The best camping wardrobe (UK) of 2022

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Camping is one of the best ways to relax since you get to be in a totally different place away from the daily routine activities and stresses. It requires lot of planning to achieve this. A neat and tidy camping site where all the items are organized at the right place will provide an amazing camping experience without any problems. Most of the organizing problems are solved by camping wardrobes and storage items. They play a very critical role in compartmentalizing the stuffs as per their functionalities.  So when you are in need of any item, you exactly know where to go.

  • Best buy - Kampa Maddie Wardrobe/Cupboard
  • Outwell 530093 Camping Wardrobe
  • Grey Vango Mammoth Double Storage Unit
  • Royal Easy Up Folding Portable Camping Wardrobe
Kampa Maddie Wardrobe/Cupboard Check latest prize

The Kampa Maddie Wardrobe/Cupboard is a portable camping wardrobe best used by campers who camp for many days moving around and setting up their camp site. It’s made of a light weight frame and unique fabric to cover it. It has four shelves and a wardrobe section with hanging rod to hang cloths. Also has a rear mesh to give ventilation and a table top.


  • Its light weight and portable
  • It can be fixed easily
  • It has a good storage space.


  • It starts to sag when made to accommodate heavier cloths or more number of cloths
  • Its frames are not durable.
  • It’s not sturdy when exposed to winds

Customer reviews

The customers who have purchased it are happy with its look and its storage space but not very satisfied by its function.

Outwell 530093 Camping Wardrobe Check latest prize

Buying an Outwell Martinique camp closet black 2022 camping closet is a great idea. This product is very easy to fix and use. It does not require any assembling. It has 8 storage shelves and also be customized according to the user needs. It has sturdy top. It’s dimensions are 107 x 50 x 140 cm and weight: 12.2 kg.


  • It’s easy to use and fix.
  • It’s easy to move and fold.
  • It’s has eight shelves and can be customized.


  • It’s has storage shelf just for fitting small items.
  • It might not work for very heavy items.
  • It might not be useful for short camping trip.

Customer reviews

The campers who are looking for a small storage shelves and easy to use feature can go for Outwell Martinique camp closet black 2022 camping closet.

Grey Vango Mammoth Double Storage Unit Check latest prize

A Vango Mammoth Double Storage Unit is exactly what you are looking for if you are on a quest for a heavy duty camping wardrobe? Then Vango Mammoth Double storage unit is the best solution. This product is very strong and durable. Also has very good storage space.


  • It can be folded in the form of a carry bag and taken wherever necessary.
  • It’s made of strong steel frame and high quality 600 denier polyester. Hence it’s durable.
  • It can hold heavy loadup to 30kgs.


  • It does not have a protective cover.
  • The shelves can accommodate only small sized items. Users always end up buying another bigger storage unit.

Customer reviews

Users are happy with its performance. Vango camping wardrobe can be a perfect choice for any type of camping trips, long or short.

Royal Easy Up Folding Portable Camping Wardrobe Check latest prize

Buying a Royal 355461 Easy Up Double Wardrobe is a great idea. Why? Any wardrobe that can be customized is an extra benefit to the campers. Royal camping wardrobe is one of such type. It can be used either as a storage unit comprising of 8 aluminum-edged shelves or with 4 shelves in one half and wardrobe in other half. It dimensions are 93.4 x 80 x 142 cm and weigh 14kgs.


  • It can be customized as per the user’s requirement.
  • It can be easily assembled and moved.
  • It also has mesh to ventilate the cloth or food items keeping it fresh.


  • Beginners might find difficult to use.
  • It starts to sag when heavy items are placed in it.

Customer reviews

This Royal camping wardrobe has become a very trustworthy brand. Despite its issues, people really like taking this to their campsites.

    Why it’s good to have camping wardrobes and storage units in camping?

    Imagine a camping site with lots of clutter and trash scattered everywhere. It definitely will not give you a good experience. That’s the main reason to have camping wardrobes and storage units. You can classify the items in groups and store them in specific storage units. For example all the kitchen utensils can go in one storage box, the packing materials can be in another, toiletry items in another and it goes on. This gives a very neat look to the camping site and makes our time worthy.

    Using a collapsible camping cupboard is easier than everything else

    More the load, tougher it is to handle it.  A camper should be free to move around wherever he wants to.  Also he should be comfortable in moving his items. If his movement is restricted because of the size and weight of the items he has, then there would be no use of camping. In order to pack your items efficiently such that it’s easy to carry and fix wherever required, you can use collapsible camping cupboard. This is specially designed for campers. Its light weight and sturdy. Its gives lot of storage space for arranging all your stuffs as per your choice and when not in use it can be folded and kept in a carry bag. It hardly uses any space. Collapsible camping cupboard is the perfect solution for camping with less weight and size.

    What are camp cupboards and how do you use them?

    Just like how you require a cupboard at home to keep your stuffs organized, camp cupboards are also storage spaces to place your stuffs. The key purpose might be the same, but both are very different, especially in the structural design and material used to serve its purpose. Its pros and cons are as follows


    • It is light weight and portable
    • It can be fixed at any place you want.
    • It gives enough storage space to keep your items in a proper way.
    • It keeps the camping site very clean and tidy.
    • It’s foldable and easy to store when not in use.It does not occupy much space.


    • Not all the camp cupboards are made of good quality material.
    • It cannot accommodate heavy items. It might collapse.
    • Also storage space might not be enough for many items. So usually campers end up buying two.

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