Your Hunt For The Best Cool Box For Camping Ends Here

best cool box for camping

Imagine quenching your thirst with a warm bottle of your favorite drink when it’s scorching hot outside. That is definitely not the best picture of an ideal picnic or trip. This is exactly why you need to take a good cool box with you. It will keep your food and drinks cold for a really long time.

So if you like to camp a lot then you need nothing but the only the best cool box for camping. But how do you find one from the plethora of options out there? Don’t you worry about a thing as we got you covered with some of the best cool box for camping UK?Read on to find out more details.

Guide to choosing the best camping cool box

There are so many cool boxes you will find in the market, some that look good and some that get the job done. There is also the price factor that you need to consider. So how do you go about finding the right cool box? Below is our quick guide to get you started.


There are different types based on how they keep the food cool. There are two basic types of cool boxes as explained below. [1]

  • Passive cool boxes – These come with foam insulation and can be used with freezer packs to improve efficiency.
  • Electric cool boxes – As the name suggests, these cool boxes use electric power to keep your food cool. They can keep food cool much longer than passive cool boxes


It is important to choose a size that suits you. A small cooler box may be compact but not let you keep enough food especially if you want to carry home-made food. But it might be great to carry just a few bottles of your favorite drinks. A 5L box will be great for storing ice and a couple of bottles while a standard 25 or 30L box is ideal for a small family. However, if you want to go on long trips then you will need a much bigger cooler box.


This is the amount of time that your cool box will keep the ice frozen [2]. Most cooler boxes can be used for short trips that don’t go beyond a day. But if you go camping for a longer period then it is good to check how long the insulation will work. Cool boxes that keep ice frozen for days have a good amount of insulation and may also be more expensive than those that have a shorter period of insulation.


If you want to use your cool box for uses other than just camping, then choose one that is versatile. For example, an electric cool box will only keep your food cool and not hot while a passive cool box can also be used to keep food warm. You may also want to use your cool box at home if you run low on fridge space. So make sure your cool box is built to suit this need.


It’s great if you can store a lot of things in your cool box but it can be frustrating if you can move the box around. That is why you need to look for a cool box that is light and comes with sturdy and comfortable handles for easy portability.


As cool boxes are used outdoors they will have to endure a lot of rough handling. It is therefore important to choose a cool box that is durable and long-lasting. Ensure that the outer shell and all parts like lids, hinges, and handles are also made of durable materials.


Finally, everything boils down to price especially if you have a small budget. Choose an affordable cool box with a lot of features that gives you value for your money. Avoid cheap ones that don’t last.

In addition to the above, you can also click on the link below to watch a video on choosing the right cool box.

What is the best cool box for camping?

We have simplified the task of finding the right camping cool box for your needs by handpicking some of the best cool boxes and reviewing them below. There is surely one for everyone.

Is the Thermos Cool Box, Blue, 28 L, the best cool box for camping?

best cool box for camping

If you are looking for the best cool box for camping then the Thermos cool box will be a great choice. It is a very spacious cool box which with its 28L capacity can hold a ton of things.

High-quality polystyrene insulation keeps your food cold or warm up to 8 hours. Simply add ice packs for longer storage. The cooler box weighs a mere 1.2 kg making it easy to lug around. It also comes with a sturdy handle that not only makes it easy to carry around but also locks the lid in place.

Don’t worry about carrying extra trays to your picnic. Simply flip the lid over and use it as a tray and its four cup holders to keep liquids from spilling.

  • Very roomy cooler box that is tall enough for even soda bottles

  • Easy to take with you for your picnics and road trips

  • Can be used for both hold and cold food storage

  • Affordable and efficient giving more value for your money

  • Good lid design with an inbuilt tray and cup holders for convenience

  • Despite being compact for its size, the design of the cooler box seems a bit bulky

  • It has a simple and minimal looking design

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The Compact Coleman Fliplid 6 Personal Cooler

best small cooler

If you are looking for a really compact cooler then the Coleman Fliplid 6 will be your best bet. It is the best small cooler you will ever find for its price point as it comes with so many features. It can easily hold up to 6 cans of your favorite beverage. Its 5L capacity is good enough for most short trips. Its superior insulation will keep your food and beverages cool for up to 9 hours. You can even pack your lunch in this box and add some ice or freezer packs to store your food for longer periods.

The lid comes with a flip design that can be used as atray and comes with two cup holders. So you can quickly camp anywhere you want just with your cooler box.  It has a super compact design that is ideal for carrying in your car and weighs only 2 pounds. So carrying your cooler around can be done single-handedly.

  • Very light-weight and compact making it extremely portable

  • A brilliant flip lid design with integrated cup holders

  • A good insulation period of up to 9 hours

  • Good value for your money

  • Extremely short insulation time and hence is ideal only for short trips

AmazonBasics Thermoelectric Cooler

best electric cool box for camping

If you want the best electric cool box for camping, then you should consider the one by AmazonBasics. This 26L cooler box is large enough to hold up to a whopping 39quart can which are enough to throw a party when you go camping.

Plug it in for extended cooling or simply use ice packs as in the case of a thermos cooler. The lowest temperature possible is 4 to 5 degrees Celsius and maintains a temperature of 18 degrees Celsius when plugged in. You can even use the warm mode to keep food warm.

It comes with a handy car charger for on the go use in addition to the wall socket charger. These cables can be conveniently stored in the lid to avoid misplacing them. The cooler box is extremely well built comes with an equally sturdy handle. It is very lightweight weighing 4 kg and can be easily lugged around even when full.

This cooler is very energy efficient and you can further improve its efficiency by using the Eco mode that only uses 6.2W.

  • Very spacious cooler box

  • Cooler and hot-pack two-in-one

  • Very quiet operation

  • A sturdy construction

  • High features to price ratio

  • Backed by a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty

  • The design may not be as modern as one would expect it to be

Vivo 26L Coolbox Cooler Hot

Coolbox Cooler

The Vivo coolbox can be a great companion for your long road trips as it is a thermoelectric cooler. It comes with a 12V car charger for keeping things cold on the go and a regular wall socket charger. As it comes with a wall socket charger you can even use it in case you run out of fridge space.

Not only can it keep your food cool but it also comes with a warm mode for keeping your food warm. The cool mode can keep your food up to 15 degrees Celsius cooler than the outside temperature while the warm mode maintains the inner temperature at 50 degrees Celsius.

It is a great performing cooler that is perfect for home use as well as your road trips, camping, and picnics. With its sturdy construction, it will last you many trips.

  • Keeps the food cold or warm

  • Easy switch to turn on the heat or cool function

  • A lot of space to store all your food and beverages

  • It can even hold a 1.5-litre bottle in upright position

  • Brilliant handle design keeps the lid locked

  • The squarish design is great on space but can take up space in your car boot

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Coleman Xtreme Passive Coolers

camping cooler box

Make your camping more fun with more people and a bigger cooler box space when you buy the Coleman Xtreme passive cooler. The interior Coleman cooler dimensions are 90 x 24 x 24 cm giving you enough room for a ton of things.

It comes with a superior insulation technology that will keep your food cool for up to 5 days. This is because not only are the sides insulated but even the base and the lid are well-insulated to reduce heat transfer from outside and cooling loss.

The cooler box is well-built and even all the cool box parts are made of durable materials to be long-lasting. It is so strong that you can even use it as a seat with its weight bearing capacity of up to 113 kg.

  • Extremely roomy with a 64L capacity

  • A brilliant lid design with 4 integrated beverage holders

  • Easy to clean with leak-resistant channels for draining

  • Comfort handles for easy carrying

  • A cooling period of 5 days

  • Doubles as a seat during camping

  • There are no wheels and hence will need two people to carry it around

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We hope that our camping cooler box reviews above help you choose the best camping cooler box for your needs. But our personal favorite and the winner of this roundup is the Thermos Cool Box as it has the right size, features and price point to suit most needs. It is also very durable and looks great outdoors. No matter which one you choose we are sure it will satisfy you with its performance and make your camping more fun and memorable.


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