Best Budget Walking Boots in UK

best budget walking boots

The sun is finally out and thoughts of backpacking are filling your mind. A good hike deserves quality, comfortable boots. Next is a review that will discuss the benefits and considerations to take into account when buying the best budget walking boots UK.

 Choosing Walking Boots

Before going to shop for walking boots, consider the following are some of the factors that you should take into account:

a) The Terrain

Different types of boots are ideal for varying terrains. If you are going walking on lowlands, forests trails, and relatively dry hills and mountains, the best cheap walking boots would be lighter ones made from fabric. Heavier boots that are made of leather and have thicker soles are more ideal for tougher, wetter grounds. The selection of wrong boots on a terrain may lead to blistering and callusing of your feet.

b) The Fit of the Boots

It is not just the size of the boots that you should consider since shape is also critical. The fit of the boots is determined by measuring the length and width of your feet and taking into account the shape and relative lengths of your toes. If you don’t know how to do this, you can use this (guide) to determine your foot size. Often, you will find that the size of your feet is different and you are, therefore, advised to first fit the shoes before buying them. If they feel comfortable, you can order them.

c) Seasonal Fit

Your feet change in size, depending on the different seasons. In winter, you will find that your feet are smaller than during spring or summer. So what are the best boots to buy? The solution is to order boots that are at least half a size bigger in order to fit your feet during summer. During winter, you can substitute this extra size using thick socks. However, the size difference should not be too big that your feet move around in the boots as this might cause blistering.

d) Flexing Your Feet

The best budget walking boots UK must give allow you to flex and bend your feet easily. With synthetic boots, you get to flex more, but this might be difficult with leather alternatives.

e) Leather Versus Synthetic Boots

Leather boots are heavier, more waterproof, and better desired for tougher terrains. Synthetic boots are ideal for longer distances, are lighter, and are easier to break in but they cannot be used on rough and tough surfaces. The material of boots you pick should be dependent on your hiking needs and personal tastes.

How to choose best budget walking boots

Benefits of Using Walking Boots



Previously, I preferred tennis shoes when hiking due to their light weight, their ease to break in, and relative durable make. I felt that walking boots were unnecessarily heavy and much harder to trek in. However, after switching to walking boots, there are a number of advantages that I have noted they have over tennis shoes:

a) Support

Tennis shoes cannot support any heavy bags or weight you might be carrying on your back. On the other hand, the midsoles and ankle coverage of walking boots have been designed specifically to support any extra weight you may be lugging.

b) Tread

The outer soles of walking boots have been treaded to give you a better grip when walking on uneven grounds. Moreover, most soles on these boots have been made of quality rubber that is durable. This is an advantage over tennis shoes whose soles wear out easily.

c) Watertightness

Most walking boots have been designed to be waterproof as hiking involves walking through different terrains. This is unlike tennis shoes that are not designed to be waterproof on the upper side.


How expensive is the best budget walking boots

The Reviews


Karrimor Men’s Bodmin Mid Iv Weathertite High Rise Hiking Boots – Review

best budget walking boots

The Karrimor Men’s Hiking Boots make it to the review of the best budget men’s walking boots due to their sturdy and durable design. Its outsole is dynagrip while the tread sole is made from rubber. These boots are available in three colors; dark brown, black, and navy blue.

  • These boots are light. This feature makes them ideal for hiking for long distances

  • The material used to make the outer layer is leather while the inside is made of synthetic. This makes it both durable and comfortable

  • The comfort you get from these boots is also added by the fact that they don’t take long to break in. Moreover, they are also wide enough to accommodate your feet comfortably

  • These boots are also affordable and with their durability, you will get value for your money in the long-run

  • With their breathable technology, your feet don’t get stuffy, unlike with boots that are made entirely with leather

  • To give support to your ankles and for any luggage you might be carrying, these boots have both the dynagrip outsole and the phylon midsole

  • The leather material makes them relatively waterproof, ensuring your feet stay dry no matter the ground you are walking on

  • They are not completely waterproof and water may seep in when you stay on wet ground for a while

  • When breaking them in, don’t walk over long distances as you might develop blisters

Impressionz Men’s Hiking Boots Walking Ankle High Top Trail Trekking Boots Traners Shoes Size 7 – 12 –



best budget walking boots

These boots can be used for walking in trails and hiking and are available in black, grey, and khaki colors. The boots are secured using a lace-up system, have a synthetic outer and inner material, and feature soles made of rubber. They are one of the best cheap walking boots UK because of the advantages they offer.

  • The boots are made of mainly synthetic, making them comfortable to walk in and easy to break in

  • Due to the material that they are made of, these boots are lightweight. This makes them ideal for walking in when hiking for long

  • Their price is quite affordable, and together with the durability of the boots, you get value for what you spend on them

  • They are also watertight, a useful feature when you are walking through marshy and moist grounds. Your socks and feet get to stay dry

  • The rubber sole gives a good grip on uneven terrains and makes the boots quite durable

  • These boots are not recommended for rough terrains as their sole is not thick enough to protect your feet from the ground

  • The lack of leather in its design makes it less durable and not as waterproof as walking boots should be

Mountain Warehouse Adventurer Mens Waterproof Hiking Walking Outdoor Boots Active Sports Shoes – Review


Why that product is known as best budget walking boots

Another pair to make it to the best budget walking boots reviews is the Mountain Warehouse. These boots are available in khaki, are made of synthetic and fabric, and have a mesh lining. The heel height on the boots is about 1 centimeter.

  • These best budget walking boots have been designed to be waterproof to ensure that as you walk in wet weather or ground, your feet stay and dry

  • To keep your feet aerated, the boots are designed with a mesh lining and a synthetic outer material

  • Its outer soles are deeply lugged to give you better traction as you walk through different kinds of terrains

  • The synthetic design makes for a comfortable walking experience and also requires less time to break in

  • These boots also have heel and toe bumpers finish to protect your feet and keep them stub-free

  • The soles are a bit thin and if used regularly, will wear out easily

  • It is not entirely waterproof and water may seep in through the mesh design

Polar Mens Explorer Rambling Hiking Walking Waterproof Trail Winter Ankle Boot


how to choose best budget walking boots

The Polar Mens Explorer makes it to the best cheap walking boots review due to its hardwearing and durable design. Its outer material is made of synthetic, textile for the inner section, and the sole is gum rubber. These boots can be found in black, grey, and brown colors, each of different fashionable shades.

  • The boots are made of breathable technology to ensure that your feet stay aerated as you walk in them

  • Since they are made of synthetic and textile, these boots are comfortable to walk in, lightweight, and easy to break in

  • Their ankles are high and padded to provide comfort and support when hiking or backpacking, making them the best budget walking boots

  • The gum rubber also gives a firm grip on the ground as you walk through different terrains. It also makes the boots more durable

  • They are not waterproof and when walking in wet weather, they might seep in some water

  • These boots are not very durable and after medium to lengthy use, they may wear off

Mens Terrain Lace Up Premium Leather Upper Waterproof Walking/Hiking Trekking Boot


best budget walking boots

The fifth item on this best budget walking boots reviews is the Mens Terrain Lace Up Hiking Boots. These boots have a heel that is 2 inches high, are available in black, brown, tan, black hunter2, and navy hunter2. They feature a breathable membrane.

  • The upper membrane of these boots is breathable, giving enough aeration to your feet to ensure that they don’t get stuffy

  • These boots are waterproof, hence keeping your feet dry in wet conditions

  • The design of the boots is comfortable on the heels and ankle in order to give your support when you are carrying heavy luggage

  • The tread sole is steady to give you a good grip as you walk through uneven terrains

  • Leather, a durable material, is used to make the upper part of the boot, and this ultimately saves you money

  • The boots are not entirely waterproof as moisture may seep in through the breathable membrane

  • They are heavier than other brands of boots, hence it takes relatively longer to break them in



When hiking or backpacking, the correct boots are very important to ensure that your feet stay safe, comfortable, and blister-free. The best budget mens walking boots are ones that fit right, are waterproof, allow you to easily flex your feet and can handle different terrains. Such boots should also be affordable. In the review above, Karrimor Men’s hiking boots are the clear winners because of their outer durable leather material, comfortable inner synthetic material, and sturdy gum rubber soles. Moreover, they are breathable and compared to other items in the review, more waterproof.


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