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People today are more inclined towards outdoor adventure and camping than ever before as we keep creating more and more concrete jungles. Sleeping bags are a very essential part of outdoor activities such as camping, hiking , backpacking and trekking.

A quality sleeping bag can make all the difference to a camper and buying one from a brand such as Coleman that is over a century old, is a smart way to ensure that you buy only the best gear.

The Coleman sleeping bag that you get today is a result of  a century’s worth experience that the company has gained in the field of outdoor and recreational gear. It is not without a reason, why they are the bestsellers on stores such as Amazon. Read on as we elaborate about the capabilities of Coleman sleeping bags. In the end, we have also hand-picked and reviewed some of the best Coleman sleeping bags for you.

  • Coleman Hudson 450
  • Coleman Big Basin Sleeping Bag
  • Coleman Pacific 205 Sleeping Bag
Coleman Hudson 450 Check latest prize

If you want a sleeping bag to take along on your family trips, then the Coleman Hudson 450 Sleeping Bag will give you all the comfort you need during a cold night. Coleman Hudson sleeping bags come with cooltherm insulation that uses hollow fibers for more loft and superior insulation but without the weight.


  • Roomy – This is a spacious bag that is wide enough (90cm), especially for those who do not like the restricted movement inside a mummy-style sleeping bag.
  • Comfortable – The hood with pillow pocket and the flannel inner lining adds to the overall warmth and comfort.
  • Great price – The four season sleeping bag is a good buy you can get for under £50.
  • Warm – Coletherm technology hollow fibres give the best warmth without the weight and also has high loft, improving the insulation.


  • Not for all 4 seasons – The Hudson 450 does not perform well in extreme cold temperatures and hence should be treated as more of a 3 season bag and not four.
  • Large packed size – The bag size can prove to be large even after it is packed into its stuff sack and hence may not be suitable for hiking or backpacking.

Dimensions : The dimensions of the sleeping bag are 235 x 90 cm and when packed in its stuff sack it reduces to  40 x 35 cm.

Customers who have used the Hudson 450 feel that it is a great sleeping bag that is ideal for trips with your family and keeps you really warm. It has very satisfied customers on Amazon with an overall star rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Coleman Big Basin Sleeping Bag Check latest prize

Being tall should not stop you from having a good night’s sleep in your sleeping bag. That is why you need a Coleman big basin sleeping bag. Not only is it tall enough, it is also wide enough to fit people of various sizes. Pack one and go camping with your friends or even use them in caravans.


  • Tall-friendly – This is one of those bags that is just perfect for tall people and easily accommodates heights up to 6’6″.
  • Design – The large bag is designed to insulate well with its semi-sculpted hood, quilting construction and Thermolock draft tube along the zipper.
  • Insulated foot box – The bottom is not only wide but also comes with a fleece-lined foot box to keep your feet toasty.
  • Machine-friendly – Though the bag is fleece lined it is machine washable unlike other fleece-lined ones.


  • Dry climate bag – The bag does not insulate well in humid weather conditions and hence is more of a dry weather bag.
  • Not a 0 -20 degrees bag – Many users have found with use that the sleeping bag needs extra insulation inside if the outside temperature is in the 0 -20 degrees range.

Dimensions : The sleeping bag measures 234 x 99 cm and the packed size is 48 x 31 cm.

This sleeping bag is an absolute hit, especially with tall and large-sized campers. This is evident from the star rating given by customers on Amazon. It gets a good 4.8 stars out of 5.

Coleman Pacific 205 Sleeping Bag Check latest prize

he Coleman Pacific Sleeping Bag is your perfect companion on a cool night or to cozy up inside your caravan or can even become your duvet cover on your bed. Made with durable polyester, it can last many years of camping and is perfect for teenagers and adults alike. It’s inner flannel lining is soft and the bag has a pillow pocket for extra comfort.


  • Spacious – The pacific sleeping bag is really large and gives you plenty of room to sleep without compromising on insulation.
  • Design – The thermo collar and the comfort cuff are nice additions to keep you warm where you are exposed.
  • Machine-friendly – The front and back halves of the bag can be completely taken apart for washing individually in your washing machine.
  • Value for money – You get a durable bag with good insulation and a lot of great features for under £30.


  • Temperature rating – Though the extreme temperature rating is -5 degrees C, the bag is better suited for cooler nights and not ideal for freezing temperatures.

Dimensions : The bag measures 205 x 85 cm and the packed size is 40 x 20 cm.

Many customers find this to be a great cool weather bag, instead of a winter bag. Nevertheless, it is loved by its users for its simplicity, price and effectiveness. It gets a 4.3 star rating out of 5 stars on Amazon.

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