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Selecting appropriate food flask for your everyday life is very important. Taking warm, delicious meal that does not spoil will always cheer us up or our children. It is important to provide our loved ones with decent lunch. However, how to do that, so it doesn’t lose its heat, freshness, and its taste? A great solution is the so-called food flask – very effective storage that keeps the warmth of our meal, keep it fresh, and at the same time is very nice compact box lunch. Nevertheless, manufacturers have flooded us with variety of products that may or may not prove to be as effective as we hope. In order to avoid being cheated, we prepared for you the list of 5 suggested items that should fulfil your satisfaction.

The winner of our ranking – Thermos Stainless King Food Flask, Midnight Blue, 470 ml

best food flask

Thermos Stainless King is one of the most recognizable producers that operate in this specific area of expertise. Their work is well-known for its durability as well as long-lasting services. The combination of stainless steel and insulated stainless steel lid makes this particular option one of the most interesting on the market. As a result, we can use it Thermos Midnight Blue as a serving bowl thanks to quite wide mouth. In addition to that, we also receive full-size folding spoon. To make it even more attractive for us, this spoon is made of stainless steel, ensuring great quality and durability. Of course we don’t have to worry about getting burnt or things like that. The interior is resistant to heat and sweat-proof. The only issue for some of you may be its capacity. 470 ml may not be enough for some of lager lunch meals.

The price of this product is a bit higher than regular price, but there are plenty of more expensive products that cannot guarantee such attributes as this particular food flask.

  • Very durable finishing

  • Keeps warmth for a long time

  • Wide mouth

  • Very good quality spoon

  • Maintain cold food fresh

  • 50-year warranty

  • Moderately low capacity

If you look for bigger food flasks, take a look at Pioneer Vacuum Insulated Leakproof Soup/Food Flask, 8 Hours Hot 24 Hours Cold, Stainless Steel, 1000 ml 

what's the best food flask

This particular option provides us twice as big food flask as the winner. Except for the capacity, it also provides us with very long hot maintenance. In other words, we can keep our food hot for 8 hours without worrying about getting cold or not fresh. When we put cold food in there, we can be sure that it will be fresh for 24 hours. Pioneer gave us food flask that is made of stainless steel, what additionally increases its toughness. Very interesting advantage of this product over other offers is its leak-proof guarantee. The producers ensure us that nothing bad will happen to our food while traveling. We can’t forget about two additional cups. Unfortunately, the product is said to be used for tea, coffeee, soups, and other pourable hot food. Additional inconvenience related to this product is that we cannot wash it in dishwasher.

As for the price, it is cheaper than the winner of our ranking and overall the cheapest suggestion we provide.

  • Cheap

  • High capacity

  • Robust

  • Cannot be washed in dishwasher

Suggestion number three is Stanley Classic Vacuum Food Jar, Stainless Steel, 0.5 L

Why that product is known as best food flask

This particular food flask has got wide mouth, what lets us use it without any problems. As the previous ones, it is also made of stainless steel. Thanks to that, we don’t have to worry about having Stanley Classic Vacuum Food Jar broken. Another advantage of this product is its double-wall stainless steel construction. Thanks to that there was no need for the use of liners or coatings, making this product very robust and almost unbreakable. The lid itself can serve as 0.35 L bowl, which is a nice addition for the food flask. The only advantage is its weight. From all the suggestions this is the heaviest food thermos, what may be problematic for some of the customers.

The price for this product is one of the highest on today’s list, but compared to other products, it is still in decent range.

  • Extremely durable

  • Lifetime warranty

  • 0.5 L and 0.7 L variants

  • Long-lasting insulating properties

  • High price

  • Quite heavy

You can also look at VonShef Stainless Steel Flask 750ml Capacity Multi Function for Food or Drink

how to choose best food flask

Previous suggestions offered us either 500ml or 1L offers. In this particular model, we can find great compromise between large flasks and tiny ones. The tool gives you warranty for 7 hours warmth maintenance. In addition to that, we can also hope for 7 hours cold freshness. Stainless steel used in VonShef Stainless Steel Flask with the combination of double-wall application gives us all the heat insulation we need. Thanks to lid that is shaped in the form of bowl, we can pour the food in there and use it as utensil. Of course we can eat directly from the flask, since its large opening doesn’t limit us in any way. Additional accessory included in this flask is folded spoon. Additionally, we receive manufacturer’s warranty for 2 years.

The cost of VonShef Stainless Steel Flask 750ml is one of the lowest in this ranking, proving to be great option for those looking for quality vessel with competitive prices.

  • Universal capacity

  • Great for tea, coffee, and liquid food

  • Holds heat very long

  • Only 2 years of warranty

These recommendations didn’t fulfil your expectations? Take a look at Thermos FUNtainer Food Flask!

best food flask reviews

This particular thermos is made by the same producer, whose product won in our ranking. However, in here we received smaller and most of all lighter version of the product. Just like the first product, we find here stainless steel exterior and interior. In addition to that, we can choose one out of four colours. However, the warranty is not as long as before. We can hope for 5-year assurance from the manufacturer. Incredibly huge benefit of using FUNtainer Food Flask made by Thermos is its light weight and compact size. You can store it almost anywhere and there is little chance something bad will happen to the thermos. Of course there are some drawbacks of this tool that results from its size. 290 ml cannot store much food. It also performs worse than bigger equivalents in terms of warmth-maintenance.

In general the price for the product is in average range. However, when we compare size to price ratio, we can see it’s quite expensive.

  • Very compact

  • Light

  • Colour variants

  • Wide opening

  • Very easy to unscrew

  • Too small for adults

  • Doesn’t keep meal hot for longer than 5 hours

So how to find the right product? Take a look at our tips!…

If none of these products drew your attention, you might as well look for thermos by yourself. However, in order to find legitimate food box that will keep the warmth for a long time and at the same time will be functional, you need to know several things regarding these products. If you wish to read the whole article about proper selection of food flask, we encourage you to go to:

If; however, you want to learn these tips in a nutshell, take a closer look at the content below!

The type of flask

In order to find the right food flask, we have to take into account the style in which thermos was made. You see, there are different shapes of food flasks for drinks and for food. Therefore, we should always look for flasks that provide us with wide mouths. Because of that, it is easier to eat directly from the jar and it is also easier to wash it. Additional advantage of wider openings is also the process of loading and unloading the food. However, bear in mind that larger openings can influence the cooling process of your meal.


Functionality of food flasks is as important as their durability. Before we decide on particular model, we should take a look at all aspects of using it. See whether the manufacturer designed the product for the types of meal you are going to use. There are plenty of food flasks with the purpose of soups and other liquid food. In order to find the one that will suit our expectations we have to read all the notes left by the producer as well as the reviews of other people. Then we will learn if the chosen flask gives us all functionalities we need.

Additional accessories

This particular aspect is not as essential as the rest, but it is very nice to have food flask with additional utensils. In most cases legitimate manufacturers make lids of the openings capable of holding the meal. Thanks to that we don’t need to eat our food directly from the jar if we don’t want to. There is always a choice. Second addition that surely helps us out is spoon. Look for folded spoon made of durable material. It is recommended to look for stainless steel spoons, not plastic ones.


The material used for creation of the thermos is probably the most important matter. It is due to the fact this material is responsible for holding the heat as well as keeping our cold food fresh. Back in the days producers used glass and glass-alike materials to create food flasks. Sadly, they were too fragile for traveling, therefore we encountered plenty of problems with them. Then, we could find more durable solutions. However, these solutions included coatings that could flake off and contaminate the fluids we pour inside. That is why we should always look for stainless steel material, which doesn’t use any coatings and can still hold the heat for a long time.


In case of modern thermos, we don’t need to worry about durability. In most cases we receive a very long guarantee, which ensures that the product we have chosen is valuable. Except for long-lasting warranty, we should also take a look at material. Plastic or, what is even worse, glass food flasks are now the matter of past. Right now, the most reasonable option is to purchase stainless steel thermoses.

Summary – is it hard to find the right food flask?

To be honest there are plenty of producers that can meet our requirements. Of course we should always double-check all information before purchasing. Except for that, we should also pay attention to customers and their opinions. Usually feedback left by other people shows how effective the given product is!