Best 65L Rucksack

What are the 65 liter rucksack reviews you need?

Best 65l Rucksack

Invariably people interchange a rucksack and a backpack. A rucksack is larger version of the backpack or the daypack. It is built to withstand greater abuse, stress and for longer travel. Rucksacks are predominantly used by people in the “Gap Year” and nature lovers who love to travel the world, camp, hike, trek and bushwalk(as nature walking is called in Australia).

Rucksacks are available in different shapes, sizes and colors. There are certain brands which also manufacture gender specific rucksacks because the body contours of each gender differ. A comfortable backpack fits perfectly and this ensures that you can travel far and wide for a longer period of time.

When considering a rucksack for your next trip pay heed to the following factors:

  • Size: Your destination, the period of travel/trek/ camp and the essential gear and basic necessities you want to take along will decide the size of the bag. Rucksacks or backpacks are often measured in liters, though the measurement is a mere guide and is not necessarily the ultimate deciding factor it gives you a definite idea of how big a bag you need.
  • Fit: A comfortable fit is essential to reduce stress on your back and shoulders. To determine the correct fit you have to measure the length of your back and choose a rucksack appropriate to it.
  • Material: The new material often used for backpacks is rip stop nylon for its durability and lightweight features.
  • Basic features: Some essential features that are must are:
    • Pockets – for organizing
    • Hip Belts – for additional support and load transfer
    • Compression straps – to reduce volume and minimize movement of things within
    • Back and chest straps – to secure the bag
    • Rain cover – for protection from rain
    • External clips and hooks – to attach additional stuff like trekking poles etc
    • Internal frame – to support the bag and distribute weight evenly.

Thus, we see that those who choose a 65L rucksack are invariably those who go on long treks and travel the world. In fact it is a much preferred piece of luggage for those who join the Duke of Duke of Edinburgh award scheme. The versatility, function and utility of these backpacks have made them a favorite even with people who go on multi day trekking and overnight camping.

Which is the Best 65 liter backpack?

Product Name
Weight (kg)
Dimensions (cm)
Customer rating(0-5)


Berghaus Trailhead 65



77 x 44 x 30







Lowe Alpine Men's Axiom 3 Diran



30 x 34 x 77







North Face Terra 65L



24 x 45 x 36







Vango Sherpa 65L



28 x 28 x 83







Osprey Atmos AG 65



16 x 30 x 72







Lowe Alpina Atlas 65



77 x 36 x 29







Highlander Discovery Rucksack



26 x 34 x 76







Adventure Camping Large weight 65l Mountainshack



69 x 19 x 29







Mountaintop 65L



36x 23 x 78






Best 65l Backpack

How to choose ideal 65l Rucksack

Some of the best 65 liter backpacks come in various price ranges starting from as low as 50 pounds to around 170 pounds. The pricing is dependent on the material, features and special constructions and framework of the rucksack.

A general overview of a 65 ltr rucksack

When purchasing a rucksack the two topmost things in your mind should be:

  • Quality
  • Durability.

Quality of Best 65 Litre Rucksacks

A 65 liter rucksack is meant to be a faithful companion on your sojourns around the world. For the long periods of time when you are on the road, it is your safety vault and your cupboard; it is in it you store your valuables and your essential gear. Hence invariably the rucksack has to be of high grade material, be constructed well and stitched properly to withstand a lot of wear and tear and the onslaught of nature, depending on which part of the globe you are in.

The good quality backpacks are designed to allow easy access to the main compartment, water bottles in the side pockets and so on. Besides that the rucksack should have several internal pockets to organize your stuff, a comfortable shoulder strap and zips that close fully and are easy to open without having to remove the backpack each time you need something.

The quality of a rucksack is also dependent on the internal lining and the eternal material used; is it weather resistant, waterproof or at least water resistant, can it withstand abrasions and scratches along with the routine wear and tear.

Best 65l Rucksack - reviews
Best 65l Backpack - review

Durability is also very usfull in Best 65 Litre Backpacks

You wouldn’t want to be stranded with a ripped backpack out in the open with all your contents exposed to the weather. Hence you should find out about the durability of a 65 liter rucksack and how well it handles a trip out in the open. Durability also depends on the way you handle your bag. Normally good quality rucksacks can be used for several years with proper maintenance and care.

What are the Backpack 65 liter additional features?

With each passing year, the manufacturers of backpack 65 liters are using latest technological advancements in the market to make bags that are more user friendly, ergonomically better and those that can withstand greater wear and tear. Hence it comes as no surprise that several models in the market use advanced back adjusting system with their 65 liter backpacks to give greater support and more comfort to the user.

Some models come with bellowed side pockets which can be used when needed or put away when empty to reduce size of bag. Then the hip belts come with greater padding to provide additional support ant comfort to the hips which bear the main brunt of the heavy backpacks.

Now several models come with external hooks, straps and attachment points for you to hang various things which you think are necessary for your trip.  Thus just with one rucksack on your back you can carry your sleeping bag, tent, poles, skis and many more essentials.

Why you need to choose best 65 litre backpack
Reasons you need to choose best 65 litre backpack are

A few 65 liter rucksack customer reviews

Most of the customers are happy to have a rucksack that is large enough to carry all their essentials and also additional gear needed for camping and hiking and trekking. Almost all 65 liter rucksacks come with adjustable back lengths which is a huge plus because each individual is different and to be comfortable while trekking you must have a comfortable fit.

People have had issues with the seams coming apart and the straps loosening up. Some have been unhappy with the rain covering in certain models and chaffing on the shoulders with excess padding. There have been some who have had backpacks which gave way after the first trip, but these were very few cases which obviously was a manufacturing defect.

Despite the  few minor niggles and shortcoming, the 65 liter rucksack is one of the most preferred backpacks by those who want to travel the world and venture out in the wild. It is especially used in the Duke of Edinburg schemes.

Best 65l backpacks in UK

Which is the ideal 65L travel backpack?

Best Mountaintop 65 liter backpack

Mountaintop 65L Hiking Backpack Internal Frame Backpack for Outdoor Hiking

The Mountaintop 65L Hiking Backpack is perfect for travel. Mountaintop is known for its quality backpacks and travel bags, knapsacks.  The mountaintop 65l hiking backpack is made of rip stop nylon fabric and is ideal for hiking, camping and backpacking. It has a sleeping bag compartment and several others pockets to keep you organized. It also comes with D shape hooks, bottom loops, and compression straps to keep sleeping bag, tents, etc. in place.

Best Mountaintop 65 liter Rucksack


  • Lightweight
  • Reasonably priced
  • Spacious.



  • Water bottle pockets placed inconveniently; they can’t be reached with the bag on
  • The bag is not suitable for really tall people.
  • The hip belt is of poor design and doesn’t sit properly.

Dimensions: 4 x 13.7 x 25 inches

Best Mountaintop 65 l backpack - review

General feeling of customers:

A majority of the customers liked the versatility of the bag as it could be used for hiking, camping and trekking. They liked the build, durability and overall appearance. But it was not recommended for people for larger torsos. It can be used as a carryon bag too in airplanes. Its internal frame provides adequate support to the back and leads to even weight distribution. Customers with a tight budget chose this piece to be their companion in all their travails.

Check the best price Mountaintop 65L

Is a 65l hiking backpack really needed?

Highlander Discovery Adult Rucksäck

Try the Highlander Discovery Adult Rucksack is important for those long hikes. The highlander discovery adult rucksack is made of ripstop polyester material which is lightweight and durable. It has an air mesh back system and multiple attachments. A large draw cord divides the main compartment. The bag has several useful pockets to keep various knick knacks and other useful stuff. The rain cover provides additional protection. The discovery is ideal for hill walking and climbing.

Why you need ot choose good 65 liter Rucksack


  • Access to main compartment from top or bottom is convenient
  • It is well compartmentalized
  • Rain cover provided.



  • Short back length
  • The bottom compartment too small for sleeping bag
  • Not durable.

Dimensions: 29.92″ x 13.39″ x 10.24″

They are main pros of good 65 l backpack

General feeling of customers:

A common complaint is that the straps slip under weight. The material is not durable and after few months the stitches come apart and the material starts to rip. Despite these drawbacks, many customers are satisfied with the product because it is inexpensive, is comfortable and has several compartments. Most importantly the weight is evenly distributed thereby reducing the pressure on the back.

Best Highlander 65 liter backpack

Try out a 65l waterproof backpack for your next trip

Cons of Best 65 liter rucksacks are

Adventure Camping, Hiking & Travel Large Light weight 65 Litre

The Adventure Camping, Hiking & Travel Large Light weight 65 Liter has been exclusively designed for the Duke of Edinburg Scout Guide and school trip. Its adjustable straps, padded back and lightweight fabric make it an ideal companion for British weather. The mesh back ensures there is no chaffing from sweat. The presence of safety patches ensures that you are visible even at night. It is a well built light weight backpack.

We are choosing best 65 litre backpack


  • Heavily water resistant fabric ideal for British weather
  • Well designed hip belt pockets
  • Lightweight.



  • Ill placed bottom loops
  • The top cover fails to cover the sack properly exposing the sack.
  • Poor quality drawstrings.

Dimensions: 63 x 21 x 32 cm

It's one of the best 65l backpacks

General feeling of customers:

The customers generally feel that the bag is well built, spacious, has plenty of pockets and straps to hold things in place. A detachable bag would have been a great addition according to some users.

A Lightweight 65l backpack review you need

Lowe Alpine Men’s 3 Axiom 3 Diran 65:75 Hiking Backpack-Atlantic

The Lowe Alpine Men’s 3 Axiom 3 Diran 65:75 Hiking Backpack-Atlantic Blue is a great companion for bushwalking, camping and for multi day travelling. The Lowe Alpine Axiom 3 Diran 65:75 hiking backpack’s back length can be adjusted in between 43-56 cm. The axiom design ensures there is enough ventilation in the back. There are ample pockets all over the bag along with a SOS label in the front.

65l Backpacks review


  • Axiom adjustable back system
  • Light and durable fabric
  • Load lifting handle.



  • None have surfaced yet.

Dimensions: 80 x 40 x 30 cm

Best Camping Rucksack

General feelings of Customers:

This is new entrant in the market and has very limited reviews. But the customers who have used it called it “perfect” for their hiking, trekking and camping needs.

Best camping rucksacks UK

Is there a need for a Women’s 65l backpack?

rucksacks 65l

Lowe Alpine Rucksack 65 Litres Anthracite Atlas

The Lowe Alpine Women’s Rucksack 65 Liters Anthracite Atlas is a gender-specific bag. Usually, all bags are not comfortable for both men and women, as you will realize when you use the Lowe Alpine Women’s Rucksack which is designed exclusively to fit a woman’s contours. There are plenty of pockets to carry all essentials and a rain cover too. The Axiom 3 back system provides ventilation and breathability.

Backpack 65l


  • Internal hydration pipe for hands free drinking
  • Walking pole holders
  • Additional lash points to add additional items.



  • Nothing documented yet.

Dimensions: 77 x 38 x 29 cm

best lowe alpine 65l Backpack

General feeling of customers

Another new entrant in the market. Hence there are no reviews yet.

Which is the Best Berghaus 65l rucksack in the market?

Berghaus Men’s Trailhead 65 Rucksack

The Berghaus Men’s Trailhead 65 Rucksack is an entry level backpack. Hence it is simple, comfortable and comes with a Bio-fit back system that allows easy adjustment of the back length. The chest strap and hip strap ensure the bag sits comfortably and does not hinder movement.

camping rucksacks 65l


  • Adjustable bio fit system ensures comfort
  • Multiple external pockets
  • Wide and adjustable straps to fit anybody.



  • No hip belt pockets
  • Single zipper on pockets making opening the pocket a challenge.
  • Waterproof cover doesn’t close tightly.

Dimensions: 77 H x 44 W x 30 D cm

Why we think that is one of the best 65 l camping rucksack

General feelings of customers

Many of the customers have used the Berghaus for their kids and teenagers DofE trek and scout camps and are satisfied with the capacity and durability of the product. Overall feeling is that the bag is a midrange backpack which can be used for weekend packing and trekking.

65l rucksacks review

Which is the best Vango 65 liters backpack?

65l backpack

Vango Sherpa 65L Rucksack

The Vango Sherpa 65L rucksack has a very efficient load control and notable performance. It is perfectly suited for DofE expeditions as well as multi day treks. The rucksack is meant to last and is designed for varying back lengths. High quality tear resistant material, ergonomic hip belt and adjustable straps ensure the bag sits comfortably for long periods of time.

Best 65l Rucksack


  • Adjustable height
  • Superior shoulder and hip padding
  • Plenty of side storage for water bottles.



  • Poor stitching
  • Rain cover doesn’t cover the bottom.

Dimensions: L 23.0 x H 76.0 x W 42.0 cm

Best 65l Backpack

General feelings of customers

They feel it is economically priced for the features and comfort that it offers. It is believed to be ideal for day trips. It was found to be comfortable as the back easily adjusts to your body contours, is roomy with plenty of space for everything and has ample pockets.

Check the best price Vango Sherpa 65L Rucksack

Which is the Best 65l osprey backpack?

osprey atmos ag 65

The Anti-Gravity Suspension system in Osprey Atmos Ag 65 allows the backpack to adjust to your body contours and also makes the backpack feel lighter than it actually is. The air mesh allows ventilation and breathability in the back. The seamless construction ensures that the backpack sits comfortably and does not restrict your movement.

best 65l hiking rucksack


  • Very comfortable
  • Can stash trekking poles without removing the pack.
  • Lifetime guarantee.



  • Difficult to close hip pocket zips.

Dimensions: 10 x 16 x 23 inches

Why we choose that 65 litre backpack for hiking

General feelings of customers

A majority of the users thought it was full value for money. The even distribution of weight along with the anti gravity feature lessens the burden on your shoulders and back. Several users have found the quality to be perfect for the British weather and the features ideal for all kinds of hiking and trekking trips.

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Backpack 65l

Which is the Best Northface 65 liter rucksack?

Best NorthFace 65l Rucksack

The North Face Terra 65 Backpack

The North Face Terra 65 Backpack is made from durable material like nylon and polyester. The North Face Terra is a complete package as it comes with compression straps, side pockets, and elastic holders. The manufacturer provides life time guarantee against any manufacturing defects.

camping rucksack 65l


  • Huge side zipper to access the main compartment
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Durable.



  • No rain cover

Dimensions: 11″ x 6.3″ x 19.3″

Best rucksacks for camping in UK - reviews

General feelings of customers

Users have found the rucksack to be nice and big and very comfortable. Customers have stated that it is perfect for hiking and long trips. Its lightweight nature and affordable price have endeared the product to all those who have used it.

Check the best price The North Face Terra 65 Backpack

Parting thoughts on 65 liter rucksack review UK

When off on a gap year or out camping and trekking in tough terrains, you need a rucksack that will carry all the essentials, is not too hard on your shoulders and back and one which is able to withstand the vagaries of nature. From all the products listed above we see that 65 liter rucksacks seem to appeal to a vast cross section of people because it is large enough to carry all stuff needed for a long trip, but at the same time it is not uncomfortably big.

Some rucksacks can be accessed easily from top or bottom while some from the side, whichever way you access, as long as it is easy, any model doesn’t matter. Since UK has wet weather for a most part of the year, models with a rain cover are better suited.  Keeping price, the features and your destination in mind choose a rucksack that can remain a faithful companion in all your adventures.


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