You probably wonder what are the best hiking socks uk. Here’s the answer!

best hiking socks uk

The following article contains the list of 6 the most recommendable socks for mountaineering as well as hiking on the highlands. We are the people, who specialize in this field of expertise, hence we can provide you with experienced knowledge regarding choosing the best hiking socks ukincluding reviews, material type, and many other aspect crucial for proper selection. Of course we are not going to focus on the description of the ranked product alone. We wish to show you how to find your own product, how to prepare feet for hiking, and of course give you the explanation what is full cushion socks meaning. So now, let us jump into the ranking of the best hiking socks for summer or winter!

Merino Wool Hiking & Trekking Socks Performance Socks for Outdoor Enthusiasts – the winner of our ranking

best hiking socks

If you look universal socks for all outdoor activities and you don’t want to choose between summer and winter socks, then this particular choice will suit you best. These all seasons all year hiking socks made by the company Danish Endurance are one of the greatest offers on the market. Thanks to the use of Merino Wool, the highest quality wool and one of the best natural fabrics for socks, we can not only control the temperature inside socks, but also they guarantee anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. In addition to that, additional layer in padding gives us cushioning that reduces blisters and hot spots. Extremely comfortable pair of socks become even better choice when we take into account ventilation systems. They improve breathability and increase the overall experience from wearing socks!

Sadly, we cannot say that yet another advantage of this product is the price, since these are quite expensive. Definitely not the cheapest product you will find!

  • Cheap

  • Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal

  • Breathable

  • Keep your feet dry

  • Quite pricy

Looking for the best cheap hiking socks? Have a look at Mens Stone 3 Pair Luxury Jeep Terrain Walking Hiking Socks

best cheap hiking socks

This particular set of socks is great for extreme winter conditions. The thing that distinguishes them from other products is that they are fully rugged and filled with cushioning from heel to toes. Because of that, this pair of socks is probably the most comfortable we will find in the given price range. However, there are several things that people might find disadvantageous. First of all, they contain 80% cotton. Cotton is a fabric well-known for its heat maintenance characteristics. Even though it may be beneficial in cold weather, cotton doesn’t offer us anti-bacterial or anti-fungal properties. Except for that, our feet may sweat while wearing these socks. Nevertheless, we should remember to take into account more than just sweat drainage – these are very warm and functional socks that can be taken care of quite easily.

The most important advantage of these socks is of course their cost. For the price of one pair of our winner, we can get three pairs of socks made by Jeep manufacturer!

  • Very cheap

  • Can be washed in washing machine

  • Won’t get pilled

  • Poor sweat drainage

Another interesting suggestion is 3 Pack Hiking Socks, Full Thickness Micro Crew

Why that product is known as best Hiking Socks

This particular pack of hiking socks is great for variety of activities. If you look for best thick hiking socks, then they might do the trick. In here we have the combination of cotton and nylon. Thanks to that, we received strong and durable socks that at the same time are quite cheap. Nylon is well-known fabric that can not only withstand the trial of time, but it can be also washed in washing machine. Another advantage of these socks is that they dry quite fast, so they might be one of the best summer hiking socks uk. Sadly, they are half-synthetic, what makes them very poor when it comes to sweat drainage. Yes, they can dry very fast, but our feet won’t be dry while performing some demanding outdoor activities.

Still, low price for such amazing product should convince some of you for this choice.

  • Very cheap

  • They dry very quickly

  • Very durable

  • Can be washed in washing machine

  • Average breathability, poor sweat drainage

Looking for something else? Have a look at Hiking Walking Outdoor  Socks – YUEDGE 5 Packs Multi Performance

how to choose best hiking socks

If you wish to get more socks in the package, you can have a look at the offer from YUEDGE. We can get here multiple colours and choose the ones that suit us best. Of course except for variety of colours, the manufacturer made sure that these are lightweight hiking socks and will guarantee us with above average comfort, which is quite important while hiking, jogging, biking, and performing many other sports activities. Special ventilation technology that improves the design of these socks will surely appeal to our taste. Breathability is very important aspect for each and every pair of socks, especially if we look for hiking socks. Even though there are some cotton additions, these socks guarantee fast-drying and anti-bacterial properties.

5 pairs of hiking socks for approximately the same price as previous ones, quite a good deal!

  • Very comfortable

  • Great ventilation

  • Breathable

  • 5-pair package is quite expensive, especially if we look for one pair of socks.

Another offer we have prepared for you is BridgedaleCoolFusion Light Hiker Men’s Sock

best hike socks

In terms of this product, we need to name several interesting advantages. First of all, these are lightweight hiking socks, therefore we can hope for above than average comfort and breathability on very high level. Except for that, they are best summer hiking socks uk since at the same time they guarantee fast-drying properties thanks to air-circulation technology provided by light mesh. As for better comfort, we can see here cushioning under almost all foot. The materials of which these socks are made of are cotton and coolmax. Thanks to that these socks are always dry. They also regulate the temperature inside the sock, making sure we won’t sweat too much. Thanks to addition of cotton, they are also warmer than usual Coolmaxthermoactive underwear. In order to show us how legitimate and durable these products are, the manufacturer has also included 1-year warranty for the product!

Even though cotton is cheap fabric, the use of coolmax resulted in quite high price – one of the highest in the ranking.

  • Great underfoot amortization

  • Breathable

  • Great sweat drainage

  • They dry very quickly

  • Quite expensive

The last suggestion for wool hiking socks enthusiasts! Have a look at Smartwool Medium Crew Men’s Hiking Socks

best thermal hiking socks

If you look for the best material on the market, then the combination of merino wool with smartwool should be your choice. In this particular case, we receive socks that are not only durable, but they can also keep our feet safe and healthy. Just take a look at reviews of hiking socks uk and you will see that most of the offers lack anti-bacterial protection. Merino wool is nothing like other natural, or synthetic materials. It provides us with the best qualities of natural fabrics – warmth, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial protection, and sweat-drainage. In addition to that, we can also see moisture-wicking and odour-reducing attributes, which are great if we want to wear one pair of socks for the whole day of hiking, jogging, or doing anything else outdoor.

Unfortunately, for quality socks we have to pay – this is the most expensive suggestion in our list.

  • Very comfortable

  • They keep our feet dry and ventilated

  • Protection against bacteria and fungus

  • Odour reduction

  • Very expensive

How to choose the right hiking socks?

So now, when everything regarding our suggestion list has been said, let us take a closer look at the most important elements. Thanks to that we will be able to find the best hiking socks uk without asking specialists for help or aid yourself with lists or recommendations. Of course for longer reading you are welcome to go to:

There is a detailed information regarding all types of hiking socks for either winter or summer hiking, for professional mountaineering, or for amateur trip to conquer some highlands.


The type of material used for manufacturing socks is certainly the most important when it comes to socks. It doesn’t matter what manufacturer says about their socks – if the main composition of hiking socks is made of wrong material, the socks won’t meet our requirements. That is why best hiking socks for summer should be made of merino wool or fully synthetic materials with above average sweat drainage and ventilation. As for winter socks, we should always look for wool-like materials (once again, merino wool would be amazing choice). Except for great ventilation and the ability to dry very quickly, they also maintain warmth and keep the temperature of our feet all the time.


As for durability of our socks, in this particular aspect the best thick hiking socks will certainly last longer than the thin ones. Of course in order to ensure durability, we also need to search for selected materials in order to strengthen socks. Polyamide (also known as Nylon) is one of the most durable materials we can find in socks industry. In addition to that, we can use washing machine to wash socks that contain more than 10% of Nylon material. Another indicator of the durability is warranty. It is very rare, but some manufacturers are so sure of their socks, they give us 1-year warranty, which is more than enough for the pair of socks.

Additional functions

Before we say anything about additional functions, we suggest to learn what is the full cushion socks meaning. As you know, hiking socks needs to be comfortable for all the outdoor activity we will be doing. In order to secure our feet, the manufacturers have decided to use several methods of improving the amortization underfoot. First one is doubling the material. Another one is cushioning. It is basically one and the same thing, but in many situations full cushioning provides much better comfort and doesn’t take so much space. Cushioning is an amazing feature we should always remember. In addition to that, make sure that there are some percentages of elastic material, so we won’t have a problem with falling socks. Ventilation system is yet another thing we should look for.


Very important aspect of each and every purchase. Of course we can find the best cheap hiking socks that will do their job, but from what we know and from what our experience tells us, it is much better to buy one pair of very expensive socks than several ones that are cheaper. It is because they cannot ensure such comfort and such amazing properties. Obviously, there is no need to spends dozens of pounds on one pair, but if we find legitimate socks provider that is well-known for producing hiking equipment, it’s better to trust him and all the people, who have used their services.

Opinions of others

Even though we should always buy things we like and doesn’t care about others’ opinions, have a look what others say about your choice. If reviews say the best hiking socks ukare the ones you chose, then there is high probability your choice will serve the purpose.

Summary and conclusion

That’s all we wanted to prepare for you. We hope that the following article will provide you with necessary information you need for proper selection of wool hiking socks. Bear in mind that finding the right product involves hours of research, learning more about the manufacturer, reading detailed information about fabrics, and of course familiarizing with hiking socks uk reviews. Once you find the socks that will suit your needs, make sure they are destined for the same purpose you were looking for, so you can avoid disappointment.


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