Best Bivvy Bag Reviews

Finding the Best Bivvy Bag for Your Camping Needs

A Bivvy bag, also known as a bivy sack of a bivouac sack, is a shelter with waterproof properties used by campers, hikers and climbers. It is used as an alternative to a tent as it fits one person just right. Think of it as a cross between a sleep camping sack and a tent. You can also liken it to the cocoon of a caterpillar.

If this is your first time hearing about it or you don’t know which bivvy bag to get, this is a good place to start educating yourself. We searched for the best bivvy bags out in the market to help you find the best one for your needs. Read this whole article to find out which products to buy and how you can choose the best one for your needs.

Why Should You Get a Bivvy Bag?

If you are a serious camper, hiker and backpacker, you should definitely include the best bivvy bag in your arsenal for a multitude of reasons. First, it offers simplicity. May backpackers prefer a minimalistic approach to outdoor living. Many don’t like hauling a lot of stuff so if you are one of them and you want to minimize the number of things you need to bring, a bivvy bag should be a good alternative to a full-sized tent.

It is a sleeping system intended for one person to use so you can be assured that you will stay comfortable in it. If you value your privacy a lot or you don’t like to share a tent with other but also hate to bring a big tent, this is a more reasonable option. These bags may also have thermal properties so they can keep you nice and warm even when the temperature gets cold.

These bags are also easy to set up. You can just find a good spot for it and then set it there. No need to pitch a tent or to figure out how to put up a full-sized one.

You can also be assured of the durability of these products. They are designed to keep travellers protected from external weather conditions.

Another thing you can get from the bivvy bag is its portability. Being smaller and devoid of poles and other mechanisms that is found in tents, it is easier to carry around.

The Best Bivvy Bags of 2021

Here are the top products you should get:

  • Andes Olive Green Waterproof Bivvy Bag
  • Mountain Warehouse Bivvy Sleeping Bag
  • Adtrek Camping/Fishing Waterproof Sleeping Bivvy Bag
  • Highlander Hawk Bivvy Bag
  • Aqua Quest Hooped Bivvy Tent

Find out more about these products:

Andes Olive Green Waterproof Bivvy Bag

Andes Olive Green Waterproof Bivvy BagSee details

If you are looking for a simple design in a Bivvy bag and one that won’t break the bank, this is an ideal choice for you. It has waterproof functions that will keep you protected from rain or morning dew. The side zipper allows easy access as well as easy manual ventilation. It also comes with taped seams for better durability.


It is an affordable bivvy bag, ideal for those who are on a tight budget. We recommend this if you are only going camping a few times a year. It’s also great as a spare bivvy bag in case someone else in your camp group needs it.

It keeps you protected from the cold as well. It works adequately in retaining heat.

The design is utilitarian. It should be a good choice for both men and women.

We like how the zippers are positioned. It makes sliding in the bivvy bag a lot easier.


Some said this doesn’t have good anti-condensation and breathable features.

Mountain Warehouse Bivvy Sleeping Bag

Mountain Warehouse Bivvy Sleeping BagSee details

This is one of the best sleeping bags to get if you are looking for something waterproof. It keeps water away, ideal when camping out or backpacking and you don’t know what weather conditions will face you.

One of the things you will like about this as well is its ripstop feature. It prevents rips from progressing, allowing you to get the most out of this product. The materials used are also heavy duty and can last for a long time even when you subject this to a lot of abuse. The seams are taped as well for added durability.

It folds nicely as well. It is compact and can easily be stashed in your bag.


This is a superior product because of its durability. It can withstand a good amount of abuse so if you do a lot of trekking, hiking and backpacking and you know that you are going to sleep on rough surfaces, get this one.

It keeps water out. You can prevent rain and morning dew from leaking into the sack. The taped seams also prevent moisture from getting inside the bag.

This also has breathable functions. With this feature, condensation inside the sack can be avoided. You don’t have to wake up with the inside of your bivvy bag soaking wet.


Some said this is bulkier than the others they have tried. Also, it does not have a face cover.

Adtrek Camping/Fishing Waterproof Sleeping Bivvy Bag

Adtrek Camping/Fishing Waterproof Sleeping Bivvy BagSee details

This affordable mummy bag helps you stay comfortable no matter what the external conditions are. It has good water-proofing properties, making this ideal for all outdoor enthusiasts. It boasts of 3,000 mm hydrostatic head. With only 300 grams of weight, this shouldn’t be too difficult to carry around.


This is a lightweight bivvy bag that can protect you from the elements. It is made from durable materials that can effectively keep moisture out.

There is a drawstring bag that you can use to keep it portable. It is easy to roll when you pack it up.

The price is affordable. Get this if you are on a budget.


You might need to crack a zip open a little bit to allow air to circulate. This can prevent condensation from building up.

Highlander Hawk Bivvy Bag

Highlander Hawk Bivvy BagSee details

This is a slightly more expensive bivvy bag, but its features make up for its price. This bag has all the basic features of a bivvy bag, but the manufacturer makes use of only high-quality fabrics and materials to ensure that this can keep moisture and rain out. It is light in weight and also comes with a mesh face mask to keep bugs out of your face.


Many people loved how well this bivvy bag handled condensation. Unlike others that might have an issue with condensation because of poor circulation, this one does not have such a problem.

It also works well in regulating temperature. You can use it together with your trusted sleeping mat and you shouldn’t have issues sleeping in it. Even those that used this when the weather was not agreeable did not have issues with feeling cold.

There’s also a good amount of room to move around in it.


According to some customers, there is a space between the area where the zips meet. Bugs might crawl in that gap.

Aqua Quest Hooped Bivvy Tent

Aqua Quest Hooped Bivvy TentSee details

This brand has always provided some of the best camping gears out there, so it isn’t surprising to find this one replete with good features. Although more expensive, it has all the bells and whistles one might be looking for in a bivvy bag.

It has 10,000 mm waterproof rating and top-notch breathable functions. Backpackers won’t have problems bringing this with them because of its super lightweight and compact features.


This can keep moisture from rain and dew away. If you plan on using a bivvy for different seasons, get this one. It also has breathable functions, so you can avoid condensation from building up inside the bivvy bag.

We like how lightweight this is. It only weighs 1.1 kg so it shouldn’t be difficult to bring. Set-up is done in mere minutes. You can zip it all the way if you want complete protection, but you can also unzip the front panel if you want to enjoy a clear view of the stars.

The inside is spacious. You can do a lot of things here such as read a book and have a snack.

It comes with a 2-year warranty.


This product is more expensive than others.

Which One Should You Get?

You can go for the Andes Olive Green Waterproof Bivvy Bag if you only need a basic waterproof bivvy bag. It is lacking in many features but should be just right for the occasional camper or backpacker. It is an affordable choice as well.

The Mountain Warehouse Bivvy Sleeping Bag is a recommended option for those who often treat their camping stuff harshly. If you are not often careful with your things, you can get this as it is capable of withstanding a good amount of abuse.

Another basic bivvy bag that won’t fail you is the Adtrek Camping/Fishing Waterproof Sleeping Bivvy Bag. It is affordable as well, good for people on a tight budget. It does a great job keeping moisture and rain out.

The Highlander Hawk Bivvy Bag won’t fail you in colder days. It keeps you comfortable even during colder seasons. It also has a reliable feature that prevents it from forming condensation.

We recommend spending more money on the Aqua Quest Hooped Bivvy Tent. It is more expensive, but you are getting one that has a plethora of features. You can even unzip a top layer to see the night sky and still be able to protect yourself from mosquitoes and other external issues.

Things to Consider When Buying a Bivvy Bag

To ensure that you are making a good choice when buying the best bivvy bag, here are a few factors you need to keep in mind:

Space. While bivvy bags are just right for an individual’s needs, it shouldn’t feel too constricting. If you are claustrophobic, this isn’t a good option for you as it does promote a Spartan lifestyle. On the other hand, some bivvy bags may offer more space than others so it is essential to do a lot of comparison before deciding on what to buy.

Air Circulation. Determine how the bivvy bag can circulate air. There are those bags made with a kind of waterproof and breathable laminate fabric that helps in directing the vapor that your body produces outside of the bag. If you like to go camping or hiking during colder seasons, get something with this feature. Also choose those with different layers and incorporated with zippers so you can manual vent the bag.

Condensation. This is always a possibility for bivvy bags just like how they are a possibility with tents. If the bag has good air circulation properties, condensation can be avoided. Check out the fabric that was used. If it something that has non-breathable functions, expect condensation to happen.

Waterproof Functions. Make sure you choose a product that is capable of preventing moisture from seeping in. Some products might be advertised as waterproof bivvy bags but might not actually provide this benefit. You would want to know what makes the product waterproof and if the edges have taped seams to ensure that you are getting a good one.

Coverage. Does it cover the entire body including your face? Others might only have a drawstring that you can tighten around your face, so your face is still exposed to mosquitoes. Some can be zipped all the way through as if you are in a cocoon. These products may also have extra space for you to do other things such as eat or read a good book.

What to Do Next?

It’s important to build your camping essentials so you can be prepared for anything outdoor life throws at you. We recommend that you check out our homepage for helpful information on camping products. Check out our suggestions on different camping products such as tents, portable toilets, portable showers and mats. You can also read our buying guide to make a better decision on which products to get.