to the world of backpacking adventures and wish to explore the unknown with an adequately secure and comfortable backpack. The berghaus trailhead 65 backpack is designed to give a snug fit to people of any height. It can be used for any backpacking adventures like hiking, biking, trekking, skiing and the like. 

The dimensions of the berghaus trailhead 65 backpack:

The berghaus trailhead backpack can hold a volume of about 65 ltrs. The weight of the backpack is 1.70 kgs and the dimensions of the berghaus trailhead 65 backpack is H77cms*W44cms*D30cms. The product is directed at all newbies in the adventure and exploration segment. The berghaus trailhead 65 backpack is designed to provide comfort for all new entrants in the field of backpacking adventures and inspire people to discover their surroundings and enjoy all exploration activities.

The pros and cons of the berghaus trailhead 65 backpack:


  • Spacious - The berghaus trailhead 65 backpack is commodious and can carry all backpacking essentials and trekking and camping equipment.
  • Adaptable - The berghaus trailhead 65 backpack is hydration system compatible ensuring that the carriers stay hydrated throughout their travel.
  • Easy to handle - All your backpacking essentials and gear can be organised neatly because of the multiple zips and a separate base compartment divider.
  • Weatherproofing - The rucksack is rain resistant because of a separate rain cover.
  • Accessibility - The backpack’s fixed side pockets and bottle holders can easily be accessed, while on the move.
  • Adjustability - The straps of the berghaus trailhead 65 backpack are height adjustable and can be easily fixed on the go.


  • Difficult to access zips - The rain protection cover over the zips make them difficult to open and close.
  • Need for outside pockets - The number of outside pockets are limited and this makes immediate accessibility to a few essential supplies difficult.
  • Fixed lid cover - The berghaus trailhead 65 backpack is not removable and this could be a disadvantage in a few situations.
  • Smaller base and narrow body - The trailhead 65 rucksack has a smaller base and a relatively narrow looking body, which may not be appreciated on a first impression basis.
  • No compartment for sleeping bag - The berghaus trailhead 65 backpack does not have any separate sleeping bag compartment and this could eat into the space required for other essentials.

The features of the berghaus trailhead 65 rucksack

  • Adjustable Bio-fit back system which comes with dual height top tension straps which give a comfortable and secure fit.
  • Detachable chest straps and curved hip straps to provide easy movement and an even pressure distribution.
  • Side pockets and bottle pockets provide accessible storage.
  • The Esdura 600D fabric used in the berghaus trailhead 65 backpack is of superior quality and is resistant in tough conditions.
  • The YKK zips ensure that the zips are easy and durable even when repeatedly used.
  • Raincover protection is provided for in the berghaus trailhead 65 backpack.

How comfortable is the berghaus trailhead 65 backpack?

The ‘on the move’ back length adjustment system, height-adjustable and detachable chest strap and a pre-curved hip belt, all combine to give you a comfortable and snug fit, no matter what your height is. These ensure that the weight of the backpack is evenly distributed on your back and helps to keep the load in the rucksack stable and secure.

The superior quality of the trailhead 65

The quality of the fabric (Esdura 600D) used in the trailhead 65 backpack is definitely of a very good quality and comes with durable components. The smart design and good quality ensure that the rucksack is durable and long lasting. The berghaus trailhead 65 backpack can withstand tough terrains and rough weather conditions. It provides an easy and secure access to all the trekking essentials. The straps are sturdy and reliable.

General review and conclusion of the berghaus trailhead 65

The Berghaus trailhead 65 is a good product suitable for multi-day trekking expeditions and outdoor adventures. Though it is mentioned as an entry level product, careful usage can ensure its usefulness even in seasoned outdoor expeditions. The pricing is a tad bit expensive, but the attractive features make up for the cost. Overall, it is a good product to buy before embarking on an exciting adventure holiday.