Best Heavy Duty Camping Chair Reviews (2018): The Sturdiest Seats On The Market

Best Heavy Duty Camping Chair Reviews

When it comes to buying camping chairs, one of the things you need to take into account is how much weight it can accommodate. It’s not ideal to spend money on a chair that only works for people with average weight. Look for a heavy duty camping chair if you prefer something that can hold up well against heavier loads. These chairs are also great when it comes to withstanding common wear and tear.

Not all camping chairs out there are truly heavy duty even though some might advertise their products as such. That said, you would want to check their weight capacity as well as the materials used to make them gauge whether they are fitting for heavy duty use or not.

Don’t worry because we did all the work for you. We searched for the best heavy duty camping chairs out there. Find out what products we recommend below.

Benefits of Buying a Heavy Duty Camping Chair

Heavy duty camping chairs are designed to accommodate heavier loads. If you are more on the heavier side, it’s better to invest in these chairs rather than the cheaper ones that might only hold up well against less than 100 kg of weight.

These chairs are also ideal no matter who the user is because it boasts of durable functions. The fabric seat and the metal frame are usually made from materials that do not get damaged easily. That means you can get more use out of these camping chairs. You can subject them to the worst conditions and not have to worry about them getting damaged.

These chairs are also a value for your money. Although they might be more expensive than your average camping chair, you can expect these chairs to last longer, thereby allowing you to get more savings.

Best Heavy Duty Camping Chairs Reviews

After checking out what the market has to offer, here are the heavy duty camping chairs we recommend:

  • Kijaro Coast Dual Lock Wave Chair
  • Quik Shade Adjustable Canopy Folding Camp Chair
  • Highlander Folding Camp Chair
  • Alps Mountaineering King Kong Chair
  • Vango Kraken Oversized Chair

Now let’s delve down into the features of these products:

1. Kijaro Coast Dual Lock Wave Chair

Kijaro Coast Dual Lock Wave ChairClick for Price

With a weight capacity of 300 pounds, this heavy duty chair can accommodate heavier loads and more. It is built to last for a long time with its Dual Lock mechanism that ensures the seating doesn’t sag under heavy weight. It is also made from a corrosion-resistant steel frame. It has a good airflow at the back due to the ballistic mesh fabric used for it.


The weight capacity is ideal for people in need of something that can accommodate heavier loads. You can be assured that this will last for a long time as the steel frame is also resistant to corrosion. It feels stable as well and isn’t difficult to set up.

The Dual Lock Wave mechanism is a nice feature. When you open or close it, it locks in place. This provides stability. You don’t have to worry that it will suddenly close when you sit down on it. It also doesn’t sag.

It comes with a lot of pockets. There is also a zippered pouch made from water-resistant materials.

It has a low profile. You can easily get in and out of the chair. Some said even though it has a low profile, it doesn’t sit too close to the ground. It has just the right height. If you are taller or you have a bad knee, you wouldn’t have issues using this.

It comes with a carry strap and a carry bag. You can pack and unpack it with ease.


Some had issues with the chair smelling like chemicals when new. Others also said it’s a bit pricey.

2. Quik Shade Adjustable Canopy Folding Camp Chair

Quik Shade Adjustable Canopy Folding Camp Chair Click for Price

This is a nifty-looking chair that you will be proud to showcase to your family or friends. It features an adjustable canopy that will keep the sun out. The seat is made from 600D polyester fabric, which is one of the most durable fabric materials around. Not only is it durable, it is also resistant to water and stains. The steel frame used for this chair can accommodate up to 225 pounds of weight, ideal for heavier people. It also weighs only 9 lbs, not too heavy for something that can accommodate heavier loads.


You will find this an ideal choice in carrying heavier loads. It has good-quality materials that can resist common wear and tear. The fabric material is even stain-resistant which means you don’t need to clean this up that often.

It is fairly light in weight for a chair that has a lot of heavy duty functions. When it folds down, it is small and doesn’t take up a lot of space in your luggage.

This comes with an adjustable shade. It can keep the sun out, great for use outdoors. The shade can be titled, lowered or raised to find a suitable position.

It is quite easy to unfold or fold down. It takes just a few seconds. It even comes with a shoulder strap that makes this easy to lug around.

Many customers also like how light it is. Even those that had issues with their back didn’t have problems carrying it.


If you are on the taller side, the canopy might be too low for you.

3. Highlander Folding Camp Chair

Highlander Folding Camp ChairClick for Price

This chair is only 2.2 kg of weight and yet it can accommodate up to 100 kg of load. Although the others might be more heavy duty, this one can hold its own when it comes to being subjected to heavier loads. The seat is made from a polyester PVC coated material that keeps bad odor and stains at bay. This material is also ideal when it comes to preventing wear and tear.


This is a heavy duty chair that is made from reliable and strong materials. You can take it with you in all your outdoor excursions. Whether you are lounging by the beach side or camping out in the woods, this should be a chair you can easily rely on.

It comes with a cup holder that you can use to hold your drinks while you sit back and relax.

This chair packs away with ease. It folds down to a small size and it can easily be stored in a carry bag. It is also light in weight, ideal for backpacking.

It is also a cheap camping chair. A lot of people are surprised at how well it lasted even though it is a cheaper option.

The fabric material is thick and doesn’t get worn out easily. It even offers a good amount of comfort. The color also stayed vibrant even though it is always used outdoors.


Some said it is a bit low for taller people.

4. Alps Mountaineering King Kong Chair

Alps Mountaineering King Kong ChairClick for Price

This is a chair that lives up to its name because of its 800 pounds of weight capacity. It features a patented steel frame that can accommodate that much weight. The fabric used for this chair is 600D polyester, ensuring that it won’t succumb to wear and tear easily. And despite these amazing functions, it only weighs 12.5 lbs. That’s not bad if you are looking for something that is easy to lug around.


It is the best when it comes to heavy duty functions. It can accommodate heavier weight and people who are taller and bigger will find it comfortable to use this chair.

The steel frame feels stable. Even when you are using it on less stable surfaces like sand, it still stands fairly well.

It folds down easily as well. It is compact once folded down. It shouldn’t take up a lot of space in your camping bag.

You will like the cup holder and the side pockets. This makes it easier to keep your drink and snacks while lounging around and enjoying the view.

Many people said they have this camping chair for years now and it still looks and functions like new. It doesn’t wear out easily.


The price is steep for a camping chair.

5. Vango Kraken Oversized Chair

Vango Kraken Oversized Chair Click for Price

This foldable chair is capable of holding up to 180 kg of weight. With its 19mm of steel frame, you can sit on it without feeling like it will buckle under your weight. The arms are also quite durable and having these armrests gives the chair extra stability.


The build is sturdy. It can accommodate bigger people and still have more room to groove in the seat.

Many found it comfortable to use. They said it isn’t difficult to set up and fold away. You also won’t have trouble getting in and out of the chair.

It sits on any kind of surface with ease. You can use it even on the beach and not worry that the legs will dig in the sand easily.


Quite expensive but many said they will gladly pay more for it. There were also others who said they prefer it to have a higher backrest.

Which One Should You Get?

Great for Taller People: Kijaro Coast Dual Lock Wave Chair. This is the best option if you are looking for something that you can easily get in and out of. Because it sits higher off the ground, taller people will find this comfortable to use.

Great for Summer Seasons: Quik Shade Adjustable Canopy Folding Camp Chair. This is a heavy duty chair that can accommodate heavier loads but one of its unique perks is its canopy that can keep not just the sun but also the wind away. For those who often go camping in the summer, this is the best option for you.

Great Price: Highlander Folding Camp Chair. This chair has a cheap price tag, but it is surprisingly sturdy and capable of accommodating heavier loads. This is definitely a great choice for people on a tight budget.

Value For Your Money: Alps Mountaineering King Kong Chair. If you don’t mind spending a bit more money on a camping chair that you know will last for a long time and will accommodate heavier loads, this is the best one to go for. It is truly heavy duty and can be a chair you can use for many more years to come.

More Room to Spare: Vango Kraken Oversized Chair. This is ideal for bigger-sized people as it provides the comfort they might be looking for. It even has more room to spare to move around.

Buying Tips for Heavy Duty Camping Chairs

Take your buying knowledge up a notch by keeping these features in mind:

Materials Used. To truly find a camping chair that can last for a long time, find out what materials were used for it. Look for durable materials and those that can wick moisture away. Make sure they are also stain-resistant, so they are easy to use when you are outdoors.

Weight Capacity. Find out how much weight it can accommodate and decide whether that suits your needs. Some camping chairs have a weight capacity that can go as high as 800 lbs and these are great for heavier people.

BackRest. Check the backrest as well. Make sure there are no horizontal rods that poke your back. Some camping chairs might have a shorter backrest, which might make them a tad uncomfortable to use.

Ease of Use. Find out if it is easy to get in and out of the chair. Look for those that have seats higher above the ground, so even taller people can use these chairs with ease.

What to Do Next?

Have you completed your camping essentials already? We can suggest a lot more products that can make your camping a lot more convenient and comfortable. You can buy a variety of camping essentials you never knew you needed. Make sure you check out our product recommendations and read our reviews to be guided on the best products for camping to buy.


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