Best 8-Person Tent Reviews (2018): Our Favorite Family-Sized Shelters

Best 8-Person Tent Reviews

Your comfort should still be ensured even when you are doing outdoor activities like camping. With that said, make sure you look for the best camping tent that will accommodate your needs. For bigger families or group of friends, a more spacious 8 Man Tent just might fit the bill.

Here we checked out all the 8 Man Tents that are out there and picked the ones that have weatherproofing abilities, are durable and have the space that will accommodate bigger families and friends. Read on to find out which product you should get.

8 Man Tent: Who Is It For?

This tent is more ideal for those people who might be looking for more headroom. Taller people won’t feel constricted in this. It is also ideal for people who easily feels claustrophobic. Because this has more headroom, it has a cabin-like feel to it that is cozy but not stifling.

Whether you are looking for more space for your family or you just prefer a tent that has a more spacious interior, this is a good choice for you. It isn’t difficult to set up. In fact, it might be as easy to install as a smaller tent and even one person can do it.

This is also a tent that offers a great view. Many of these tents comes with screen windows and doors that will still give you privacy but will offer you a great view of the outdoors.

So, consider getting one for your family’s needs. This is all you need to keep everyone close and safe while camping outdoors.

Best 8 Man Tent for 2018 Reviews

We recommend getting these tents:

  • Coleman Tent Cortes Octagon
  • 10T Outdoor Equipment Waterproof Mojave
  • Skandika Montana Family Group Tunnel Tent
  • Peaktop 3+1 Rooms 8 Persons
  • CampFeuer Spacious Family Tent

Know more about these products:

1. Coleman Tent Cortes Octagon

Coleman Tent Cortes Octagon Click for Price

While scouting options for the best 8 man tent, you can’t miss the Coleman Cortes Tent Big Top Octagonal! It turns camping into an outdoor adventure that leaves you asking for more. Steel poles are included for a sturdy structure and color-coded poles makes pitching an effortless process. The interior is big enough for more people and you can even squeeze in 2 queen-sized camping beds or up to 8 sleeping bags. This is truly one of the best 8 man tents around as it takes just about 15 minutes to pitch as well as un-pitch.


  • This can afford you a 360 view.
  • Two doors are present for easy entry and exit.
  • Two inner storage pockets with cup holders provide a place to put your necessities.
  • Windows and mesh roof guarantee maximum air circulation and ventilation. Condensation will not build up.
  • Coleman’s patented WeatherTec system along with a full zippered rainfly to prevent water from seeping inside when it rains.


  • While taking it down is easy, some people said they had trouble just putting it in the bag again.

2. 10T Outdoor Equipment Waterproof Mojave10T Outdoor Equipment Waterproof MojaveClick for Price

The 10T Mojave 400 – 8 person pyramid tent is a tipi tent that offers fast and simple installation through the crossbar. The 8 man pyramid tent, which is named after its shape, comes with a sewn-in groundsheet that is for all round protection in tough weather. It has a waterproof coating with 5000 mm water column for that purpose.


  • This comes with a sewn-in groundsheet that keeps unwanted bugs out. It features a crossbar setup so pitching this shouldn’t take a lot of time.
  • It is made from durable materials. You can use it in the summer as well as it has UV-resistant properties.
  • Keeping water out shouldn’t be a problem with its 5000 mm water column.
  • It affords you a lot of privacy but still ensures you get a view of outdoor life with its 2 transparent PVC windows.
  • It truly is spacious. More people can sleep in here.


  • It doesn’t come with individual rooms.

3. Skandika Montana Family Group Tunnel Tent

Skandika Montana Family Group Tunnel TentClick for Price

This eight-berth camping tent is one of the most spacious tents around. There are three rooms for sleeping, giving everyone an option for privacy. You also get three entrances, making it easy to get in and out of it. The peak is at 200 cm and it even has a living area and can accommodate luggage and sleeping pods. It won’t feel claustrophobic in here even when more people are sleeping in it. It is a little bit more expensive but for the space you are getting, it is worth it.


  • This tent is very spacious. It can accommodate 8 people but still have more room for big camping gear and luggage bags. There are 3 sleeping quarters so there is more privacy in this space.
  • The material is breathable, so air can circulate well and doesn’t condense. It also come with a sewn-in sheet for the floor and a mesh to keep those unwanted bugs out.
  • It doesn’t feel constricting inside. There is a lot of headroom. Even larger and taller people can feel comfortable in this.
  • The material is flame-retardant and has also been equipped with 5000 mm water column. The sealed seams are top quality. There are even additional perks such as zipper for cable and wires, a sunshade and a lantern hook.


  • Some said it isn’t the most ideal for stronger winds. But for relatively mild weather, this shouldn’t be a problem.

4. Peaktop 3+1 Rooms 8 Persons

Peaktop 3+1 Rooms 8 PersonsClick for Price

Give your family a safe place to live in while outdoors with this tent from Peaktop. This 3-room tent can easily fit 8 people. Aside from the sleeping quarters, you will also get a living area with this one that can be used to fit all your camping gear and can also double as an extra sleeping space. With its durable and reinforced materials, this should have no problems keeping you safe from the elements.


  • The 3 rooms are fairly large. You can easily fit in 2 people inside and sleep comfortably. There is also a living area that you can use as an extra sleeping space.
  • The materials of this product are sturdy and durable. The fabric used for the walls are made from polyurethane-coated fabric materials. The poles are made from fiberglass materials.
  • The flysheet included boasts of 210T polyester material, so you can be assured that it keeps water and cold weather out. It has good ventilation, as well as the materials, are breathable.
  • Furthermore, this is one of the more affordable big tents you can get today.


  • Some said it can be difficult to set up.

5. CampFeuer Spacious Family Tent

CampFeuer Spacious Family TentClick for Price

This is advertised as a 6 person tent but it is spacious enough that can actually fit 6 more persons, making this a 12-person tent. There is a sleeping compartment that can fit 6 people and a vestibule where 6 more people can fit in.


  • There are dividing walls in the sleeping compartments, which can offer some extra privacy to those who might need it. It can accommodate up to 12 people, making this an ideal choice for those looking for more sleeping space.
  • It is a durable tent to get. The groundsheets are sewn-in so that bugs won’t get inside. There is also a mosquito net to protect the sleeping quarters.
  • There are 2 side entrances and one front entrance, offering seamless access to users.
  • It holds up well against high levels of rains. Many people also said it was not that difficult to set up.


  • There weren’t a lot of negative reviews with it. The only gripe is that the inside color of the fabric can seem bright in the morning.

Which One Should You Get?

You will like the look of the Coleman Tent Cortes Octagon. It has an octagonal shape that makes it easier to find a spot for. It is ideal for those who want to do a lot of star gazing at night as it offers a 360-degree view.

If you are looking for more interior space, the 10T Outdoor Equipment Waterproof Mojave should be the best choice for you. We recommend the Skandika Montana Family Group Tunnel Tent for families who might require some more privacy. It comes with 3 rooms inside, making you feel as if you are in your own home. There is also plenty of living space and you can protect your luggage from the elements inside it as well.

It’s hard to go wrong with Peaktop 3+1 Rooms 8 Persons when it comes to space. This offers 3 rooms and one more living room that can also be used as an extra sleeping space. It is also one of the best when it comes to its weather-resistant functions and is an affordable option.

Make sure you get the CampFeuer Spacious Family Tent if you are looking for something spacious and easy to set up. It truly is spacious inside and can fit up to 12 people even though it is advertised as a 6-person tent. You and your family can easily fit in here with more room to spare.

Buying Guide for 8 Man Tent

Choosing the right tent for your needs shouldn’t be hard. Use the following tips as a guide so you can narrow down your options to the best ones:

1. Compare sizes

Just because it said in the description that it is an 8 Man Tent doesn’t mean it truly offers space for 8 people. Some have pods that are too small to fit 2 adults. You would want to check the description to find out how much space it really offers and if there are pods included.

There are also 8 Man Tents that can offer a living space. They can be used as an extra sleeping area or a space to put all your luggage and bags in.

Check the headspace as well. Taller people might feel constricted in a tent that has a lower ceiling. You would want to get in and out of the tent without crouching down or crawling.

2. Assembly and disassembly should be easy

Make sure it is easy to set up. Some might have complicated rods and set-up that it will take hours to pitch it. Since this is a heavier tent, you would want to search for those that are less complicated to set up. Disassembly should be easy as well. Make sure when you disassemble it, it can be stashed in the bag included with ease.

3. It should have weather-proofing properties.

When spending your time outdoors, the last thing you would want is to get soaking wet from the rain. The tent should be capable of protecting you from the elements. Some tents may only have enough weather protecting abilities to keep rain out but not during a heavy downpour. If you are planning to use your tent all year round, look for those that are resistant to extreme external conditions. There are also those tents that can keep wind chill out so keep an eye out for those.

4. Additional features

Look for additional features that will make your life a lot easier. If you plan on using electrical products while camping such as lights, an additional cable wire slot could come handy. Some tents might also include pockets on the walls or even a lantern hook. Go for these additional features if you think they will make your camping life a lot easier.

5. Durability

A ripstop feature is essential as it ensures that your tent won’t get subjected to wear and tear easily. Compare materials as well and choose those that are flame-retardant and can withstand sharp rocks and strong winds. Find out what other people are saying when it comes to the materials of the product, so you can determine whether it lasted a long time for them or whether they dealt with rips and damages even after only a few uses.

What to Do Next?

Make sure you also visit our homepage for more information on camping gear and essentials. Read our product reviews and buying guide so you will know which ones to get.


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