Best Hiking Socks

After buying yourself the best hiking boots, make sure you get yourself the best hiking socks. You owe it to your feet! Since hiking takes a toll on your feet, giving them extra support and providing comfort should be prioritized.

The best hiking socks are out there. You just need to find the one that suits your camping needs and can work with the hiking conditions you will subject yourself to. Whatever you choose, make sure it provides comfort and support to your feet, keep them warm enough during the winter season, prevent moisture from being soaked in and ensure that they will last for a long time. With those in mind, we set out to find the best hiking socks the market has to offer today.

Types of Hiking Socks Material

Perhaps the biggest point of consideration when buying the best hiking socks is the material used. This will tell you a lot about how comfortable it is, how it will protect you from the cold and how it can easily become smelly.

Here are some of the materials most commonly used for hiking socks:

Merino Wool

This is a go-to choice for many backpackers because it is comfortable and capable of keeping the feet nice and warm. It’s not just ideal for hiking, it’s also ideal to use when engaging in outdoor sports in the winter such as skiing or snowboarding. It also prevents sweat and moisture from sticking on the surface of your skin. Many of these socks can also be re-used without washing them right away because they can smell fresh for a longer period of time.

Synthetic fabric

There are socks made from synthetic fabrics that boast of good insulation. You can find technologies like Thermostat and Thermax. What makes these materials good for hiking is that they keep warmth in. They also dry up faster compared to other materials, which might be good if you are only bringing a pair or two and you want to wash your socks. When choosing these materials, however, make sure they are the most comfortable and they fit your feet properly.


Cotton is not the best material for hiking socks because it absorbs sweat easily. That’s a bad thing because in the winter, that extra moisture can get cold and can freeze your feet and they can cause bacteria to grow as well, thereby causing smelly feet. They are, however, cheap and easy to find.


This material has good insulation properties, ideal for the winter season. However, it can be flimsy, so it’s not a good option for long hours of hiking. Some socks have silk liners though and they might provide more comfort to users.

Best Hiking Socks Review for 2019

Here are your best options when it comes to hiking socks:

  • Yuedge 5 Pairs Men’s Cushion Crew Socks
  • KOOOGear 3 Pairs Womens Running Hiking Socks
  • Danish Endurance Merino Wool Hiking & Trekking Socks
  • Jeep Mens Stone 3 Pair Luxury Terrain Walking Hiking Socks
  • VCA 6 Pairs of Unisex Hiking and Trekking Socks

Check out what these products have to offer:

1. Yuedge 5 Pairs Men’s Cushion Crew Socks

Yuedge 5 Pairs Men’s Cushion Crew SocksClick for Price

One set of this comes with 5 pairs of socks ideal for male hikers. What makes these socks different from others is their splicing design that gives the toe area a seamless appearance, thereby preventing snagging or clumping. The hell also has a Y-type structure at the arch and offers padded support, ensuring comfort what you go out there and do what you do best.


This is one of the most comfortable hiking socks around. It has a good amount of support on the arches of your feet and provides superior comfort to your toes.

The bottom has anti-skid feature, which means you don’t have to worry about your feet slipping inside your boots. The added protection also keeps your calf comfortable.

These socks do not wear out easily, thanks to the terry fabric integrated in the areas where there are often a lot of wear.

It features moisture wicking management system that prevents the material from absorbing too much moisture and enhancing drying time, so your feet stay nice and warm even during colder days. It also stays fresh-smelling the entire day.

Say goodbye to blisters. The elasticity of these socks helps prevent your feet from acquiring blisters due to constant friction.


There is a customer who said this shrunk after washing it a couple of times.

2. KOOOGear 3 Pairs Womens Running Hiking Socks

KOOOGear 3 Pairs Womens Running Hiking SocksClick for Price

If you are looking for durable and comfortable hiking shoes for women, look no further than this one from KOOGear. It eliminates all possible issues one might have with socks such as bunching, slipping and moisture retention. This one helps your feet stay protected from blisters even after prolonged hiking. You will also like how well it keeps moisture at bay.


It provides a good amount of comfort. Whatever your preferred outdoor activity is, these socks will surely serve you well.

Although the socks are thick, they do offer some nice ventilation. It doesn’t feel like your feet are accumulating sweat. That said, this is ideal to be used for different seasons.

It provides support to the calf and ankle. The cuffs are also elasticized, ensuring a better fit. It also features a compression band that helps in absorbing shock, thereby preventing users from experiencing cramping and fatigue easily.

It comes with a 100% money back guarantee.


Some said the material used for this is a little bit on the rough side.

3. Danish Endurance Merino Wool Hiking & Trekking Socks

Danish Endurance Merino Wool Hiking & Trekking SocksClick for Price

What better way to protect your feet from fatigue and cold weather than with the help of these merino wool socks? With its ability to wick sweat away, this ensures that excess moisture won’t settle on the surface of your feet. It will keep you warm in the winter and fresh in the summer.

These socks even boast of a ventilation zone that allows air to pass through with ease, thereby preventing the build-up of moisture. This also ensures that your feet do not get chafed easily.


This is a high-quality product that doesn’t get damaged or doesn’t wear out easily.

If you want your feet to smell fresh at the end of your hiking trip, go for this one. Merino wool doesn’t hold on to moisture, thereby preventing the growth of bacteria and also preventing moisture from freezing in the winter.

This is a good choice for the summer season as well. The mesh zones allow air to circulate easily, making way for fresher and cool feet.

It is comfortable to use even for a prolonged period of time. This reduces feet fatigue.

It is a durable option as well. These products are manufactured in Europe, so you can be assured that stringent attention is paid to it.

It is backed by a money back guarantee and good customer service.


Some had issues with uneven wear. However, they got the manufacturing company to replace their problematic socks.

4. Jeep Mens Stone 3 Pair Luxury Terrain Walking Hiking Socks

Jeep Mens Stone 3 Pair Luxury Terrain Walking Hiking SocksClick for Price

Go hiking with confidence in these cushioned socks that promise to protect your feet from blisters and fatigue. The heel and the toes are completely cushioned, making sure you push yourself to your limits and not worry about blisters. They are quite chunky as well, so if you are looking for added protection and padding, this should be a good option.


These socks are affordable. You get 3 high-quality pairs of socks in one package.

You won’t be disappointed with their durability. The heel and toes, which are the ones that usually wear out fast, are padded, giving not just extra durability but also extra support and comfort.

It provides ample protection against cold weather as well. It is so versatile that you can wear it not just for hiking but for everyday use as well.

These are machine-washable. They won’t shrink or deteriorate easily.


Some said these socks are bit bigger than they expected. They also said it can feel a bit rough.

5. VCA 6 Pairs of Unisex Hiking and Trekking Socks

VCA 6 Pairs of Unisex Hiking and Trekking SocksClick for Price

These cushioned socks are ideal for men and women. It has a nice design that should work with your wardrobe. The materials used are a mixture of cotton, elastane and polyamide. It also offers substantial cushioning especially at the heels and the toe, thereby ensuring comfort even when using this for many hours.


This is one of the best-looking socks out there. It can easily be matched with your everyday clothes.

The cushioning for this product is ideal. You can feel comfortable even when you are on your feet for hours.

It helps prevent abrasions and blisters, thanks to the protection zones distributed in the socks. The design is also effective. The center of the foot features ribbing, which can provide the support you need.

The seat also has slip-resistant properties.


There are those who claimed this is thinner than what they expected.

Which One Should You Get?

For Avid Hikers: Yuedge 5 Pairs Men’s Cushion Crew Socks. Get this one if you do a lot of hiking. It comes with 5 pairs of socks, great for an extended stay up in the mountains. They are truly comfortable to use, and they should last you for a long time.

All-Season Socks for Women: KOOOGear 3 Pairs Womens Running Hiking Socks. If you are looking for something that you can use no matter what the season is, get this one. It should keep your feet warm in the winter, but it is ideal to be used in the summer as well due to its breathable functions.

Great Product with Great Customer Service: Danish Endurance Merino Wool Hiking & Trekking Socks. You can’t go wrong with this one, given its superior quality and its ability to provide comfort and support. Best of all, if you encounter anything wrong with it, customer service will back you up.

Cheap Option: Jeep Mens Stone 3 Pair Luxury Terrain Walking Hiking Socks. For its price, this is surprisingly high in quality. You will like its thickness that is capable of protecting your feet from blisters and from the cold.

Ideal for Everyday Use: VCA 6 Pairs of Unisex Hiking and Trekking Socks. This is a good option for occasional hikers who might not be able to use their socks on a regular basis. These pairs are good enough to be used as an everyday pair of socks.

Understanding Hiking Socks Fit

As you know, fit is crucial when it comes to buying socks. Sure, these products might be elastic but if they are a bit snug, they might prevent circulation. They can also hamper the flow of air, which can mean moisture will stay on your skin.

Buying hiking socks first might be better than buying boots first. If you buy boots first and then end up buying thicker pairs of socks, the boots might not fit well anymore because the bulk of the socks occupies a lot of space.

Also pay attention to gender differences in sizing. Obviously, socks intended for men are sized bigger than those of women. When buying, find out whether you are purchasing hiking shoes for men or hiking shoes for women. As for unisex socks, find out what the size in centimetres is for a better fit.

Choose a good fit. If it’s too big, get something else. Loose or baggy socks can cause more friction, which can lead to more blisters when going hiking.

What to Do Next?

Finding a pair of socks for hiking now sounds easy, right? Choose from the above-mentioned products for the best hiking socks.

You might also want to visit our homepage to learn more about different hiking gear you can add to your essentials. Find out what camping or hiking backpacks to get or choose from different camping pots and pans. Let us help you find the best products that will make your hiking and camping trips a lot more comfortable and convenient.