The Best Hewolf Tents (UK) of 2022

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If you enjoy outdoor activities, you know how important it is to have a practical, durable, and easy-to-setup tent. Whether you are into camping, hunting, backpacking, or enjoying parties and concerts, having a properly ventilated and comfortable camp can well be the difference between enjoying your time or getting all worked up for nothing.

You can find different brands of tents but if there is one brand that stands up and delivers you peace of mind, that could undoubtedly be the American tent leader – Hewolf. Hewolf tents are exactly what a camper or an outdoor enthusiast looks for. There are different kinds of Hewolf tents depending upon your group size and preference. But all the Hewolf tents have a few things in common – quality and easy setup. Isn’t that what we are looking for when we plan to make a temporary home outside?

  • HEWOLF Camping Tent 3 to 4 Person
  • HEWOLF Family Tent 2-3 Person
  • HEWOLF 2 Man Lightweight Backpacking Tent
  • HEWOLF Automatic Camping Pop-up Tent 2-3
HEWOLF Camping Tent 3 to 4 Person Check latest prize

An extremely spacious pop-up tent with enough room for 3 to 4 people, the Hewolf Pop Up Tent is your go-to family camp. It has a UV protected waterproof exterior and comes with a carrying bag.

This Hewolf Pop Up Hexangular Tent for 3 adults or 4 people (adults with kids) is made of odor-free non-toxic material. It is sturdy and durable as it is manufactured with advanced 210D Oxford cloth along with 190T silver-coated polyester material. This keeps the water, wind, dampness, and especially the harsh ultraviolet rays at bay.

One of the best features of the Hewolf Pop Up Tent is how easily it can be set up. The fiberglass poles are color-coded and they provide a sturdy resistance against windy weather. You can remove the flysheet to transform your tent into a bug-proof screen room.

With two big doors and two mesh windows on the sides, you can have a free flow of natural fresh air inside your tent. If you are camping with kids, it is a great shelter for kids to play and sleep without worrying about the ventilation or the weather conditions outside. As easy as setting it up is, the Hewolf Pop Up Tent can be conveniently folded in a matter of seconds and easily stored.

The package of the Hewolf Pop Up Hexangular Tent contains one pop-up tent and lobby pole, 8 wind ropes, 14 tent pegs, and a carry bag for the tent. The tent weighs around 12.6 pounds (5.7 kgs). The internal length is 129cm x 247cm x 138cm and from the outside it has the dimensions of 140cm x 283cm x 168cm. It comes in two camouflage colors of Army Green and Camel. Hewolf offers a 31-days’ full money refund guarantee if you do not like the product, which is seldom the case.

HEWOLF Family Tent 2-3 Person Check latest prize

Whether you love camping in spring and autumn, or you are a complete outdoor junkie when summer season arrives, you need a strong and sturdy tent that is weather-resistant and sets up in a hassle-free manner. And guess what, your wish has been taken care of by Hewolf Automatic Pop Up Tent.

The automatic pop-up tent is good for 2 to 3 people. Especially if you are a couple with a baby or a small child, the Hewolf Pop-up Tent has enough space to cozy up the three of you, while protecting against the harsh UV rays. This cabana tent is great for beaches, fishing, hiking, camping, parks, and backpacking trips.

The outer surface of the tent is made with 190T polyester while the bottom surface is 210D Oxford cloth. The fiberglass poles provide strong support to the tent. With 12 tent pegs, 6 wind-resistant ropes, one pop-up beach tent, and two hall support poles, you can have a guaranteed comfortable outdoor experience.

The Hewolf Automatic Pop-Up Tent weights 2.72kgs and is available in Army Green shade. With its spacious size of 260cm x 150cm x 105cm, the tent provides a sturdy structure that can be easily set up as well as folded down to a compact and easy to grip size of the storage bag.

Hewolf Automatic Pop-up comes with a 31 days’ money-back guarantee along with a customer service helpline that is always ready to help you. Whether you want a beach tent, a sun shelter, or a rain protecting camp – the Hewolf Automatic Pop-Up Tent is your home away from home.

HEWOLF 2 Man Lightweight Backpacking Tent Check latest prize

You do not need a family-size tent for two people or when you are backpacking alone. The Hewolf Backpacking 2-Man Lightweight Tent is great for two adults as it offers them a comfortable yet compact camping experience. This dome-shaped tent comes in three attractive colors: Orange-red, Lake blue, and Green.

Your Hewolf Backpacking 2-Man Tent can be used in all kinds of outdoor activities and can be easily carried along. It is made with Hewolf’s proven formula of 210D Oxford fabric that provides solid support against rain as it has a waterproof level as high as 5000mm.

The tent has two doors with a dual zipper system that can be opened from inside as well as outside. The two ventilated windows keep in check the air circulation. The mesh makes your tent breathable while the double-layered design keeps you nice and cozy in cold temperatures. It has a camping lamp hook that lets you light up your tent during nights. And if that is not enough, the inside of your tent has a storage pocket where you can put in your cellphone, wallet, and other valuable items.

The best part about this Hewolf tent is its setup. With the help of an 8.5 mm super-strong aluminum alloy pole and clips, you can have your tent in a matter of minutes. The package comes with your Hewolf tent, its storage bag, along with 12 tent pegs and 4 wind-proof ropes.

Whether you are backpacking, hiking, climbing, or doing any kind of sports that require you to carry your backpack, you need a tent that is light in weight and can be folded down to a compact and carriable size. You do not want the tent to hold you back, do you? The dome-shaped Hewolf 2-Man Tent only weighs around 2.4kg and has a dimension of 200cm x 140cm x 110cm – making it perfectly portable.

This Hewolf Lightweight 2-Man Tent is ideal for weekend getaways where two people can comfortably sleep and enjoy the experience. The well-ventilated anti-mosquito tent comes with Hewolf’s lifetime warranty. So, the next time you plan to go fishing, camping, or backpacking with a friend, partner, or even alone, the Hewolf 2-Man Tent could be your perfect camping partner.

HEWOLF Automatic Camping Pop-up Tent 2-3 Check latest prize

If you are looking for a properly ventilated couple-sized tent, then how about the Hewolf 1-2 Person Pop Up Tent? It is made with waterproof fabric so no matter how much rain it is pouring outside, you have a dry and cozy situation under your tent.

The Hewolf tent has 2 zippered doors that can be rolled up to create an airy and open feel. The raised edges at the entrance of the tent keep heavy rainwater away from entering the tent and keeping your stuff nice and dry. The mosquito nets make sure you enjoy a bug-free and mosquito-free trip. There is a lamp hook where you can hang your light.

With an umbrella-like design, setting up your tent is a breeze – and so are its dismantling and storage. It is light in weight so you can easily carry it on your backpacking adventures. Whether you need a tent for your kids who want to camp outside, or you want to have a getaway alongside the beach or in the mountains, this pop-up tent checks all the boxes.

The Hewolf 1-2 Person Pop Up Tent is available in two attractive colors: Army Green and Blue Sea. The dimension of the tent is 200cm x 180cm x 135cm and its shipping weight is 3.7kg. If you need an easy-to-install light-weight tent for a couple, your kids, or even for a single person, this Hewolf 1-2 Person Pop Up Tent might be the perfect fit for you.

Versatility is an important factor in Hewolf tents. No matter what your camping style is, there is a Hewolf tent for everyone!

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