Best 8 Man Tent from 2018 – Take Your Pick Wisely

Best 8 man tent - review

Our Pick – Coleman Cortes Octagon 8

Best 8 man tent

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Best 8 Man tents Comparison Table

Weight (kg)
Dimensions (cm)
Packed size (cm)
Pitching time (m)
Customer rating(0-5)


Coleman Cortes Octagon 8



396 x 396 x 208
85 x 30 x 30









10T Mojave 400



400 x 400 x 250
85 x 30 x 30









Skandika Montana 8



700 x 310 x 210
97 x 38 x 24









Coleman Coastline Deluxe 8



660 x 290 x 200
70 x 39.2 x 38









Grand Canyon Indiana 8



400 x 400 x 250
70 x 21








What is the Best 8 Man Tent available UK in 2018 year?

Best 8 man tent recommended by us – Coleman Cortes Tent Big Top Octagonal!

  • This is truly one of the best 8 man tent as it takes just about 15 minutes to pitch as well as un-pitch.
  • Two doors are present for easy entry and exit.
  • Two inner storage pockets with cup holders provide a place to put your necessities.
  • Windows and mesh roof guarantee maximum air circulation.
  • Coleman’s patented WeatherTec system along with a full zippered rainfly to prevent water from seeping inside when it rains.

Coleman Cortes Tent Big Top Octagonal Review:

While scouting options for the best 8 man tent, you can’t miss the Coleman Cortes Tent Big Top Octagonal! It turns camping into an outdoor adventure that leaves you asking for more. Steel poles are included for a sturdy structure and colour-coded pole attachments make setup easy. The interior is spacious and has room for two queen-sized airbeds or 8 people in sleeping bags. A privacy divider lets you adjust the kind of space required.


Why we think its a best 8 man tent available UKBest 8 person tentBest 8 man tent - DimensionsBest eight man tent - review

How suitable is the Vango8 man pyramid tent – Is the 10T Mojave 400 – 8 person pyramid your best option? 

We are choosing best 8 person camping tentIt's also known as best 8 man tent in UKcamping 8 man tent - reviews

10T Mojave 400 Review:

The 10T Mojave 400 – 8 person pyramid tent is a tipi tent that offers fast and simple installation through crossbar. The 8 man pyramid tent, which is named after its shape, comes with a sewn-in groundsheet that is for all round protection in tough weather – it has a waterproof coating with 5000mm water column for that purpose.


  • The flysheet and the inner sheet pitch together for a quick all in one pitch and a hassle free experience
  • The tent is completely waterproof to keep you dry even in wet conditions as the flysheet and the groundsheet are taped together
  • Your tent won’t wobble even when it is windy due to the TBS II (Tension Band system)


  • The tent is extremely lightweight at 3.64 kg and comes with its own compression sack
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8 man tunnel tent – Skandika Montana 8 and what it offers

Skandika Montana 8 Review:

When it comes to an 8 man tunnel tent, you can’t go wrong with the Skandika Montana 8, which is a an extremely spacious family or group tent that is quick to set up and provides great protection, especially during high winds. The 200 cm peak height allows best possible freedom of movement and the generous central living area provides ample space for all your belongings. The tent comes in a handy bag with full assembly instructions and all the accessories you need including a repair kit.


  • The two generous sleeping pods are positioned one at each end of the tent and have a central divider, giving a total of four separate sleeping areas.
  • The breathable inner tent ensures the inside is comfortable, while the mesh lining on the sleeping pods and main entrances keeps insects at bay.
  • The waterproofing in this 8 man tunnel tent is amazing with a 5,000 mm water column to protect against harsh weather.
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8 man tent uk8 man tent available in UKBest eight man tentsPross and Cons of one of the best 8 man tents

8 man tent cheap prices – Grand Canyon Indiana 8 can be suitable for this purpose

8 person tent reviewBest 8 man tent shapeIts realy good choice in 8 person tents

Grand Canyon Indiana 8 Review:

When you think about an 8 man tent (cheap rates), the best option to pop in the mind is the Grand Canyon Indiana 8. Due to its visible shape of a tepee belonging to the Native American Indians and built with one central pole, it has been named that way. It sleeps 8 pretty comfortably and has a fast pitching time too. So if you are looking for an 8 man tent (cheap), rest assured your search ends here!


  • The sewn-in groundsheet and the raised side panels of the tent keep insects and dirt effectively outside.
  • Windows and ventilation options ensure good lighting and a pleasant room climate.
  • The water column of 3000 mm with a 100% waterproof base guarantees safety during harsh conditions.
  • Handy pack size doesn’t cause problems during transportation.itching
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Can the Coleman Coastline Deluxe Tent Sustain a Big Camp Gathering?

Coleman Coastline Tent Review:

If you are looking for a big and stable tent with spacious dimensions for a large gathering, then the Coleman Coastline Deluxe tent offers space with privacy. Easy to pitch and un-pitch, it spells protection from the elements when camping in the wild.


  • The Coleman Coastline Deluxe has generous functional space, which can give privacy to all members in the tent.
  • This tent’s design incorporates both living space and storage space seamlessly.
  • It is very easy to pitch with the colour coordinated poles and is easy to dismantle and be packed again into the bag.
  • The Coleman Coastline Deluxe Tent is for the budgeted campers. It gives good value for money.
  • The tent when set-up gives good ventilation because of its Cool air port and self-rolling windows.
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Best 8 man Coleman Tent8 man tent reviewBest rated 8 man tent

The Vango Centara 800 is one of the best 8 man inflatable tent

best 8 man vango tentBest 8 man tent Vango review8 person tent


Vango Centara 800 Review:

It is a big -man inflatable tent designed with a vis-a-vis layout. The sleeping quarters are located on opposite ends, so your privacy isn’t compromised – children get their independence and parents can enjoy the peace and quiet. The Vango Centara 800 has pre-angled AirBeams to provide upright side walls, a strong shape and generous headroom. It also has toggled privacy curtains and inner removable bedroom dividers.

  • Tension Band System ensures that your tent performs in adverse conditions, especially strong, changeable winds.
  • Diamond clear windows for better light and amazing visibility.
  • Lantern hanging points are conveniently positioned in the living and bedroom area to attach lights.
  • All flysheet and groundsheet seams are factory taped, giving a water tight seal.
  • Waterproof PE groundsheet made of strong and hardwearing fabric that offers fantastic weather protection and enhances durability.
  • High visibility guylines make it easy to see in low light conditions.
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Why Vango 8 Man Tents Palermo 800 is ideal when camping in large numbers?

Vango Palermo 800 review

When you wish to camp in large numbers, comfort and functional space are two key factors that you need to keep in mind while choosing a tent. The Vango Palermo 800 with its innovative design and thoughtful features like the AirBeam technologyis the ideal 8 man tent that has space, comfort and reliability. It sustains the heat as well as the rains and wind and is well-ventilated.


  • With its large living area and different bedrooms, it is spacious and ideal for families with older children and adults who wish to have their own space while camping.
  • The tent is large yet easy to setup and dismantle, and pitches comfortably in any campsite.
  • The Vango Palermo 800 is a sturdy tent which holds good in hot, cold, rainy, and windy weathers because of its durable weather-proofing.
  • The beams give a solid and rigid tent-structure which has thoughtful elements like bedroom pockets and lantern hanging points.
  • The Vango Palermo 800 can fit easily into a bag, but may be heavier to carry around.
  • The tent with its basic features of a large tent is slightly expensive and could have done well with some additional benefits and functionalities.
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Best 8 person tent ukBest 8 man tent ReviewHow to choose best 8 man tent for your family
Whats a pitching time in 8 man tents

How long should it take to pitch an eight man tent?

Ideally, you need to look for an eight man tent that can be put up and disassembled in the fastest time possible. This can be called a comfort feature, because the faster the tent can be set up, the sooner you will be able to go on to something else, like spending time with your family. Poles are usually made of steel or fibreglass and are colour coded so you don’t have to bother about which part goes where. Pitching an eight man tent doesn’t mean you have to read thick manuals with tough instructions – it should be accomplished quickly and without any help.

8 man tents – how is the weightand size important?

Packing size doesn’t usually come to mind when camping, but when it is time to pack everything in the trunk of your car or the back of your minivan, it becomes highly relevant. Not all of us have a truck or hatchback with extra packing space. Some 8 man tents come in small, easy-to-carry bags, but most family tents come in wheeled bags that take up a great deal of space. Try to keep in mind your other camping gear when pondering the right size for your tent. The weight of 8 man tents shouldn’t become a hindrance in any way – portability is a must so you can carry them without hassles.

How important dimensions are for best 8 person tent
Whats with size of best eight man tent

How many rooms are there in 8 person tents?

8 person tents can have 1 to 3 rooms inside. Whatever you choose, make sure there is room for gear as well as bedding and walking space. Keep in mind that you can’t go camping without carrying certain necessities, and they shouldn’t eat up half of the inner area of the tent as it defeats the purpose. Ideally, adults should be able to walk or sit inside comfortably without crouching or having to bend very little. These are the tents with six foot or higher ceilings. They allow for ease of movement through the tent and make it easier to get dressed in the morning. If you are a group of 3 couples, you can choose the 3 bedroom 8 person tents, or opt for the 2 bedroom version if you are a family comprising 5 members and a pet.

8 man tent with porch – is it really necessary?

An 8 man tent with porch stretches beyond the entranceway to provide you with a dry clean spot to leave your sneakers or even to simply sit down and relax. An enormous screened-in porch increases being an extra resting room once the home windows are close. An 8 man tent with porch is a smart purchase for sure!

Big Porch is quite important for good 8 person tent
Ventilation is a main pros in best 8 person tents - we review it

Are 8 man tents with sewn in groundsheet – how is the ventilation and insect resistance?

8 man tents with sewn in groundsheet offer great ventilation and insulation. During summer, you will want as little solid fabric as possible to allow air to flow through the tent and cool it. However, in the winter, you will want insulation to protect you and your family against the cold. 8 man tents with sewn in groundsheet can provide both functionalities. A mesh siding and windows ensure that insects, pests, and bugs stay away.

How many windows should eight man tents have?

The number of windows in eight man tents varies depending upon brand and model, but it should have the common feature of promoting air circulation throughout the tent. Pre-connected curtains will filter light when needed and prevent high speed winds from coming inside. Some have up to 7 windows, while some models with a slightly lesser number are specifically angled home windows that keep rainfall out even though they may open.

How many windows should have best choose in 8 person tents
Are kids allowed in 8 man tents in Uk ??

Are Tents (8 man) – how suitable are they for kids and pets?

Despite the roomy interiors in tents (8 man), you might want a bit of peace and personal space, and that is when you can use the divider. It can separate the particular adult bed room area from the children’s region so the kids stay nearby and you don’t have to worry about their safety, while granting you the privacy you needed. The mesh door ensures that children are safe from bug and insect bites. Pets like to run around and play, so the doors offer quick entry and exit for them. Moreover, the inside of the tent is spacious enough that it doesn’t get claustrophobic if kids and pets are playing there on a rainy day or when the sun rays are too scorching. As discussed, the weather protection characteristics also shield from rain, heat, and storm quite efficiently and keep the interiors dry.

How many windows should eight man tents have?

The number of windows in eight man tents varies depending upon brand and model, but it should have the common feature of promoting air circulation throughout the tent. Pre-connected curtains will filter light when needed and prevent high speed winds from coming inside. Some have up to 7 windows, while some models with a slightly lesser number are specifically angled home windows that keep rainfall out even though they may open.

What with doors in best 8 man tent
Best 8 man tent customer reviews

8 man tent sale – what do customers say?

If you search online for “8 man tent sale” you are bound to see a plethora of results and reviews. The important thing to remember is what you require – just because someone has posted a glowing testimonial about a particular product, it doesn’t mean the same will work for you. The best way to go through an 8 man tent sale is to look at all models and brands objectively, consider your specifications and preferences before coming to a decision. Please remember to verify if you are buying from a reputed dealer, and not be blinded by ridiculously low discounts. At the end of the day, you are making a solid investment in a high quality product that should last you for years, so you need to be absolutely sure.

Best 8 man tents – what is the final word?

After conducting extensive research, we can safely say that the best 8 man tents can provide a safe, luxurious, and cozy environment depending upon your specifications. There are several varieties available with different brand names, prices, features etc. so please make sure you choose after analyzing the pros and cons thoroughly.


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