Lowe Alpine Atlas 65 Backpack Review

I love travelling and exploring different places all over the world. Travel teaches us so much, opening up our minds and broadening our horizons in the process. I often feel that there are so many places to see and so much to do that one lifetime is simply not enough!

In the early days of my travel, I used to lug around heavy suitcases whenever I travelled. It was tiresome and tedious to say the least, especially because I am a petite person and it is not easy for me to carry heavy luggage. Eventually I realised that the best way to travel is by using a good quality backpack. Ever since then, my travels have become so much more manageable!

There are many backpacks available in the market today but definitely some are better than the rest. One such awesome backpack is the Lowe Alpine Atlas 65 rucksack. This backpack is clearly one of the bestselling backpacks.

Lowe Alpine Atlas 65 dimensions and other details

The Lowe Alpine Atlas 65 rucksack is great for most travellers but they are particularly apt for backpackers, campers, trekkers and other such offbeat travel enthusiasts.

This backpack weighs about 2.25 Kgs (or nearly 5 pounds). The Lowe Alpine Atlas 65 dimensionsare 77 x 38 x 29 cms.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Lowe Alpine Atlas 65 backpack?


  • Lightweight: This backpack is not at all heavy, which makes it very convenient to carry around.
  • Stylish: The Lowe Alpine Atlas 65 backpack looks very sleek and neat.


  • The only downside to this backpack is that it might be slightly expensive for the budget traveller.

What are some of the salient Lowe Alpine Atlas 65 rucksack features?

  • The Lowe Alpine atlas 65 rucksack has several useful features that add to its value. Some of the most important Lowe Alpine atlas 65 rucksack features are:
  • Easy access with two entry points: The main entry point at the top allows access to the large, main compartment of the rucksack. On the other hand the lower entry point makes it quicker to take out other stuff from the lower portion of the bag. This eliminates the endless digging that goes on when you need to find something in your backpack in a hurry!
  • Helpful adjustments for a perfect fit: This backpack has an Axiom 3 back system along with more straps across the hips, chest and back. Improperly designed backpacks can cause several problems such as back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain etc.
  • But the structure of the Lowe Alpine atlas 65 rucksackensures even distribution of weight thus eliminating unnecessary strain on your back. The shoulder straps have a pull cord which can be tugged at to further adjust the backpack till it is just the way you like it.Further it also has walking pole grippers which can accommodate walking poles that are usually used during snowy weather conditions. What’s more, ice pick loops provides the required place to put away ice axes as well.
  • Handy pockets: The strategically placed hip belt pockets are quite useful to store small items which you might use often on your trip; like a camera or even some snacks.
  • As you can see, on a scale of 0 to 5, we can give a rating of 4 to the Lowe Alpine atlas 65 rucksack based on all these wonderful features.Extra storage: The backpack itself is very roomy and spacious. You have a lot of space to pack in a large amount of stuff. But apart from that, there are also two additional bellow pockets at the sides. Plus, lash points are also present on the outside for even more storage options.All-weather compatible: This backpack is made to work in all types of weather conditions. It comes with an integrated rain cover to protect it from showers, thereby making it hydration compatible.

How comfortable are Lowe Alpine Atlas 65 backpacks?

The Lowe Alpine Atlas 65 backpacks are some of the most comfortable backpacks that you can find. On a scale of 0 to 5, they can be rated as 4 in terms of comfort

What are my comments about the Atlas 65 quality and durability?

There is no denying the fact that the Atlas 65 quality is superior. Itis also pretty long-lasting. One of my friends who is an avid backpacker has been using this backpack for a rather long time. Surprisingly it has hardly shown any signs of wear and tear till now!

Concluding my Lowe Alpine Atlas 65 review

If you are looking for a trouble-free and no-nonsense backpack that will serve you well on all your journeys, then you must buy the Lowe Alpine Atlas 65. Not just me but any Lowe Alpine Atlas 65 review that you come across will surely recommend this backpack.

If you don’t trust me, then just head over to your local travel gear store and try one for yourself. You will instantly fall in love with this backpack and you will not regret your choice! You can thank me later! Happy adventures!