The Best Camping Pots and Pans (UK) of 2022

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If you are camping out for a few days, it makes sense to get yourself some nice camping pots and pans or a cookware set. You can make yourself meals as if you are back in your kitchen, thanks to these portable and durable pots and pans.

When choosing which pots and pans to get, make sure you keep an eye out on those that contain the best and the most durable materials. Pick pots and pans that can heat up easily and can accommodate the amount of food you plan on cooking.

We did all the hard work and found the camping pots and pans that provide all the features mentioned above. Stick around to find out which pots and pans we highly recommend.

  • Small to Medium-Sized Cooking - Odoland Camping Cookware Kit
  • Including stovetop - G4Free Outdoor Camping Pan
  • Best size - Diealles Portable Camping Cookware Kit
Odoland Camping Cookware Kit Check latest prize

This is a complete set of camping pots and pans suitable for cooking for 1-5 people. It comes with 10 pieces of cookware such as a non-stick aluminium pan and pot, stainless steel cups, kettle, spoon and fork, knife and carabiner. You basically get everything you need in this cookware kit. The pot and pan can be stacked and feature a foldable handle, for easier storage.


This is perfect for small to medium-sized cooking needs. You get more than just a pot and a pan, you also get a kettle, cups, a knife, spoon and fork. It’s a complete kit, which makes this a wonderful camping starter pack.

The handles are heat-resistant. They are made from plastic materials with thermal insulation. You don’t need to bring a pot holder because you can grip the handles of the pots and the kettle without burning your hands. They also have a nifty anti-slip design that ensures you can grip them with ease.

It has good heat distribution and the non-stick Teflon coating ensures that residues won’t stick on the surface of your pots and pans. This makes these pots and pans easier to clean as well.

They are fairly portable and compact. All the other accessories can be fitted in the bigger pot and closed securely. Packing this is a cinch.


Some said it takes some time to get rid of the burnt food on its surface. Some also said the storage bag is so small, they have difficulty putting the set back in.

G4Free Outdoor Camping Pan Check latest prize

Get these pots and pans if you want something made with anodized aluminium materials. With these materials, you can be assured that your pots and pans can last for a long time and won’t be difficult to clean and maintain. The pots and pans can also be stacked for easier storage and transport.


The pots and pans are durable. They are made from materials that do not dent or warp easily. Many people also like how lightweight this is.

It comes with a mini stove. The stove has a Piezo ignition feature, that makes it easier to light up.

It comes with 100% money-back guarantee.

It is one of the cheapest camping cookwares kits out there. Furthermore, it comes complete with everything you might need for cooking as well.


It is not suitable for cooking for bigger families. Some people didn’t expect it to be so small.

Diealles Portable Camping Cookware Kit Check latest prize

Are you in need of only camping pans and nothing else? Get this one. It comes with 2 camping pots that can be stored easily in the nylon bag included in it. The pots are made from high-quality aluminium that doesn’t get damaged or dented easily. The handles are foldable so that the pots can be stacked for easier storage.


These are great if you need extra cookware pots for cooking. They have a fairly good size for cooking larger portions of meals.

These pots have a good weight to them, so they stable on a stove top. You don’t have to worry that they will topple over with a strong gust of wind.

They are quite compact, great for backpacking.


There aren’t a lot of negative reviews about this product. However, the price might be too much for a kit that can only give you two pots.

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