Vango Sherpa 65 backpack review

When you are taking of on an adventure trip, your backpack is one among your best friends and choosing the perfect rucksack suited for your requirements is imperative. The vango sherpa 65 rucksack is one such commodious and comfortable backpack for trekkers and adventure travellers. Its smart design is suitable for expeditions and long stays, away from home. The vango sherpa 65 rucksack is designed to serve well on trekking and hiking expeditions.

Vango sherpa 65 dimensions and specifications:

The vango Sherpa 65 rucksack has a dimension of L23.0* H76.0*W42.0 cms. The vango Sherpa 65 has a weight of 2.35 kgs and a volume of 65.0ltrs. The product is ideal for trekkers and hikers on long expeditions and comes with a Duke of Edinburgh recommendation.

The vango sherpa 65 rucksack gets a rating 4 out of 5 on its dimensions and specifications.

The pros and cons of vango sherpa 65 backpack:

Some of the pros of the vango sherpa 65 backpack are:

  • Long-lasting: This is a completely no-nonsense, long lasting backpack and has components that are designed to withstand tough conditions.
  • Good Feel: The fully self adjustable carry system is equipped to fit almost any back length, thereby giving the vango sherpa 65 backpack an edge in terms of efficient load control and an overall ease in carrying it for long distances and gives a general feel good factor to the rucksack which fits snugly on your back.
  • Performance: The vangosherpa 65 backpack is efficient in performance. The backpack has tear-proof strength and an air-mesh on all body contact points to keep you cool and dry.
  • Convenience: The zippered base compartment allows flexibility and convenience in packing and the ability to separate items from the main compartment. This allows easy access to essential items.
  • Easy to Carry: The rucksack is huge without being bulky and the sturdy grab handles at the side and top ensure ease of movement.
  • Accessory attachment: The daisy chain, elastic chord clips and adjusters ensure the ease of attaching accessories to the rucksack.
  • Rainproof: The vango Sherpa 65 rucksack has a bright orange highly visible and detachable rain cover which can withstand heavy rains during any expedition.

Some cons of the vango sherpa 65 backpack:

  • Sweaty backs: The backside of the vango sherpa 65 rucksack is not aerated and hence there are chances of uncomfortable sweaty backs on a hiking or trekking expedition.
  • Heavy: The rucksack is heavy and can only get heavier with equipment inside.
  • Thin straps: Many of the straps are thin, and over time these may be tested.

The features of the vango sherpa 65 backpack:

  • Excel 1680D polyester base fabric- sturdy PU coated 1680 Denier Polyester, a fabric which is strong and abrasion resistant.
  • Excel 600D shadow polyester body- 600 Denier yarn, back coated with PU for a multi-purpose robust fabric which has been highly tested.
  • Patented SA Self Adjust carry system.
  • Detachable bright orange rain cover.
  • Hydration compatible.
  • Air mesh on vango sherpa 65 backpack covers allowing air to flow and keeping all the body contact points to be dry and cool.
  • Padded hip belt with water resistant pockets.
  • Shaped adjustable harness
  • The vango Sherpa 65 backpack has sturdy Duraflex buckles.

Some additional features which sets the vango sherpa 65 backpack apart are:

  • There are attachments for carrying essential safety gear like an ice axe or walking pole.
  • Reflective points aids visibility in poor weather and low light conditions
  • Accessory attachments like daisy chain, elastic chord clips and adjusters which allow even sleep mats to be attached to the front of the pack.
  • Zip map pockets
  • Optional zipped compartment divider.

The sternum straps and shaped harness ensure an adjustable secure fit.

Is the vango sherpa 65 backpack comfortable?

The vango sherpa 65 backpack comes with a patented A3 Self Adjust(SA) back system designed to fit just about all back lengths. The shaped adjustable harness provides comfort and a snug fit on your back. The ergonomic padded hip belt with water resistant pockets are designed for an equal and ideal load transfer and provides you with a comfort like no other backpack in its range. The shoulder fit guide indicating correctly adjusted rucksack harness and side compression straps to securely fasten your load takes the comfort factor to an altogether different level.

The quality of the vango sherpa 65 backpack

The polyester fabric used in the vango sherpa 65 backpack is of superior quality and is durable and designed to withstand all weather conditions. The Duraflex buckles used in this rucksack are known for quality, durability and strength.

Customer reviews for the vango sherpa 65:

The customer feedback for the vango sherpa 65 has been very positive and satisfactory. The rucksack is very comfortable, sturdy and durable. The common review of the users has been that it is an excellent piece of trekking kit, which is amazingly spacious and huge without being bulky. The vango sherpa 65 comes highly recommended for the Duke of Edinburgh expeditions and is an ideal companion for gap year travels and expeditions. The multiple pockets, easy access to any part of the backpack because of the zipped compartments and rain cover make it a star product worth possessing.

General conclusion on the vango sherpa 65 rucksack:

If you wish to have a backpack that will hold good in all weather conditions and rough terrains, then go for the vango sherpa 65 backpack. It is a good value for money product which has an easy accessibility to all the compartments and is very convenient to use and maintain on long treks. The vango sherpa 65 backpack can be your ideal companion on an intrepid trip and comes highly recommended.