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best leather walking boots

Keeping your feet dry, protecting it and keeping them warm and comfortable are the primary jobs of the best leather walking boots. So when you must buy a pair, it is only sensible to buy the best choice you have. Of course your choice, budget and other factors must also be taken into consideration. If you are planning on investing in some, let us look at the best leather walking boots 2017.

What to look for in Leather walking shoes?

The logic is simple, if your shoes are good you will enjoy wearing them, so invariably will use it to walk more often which obviously serves the purpose. Settling for shoes that are uncomfortable will end up staying on the rack unused.

So when you are looking out for shoes that are meant for walking, we’d suggest a few pointers to bear in mind.

Choosing the right material:

There are two basic materials used for walking boots, first is leather and the other is fabric. Fabric boots are lighter to wear with a more breathable feel. Many prefer these over all other, but their water resistance isn’t the best. It may have a resistant membrane but nothing else. These are best for day trips or overnight trips. Whereas leather boots are slightly heavier but definitely more durable. They are naturally water resistant and perfect for longer outings.

Finding the boots that fit right:

This is the most crucial part of boot selection. If the boots do not fit right, there is no way you will be able to wear them comfortably. Chances are they will sit in your shoe rack for many years to come. Remember to check if the heels fit perfectly, and if there is plenty of room to move the toes. Shoes that are too tight will cause your toes to rub while walking and cause blisters. And a shoe that is too loose will not provide the required support. Visit your local shoe store and try all the brands available. Make sure to wear both the boots and walk a bit in each shoe so you know how heavy or comfortable they are.

In case if you have bought shoes that are loose, you can try wearing thicker shoes or pad the soles for a better fit. But if the shoes are too tight you might consider returning them.

The upper skin of the boots:

Some of the best leather hiking boots will have thick leather skin. This makes the boots higher in quality as well as durability. But the flipside to this is that the boots tend to become heavier because of the thickness. This also makes the shoes higher cost wise.

This when compared to fabric shoes, are generally lighter in weight and not as expensive. However their main drawback is that they are not water resistant, and will need a membrane for it.

Notwithstanding the material, the upper half of the boots must at all times provide excellent support to the ankles. One must take care not to opt for boots that are too constricting.

The Perfect Midsole:

An ideal midsole need to be still to give the foot the right support. In case you’re hiking to a higher level, try looking for boots with stiffer midsoles.

The Outsole:

This is an important factor, as it functions akin to what a tyre is to a car. It builds the grip of the boots. Never opt for boots with a smooth outsole as they will have poor grip and might slip on wet or slimy roads. The outsole needs to have treads to give a good grip. These treads need to be deep enough to function on all kinds of road conditions. However, one must take care not to opt for boots with excessive deep treads as they might get a little wobbly on rocky roads.

Reinforced protection:

Opt for shoes that provide reinforced protection especially around the heels and toes. These will make the shoes last longer and also prove to be useful during rough hikes. Leather boots that have rubber bands around it are also good options.

The laces on boots have an additional impact on the overall fit.

The best leather walking boots review

You know the basic features to look for in the best leather hiking boots. We will now see some great options. If you are buying boots in the UK, lets us now see some of the best leather walking boots UK

Hi-Tec Men’s Eurotrek III Waterproof High Rise Hiking Boots

best leather walking boots

This is a recently updated Eurotrek version; it comes with amazing waterproof leather on the upper end. It gives the boots a smooth finish with additional comfort. The fact it also become more durable is a bonus. The boots come with the latest technology Dri-tec waterproof that makes the shoes more practical. While it is made of synthetic leather from outside the boots have textile within allowing the feet some breathing space. The boots close with laces for a snug fit and have a comfortable 1 inch high heel. This provides the right rise without it being too overpowering.

The CMEVA midsole provide the cushioning and comfort required in long treks and hikes. With a regular toe space and high quality rubber outsoles it provides excellent grip and durability.

  • Has a remarkable upper end water proof coating.

  • Especially designed with a smooth finish that looks great. The boots also have fortified comfort.

  • Gives an excellent fit ad light weight to wear.

  • The shoes are made with outer material as leather on the outside and provides breathable textile on the inside.

  • Made use of the advanced technology ‘Dri-tec water-proofing.

  • The boots have laces closure to give that perfect sung fit. The upper rise is strong enough for ankle grip, though not too overpowering.

  • The boots have the regular toe space minimizing the risk of blisters.

  • Have an apt heel of 1 inch.

  • The CMVEA midsoles provide the perfect cushioning when needed the most.

  • The outsoles also have perfect treads for additional grip.

  • The outer leather peels off in a short duration of time, thus ruining the waterproofing effect.

  • The outer sole’s treads wear off making the grip slippery.

Berghaus Hillmaster 2GTX boots

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This is an award winning product and a complete hit. It has been engineered especially for walking anywhere right from the hills to the valleys. The boots have been created using the Goretex technology that provides superior quality waterproofing as well as high performance. The premium quality Full Grain British Pittards leather used makes the boots great looking and highly durable as well. The inner material used in the boots is manmade making them breathable for the feet. The sole is made of Gum rubber with a Vibram Hillmater outser sole this makes the boots ready for any and every kind of terrain along with its remarkable anti-clogging feature.

The midsole is a solid shock absorbing PU along with the memory form along the collar and tongue make it a perfect fit. The product has been designed keeping comfort, durability as well as strength in mind.

  • Aware winning shoes made with the latest technology Goretex which gives the shoes excellent waterproofing as well as improved performance.

  • The outer material is made of the finest Full Grain British Pittards leather that looks as good as if performs.

  • The inner sole has been thoughtfully made of manmade material allowing space and air to pass.

  • With a solid shock absorbing PU Midsole and memory foam around collar and tongue makes it comfortable for all kinds of terrain.

  • The outer sole is made of Gum rubber with the finest Vibram Hillmaster outser sole.

  • The cost of the shoes seems a little on the higher side

  • The Gum rubber sole seems to be too soft and tends to wear off prematurely.

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Karrimor Orkney III Weathertite, Trekking and Hiking Shoes

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This is a classic boot perfect for trekking and hiking in all kinds of terrain and a 3 season leather boots. It has been created with an exclusive Weathertite TM waterproofing. This protects the boots from water while allowing water vapours or sweat from feet to escape easily. Made of Full Grain Leather, the boots are stunning to look at and tough as well. The inner materials of the boots are manmade making them breathable.  The boots have soft collar lining that is made of leather; it provides the comfort while walking long distances. With a lace-up closure the makers ensure the shoes have a perfect fit.

Outer soles are none other than Vibram Phoenix that lends the boots a durable grip. . The midsole FrameFlex chassis provide the support and cushioning that is most essential while trekking or hiking.

  • It is a classic from the Karrimor collection that is perfect for 3 seasons trekking and hiking.

  • It has been created with the exclusive Weathertite waterproofing. It helps the boots last long as well as ideal protection for feet.

  • The upper of the boots has been made of Full Grain leather that gives it stunning looks and tough utility.

  • The outer sole has been designed using the ultimate Vibram Phoenix durable soles.

  • The inner lining of the boots are manmade, making them ideal breathable shoes.

  • FrameFlex chassis midsole and soft leather collar lining take care of the feet at all times.

  • The sole of the shoes seems to be a bit thin.


how to choose best leather walking boots

This is an excellent option that is a perfect blend of both good looks and high performance. It is made of premium quality leather. The closure of the boots are lace up, lends the boots a snug fit. The material of the boots is especially waterproof allowing a person to wear the boots though wet or muddy roads as well. It also has an exclusive hi-dry membrane that allows the boots to dry up quickly after exposure to water. The ‘high-top’ upper gives the ankles the perfect support without being too constricting. The out sole is made of high quality rubber that is designed to last. The insole is completely padded making the boots take care of the feet.

  • Good looking shoes that are designed to last.

  • The outer material of the boots is made of premium quality leather.

  • It has also been made essentially waterproof, making it useful in all weather condition as well as terrains. The exclusive hi-dry membrane makes the boots dry quicker than the rest.

  • The lace-up closure allows a snug fit.

  • High rise boots provide perfect support to the ankles.

  • The outer sole is made of high quality rubber with durable grip

  • Fully padded in-soles care for the feet at all times.

  • The boots are heavy to wear

  • Being a bit too hard, the boots are not flexible difficult to manoeuvre them

Scarpa Terra Men’s Gore Tex

best walking leather boots

These boots are a great option for all those who love walking through the hills or trekking. It has been made of oiled grained leather that gives the boots its stunning looks as well as high performance. The boots have been designed to provide ideal waterproofing to use on wet or mucky roads. Tough boots that have all the comforts one needs while walking and trekking. It also provides additional support to the feet and ankles at all times.

  • Oiled Full Grain leather makes the boots look attractive and tough in performance.

  • The material has been created especially fortified with water proofing to suit all weather conditions and terrain.

  • The outer sole has an excellent grip that suits all terrain.

  • These boots provide all the support required while trekking or hiking at the same time looks after the feet too.

  • The waterproof membrane wears off quickly.

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If you enjoy trekking, hiking or walking long distances it is always beneficial in investing in one pair of boots but of the best quality.

As mentioned earlier, one must make sure you try the shoes and walk within the store to get an idea of how your feet feel in them. Someone might find a certain brand or variant better than the other. Each set of legs are different, where you plan on using the boots may vary as well as different boots behave differently in varying weather conditions.

It is a sensible choice to choose the kind of boots that are suited to all kinds of terrain and weather conditions. As they are versatile and saves you the trouble of buying multiple pairs of shoes.

From all the options that we have reviewed so far, in my judgement the Berghaus Men’s Hillmaster 2 GTX boots are the best leather walking boots 2017. They have all the qualities one needs in ideal walking and trekking shoes. They are tough in performance and stunning in looks while taking care of the feet and the comfort of the wearer at all times. If taken good care these boots are known to last for a long time.


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