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During a time when the only way to buy outdoor or camping gear was to shop at the Navy surplus stores, Doug Tompkins, the co-founder of The NorthFace, came out with an idea of a mountaineering retail store. This little store, founded in 1966, made some of the best high-performance mountaineering and backpacking gear of the time.

It is quite normal to find rave North Face back pack reviews that talk about only the best features without focus on the negatives. Our North Face backpack reviews below will give you a good idea of the products under the brand and some of the best backpacks that you can choose for your adventure.

What’s Great About The NorthFace Rucksack Backpack?

The NorthFace is a brand name that is almost synonymous with outdoor gear. Here is what you will get when you buy one of these awesomely made NorthFace rucksack backpack.

  • Comfort – The bags combine technology and their years of experience in making outdoor gear to give you the best backpacks you will find out there.
  • Durable – The NorthFace is an established brand in making quality and durable outdoor gear that last years of use
  • Men and women models – You can buy your favourite daypack, rucksack or backpack model in both men and women versions for a superior fit

Cons From Other NorthFace Backpacks Review

Even the best brand of backpack may not work out for you as everybody’s needs are different. The following is the reason we picked from other NorthFace backpacks review by users.

  • Pricey – The NorthFace backpacks will seem quite pricey when compared to its competitors, but those who love quality will realize that these products last many years and are worth the money

The Price Factor Of The NorthFace Rucksack 

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You’ll know it when you own a quality product. The NorthFace rucksack is no exception to this and is made with durable materials and attention to functionality. This great combination makes the NorthFace backpacks so popular among both college students and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

Though some might argue that the NorthFace rucksacks are pricey, it is only expected when you know that you have a quality product that is well worth your money.

The Overall Quality Of The Northface Rucksacks 

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The NorthFace rucksacks use best quality fabric such as high quality polyester and nylon for its outer shell. Everything from zippers to waist straps, chest belts, laptop sleeves and pockets are made of durable materials.

As outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, backpacking, climbing etc. require minimizing the load on your back to enjoy your exploration completely, lightweight yet sturdy materials go in the making of the NorthFace rucksack. The fact that these bags last many years is proof of their quality.

A List Of Key North Face Backpack Features 

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Here are the common NorthFace backpack features that you will find in most of the backpacks from the makers of the product.

  • Padded shoulder straps
  • FlexVent technology for air circulation
  • You get them in various models for a range of uses such as hiking, climbing, biking, daypacks etc.
  • Roomy internal compartments with multiple pockets for organization
  • Side compression straps to cut bulk
  • Reflective bits are integrated around the bag to offer a 360 degree of visibility under low light conditions
  • Supportive waist belts for outdoor backpacks and daypacks
  • Bike light patch or loops

The Comprehensive North Face Backpacks Review 

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The customers who have written NorthFace backpacks review all vouch for the quality and brand name of the product. It is very common to see that a majority of college students own a NorthFace rucksack as it is a stylish, durable and reliable brand.

The brand of backpacks has some really satisfied customers, as the brand keeps up its standards and cuts out the need for the users to do extensive research before buying a good backpack.

Which Are The Best North Face Rucksacks In UK ?

Conquer The Terrain With The North Face Backpacking Rucksack

North Face Terra 65

When you are on your trail, a sagging and heavy backpack could bog you down in no time and take the fun out of your adventure. The North Face backpacking rucksack, the NorthFace terra 65, is the answer to a slimmer and lighter back pack with an OPTIFIT system that fits torsos of different sizes.

The bag screams comfort with padded shoulder harnesses, a load-spreading hip belt and padded back panels. Vertical air channels in the back panels improves air flow and keeps you cool and dry.

You will have easy access to everything on your trail with 7 pockets and a huge zippered side entry. Carry all you want with its 65 L capacity made of durable polyester fabric and ripstop nylon.


  • Multiple access points – You can easily reach all your stuff stored in the different parts of the bag
  • Roomy – With a 65 L capacity and multiple pockets, there is room for a lot of stuff
  • Value for money  – It has all the great features of a hiking backpack making it worth every penny
  • Comfortable – The weight is very well distributed and the many adjustments make it more comfortable for the wearer


  • No waterproof shell – The bag does not come with a waterproof shell and so you will have to buy one in case your trip will involve rainy places
  • Waist belts quality – Some users have had trouble with the waist belt giving away with use

Dimensions – 80 cm x 35.5 cm x 23.5 cm

Customer feedback

The users of the NorthFace Terra 65 find it to be an extremely versatile and comfortable bag that comes with tons of padding and adjustments for an optimum fit. Adding to these is its lightweight construction and even distribution of the load; lets you forget the weight. Take it along with you, no matter what your adventure.

Check the best price North Face Terra 65 on Amazon

Enjoy Your Summer With Some North Face Rucksacks Hiking

The North Face Kuhtai 24

Make your North Face rucksacks hiking enjoyable with the NorthFace Kuhtai 24. Whether it is in the hot summer that you want to go hiking or rainy days that get you all excited, the rucksack will be your perfect hiking partner.

It uses the NextVent technology with suspended mesh back panels for maximizing airflow between the backpack and your body, keeping you dry even in the hottest of temperatures. The padded hip belts will take the load of your shoulders and distribute it evenly for maximum comfort. It comes with a rain fly for those unexpected showers too.


  • Lightweight – Weighing only a mere 700 grams, it has a super lightweight construction
  • Roomy – For a 24 L capacity bag there is enough room for all your hiking essentials and more
  • Durable – The backpack is made of sturdy nylon for a superior performance


  • Less pockets – It has only 5 pockets and may not be enough for storing your hiking essentials that you will need on the go

Dimensions – 48 cm x 34 cm x 16 cm

Customer feedback

The Kuhtai 24 is a great size for short day hikes and even longer hikes that do not require a lot of gear. The major plus of this hiking backpack is that you won’t end up with a drenched back after hours of hiking. A comfortable fit also ensures that the load is evenly distributed and does not cause any fatigue with continued wearing. This is a great hiking rucksack that you will get for under 60 pounds.

The Daily North Face Small Rucksack

The North Face Mens T0chj4 Jester Backpack

When you have to get through the hustle and bustle of city life or take your college essentials with you, a North Face small rucksack such as The North Face Mens T0chj4 Jester Backpack is your best bet.

Made of sturdy polyester fabric, the main compartment is a padded floating laptop sleeve for your 15″ device, so your laptop will be safe and secure inside. Keep all you smaller things organized with the many pockets in the secondary compartment.

The back panel has a FlexVent suspension system to keep you dry and comfortable. The compression-moulded shoulder straps will make your backpack feel light, while the chest straps give you a snug fit and less bag movement while you’re on the go.

If you want to quickly store your jacket, the front elastic bungee storage will come handy without the need to open your  bag.


  • Comfortable – Padded back panels with FlexVent technology, padded shoulder straps and chest buckle all together make it a super comfortable backpack
  • Durable – It is a well-constructed backpack made of sturdy polyester fabric and durable materials


  • Abrasive back panels – The mesh of the flex vent system can cause piling on your soft clothes
  • No waist strap – As there are no waist straps, the bottom of the backpack won’t stay in place if you jog or run

Dimensions – 50 x 19 x 34 cm

Customer feedback

Everybody loves a great performer and the T0chj4 Jester is one that gives you all the experience of a great performing everyday backpack.  Whether you go for long walks or go on bike rides, the Jester will be your perfect companion.

The North Face Daypack Backpack – Carry It All Day

The North Face Mens Borealis Backpack

If you are looking for a great day pack to carry your laptop and tablet safely, then the NorthFace Mens Borealis Backpack will be a good choice for you. Forget about accidental bumps that can damage your gadgets as both the internal laptop sleeve and the front tablet sleeve are fleece lined for extra protection.

The North Face daypack backpack has a large front pocket with side straps to keep it nice and taut. The sides have a mesh pocket each for your water bottles. Shoulder straps are padded and contoured for a comfortable fit. You’ll always feel dry and fresh with the FlexVent suspension back panel with airflow channels and a spine channel.  With height adjustable chest straps, the weight will always feel well-supported and distributed.


  • Keeps shape – The backpack keeps its shape well even when fully stuffed and stands on its own with its flat base
  • Great capacity – With a 28 L capacity, it is a really large backpack with enough space for your laptop, tablet and much more


  • Small hip belt – The hip belt is not wide and also does not come with any padding
  • No rain cover – The backpack does not come with a rain cover though it is water resistant enough

Dimensions – 50 x 22 x 34.5 cm

Customer feedback

The Borealis has all the cool features of a great day pack from a massive capacity to moulded shoulder straps to FlexVent for air flow and spine channels. It makes for a perfect college or work backpack with a laptop sleeve and a tablet sleeve. You can also use it for your walks, short trips or bike rides as it has bottle holders, a bungee strap in the front for your helmet or jacket, reflective bike light patch and is made of water resistant and durable materials.

The North Face Lightweight Backpack – Large But Light

The North Face Mens T0chj0 Vault Backpack

Who wants to have a bulky bag just to be able to carry a little extra stuff? Almost nobody. That is why you can buy yourself the NorthFace Mens T0chj0 Vault Backpack  which combines a light-weight construction and large storage capacity in one.

Safeguard your laptop from bumps and falls with a floating padded sleeve inside the main compartment. All you smaller items can be conveniently organized with the smaller pockets in the secondary compartment.

Forget strain on your shoulders with the padded shoulder straps and the chest straps that keep everything taut to distribute the load evenly. The North Face lightweight backpack also gives you additional support with padded foam back panels.


  • Great on looks – For a large backpack, the T0chj0 is quite handsome with its streamlined design
  • Roomy – Both the compartments are large enough to hold books, a laptop and more of your everyday stuff


  • Small size – The compact design and size can look smaller on very tall people and those with a large built
  • Extra pockets – The backpack could do with some extra pockets in the main compartment to keep smaller things organized

Dimensions – 49 x 19 x 31 cm

Customer feedback

The NorthFace lightweight backpack is a well-made backpack that serves as a great daypack and does that job extremely well. This is perfect for those who like a fuss-free rucksack built with quality materials.  Without a waist strap, it may not be your best bet if you ride your bike, but otherwise it is a great school bag or everyday backpack with some great features.

Get A Snug Fit With The North Face Womens Backpack

The North Face Women’s the Borealis Daypack-Tnf Black

A one-size fits all sure does its job but not as well as a custom-fit one. The NorthFace Women’s Borealis Daypack -Tnf Black, One Size is designed with the different fit requirements of a woman’s body in mind.

The shoulder straps are padded for comfort and are contoured to give the right fit that a women’s torso would need.  The NorthFace womens backpack has a fleece-lined laptop sleeve in the main compartment to protect your device from bumps or falls. Also keep your tablet protected in a fleece-lined sleeve in the front compartment and quickly grab it when you need it.

There are enough reflective bits on all sides of the bag to make you visible even under low light conditions. A removable waist belt is probably the icing on the cake in addition to side compression straps, chest straps and two water bottle mesh holders.


  • Stylish – The bag is stylish without compromising on function
  • Compact – The backpack is not at all bulky as it has a sturdy and compact construction
  • Dirt and water resistant – The outer, dirt and water resistant shell keeps the bag looking clean and new


  • Large size – The compact design can be deceptive as it is quite a large bag and may not be for those who have an extremely small stature

Customer feedback

A good-fitting backpack is the secret to a comfortable backpacking experience. This women’s backpack is the best choice for you if a great fit is a priority in addition to quality and performance.

Take Home Points Of The North Face Rucksacks Review UK

The market is full of a variety of good-looking rucksacks, all promising to give you a great backpacking experience.  We have picked a great brand such as The North Face, the pioneers in making outdoor gear, for those who like to put quality and function over everything else. In this North Face rucksacks review UK, we have handpicked some of the best backpacks that the brand has to offer, so that there is one that suits every one.

So whether it is hiking or biking or just your everyday college or commute to work, there is a North Face rucksack to give you the best backpacking experience and one that is well worth every penny.


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