Best Camping Fridge Reviews

What is better than going off-the-grid surrounded by nature, just forgetting the many things weighing you down? Doing all of that while sipping a nice cold drink, of course!

Everyone should try camping. Being close to nature has been proven effective in alleviating stress, improving attention span, boosting cognitive performance and managing mental health. Unfortunately, many people shy away from it because the amenities they are used to are not available.

But that can change, with the existence of the many portable things that can keep campers comfortable. Things like a camping fridge can now be used for the convenience of campers. A camping fridge is a small and portable device that you can use to keep your drinks cool. It definitely is a lifesaver on a hot summer day.

There’s no reason you shouldn’t try camping with the camping fridge already available. We even looked for the best ones out there, so you need not spend a lot of time and effort just finding the one that will suit you best. Read on to know which camping fridges are deemed the best.

The Different Types of Camping Fridges

When choosing for a camping fridge, you will come across the following types:

Thermoelectric Coolbox

The thermoelectric coolbox is often the cheapest choice out there. An average thermoelectric coolbox has a cooling power of 20 degrees Celsius below ambient temperature. Depending on the brand, it can go 30 degree Celsius below ambient temperature. The lower the temperature, the more expensive it gets.

This is usually ideal because of its portability. Many uses solar energy to operate it while other brands make use of a battery. You can check out features such as insulation and ventilation in order to find a good thermoelectric coolbox. This should be just right for keeping drinks cool.

Compressor Fridge

This one functions like a full-sized fridge. It is powered by electricity and has a temperature that can go as low as 12 degree Celsius below Freezing point. These camping fridges typically consume 50 to 75 watts of energy. If you need to keep something frozen such as meats, this might be the best option for you.

Gas Fridge

Also known as the 3-way fridge or the LPG Fridge, this one makes use of either electricity or gas to operate. It generates the coldest temperatures, sometimes even going as low as 18 degrees Celsius below freezing point. This is usually the quietest, however, it requires expert installation as it deals with gas.

Best Camping Fridge Reviews

These products are the best ones in the camping fridge niche:

    • Dometic Combicool 3 Way Portable Absorption Cool Box
    • VonShef Electric Cool Box
    • Dometic CDF-36 Portable Compressor Fridge Freezer
    • Mobicool Camping Coolbox
    • Royal 3 Way Absorption Cooler

Read on to know what makes these products a great choice for campers:

Dometic Combicool 3 Way Portable Absorption Cool Box

Dometic Combicool 3 Way Portable Absorption Cool BoxSee details

This is a gas-powered camping fridge that has a cooling temperature of up to 33 degrees Celsius below what is considered as ambient temperature. It has a fairly nice capacity of 41 litres, great for storing a lot of drinks and some food. You can store as much as 8 2-litre bottles using this cooler.

What makes this such a good choice is its superior absorption cooling technology. It does perform well when it comes to keeping your drinks and food cool for a long period of time. Encased using an aluminium housing, you can be assured that this will be able to withstand harsh conditions.


This camping fridge has a good cooling capacity. It’s just right for keeping all your drinks cool and preventing your food from perishing. The size is also just right for a few days of camping.

It comes with a 3-stage flame regulation when used in gas mode. It maintains safety outdoors.

You will also like its thermostat regulation, so you can control how cold the fridge is going to get.

Over-all, this fridge is sturdy. There are no flimsy parts that will feel like it is going to come apart the moment you drop it. The sides also have nice recessed parts for easy gripping. It comes with a cabinet to keep your stuff organized and an ice cube tray accessory.

It makes use of a gas canister. It’s simple to replace when it runs out. One canister can last for up to 26 hours, depending on the settings of your fridge.


It’s more expensive than other camping fridges out there. Since it is a gas type fridge, you will need to have the space you are going to put this ventilated to prevent that gas smell.

VonShef Electric Cool Box

VonShef Electric Cool BoxSee details

On a tight budget? Get this one from VonShef. It is inexpensive but has a fairly good capacity of 22 litres. Temperature can go down to as low as 8 degrees Celsius, so your food and drinks will be kept appropriately cold but not entirely frozen. You can plug it in your car. It comes with a 12V connector. If you are not using the cooling functions, simply remove the connector and store it in the compartment provided for it and use the cooler as a storage material for your camping stuff.

It feels lightweight and has that cooler look and functionality that makes this so easy to bring to parties, picnics and camping trips. Moms out there can even use this to keep breast milk preserved. It can be used to keep medicines cool as well.


It has a compact design that doesn’t take up a large space in the car. It opens at the top so the contents are easy to access.

It is easy to connect. When not in use, you can simply remove it from where it is connected and then store the connector to keep it organized.

It is easy to lug around with its large handle. Everything feels sturdy as well, even the handles. You should be able to store a good number of drinks in this. The lid seals the inside of the cooler effectively.

If you don’t need something complicated, get this one. It’s very easy to set up and doesn’t cost a lot of money.


It’s good for camping and picnics but if you need to store more drinks and food for a larger group, this might not be the best option.

Dometic CDF-36 Portable Compressor Fridge Freezer

Dometic CDF-36 Portable Compressor Fridge FreezerSee details

This is the most expensive camping fridge in this list, but the price is justified with its full spectrum of features. First, it has a remarkable 31-litre capacity, which is good for larger groups of campers who might need to store more food and drinks. It has a freezing capacity of up to -15 degrees Celsius, just right for preventing those meats and fishes from perishing.

It makes use of compressor cooling technology, so you can be assured that it truly does work in keeping your food and drinks adequately cool. There is even an interior LED light integrated so even if you open it at night, you can still see the contents. The handles are integrated for easier grip. It also comes with a digital display to let you easily control the temperature.


This comes with all the bells and whistles, making this product such a user-friendly one. It has an easy access at the top so no need to allot extra space for its opening. It’s quite a slim fridge as well. It carries more stuff but doesn’t occupy a large footprint.

Customers not only like how this effectively keeps everything cold but also how it runs silently. You can even reduce vibrations even further by placing a rubber mat underneath it.

It also does a great job in cooling drinks fast. In case you run out, just put more drinks in this camping fridge and after a while, you should be able to have a cold drink again. Its freezing properties are reliable as well, great for bringing all those meats and seafood on your camping trip.

The thermostat is easy to control as well so you can go as high up in temperature or lower for freezing needs.


It is quite pricey, but many people would readily spend money on this for its wonderful features.

Mobicool Camping Coolbox

Mobicool Camping CoolboxSee details

This mid-priced camping cooler is a great choice for those with moderate cooling needs. It has 29 liters of capacity for more effective cooling of food and drinks. It runs on 12 Volts DC power and has an inside that is completely insulated. It makes use of foam insulation but don’t worry because this is free from CFCs.

It has a nice and solid sealing. Use the handles to lock the lid down. There is also a built-in cable compartment that you can use to keep your cables organized.


It’s an affordable choice for those who are looking for a cooling box with a good capacity. It can accommodate more bottles of drinks and some food. It does a great job in keeping everything inside cool.

Royal 3 Way Absorption Cooler

Royal 3 Way Absorption CoolerSee details

This 42-liter camping fridge can accommodate bigger cooling needs. If you are camping out with friends and family, this one should suffice. It makes use of a gas cylinder to keep everything cool. If you use a good one, one cylinder can actually last for up to 2 weeks. In the summer season, it effortlessly keeps things cold, so you can store more and cool them up fast when needed.


This has a big capacity great for bigger-sized families. It has superb cooling functions as well, so you can prevent your food from perishing even in the summer season.

This has a nice design that you will surely be proud to showcase.

Many of those who bought this have had it for years and it still remains reliable. It has a good construction and a stable base.

It handles easily. You can transport it without any issues.


Like many 3-way camping fridges out there, this one requires some venting, so the gas smell won’t accumulate.

Which One Should You Get?

The Dometic Combicool 3 Way Portable Absorption Cool Box is quite the reliable machine for avid campers. If you go camping a lot and you want to keep your goods fresh for a long time, this is a great choice. You need only to replace the canister to keep it running all the time. This shouldn’t be a problem to use in a camper van. The capacity is also just right for big storage and cooling needs.

After weighing everything up, we’d recommend the Dometic Combicool as our best camping fridge thanks to its impressive capacity and its outstanding performance.

If you are going camping with your family, the size of the VonShef Electric Cool Box should be just right for you. It is a cooler-type of fridge that can be connected to your car. There’s nothing fancy about this but it gets the job done and it fits in a car trunk with ease.

The Dometic CDF-36 Portable Compressor Fridge Freezer might be the most expensive one in this list, but it definitely has a lot of great features that campers who are after convenience will love. It has a good capacity and comes complete with all the features you need such as freezing capacity, interior lights, quiet functions and many more. Get this if you are looking for something to use long-term and can also double as an emergency fridge in your home.

Get the Royal 3 Way Absorption Cooler if you have more cooling needs, which is the case for bigger families. It is also a durable choice that will last you for many more years to come.

What to Do Next?

Now that you have found the right camping fridge for your needs, it’s time to check out other camping essentials. Come visit our homepage to find more camping products such as tents, camping mats, camping portable toilets and many other gear and equipment that can make camping life a lot more convenient. Also make sure you read our reviews, recommendations and buying guide so you can make good decisions when buying.