Best Lightweight Backpack Reviews

Some people want to be extra prepared when they are backpacking or camping. They want to make sure they have all the things they might need in case of unexpected things. If you are one of those people, you need a bigger backpack to accommodate your needs. A 50 liter backpack is easily the best option. It has a good capacity without carrying too much weight.

When choosing a good 50 liter backpack, make sure you look for those with an organized interior, durable materials, lightweight properties and weather-proofing abilities. These are the products that will last you for a long time and will ensure your camping or travel essentials are protected against the elements.

The market has a lot of ideal 50-liter backpack options for avid campers and backpackers out there. We checked out the best ones and we have the best recommendations for you below.

Why Choose a Backpack?

First of all, why choose a backpack for your travel or camping needs? You can pick other types of bags like a weekender bag. What sets a backpack apart?

There are actually plenty of benefits of having a backpack. It is comfortable to bring with you. Backpackers, hikers and campers prefer this kind of bag because they can just wear it on both shoulders and not suffer from stiff neck and shoulder pain. It distributes weight evenly throughout the body, thereby reducing muscle soreness when lugging it around for hours.

It is also portable and great for traveling. You can easily store it in an overhead storage space. You can put it in your car with ease and it is easy to carry up a flight of stairs.

These bags also usually have a lot of compartments inside and outside. Keeping your stuff organized is easier, thanks to this backpack. You don’t have to worry that you will lose your things. There are also extra compartments and pockets that you can use to store smaller things.

These bags are also made for campers in mind. You can be assured that the materials used are durable and can withstand heavy rain.

Best 50 Liter Backpack Reviews

Let’s get on to our recommended products:

  • Coreal 50L Hiking Backpack
  • Mountain Warehouse Voyager 50L Wheelie Rucksack
  • Loowoko Hiking Backpack
  • MYMM 50 Liter Backpack
  • Lixada 50L Hiking Backpack

These are the features that make these products ideal:

1. Coreal 50L Hiking Backpack

Coreal 50L Hiking BackpackClick for Price

Get this well-made hiking backpack made from nylon fabric that doesn’t succumb to wear and tear easily. This material is also waterproof, making this backpack an ideal choice for all your outdoor adventures. The inside features a plastic plate that retains the backpack’s original shape. It doesn’t get squished even when you store it improperly. It also boasts of a decomposition system that is completely adjustable, meaning you can carry more things depending on how this is positioned.


This bag offers plenty of space inside. The small compartments make way for proper organization.

It is comfortable to use as well. It comes with dense shoulder straps. The padding is thick and capable of protecting your shoulders from the weight of the bag. It also comes with a hip belt to help in distributing its weight. Heat dissipates easily as well, preventing sweat from collecting on your back. You can also easily adjust these parts to suit your body’s needs.

It does keep contents dry. The waterproofing feature is reliable.

It is quite affordable for a bag that has high quality materials and design. It also looks stylish.

It doesn’t wear out easily. Many of those who bought it said they have had it for a long time and used it for constant traveling and it did not deteriorate that much.


Some had issues with the back panel collapsing but this seems to be a rare case.

2. Mountain Warehouse Voyager 50L Wheelie Rucksack

Mountain Warehouse Voyager 50L Wheelie RucksackClick for Price

Plenty of storage options is what this rucksack has to offer. There are lots of organizers and pockets inside this bag, making it easier for users to keep their belongings organized. It is made from polyester materials that is capable of withstanding wear and tear. This bag has wheels, giving you the option of wheeling it around in case you get tired of carrying it by your shoulders.


It is a spacious bag with lots of compartments for smaller things. You can keep smaller belongings secure with this bag.

The wheels are a nice touch. You can wheel it around, making this ideal not just for camping but for traveling via air.

The straps are added for comfort. They also feature compression technology, which means you can reduce the bulk for easier storage.

The zips are completely lockable. You can secure it with a lock when traveling.


Some said the bag can get heavy.

3. Loowoko Hiking Backpack

Loowoko Hiking BackpackClick for Price

No rain or harsh sunshine can wear out this backpack fast. With its wear, tear and water-resistant fabric materials, you can be assured that this backpack will last for a long time. The straps are completely reinforced to ensure that it will hold your luggage weight with ease. It also features SBS zippers, which are known for their durability and quality.


It is a spacious bag with multiple pockets. You can easily get organized with this bag, thanks to the many compartments that it can offer.

You will find this one of the most comfortable bags to use, thanks to its ergonomic design that works well with your back. The straps are wider and adjustable, thereby allowing users to find the best setting for their needs. They are also made from mesh material that allows air to circulate easily, thereby preventing the build up of heat.

It is quite lightweight. With only 1.15kg of weight, you should find this a great choice for backpacking.


There aren’t a lot of negative reviews about this product. However, some wished it came with a water bladder compartment.

4. MYMM 50 Liter Backpack

MYMM 50 Liter Backpack Click for Price

Here is another lightweight backpack you can rely on. Its durability will ensure you can take it for those rugged backpacking trips without worrying it will get damaged easily. The nylon fabric used to make this is strong and can last for a long time. The main compartment is easy to access, thanks to its pull mode. There are also plenty of compartments in this bag to allow you to store your belongings.


It is light and doesn’t tax your shoulders too much. Aside from its compartments, there are also additional gears to hang your camping essentials.

Many people also love its design and quality. They said they didn’t have issues with the size of this bag. They were even able to use this as a regular backpack.

You won’t break the bank with this one. It is affordable and accessible.


Some said it gets heavy when the pack is full. The shoulder straps might not provide support when you are already packing it to the brim.

5. Lixada 50L Hiking Backpack

Lixada 50L Hiking BackpackClick for Price

We love how stylish this bag looks. It is suitable for both men and women. It has a good capacity for all your camping stuff. The material used for it is also resistant to water and does not succumb to wear and tear easily.


It is comfortable to use. The shoulder straps are padded for better protection. The back makes use of materials that promote good ventilation. This should be comfortable to use even in the summer.

It comes with a chest and a waist belt as well. These belts are completely adjustable to ensure better comfort.

There is a rain cover at the bottom pocket of this bag, ideal in protecting your bag from harsher weather conditions.

It is lightweight as well. Even kids can use it with ease.


Some said they did not receive the rain cover. They also said it is a bit on the small side.

Which One Should You Get?

Value for your Money: Coreal 50L Hiking Backpack. This is a good choice for those who don’t want to spend too much money but still want something that is durable and stylish. It isn’t pricey but it has features that you can actually find in more expensive backpacks.

Portable Choice: Mountain Warehouse Voyager 50L Wheelie Rucksack. It is a backpack, but it also doubles as a wheelie. If you like something that you can take with you not just for camping trips but also overseas ones, this is a good choice.

Comfortable and Light: Loowoko Hiking Backpack. This is your go-to bag if you prefer something lightweight but does not compromise in comfort and durability. It still has plenty of compartments for all your camping essentials and it can still protect your belongings from harsh weather conditions.

The Affordable Choice: MYMM 50 Liter Backpack. If you don’t want to spend too much on a backpack, get this. It is indeed an affordable choice, but it doesn’t lack when it comes to quality features.

Stylish and Compact: Lixada 50L Hiking Backpack. Many say they like this backpack a lot because it is a lot less bulky than the ones they are accustomed to using. If you have kids who might need a reliable hiking backpack, this can be a good choice for them as well.

Some Factors to Consider When Buying a Backpack

It’s always great to scrutinize your various options when purchasing a backpack. To help veer you in the right direction, here are some factors you would want to consider:

Usage. Do you plan on using it for hiking and camping alone or do you also want to use it as a travel bag? If it’s the latter, you can try looking for additional features such as wheels, to make it more appropriate for traveling. Some people might also look for a backpack to be used as a day pack. In this case, make sure you choose those with a compartment suitable for the things you will bring along to work or school such as your laptop.

Quality. Find out what materials were used to make the backpack. It should be a type of material that can resist wear and tear easily. That way, even if you put your backpack on the ground, it won’t get damaged by rocks. If you take it backpacking, it won’t easily tear when you snag it on branches. Also make sure it has water-resistant properties. You don’t want the contents of your bag to get soaked when you get caught in the rain.

Comfort. Check the shoulder straps. Are they sufficiently padded? It’s a good idea to give it a try. Test how well it sits on your shoulders. Also make sure the back panel is made from vented materials. That way, you won’t suffer from a heated back as air would pass through with ease.

Choose those that come with a chest strap or a waist strap as well. These things will help distribute the weight of the bag, so you can feel more comfortable even when wearing it for a prolonged period of time.

Capacity. Even though it might say it can accommodate 50 liters, it might not actually provide that much space for your stuff. Look for those with a large capacity and those that come with multiple pockets and compartments for all your things.

Weight. How much does it weigh when empty? There are some bags that still feel light even when you pack it full of camping stuff. That is because these bags may have better weight distribution. Others don’t have such a feature. They might feel light at first but if you pack them full, the weight might only concentrate on a certain area, making them feel heavier than they should be.

What to Do Next?

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