Best Camping Lantern Reviews

Camping is proven to be a fun family or group activity. If you have the right accessories, your outdoor experience doesn’t have to be tedious, restrictive and boring. When it comes to getting your camp brighter after sundown, the rechargeable lantern offers a great way for you to do that.

You could choose from headlamps and lanterns to brighten your camp space. But why choose lanterns over headlamps? Simply because lanterns tend to be brighter, offer a 360o light and is ideal for a group of people who want to sit and enjoy the dusk. It also offers features that are more convenient for the average camper.

Why Get a Rechargeable Lantern for Your Camping Needs?

Lanterns are great ways to provide illumination when faced with power outages and emergencies. In short, a good lantern can replace individual headlamps. And the best one to pick is the rechargeable camping lantern which makes life much easier and comfortable.

Rechargeable lamp is a great backpacking power source that can effectively illuminate the inside of a tent or the entire camping area. They are child-proof and are not affected by weather. These rechargeable lamps can be charged as per requirement and has a general usage capacity of around 20 hours per charge. If needed, you could invest a bit more on lanterns with USB ports and other features that makes life much easier.

Backpacking lanterns should be compact, light, durable and have a decent battery/recharging life to handle emergencies. When checking out your options, look for models that have ideal brightness output, easy to use functions, durability and lightweight features.

Benefits of an LED Lantern

While you are out in the wild, your activities are affected by the amount of light you get. Torches and headlamps can give a helping hand, but not as much as a rechargeable LED lantern. They use LED which is a much brighter kind of light and can cover a wider range of area. Also, the major advantage is that you don’t need batteries or other power sources, but mere recharging. These are models that can get you going for over 20 hours without recharging.

You can also get rechargeable LED lanterns with extra features like a power bank that helps during power outages. Mostly they are quite affordable, but the price might vary according to the features you choose. Since they are LED lights, they utilize much less power compared to other kinds of lightings.

Benefits of a Solar Rechargeable Lantern

Solar power is the ultimate source of energy that almost never runs out. It is inexpensive, efficient and is very much available. Solar rechargeable lanterns utilize solar power to recharge. They are quite effective in places with sunlight but might pose trouble if you are in a very shady area where sun exposure might be limited.

Best Rechargeable Lanterns Reviews for 2020

Get these recommended lanterns for your outdoor camping needs:

  • Coleman Battery Lock Twist Lantern
  • Suaoki LED Camping Lantern Collapsible Solar Light
  • Lanktoo 2-in-1 Waterproof LED Camping Lantern
  • HeroBeam 2x LED Lantern
  • SUBOOS Ultimate Rechargeable LED Lantern

Here are more things you need to know about these products:

1. Coleman Battery Lock Twist Lantern

Coleman Battery Lock Twist LanternSee details

The Coleman 300 Lumen Twist+ rechargeable lantern is a multi-purpose lantern. It has an adjustable lighting output that can go as high as 300 lumens and as low as 50 lumens, which can cater to your varying lighting needs. It is equipped with a lithium-ion rechargeable battery with USB compatibility. The system is perfect for camping and outdoor adventures with its mobile phone, GPS and other device charging feature.

This model is weather-resistant. It holds a battery lock, which prevents draining. The charging cable is strategically placed at the base for hassle-free transport. The system is cost-effective, great for people on a budget. It is also sturdy, durable and lightweight only weighing around 1050 grams. It is also a compact product with a dimension of 28×14.7 cm.


  • High quality, multipurpose unit
  • Weather resistant
  • Light, compact, ergonomic
  • Has varying lighting capacity
  • Easy to charge and use
  • You can use it to charge your phone


  • Might be more expensive than others

2. Suaoki LED Camping Lantern Collapsible Solar Light

Suaoki LED Camping Lantern Collapsible Solar LightSee details

This is an easy portable lantern which can be hung in a campsite or carried around in the darkness. It can be charged with solar power or rechargeable batteries with the use of a USB charger. It is a good product that boasts of efficiency and convenience.

The light output is bright and can be adjusted to 3 modes, which includes the low-brightness mode or night light, high-brightness or table-lamp mode and the flashlight brightness or SOS mode.

The Suaoki LED camping lantern comes with a silicone body rendering it completely unbreakable. It is a safe option with children around. This camp light comes with IPX4 grade waterproof feature.


  • The lantern is easy to carry and can fit comfortably along with the other camping supplies.
  • The two-way battery mode is very convenient. When there is not enough solar power, the rechargeable batteries work very well and vice versa.
  • The body is unbreakable and safe to use in different weather and camping conditions.
  • The adjustable light intensity is a big plus.


  • The two-way battery modes can be tricky to use.
  • This is an expensive product when compared to the other products in its price range which offer more features.

3. Lanktoo 2-in-1 Waterproof LED Camping Lantern

Lanktoo 2-in-1 Waterproof LED Camping LanternSee details

Lanktoo 2-in-1 ultra-bright LED camping lantern & power bank are two in-one systems that act as a lantern and a power bank. They offer fast charging for any smartphones, thanks to its high charging capacity from its lithium battery. It offers a maximum of 170 hours and a minimum of 18 hours bright light for a charge.

There are four brightness modes, is highly portable with just 295 grams, compact with a measure of 70×106 mm, durable, child-safe and has a retractable hook for easy hanging. This waterproof and dustproof unit comes at a comparatively affordable price.


  • Two-in-one use
  • Superior quality construction with four brig
  • Ultra-bright, long-lasting light
  • You can charge your phone to it


  • Not for iPhones
  • Is heavy, and not meant for those campers who travel light

4. HeroBeam 2x LED Lantern

HeroBeam 2x LED LanternSee details

If you are looking for a warm white light to lighten your camping adventures after the dark, then look no further that the HeroBeam LED Lantern. It is a worthy contender to consider. This is a camping lantern that comes with the latest LED technology with 3 48mm COB strips. The Herobeam® LED rechargeable lantern – 2016 COB Technology emits 300 LUMENS is a collapsible lamp with good light that suits campers and home users alike.

The light is pretty bright, and the design is resistant to tough weather conditions and some abuse. It has a compact 124×86 mm body and weighs 330 grams. This unit’s operation is quite interesting and simple. You could activate it just by pulling the top part to reveal the bright light.

Backed by a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and a 5-year warranty, this product can set your worries to rest.

The light is super bright and has two times the brightness of old technology 30 LED lanterns. This lamp is super shock-resistant and built to withstand use in the wilderness. The ABS body with no glass makes it capable of withstanding the unpredictable UK weather. It has been waterproofed to meet the IpX4 standard.

The whole design of the lamp is compact, collapsible, and lightweight to make it to fit neatly in a rucksack. The lantern is made of metallic graphite with chrome handles and comes in a neatly packed box.

The lamp needs AA batteries, which are relatively inexpensive. The top section of the lamp lifts to reveal the light elements. The top must be pushed down again to deactivate the lamp. There is no fumbling for the switch in the dark.


  • Lightweight, compact design
  • Collapsible, beautiful constriction
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor uses.
  • It is ideal for outdoor activities like camping, fishing, and hiking.
  • The burn time of the lantern is long-lasting and less energy-consuming.
  • The body is shock-proof, weather-resistant, and water-proof.
  • The batteries are inexpensive when compared to the other expensive high-maintenance models.
  • The HeroBeam camp light with its 300 lumens light output is very bright and enough to light up a campsite.
  • This camp lantern is easy to pack and unpack and carry in a rucksack.


  • Plastic construction
  • Uses 3 AA batteries.
  • The AA batteries do not have a long life when compared to other long-running batteries. So, it is always better to take some spares with you.

5. SUBOOS Ultimate Rechargeable LED Lantern

SUBOOS Ultimate Rechargeable LED LanternSee details

If you are looking for a high-grade lantern, SUBOOS ultimate rechargeable LED lantern and power bank is the right choice. It has dual-power technology with four light modes. The unit has a simple operation with a collapsible design that fits any backpack. The power bank can charge any device with universal rechargeable options.

It has a charging capacity of 4-19 hours. The product is backed by 60 days money back guarantee and 5 years warranty.

The smart collapsible design, dual power technology and 4 light modes are some of the best features that makes the SUBOOS LED lantern and power bank an ideal choice for the best rechargeable camping lantern.

The lantern makes use of either 2 lithium-ion batteries or 3 AA alkaline batteries. These can light up the lamp as well as give power to the USB port. There are 4 light modes regular bright, red, red strobe and super bright. The light output is about 185 lumens.

The smart collapsible design makes it very easy to carry in a backpack. The Power bank feature ensures that the user is never left without light in the dark wilderness.


  • Simple, collapsible design
  • Backed by a money back guarantee and warranty
  • Universal power charger
  • It is resistant to water and can be subjected to rough use.
  • It is a durable product and lightens up the surrounding areas for a long duration.
  • The manual switch and the light adjustment give the SUBOOS a lot of flexibility.


  • Some said the USB charger isn’t that reliable.
  • The rechargeable batteries do not work as efficiently as promised.

Which One Should You Get?

Do you need something with more lighting power? The Coleman Battery Lock Twist Lantern is the best choice for you. It has up to 300 lumens capacity, so it can effectively brighten up a space or even the entire campsite.

Get the Suaoki LED Camping Lantern Collapsible Solar Light if you are on the lookout for something that has a backup solar capability. This lantern is more affordable and is even collapsible, so it won’t take up a lot of space in your camping luggage.

If you are looking for a lantern that also doubles as a power bank, the Lanktoo 2-in-1 Waterproof LED Camping Lantern is a good choice. It has superior charging functionality. You can also rely on it for outdoor purposes because the construction is solid and doesn’t succumb to wear and tear easily.

The HeroBeam 2x LED Lantern is better off as an emergency back up light source. It runs on batteries, which means you have to keep on buying them, but its pull-up lighting mechanism just makes this so convenient to use in a dark campsite.

Get the SUBOOS Ultimate Rechargeable LED Lantern if you are looking for something powered by both a rechargeable battery and a non-rechargeable one to ensure that you will never run out of power source outdoors.

Buying Guide for Rechargeable Lanterns

There are several good lanterns in the market today, which makes camping a very comfortable experience. It is important to have good lighting with an intensity you can adjust as per your needs. When looking for the best ones, consider these types of lanterns:

  • Flashlights/ torchlights
  • Headlamps and
  • Camping lanterns.

The current best camping lights brands mostly come as battery-powered LED/ electric lights, solar power operated lamps and gas-powered lanterns. The electric lanterns are powered either by alkaline batteries or lithium batteries or rechargeable batteries.

The most distinguishing yet common features of the best camping light brands are:

  • The output of light: Lumens or the output of light is adequate and can be comfortably adjusted. If you are looking to light a tent, an output of 100 lumens is good. On the other hand, 200 lumens are good for a tent-site and 300+ may work well for lighting up an entire campsite.
  • Batteries: Check for the batteries, their effectiveness and easy availability to ensure that they produce enough power to light up the lamp. The climate outdoors can affect the battery efficiency. Therefore, choose a model which works well in most weather conditions.
  • Run time and durability of the lighting: The burn time or the duration of light that a camp lantern can provide is determined by the amount of fuel, the battery and efficiency in power consumption. It is always best to carry extra sets of batteries and fuel for emergency situations.
  • Waterproofing: A camping lantern should hold well in tough, unpredictable weather conditions. The camp lanterns you should choose must be water and splash resistant.
  • Safety and shock–resistance: The best camping lantern brands are usually made of unbreakable materials and therefore safe when children are around. The tough body is shock-resistant and can withstand any rough usage.

We had to pick just one product to be the best rechargeable lantern of them all, and though it was tricky, we’ve picked the Coleman Battery Lock Twist lantern for its outstanding performance.

What to Do Next?

There are many other camping equipments and gear you should add to your essentials to make outdoor life a lot safer and more comfortable. Head to our homepage to find out more product recommendations and product reviews so you can make an informed decision when buying.