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Camping would be filled with fun and adventure when we are well prepared. While going out on a camping there could be a huge list of things to pack up. But remember there is a space constraint. So whatever we pack has to be a critical one. It’s always better to be organized to enjoy the camping rather than to be dealing with the shortcomings. Camping storage boxes are a boon while we pack for it. Every item has its own space in a camping storage box and that prevents lot of confusions. Packing for a camp is easier once you prepare the list of things you require. It totally depends on the following

  • location you are planning to camp
  • number days of camping
  • mode of transport
  • Your basic daily requirements.

  • Royal 355415 Easy Up Storage Unit
  • Neusu Strong Bedding Storage Bag
  • Campart Travel Camping Kitchen
  • Campart Travel Camping Cupboard Bordeaux
  • Outwell Martinique black camp closet
  • Vango Storage Organiser
  • Vango Folding Organiser, smoke, one size
Royal 355415 Easy Up Storage Unit Check latest prize

The Royal 355415 Easy Up Storage Unit consists of aluminum shelves and sturdy frames covered with unique fabric. It’s very apt for camping outdoors. It can be placed inside the tent too. Its dimensions are 111.6 x 57.8 x 12.8 cm and weigh about 14kg. A handy carry bag is also included along with this product purchase.


  • It’s portable
  • It’s easy to fix anywhere
  • The frame is very sturdy and does not fall due to winds.
  • It has strong and hard top, aluminum shelves and also has handy pockets at the two sides.
  • It’s foldable and can be placed in the vehicles without hindering the space.
  • It’s got good storage space with two compartments having 3 shelves each.


  • If you have many items, the storage unit might not be enough.

This product has created satisfied and happy customers. All its features play a very important role to make it a compact and successful product.

Neusu Strong Bedding Storage Bag Check latest prize

The Neusu 200 Litre Heavy Duty Strong Bedding Storage Bag (Large) With Handles is a perfect product for overnight camping. It can accommodate everything that’s required for a comfortable sleep. This is 200 Litre Capacity Strong Bag. It’s made of true 600D Polyester Material with 360Degree Web Reinforced Handles. The dimensions are 91cm x 47cm x 47cm. It made for heavy duty purpose. It has zips on either side.


  • It’s a strong bag with 360 degree web reinforced strong handles.
  • It has a huge storage capacity of 200 liters.
  • It’s made of high quality 600D polyester which makes it well suited for heavy duty.


  • It does occupy a large space in your vehicle.
  • Rarely customers have complaint about the handle.

This is a satisfactory product and customers have a very happy and comfortable experience with this.

Campart Travel Camping Kitchen Check latest prize

The CamPart Travel Camping Outdoor Kitchen with 4 Adjustable Feet and 2 Layers is a much-needed requirement for small camping trips. It has two layers and adjustable feet.

Product Dimensions: 40 x 11.5 x 74 cm and weigh about 5 kg.


  • Its compact and does not occupy much space
  • It is easily fixable and can be folded too.
  • Its strong made of aluminum and polyester fabric


  • It’s small for too many kitchen items. Often customers end up buying two of this type.

This is a perfect choice to set up a mini kitchen during small camping trips. Customers are very pleased with it compact and sturdy design

Campart Travel Camping Cupboard Bordeaux Check latest prize

The CamPart CU-0724 Travel Camping Foldable Cupboard with 3 Layers has been a perfect solution for sudden extra space requirement. It hardly takes up too much space. Product Dimensions are 60 x 48 x 81 cm and weigh 8 Kg.


  • It’s easily foldable and fixable cupboard in no time.
  • It’s utilizes very less space.
  • It has sturdy three layers and mesh at the backside.


  • It’s small for too many kitchen items. Often customers end up buying two of this type.

The overall customer feedback has been very pleasing. The foldable feature especially is the star feature of this product.

Outwell Martinique black camp closet Check latest prize

An Outwell Martinique camp closet black 2022 camping closet is very easy to fix and use. It does not require any assembling. It has removable shelves and can be customized according to the user needs. It dimensions are 107 x 50 x 140 cm and weight: 12.2 kg


  • It’s easy to use and fix
  • It’s easy to move and fold.
  • It’s has eight shelves and can be customized.
  • It has sturdy top


  • It’s has storage shelf just for fitting small items.

The campers who are looking for a small shelf easy to use product go for this.

Vango Storage Organiser Check latest prize

The Vango Storage Organiser can be placed inside your tent because it is also tent shaped. It doesn’t take up much room and is perfect to accommodate everything you need. It weighs about 1.3 kg


  • It perfectly fits a tent
  • It has lot of storage space. It has around 9 compartments of different sizes and can be used for any purpose.
  • It’s easy to fix and move


  • It can only be used inside tents and cannot be used outdoors
  • It cannot be used to store heavier products
  • The quality of the poles is not great and makes it less durable.

In general customers camping with a tent find it very useful.

Vango Folding Organiser, smoke, one size Check latest prize

The Vango Folding Organiser is one of the best solutions for long camping trips. It has enormous storage space and easy to use too.  Its light weight made of nylon and PU coating. A zipper carry bag with handle is also provided for easy carrying.


  • It can be folded and used efficiently
  • The space is large enough to carry items for long trips.
  • It light weight and does not add much weight to your luggage.


  • It occupies more space.
  • There are possibilities of leakage of items inside.

The customers are happy since it keeps the entire camping space clean and tidy.

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