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Is there an easier, less boring way to pitch a tent? That's a valid question we often get and yes, there is - just use an air tent. What's an air tent? It's the same as any regular tent but instead of classic metal or plastic beams, you get inflatable poles that hold the tent up.

OK, but are air tents solid then? Inflatable tents and rods don't sound as sturdy as the solid poles after all... Yes, they're even more stable under strong wind. How? Air beams flex under wind pressure, while the rigid traditional poles buckle or snap. So, easier to set up and better when facing wind? That's what hooked us to these things, so let's check out some best air tents for 2022 together.

  • Top Pick - Vango Odyssey 500SC
  • Editor's Choice - Portal Outdoor Alfa
  • Premium Choice - Berghaus Air 4XL
  • Best Budget - Vango Skye II Air 400
  • Best Family - Berghaus Air 8
  • Best Value For Young People - Eurohike Air 600
  • Best For Smaller Family - Berghaus Air 4
Vango Odyssey 500SC Check latest prize
What we like and don't like
Exceptional value for money - Quality materials - High versatility - Canopy included, huge porch area
Only the ground sheet in the bedroom is sewn in

We'll take it from the top. Meet Vango Odyssey, the best inflatable tent in [year]. Why the best? Because it delivers the ideal mix of top features and affordable pricing.

We like our tents with plenty of light and fresh air, and this model excels in delivering both. With a maximum height of 6'5", it has massive windows that allow you to take in the scenery at all times; plenty of light too. Also, doors on two sides, great detail to enable you to use the best of any weather that might come your way.

Best camping experience

When you use this tent, you will notice that the air inside is surprisingly fresher compared to your usual tent. Well, the fabric used is top-notch, highly breathable, and 100% waterproof. But there's more to it than just the material used.

The mesh linings on the door, the way the sleeping area is independently hung from the rest of the tent, the large outer dome section, each of these details cuts down condensation and increases breathability.

We also like the extra safety storm straps on the inside to make the tent more stable in windy weather. Easy to use, highly practical. The sun canopy, or the covered porch area, is another fantastic touch, as well as the darker fabric to cut down some of that morning light for all you sleepyheads. The inner tent can be divided into two separate bedrooms or used as one bigger room, securing a good night's sleep. One of the top inflatable air Vango tents.

Portal Outdoor Alfa Check latest prize
What we like and don't like
Exceptionally easy to set up - Fair price - Waterproof and staple - Air pump and case included
No mesh on outer doors

Another excellent option for you is the Portal Outdoor Alfa. This model packs fairly similar features to our champion, albeit in a different package.

The set-up is straightforward. Peg the tent into the ground and use the included pump to pitch it. That’s it, as simple as that.

Amazingly portable

In general, portability is the word of the day here as the Alfa only weighs around 25 lbs, which cuts down a good 10 pounds when compared to the Odyssey air tent, for example. Furthermore, the tent is super easy to fold and tuck away back into the included bag.

Now, the product specs say that the Alfa is waterproof up to 4000mm of water. In more practical terms, this means the tent will fare well even against storms. As noted in the intro, the air beams are highly flexible and flex under the wind impact without risk of collapse the regular tent poles are more prone to.

The maximum standing height is just under 6 feet, with no canopy, no ability to extend an extra porch. So the tent is more compact; less space, yes, but also more durability to the wind. As another plus, this is a cheaper option when compared to the Odyssey. The lower weight and high portability make this model a great choice for backpack campers.

Berghaus Air 4XL Check latest prize
What we like and don't like
Exceptionally solid, high build quality - Strongest inflatable beams in the business - Plenty of space, separate rooms - Included pump and pegs - Top-level vent solutions, great for hot weather and summer camping
Premium comes with a premium price tag

If you aren’t hesitant to spend a few extra quids to enter the premium domain, we say check out the Berghaus 4XL.

Let’s cut to the chase: why should you spend more money on this inflatable tent? One, space; large living room, massive porch area, standing room up to 6’9’’. You can easily fit a king-sized inflatable bed and two single inflatable mattresses into the blackout sleeping area.

Two, build quality; just exceptional all across the board. If you are still cautious about the strength of air beams, this option is for you. Also, it’s waterproof up to 6000mm of water. To keep it simple, this guy can withstand a full-blown storm and days of bad weather.

Premium outdoor living space

All the features of this four person tent are exceptional, and we particularly like the storage pockets and how conveniently lined-up they are across the tent. The Air 4XL sports mesh doors on all entrances, large windows to soak in the scenery and that early morning light.

Another standout feature of this tunnel tent are the high and low vent points. When you’re in nature, you should enjoy that fresh air even when in the tent, right? Well, there’s no better option for that than this model. Ideal for summer camping.

If you want to get all of this in a larger edition, we say check out the Berghaus Air 6XL for the whole family.

Vango Skye II Air 400 Check latest prize
What we like and don't like
Lower price while still delivering what matters most - Stable, waterproof, and durable - Large vent pannel - Can fit up to four people
Smaller windows - Not possible to stand in the sleeping area

But what if your goal is to spend the lowest possible amount of money that will still get you one of the best inflatable tents the market can offer in [year]? Well, look no further than the Skye II Air 400.

This model is another fine Vango air tent, but with cuts made at the right places. So, the shape is octagonal, you can’t stand in the darkened sleeping area, but you can in the main tent area if you’re up to six feet tall. This model takes in four people and operates comfortably as a three-man tent.

Best bang for the buck inflatable tent

Where the cuts were not made is the quality of the beams. With separate inflatable poles and an ergonomic shape, this inflatable tent can withstand just as much wind as the premium choice. It’s waterproof, albeit at 3,000mm.

This model includes a set of smaller windows and a nice, large vent panel in the front. When you take this guy out on a camping trip, you won’t have to worry about strong winds and moderate rainfall.

The Skye II does not have a front porch and is not the best option for large families. However, it is compact, affordable, and, most importantly, safe. None of the cuts the company made affected the stability and durability of this model, and that is what ultimately matters the most.

Berghaus Air 8 Check latest prize
What we like and don't like
Extra safe, fully fire retardant - Extra large, easily houses two or three families - High build quality - Easy to use, a kid can set it up
Not the cheapest option

We love this one! We already made it clear that Berghaus makes the good stuff, and this is one of the best large family tents on the market right now.

The space is massive! We know of cases of three families fitting into this inflatable tent without hassle. Because families with young kids frequently use this model, the manufacturer did the right thing by ensuring the tent is solid as a rock.

Family camping: safety first

The entire range boasts possibly the best air beams on the market, secure inner doors, and maybe even more importantly – extra fire resistance. The groundsheet and the inner tent are fully fire retardant. Why we stress this point is that we know how family camping work. There is a lot more cooking going on around the tent, and that requires additional caution.

Moving on, although this is a big tunnel tent, it is effortless to set up. We have seen kids as young as 10 placing this inflatable tent in position and getting it up within 10 minutes. On the inside, you will find a spacious living area and blackout bedrooms.

Obviously, this large tent is not the cheapest option, and sharing the costs with another family might be a step in the right direction. A lot of folks we know use this as a shared option since it's not common for eight members of a single family to hit the road together.

Eurohike Air 600 Check latest prize
What we like and don't like
Top bang for the buck - Fits six people - Removable divider for the sleeping part - Good fit for taller users
Windows could be bigger - Average waterproofing

Up next, check out the Eurohike Air 600. This fella stands out because it comfortably packs as many as six people while staying on the budget.

In short, everything that makes airbeam tents stand out compared to the solid pole tents is included in the mix. You get a set of solid inflatable beams that you pump up with an included double action pump, a fully sewn-in groundsheet, and 100% waterproofing.

Inflatable Tent For The Adventurous

The ventilation is solid, and the windows are decently-sized. We have to point out that you’re not getting the bells and whistles that some of the other tents here have in store, but you do get the key components. This tent is safe, easy to use, and can take a surprising number of people for the listed price tag.

The living space and the bedroom area are spacious enough, and we like the addition of a removable divider for the sleeping section, allowing you to place one person or more in one unit and the rest in the other. The Air 600 is one of the inflatable tents you can comfortably stand in, with a maximum height of as much as 6’10’’.

If you are a group of boys and girls looking to go camping on a budget while keeping things simple, this is one of the best inflatable tents you can get. As a six person tent, this tent is also a good option for family camping.

Berghaus Air 4 Check latest prize
What we like and don't like
Highly durable and waterproof - Extra fire protection, very safe - Great for family camping - Mesh doors
No front porch

The final product we would like to showcase on today's rundown is another Berghaus model. This inflatable tent stands out because it covers the needs of most users while maintaining top-notch features.

Namely, it has everything the company’s Air 8 model has, except in a smaller package. So you are taking young kids on the road and want to keep things extra safe, this is a top option as a four person family tent.

Once again, the materials used are fire retardant, and the whole tent is fully waterproof, up to 6000mm of water. The air beams of this tent are extra strong and highly flexible under strong winds.

A Four Person Tent That Delivers

In terms of build, this model has most of the features that make the company’s 4XL model one of the best camping tents around. We are talking about mesh doors on all entrances, hinged door, and beautiful windows.

Also included in the mix is an excellent ventilation system and a removable divider for the sleeping room. For families with up to two kids, this is a great tent. As expected, it is easy to set up with the included pump; won't take more than 10 minutes once you get the hang of it.

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