Best Cool Box For Camping

A cool box is an indispensable equipment for camping. You can use it to keep your food fresh and cold, making camping life a lot easier and more enjoyable. If you don’t have one yet, now is the best time to look for the best one that you can rely on whenever you go camping. These cool boxes also come handy even when you are throwing a backyard party.

When you go out looking for a good cool box for camping, you might find yourself a little overwhelmed with the sheer number of products out there. You don’t have to worry about that now because we picked the best ones based on their capacity and reliability. Find out which products we recommend below.

Things to Keep in Mind When Buying a Cool Box

Here are the factors to keep in mind when choosing a cool box for your camping needs:

Portability. Since you will be taking it for camping, you would want to make sure that it can be moved around with ease. Some cool boxes come with wheels and others have a luggage style handle that you can use to easily pull the box around.

Efficiency. These cool boxes come with electrical features, so you can keep your drinks and fresh produce cold. However, make sure you compare the efficient as some might consume more energy than others. It is also important to know how much electricity it is going to consume, so you know whether it is compatible with your car or the camping ground’s electrical supply.

Quiet. If you are going to put it in your tent, make sure you choose one that doesn’t produce vibrations and annoying sounds that can make sleeping in your tent difficult.

Flexibility. Unless you will go camping a lot, you would want to make sure that the cool box is flexible enough to be used for other purposes such as a portable refrigerator for your outdoor kitchen or a picnic fridge.

Capacity. Also make sure it has the capacity that is ideal for your needs. If you are camping out with your family, it should be spacious enough to hold bottles of drinks and your perishable food.

Safety. If you are bringing your kids along, make sure the cool box has some safety features that will prevent kids from playing with it all the time. It should have a safety feature and a locking mechanism that will keep kids from opening and closing it.

Best Coolbox for Camping Reviews

Now here are the cool boxes we recommend for campers:

  • Coleman Cool Box Xtreme
  • Berg Large Electric Portable Cool Box
  • Thermos Cool Box
  • Igloo 34067 Maxcold Quantum Roller Coolbox

Let’s find out what these products have to offer:

1. Coleman Cool Box Xtreme

Coleman Cool Box XtremeSee details

Spending a few days in the camping site or in your RV? Make sure you get this one. It is built for such a purpose. It provides the best insulation technology that ensures your food and drinks will stay cold for days. The insulated lid keeps the cold locked inside and the walls have extra insulation properties to ensure no cold air will escape. This high-quality cool box is just what you need if you are an avid camper.


This boasts of 91 liters of capacity. It can accommodate a lot of camping goods such as beers, water bottles and fresh produce. If you need a smaller one, this same model also comes with smaller capacities of 47, 48 and 66 litres.

It has one of the best cooling performances around. It can keep your foods ice cold for up to 120 hours.

It can double as a seat as well. It is so strong that you can sit on it. It can accommodate up to 113 kg of weight.

This cool box is one of the most efficient ones around as well. It features an insulated base and lid to prevent cold air from escaping. It makes use of polyurethane, which is one of the best materials when it comes to its insulation properties.

It is very efficient even when using it in the summer season. When it gets in contact with a hot ground, what it does is transfer the heat into the cooler. When you lift the cool box, the heat will then be transferred into the air.

It is portable and easy to carry. The handles are quite strong.


Some said you shouldn’t let the water level reach the tap because it can leak water through there. It is also a bit more expensive than others.

2. Berg Large Electric Portable Cool Box

Berg Large Electric Portable Cool BoxSee details

We are smitten with the design of this cool box. It is unlike other cool box designs we have seen, which makes this an ideal choice for people who might want something that looks nicer. It doesn’t disappoint when it comes to capacity. The 45L capacity ensures that you can keep up to 75 330mL cans. They stay cold even when you store them for a few days. Its heating capacity is also ideal. If you are bringing hot foods and want to keep them hot and fresh, this can be a good choice as well.


The portability of this cool box is one of its strongest suits. It comes with a set of wheels and has a pull along handle that makes this easy to take with you when camping.

You can use it for both cooling and heating. It comes with 12V cables that you can use to plug it in your car. For keeping your food fresh and hot, just leave it in the compartment and allow its heating capacity of up to 65C to work.

The capacity is good. Many people were even able to fit bigger bottles of liquor in this. They also compared the temperature to that of their home refrigerator.

It comes with a storage area for the cord. You don’t need to worry that the cord will get lost.

Some also said they were able to use this in an upright position. If you need one that will function like a real fridge, this can be a good choice.

There were no issues with condensation or leaks as well.


Some said they can’t use ice packs in it.

3. Thermos Cool Box

Thermos Cool BoxSee details

This 32L, non-electric cool box is just right for average camping needs. It has been insulated with polystyrene materials, so you can be assured that it will keep your food and drinks cold for a long time – as long as 8 hours. Use the handle to lock the cool box in place.


This has a good capacity for basic cooling needs. If you only need something to use for the day, this should be a good choice.

It has a solid build. Nothing feels like it is going to fall apart. In fact, many of those who bought this have had it for years.

Many also like how deep it is. They also like how well it retains cold. Many go on road trips using this and they said the cool box kept everything as cold as when they first placed it in.

It is affordable as well. It gets the job done even when you are paying a fraction of the price of more expensive cool boxes.


Some said they have issues with keeping the lid closed. One wrong move and it might open up.

4. Igloo 34067 Maxcold Quantum Roller Coolbox

Igloo 34067 Maxcold Quantum Roller CoolboxSee details

You will be hard-pressed not to take a second glance at this handsome-looking cool box. It comes with wheels and handle for easier transport. It offers 49 litres of internal capacity, perfect for storing more food and drinks for a long vacation. It is equipped with one of the best insulating systems. It keeps the cold in, thanks to its ultratherm insulated body and lid. The wheels go in different directions, so you can push or pull them. It also has a telescoping handle that features gear hangers that will serve as your extra set of “hands” when it comes to holding shipping bags.


This one has a nice capacity. It is ideal for those long road trips or when camping out in the woods for days.

The wheels and the handles are easy to use and maneuver. You won’t have a difficulty wheeling it over rough terrain.

It is a great product. Many people have used this same product for years and didn’t have issues with it. It has lasted them a long time and it didn’t show too much wear and tear.

The contents stay cool. It also isn’t difficult to prep for your camping trip. Just put some ice in it and it will do its work when outdoors.


Check the specifications to make sure it will fit in the back of your car.

Which One Should You Get?

Best Cooling Functions: Coleman Cool Box Xtreme. This cool box is an easy choice to make for people who need something that will truly keep their goods cold. You can keep frozen foods in that state even for days. If you go camping for a few days a lot, this should be the most ideal choice for your needs.

Value For Your Money: Berg Large Electric Portable Cool Box. This is just right for average camping needs. The capacity is big enough to accommodate the needs of a big family. It can even be used to keep hot foods warm for a longer period of time.

Cheap Option: Thermos Cool Box. Don’t fancy spending too much money on a cool box you will only be using occasionally? We recommend getting this. It’s quite affordable but it does a great job in keeping beverages and food cool for a long time.

Best in Portability: Igloo 34067 Maxcold Quantum Roller Coolbox. If you like something that is easy to move around, look no further than this option. It is easy to transport, making this ideal for people who are always on the go.

Tips in Ensuring Your Cool Box Stays Cold While Camping

Do you want to prolong the efficiency of your cool box when you are outdoors? Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

1. Make sure you choose a size that suits your needs.

It is much harder to keep a big one cold when you are only packing a few beers and food. Take your needs into account when choosing the right size of cool box to buy.

2. Take time to pre-chill it.

Most cool boxes require pre-chilling. Check the specifications and manual of your cool box to know how to do it. There might be some manufacturer instructions you need to follow. But in general, the best way to do this is to put ice boxes inside the night before you will use it for a camping trip. This will help kick-start its insulation functions.

3. Add salt to ice.

Adding salt drastically reduces the temperature of ice. If you are looking for a quick way to chill your icebox, doing this trick might help.

4. Freeze your drinks and meals.

It is ideal to freeze your drinks and meals first before putting them in your cool box. Strategically place your cold drinks at the bottom of the container. Place your perishable goods on top. This will help keep those goods cold for a longer time.

5. Position your cool box away from the direct heat of the sun.

Put it in a shaded area. This will keep the box cooler and also prevent cold from dissipating faster.

What to Do Next?

You should already know which cool box to get by now. If you are looking for more camping essentials that will make life outdoors better, check out our homepage for the best product recommendations. Find out which products are ideal for camping, backpacking and many other needs. Let our product reviews and buying guides help you in choosing the best products for your unique needs.