Best Foldable Camping Trolley Reviews (2018): Pull-Along Carts To Buy

Best Foldable Camping Trolley Reviews

Camping is a fun experience but admittedly, it’s a physically demanding task. You will have to haul lots of camping stuff like camping chairs, stove tops, grills, coolers, mattress and the rest of your camping bags and gears. One way to make lugging these around easier is with the help of camping trolley.

Thankfully, there are now folding camping trolley that can be neatly packed away in the back of your car and taken out to haul your heavy camping supplies right to your campsite. We found the best ones based from their capacity, durability and ease-of-use. Find out which camping trolleys we recommend getting.

Reasons to Get a Camping Trolley

There are so many camping gears and equipment out there, so why would you want to spend more money on a camping trolley? Here are the reasons why:

1. Convenience

Having a camping trolley is just more convenient. You can carry more stuff in one go and haul heavier loads like camping coolers without asking anyone for help. If you are camping out with kids and there aren’t a lot of adults who can help you out with carrying your heavy camping essentials, you might want to invest in a good folding camping trolley for your convenience.

You can also stash lighter loads on a camping trolley and let the kids help out in pulling them. It just makes everything a lot more convenient.

2. Comfort

Do you have a bad back? Do you suffer from joint or muscle pain? Don’t carry heavy backpacks or a cooler full of food and beverages. You will surely hurt yourself. Why not load them all to a trolley with a nice capacity and just pull the trolley to your campsite? You can save yourself from aches and pains later.

3. Efficiency

Using a trolley just makes transporting your camping essentials to the campsite a lot more efficient. No need to go back and forth to your car and to the campsite to transport everything you need.

4. Extra Storage Space

A trolley can be used as an extra storage space, especially the wagon-style ones. You can keep your important bags in there for easier access. They can also keep your bags off of the ground.

As avid campers bring more and more camp essentials, it becomes imperative that a trolley is around to make things a lot more convenient.

Best Folding Camping Trolley Reviews

There are so many camping trolleys out there, but the following are the ones with the best features and ratings:

  • Life Carver Foldable Pull Wagon
  • Homfa Cart Trolley Foldable Pull Wagon
  • Andes Black Collapsible Portable Folding Camping Wagon
  • Milestone Outdoor Foldable Trolley
  • Trail Collapsible Camping Wagon Trolley

Find out more about these trolleys:

1. Life Carver Foldable Pull Wagon

Life Carver Foldable Pull WagonClick for Price

Take the weight off of your shoulders or your hands with the help of this pull wagon that can accommodate up to 150 kg of heavy loads. Don’t worry about it succumbing to the weight because it is made from oxford cloth fabric that doesn’t rip easily and can be cleaned in a cinch. When folded down, it only measures a thickness of 8 inches – small enough to be fitted in between your things at the back of your cart. It requires virtually no assembly. It is ready to be used for your camping needs.


  • This has a good price for camping wagon trolley. It’s not too expensive but it has a good build and made from materials that last for a long time. The fabric material is also resistant to the formation of mildew and does not fade easily.
  • It doesn’t require assembly. You can use it right away.
  • It is nice and compact when folded down. It doesn’t feel too heavy as well when you stash it at the back of your car.
  • This trolley comes with adjustable handles, so you can transport whatever you need to transport with ease.
  • There are 2 mesh cup holders included, perfect for keeping your beverages in place.
  • It trudges effortlessly over various terrains.
  • Kids and pets will have fun riding this trolley as well.


  • Some said grass tends to get stuck on the axel.

2. Homfa Cart Trolley Foldable Pull Wagon

Homfa Cart Trolley Foldable Pull Wagon Click for Price

If you don’t need a big wagon but you still need a substantial capacity for your camping needs, this is a good trolley to get. It has 80 kg of capacity that will allow you to stash your camping essentials with no issues. What makes this trolley a great one for camping purposes is the front wheels that has a 360 degrees rotation feature. You can change the direction of your cart without picking it up and turning it. Even on unpaved roads, this camping trolley will run smoothly. You won’t have a hard time pulling it along.


  • This trolley is made from durable materials. The fabric used is resistant to damages, wear and tear. It is also waterproof.
  • Despite being heavy-duty, it is surprisingly lightweight. When folded down, it only has 75 x 52 x 21 cm of size. It shouldn’t be too hard to bring it with you on your travels.
  • The pull handles are cushioned. You don’t have to worry about your hands getting tired from all that pulling.
  • The 360 degrees rotation wheels are convenient to use. You can easily switch directions without stopping to pick up the wagon yourself.


  • It still requires some assembly.

3. Andes Black Collapsible Portable Folding Camping Wagon

Andes Black Collapsible Portable Folding Camping Wagon Click for Price

With a 26 x 20 x 75 cm size when folded down and a 13 kg weight, this trolley is a cinch to bring with you on your travels and camping trips. It is spacious and strong enough to carry toddlers in it, so you can effortlessly lug around your camping gears. It features 7 inches of wheels that are strong enough to withstand rough terrains.


  • Everything feels solid and sturdy with this camping trolley. You won’t have issues with this being too flimsy. It can accommodate heavier loads.
  • It looks nice. The black colour prevents this from looking worn-out and dirty easily.
  • The large wheels will ensure this trolley will traverse all kinds of pathways. Some even said they took it to the beach and did not experience any issues with it.
  • This trolley is easy to dry and clean.


  • This trolley can be a bit heavy. Some also said they had to air it out for a while because it leaked a “new” smell.

4. Milestone Outdoor Foldable Trolley

Milestone Outdoor Foldable Trolley Click for Price

Don’t fancy getting a wagon? Get this one instead. It is very compact and occupies a negligible space. It can accommodate up to 50 kg of load and is made from sturdy metal materials. It has two wheels for easy transport of camping gear. You can prop it up through its stand as well. It will hold up well even if you strapped a lot of gear in it.


  • This trolley is easy to use. No assembly is required.
  • It can effectively traverse muddy and rocky roads.
  • No rigorous cleaning is required as there are no fabric materials to deal with.
  • It has a good capacity for a compact trolley.
  • It doesn’t collapse when you stand it up in a corner.


  • You might need to secure your belongings to it first, so they won’t fall down.

5. Trail Collapsible Camping Wagon Trolley

Trail Collapsible Camping Wagon TrolleyClick for Price

This might be a more expensive choice, but it does offer a lot of features. It features impressive deep-tread PU wheels to ensure you can get it past rocky roads without it getting stuck. This is a kind of tread that can go over different kinds of terrains. The steel frame is a solid material that can hold up to 68 kg of capacity. You can collapse and fold it for easier storage or transport.


  • It crosses different terrains with ease, thanks to its reliable wheels.
  • It comes with a travel cover that can protect your stuff from harsh weather conditions.
  • The steel frame can accommodate heavier loads.
  • It is made from 600D polyester liner that is easy to maintain and keep clean.
  • There are inner and outer pockets for added storage.


  • A bit more expensive than others.

Which One Should You Buy?

Which of these recommended folding camping trolleys are the best for your needs?

Perfect for Different Road Conditions: Life Carver Foldable Pull Wagon. If you expect to traverse different road conditions like mud or rocky roads, this is a good choice for you. The off-road functionality is good, and it has a good weight capacity for avid campers.

Medium-Sized Hauling Needs: Homfa Cart Trolley Foldable Pull Wagon. This is all you need if you only need to haul a few things. It has a good capacity but not too big that you will have your hands full. The rotating wheels make this so easy to pull along on unpaved roads.

Sturdiest Choice: Andes Black Collapsible Portable Folding Camping Wagon. When it comes to camping trolleys that will not succumb to wear and tear easily, go for this one. The construction is solid, and the fabric used does not rip or get damaged easily. It’s a value for your money.

Inexpensive Choice: Milestone Outdoor Foldable Trolley. Get this foldable trolley if you prefer something a bit more lightweight. It is a foldable type that doesn’t have any fabric, so there are fewer things for you to maintain.

Pricey But Worth It: Trail Collapsible Camping Wagon Trolley. If you don’t mind spending a bit more money on a trolley, this should be a sterling option or you. It has superior wheels that can go over different kinds of terrains.

Tips in Buying the Best Folding Camping Trolley

Now that you are spending money on a folding camping trolley, it makes sense that you would want to choose one that will truly be a staple in your camping excursions. Here are a few tips that might help you narrow down your choices to the best ones:

1. You get what you pay for.

Basically, the price of the trolley will tell you more about its quality. If you are getting a cheap one, you will get what you pay for with flimsy parts and easy-to-wear-out mechanisms. You might get away with something cheap if you are only using the trolley on special camping occasions or you don’t plan on hauling a lot of stuff – just your personal belongings. But otherwise, you would want to spend a bit more money on something with more durable features to offer.

2. Consider those with off-road capabilities.

Camping grounds do not exactly offer paved roads, so expect a lot of rocky areas, uneven terrains and muddy roads. Some folding camping trolleys come with inflatable wheels where you will be able to inflate it to the desired level of firmness so that it becomes more efficient on less desirable roads.

3. Go for those with ample capacity.

Choose those with capacity that suits your needs. For personal use, you might be happy with a simple kit trolley that can be folded down with ease. But if you need more space, something bigger might be the best option.

4. Consider your personal needs.

Stop and think about your preferences. If you go camping a lot and you bring so many things with you, especially if you have kids, you might need a wagon-style trolley where you will be able to fit a lot of stuff in one go. If you don’t bring too many things with you or you are the minimalist kind of backpacker or camper but still need extra help in lugging your stuff around, a compact trolley should suffice.

What to Do Next?

Do you have everything you need for camping already? Make sure you are prepared for anything that the camping life will throw at you. We suggest checking out our homepage to find more camping gears and products that will make life outdoors easier, more comfortable and more convenient for you.


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