Vango Serenity Double Sleeping Bag Review

While we are bombarded with a plethora of choices over owning the right sleeping bag that must suit our needs, we also look for factors that go beyond weight and aesthetics. After all, a sleeping bag is supposed to give us the comfort and feel of our comfy bed by the window sill at home. And, while we look for more details such as insulation, fabric material and quality of zippers, Vango Serenity Double sleeping bag catches our eye and, how!

What is Vango Serenity Double Sleeping Bag Pack Size?

With an offset double layer construction and made of 100 percent polyester, Vango Serenity Double Sleeping bag comes with a unique geometric print, luring us at the same into its aesthetic appeal.

Vango Serenity Double Sleeping bag pack size is approximately 200 cm long and 170 cm wide. Its pack size dimensions are around L50.0 x H59.0 x W25.0cm. With a weight of about 4.2 Kg, this sleeping bag can handle temperatures anywhere between 18 to -2 deg C.

Being a sleeping bag designed for two, it stands at 4 on a scale of 0 to 5.

What are the biggest Pros and Cons of Serenity Double Sleeping Bag?


  • Stitched with a 210T microfiber polyester with 190T Pongee, Vango Serenity Sleeping bag gives us the cosiest room to sleep, with all the warmth and comfort intact. It is a sheath of double layer insulation and, is waterproof and anti-static and, breathable. A flat head rest is provided for extra comfort to the head.
  • A two way X lock Zip feature is incorporated in Vango Serenity Double sleeping bag. This zip moves smoothly over the line and, also holds in place when stopped in between, thereby sealing warmth and at the same, providing necessary ventilation whenever necessary. Besides, the woven Zip puller ensures a smooth traction of the zip.
  • Given its off-set double layer construction, cold spots are out of picture through the stitch lines. The layers are further separated by an interlining to prevent snagging, crumpling or tearing of the fabric of the bag.
  • Internal pockets help us keep our storage devices and other essentials safe and secure.
  • The square shape of the sleeping bag makes it easy on the grounds of portability.
  • The best part is, this sleeping bag is totally machine washable.


  • The flat head rest in Vango Serenity Double Sleeping Bag does not have a draw cord closure for safety.
  • As compared to its contemporaries, it is slightly on the expensive side.

Warmth and Insulation features in Vango Serenity Double Sleeping Bag – 2 Season

The major highlight of Vango Serenity Double Sleeping bag – 2 Season is its single hole siliconised hollow fibre insulation. The silicone fibres are impervious to matting within and, manage to stay fluffy even in damp weather conditions. The fluffiness helps in trapping heat, thereby keeping our body warm even in a wet environment. This single hole siliconised hollow fibre insulation comes with its vantage points as mentioned below:

  • Increased durability
  • Maximised loft for extra warmth
  • Reduction of fibre entanglement
  • Resistant to moisture attacks

Another feature that provides us with comforting warmth even in the nippy winter nights is the insulated Zip Baffle that helps in retaining the body heat within the sleeping bag.

Besides, the quilted stitching is designed in a way that the heat distribution is even from head to toe, as this feature holds the insulating siliconised fibres in place.

On a scale of 0 to 5, Vango Serenity Double Sleeping bag scores a 5 on 5 when it comes to delivering comfort and warmth.

What we feel about Vango Serenity Double Sleeping Bag Reviews

Based on customers’ satisfaction on their purchase and, with concurrence to Vango Serenity Double Sleeping Bag reviews, we strongly recommend this for family campers, motor home owners and, caravanning nomads.

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