Weekend getaways needn’t be at fancy resorts all the time. In fact, those who preferred going to hotels and similar places to unwind, are more frequently choosing to camp these days. What better way to spend the weekends than in the company of family or friends?

And when it comes to camping, you need the perfect tent, particularly the 4 Man Tent. The 4 man family tent has divided interior spaces so that inhabitants can get personal spaces. This feature is convenient if you have friends or family members who might be looking for more privacy.

This type of tent can be used by small groups of friends looking to spend quality time away from the noise of the city. A 4 man family tent generally provides a good amount of interior space so you can store more of your camping gear.

We checked out the different 4 Man Tents available today and picked the most reliable ones.

Best 4 Man Tents Reviews for 2021

Here are some of our recommendations on the best 4 Man Tents:

  • Coleman Coastline 4 Deluxe Review
  • Coleman Instant Tourer Tent
  • Coleman Ridgeline 4 Man Tent
  • North Gear Camping Mars Waterproof Tent
  • Lichfield Navaho 4

Now take a look at the individual features of these tents:

Coleman Coastline 4 Deluxe

Coleman Coastline 4 Deluxe Tent - 4 Person

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When it comes to the best 4 man tents, a family’s comfort and convenience is the top priority, which is why the Coleman Coastline 4 Deluxe Tent will be a fabulous purchase on your part. This tent has a design that focuses on protection against external elements. It has an easy to pitch tunnel design which will ensure you won’t be spending all your time outdoors just keeping this up. It also has a reliable and solid construction that makes this idea no matter what the external conditions are.


  • Patented self-rolling window covers from Coleman offers quick, single-handed access to the outside world.
  • Proper ventilation thanks to the cool air port and large adjustable ventilation panels.
  • One of the best 4 man tents as each individual bedroom sleeps 2 people, thereby giving better privacy.
  • It keeps pesky bugs at bay and is made from a breathable polyester material that is lightweight and easy to carry as well.
  • You have the option of using the porch poles to make yourself a porch.
  • You can avoid making time-consuming errors because this one has color-coded poles that make it easier to pitch.


  • Some side the pods inside may only be able to sleep one person so if you are maximizing this and using it as a 6-person tent, this might not be an ideal choice.
  • Large Tunnel Tent: Thanks to the 3 pole arches made of light, robust fibreglass and the well thought-out plug-in system, the family tent can be set up with 2 people in a short time; standing height in the entire tent
  • Watertight and Windtight: High-quality polyester fabric, 3,000 mm hydrostatic head, absolutely tight, welded continuous PE floor tarpaulin offers protection against rain and insects …

Coleman Instant Tourer Tent

Coleman Tent - Green/White

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The Coleman Instant Tourer Tent combines revolutionary technology with strong steel poles already connected to the tent. This spider-like structure helps to make pitching extremely fast. This 4 man tent gets set up in just a minute. For campers who seek a reliable, small but convenient and comfortable tent, the Instant Tourer is a perfect buy! It also has a good capacity and space as you can even place a queen-sized camping bed or airbed in this tent.


  • It is made from poly guard fabric, one of the sturdiest materials around. It also boasts of a WeatherTec system that keeps the interior ventilated but keeps moisture and rain out.
  • Use the steel poles to pitch your tent in an instant. It has a unique spider-like design that makes this easier to set up.
  • There is a sewn-in fire retardant groundsheet so you no longer have to worry about tedious cleaning or bugs crawling in your space.
  • The guy lines are also reflective, thereby making the tent more visible at night.


  • Some said they had issues with the build-up of condensation.
  • Pitch-in-one setup with pre-attached steel poles for one-minute pitching and packing
  • Double layer windows provide utmost comfort and convenience
  • Fully integrated sewn-in groundsheet for clean, dry and bug-free camping, also fire retardant
  • Four person capacity
  • Besides spacious dark bedrooms, the Instant Tent Tourer 4 provides a large protected living area, large windows and super-strong weather proof fabrics …

Coleman Ridgeline 4 Man Tent

Coleman Ridgline Plus 4 Four Person Tent

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The Coleman Ridgeline Tent is a popular choice for family outdoor adventures and exploration activities. It offers space and headroom that is adequate for a small group of campers. The Coleman 4 man tent has a spacious living area and can even accommodate utilitarian furniture inside the tent. The domed design offers enough headroom for even tall people. This tent is a good buy in terms of comfort, space, design features and functions.


  • The Coleman Ridgeline tent offers adequate space for a family or group of four people. The living area is spaced out well and offers decent privacy as well.
  • This tent offers flexibility in terms of its frame and tent poles.
  • The weather-proofing on the Coleman Ridgeline offers reliable protection to the campers from the rough and unpredictable weather conditions.
  • This is a tent which can withstand the elements and when maintained carefully, remains usable for a long time.
  • This tent is easy-to-carry. It is portable and very simple to pack.
  • This is a well-designed tent which offers good ventilation, convenient storage space and thoughtfully-placed pockets for storing small items. Also, the pegs, poles, fly-mesh, guy lines used are made from good quality materials.


  • Some said this is ideal to use in the summer but not during the colder months.
  • Spacious four-person Vis-A-Vis dome tent: With tunnel for separate living area and two sleeping cabins
  • Well-structured family tent with functional extras: Easy to pitch; highly flexible, lightweight fibreglass poles withstand even strong winds; two large entrances for maximum ventilation
  • Practical space: Large enough to store equipment and shoes;v fully coverable PVC windows provide a good balance between light and privacy …

North Gear Camping Mars Waterproof Tent

North Gear Camping Mars Waterproof 4 Man Dome Tent Lime Green

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A good 4 man waterproof tent provides comfortable and economical outdoor accommodation when camping or backpacking. The North Gear Camping Mars Waterproof 4 tent offers just that. This tent is made of good-quality waterproof fabric and keeps the inhabitants and their belongings safe and dry when unexpected rains lash out.


  • The North Gear Camping Mars Waterproof 4 tents offer effective shelter from the elements when you are camping outdoors.
  • This 4 man waterproof tent is made of good quality polyester fabrics and excellent waterproofing. The tent poles and other accessories provided are of sustainable quality too.
  • All seams are taped, giving this sufficient protection against the wind. It also comes with a mesh door that is good for keeping privacy.
  • It is one of your most affordable options.


  • It only has one bedroom, might not be the best for privacy.
  • Rated Best For Bad Weather by the Daily Mirror June 2017
  • 1 bedroom plus canopy with zipper, vital for storage, Air vent
  • Mesh door with special No-See-Um Mesh for inner tent, 190T Fabric with a Hydrostatic head 2000mm.
  • Taped seams, Tension adjusters.
  • Size of tent overall 360x 240cm. Height at highest point 130cm, Fire retardant …

Lichfield Navaho 4

Lichfield Navaho 4

This tent is cheap, and it is ideal for festival purposes, as the structure is small, compact and straightforward to pitch. The porch is incorporated for dual functionality – it provides shelter and acts as storage. The tent is manufactured using top-quality fire-retardant materials for your protection.


  • This tent has an “as-one pitching” mechanism – set up and can be taken down with ease, whatever the conditions.
  • It is fire retardant. Its parts such as the mesh, groundsheet and body all have been treated with a solution that makes them more resistant to fires.
  • It also features a single skin. It boasts of taped seams to ensure long-lasting protection.
  • The body is made from a protex polyester 1500 material, which is a durable kind of polyester that also boasts of water-proofed features.
  • This also comes with a sewn-in groundsheet made from polyethylene. This material ensures that your groundsheet can offer the best protection against bugs and other elements.


  • Some said it’s not as big as they expected.

Why Should You Choose a 4 Man Tent?

Best Four-Person Tent Reviews

There are plenty of reasons why a 4 Man Tent is ideal for your needs and can be better than getting other sizes of tents. For one thing, it offers more space to campers. There is more headroom and can even offer storage space for all your camping paraphernalia.

This is also a good camping tent if some of your children require privacy and don’t want to be squeezed in with the others in the tent. 4 Man Tents may come with sections that can turn into rooms. There is also plenty of ventilation in these tents as well as a good amount of protection against harsh weather conditions.

If you are getting in and out of the tent, access is easy with the taller entryways. You won’t have issues with the set-up as these are easy to pitch and remove. They are also lightweight, making them a great choice for groups of backpackers.

Which One Should You Get?

We recommend getting the Coleman Coastline 4 Deluxe if you are looking for something a lot more spacious and something that is easy to pitch. It’s a great choice for families who also want an extra living space as it has a porch area.

Looking for something more compact but can still accommodate 4 people? Get the Coleman Instant Tourer Tent. It is also one of the tents around that are so easy to set up.

The Coleman Ridgeline 4 Man Tent offers more headroom so if you prefer not to crawl in your tent, this is a good choice. It may also be more ideal for taller campers.

Get the North Gear Camping Mars Waterproof Tent if you are looking for something cheaper but isn’t lacking in features. It is more affordable but it definitely can withstand harsh weather conditions.

The Lichfield Navaho 4 is a better choice for smaller families or those who just need it for simple outdoor purposes like for attending festivals.

Buying Guide for 4 Man Tents

It’s important to know exactly what you want in order to avoid regretting your buying decision. Take a look at these factors and use them as a guide when buying:

Ease of Pitching and Set-Up

Tents should always be easy to set up. You don’t want to spend all your time just keeping it upright. Find out what mechanisms are used to make the tent easy to pitch. Features like color-coded poles or spider web design can make pitching a breeze.

Take Size and Weight Into Consideration

When buying, always check the dimensions. Some buyers assume that a 4 Man tent can really sleep 4 people but there are those that are advertised as 4 Man Tents but may have a smaller capacity. And since you will be carrying it around outdoors, you would want to make sure it is lightweight.

Consider Those with Pods

Individual pods offer more privacy, which can be great if you are with friends or you have family members who might wish for a separate sleeping quarter.

Keep Ventilation and Protection from Insects Into Account

Does it ventilate nicely? This is what you need to prevent condensation from building up inside. Also look for those with sewn-in groundsheet as they can help keep bugs away.

Consider Seasonal Performance

Are you an avid camper but only during summers? Select a 1 season tent if you are looking for a minimal level of protection. This type of tent does a great job of shielding you from the scorching sun rays. 2 season tents can deal with relatively milder weather conditions but never subject it to stronger winds or heavier downpour of rain as the tent might not be able to withstand them.

The most frequently chosen ones are 3 season tents. They are chosen because of their lightweight properties and their ability to accommodate harsher weather conditions in the spring, summer or fall. Properly pitched with a rigid rainfly, they can keep rain out and withstand even heavier downpours. However, these might not be the best when it comes to stronger winds and heavier snows. 4 season tents are better suited for winter conditions and may be able to accommodate snow, freezing wind and even some hail.

Price is a Factor

A good tent is the most important camping equipment needed for adventure holidays. A lot of campers weigh the pros and cons of buying a cheap tent over a more expensive one.

The main points of comparison come down to the construction structure of the tent, its functionalities and features and most importantly, the tent’s longevity and ability to withstand the different weather conditions.

Many times, a cheap tent may work well when maintained carefully. An expensive one may be more suited for rough weather and hence may have better durability. The quality of fabric, and of the zippers, weather-proofing, poles quality also matters. The difference could also be in the quality of protective space that a tent can offer in the wilderness.

Just make sure you look for a good balance of price and quality, so you are getting a good one.

What to Do Next?

The best place to look for a 4 Man Tent is online. Use this as a guide so you won’t be overwhelmed with the number of choices you have out there. You might also want to check out our homepage for some more product ideas that will be helpful when camping outdoors.