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People who camp outdoors are the ones who would know the importance of a lightweight sleeping bag. Many people carry a huge pile of comforters for camping but carrying such volume is not only tedious but also ridiculous. While all the other items required for camping serve various purpose, the main purpose of a sleeping bag is to provide comfort.

Choosing a sleeping bag requires some amount of knowledge as there are various types of bags that are designed for different purposes. But, in general, any sleeping bag should provide the warmth and comfort but should also be manageable in terms of size and weight.

When it comes to camping, you would want to choose those that have lightweight features, so they are not burdensome, especially since this isn’t the only camping gear you will be bringing with you. That said, we searched for the best lightweight sleeping bags today that you can invest your money on and found those that are truly light in weight but still have the capabilities of providing comfort while you are outdoors.

  • Best Buy - KingCamp Trek 300 Camping Hiking
  • Best for taller people - Terra Hiker Ultra Lightweight Sleeping Bag
  • Editors choice - KeenFlex Mummy Sleeping Bag
  • Best for medium build people - Scout Creations Jungle Slumber Mummy Sleeping Bag
KingCamp Trek 300 Camping Hiking Check latest prize

The KingCamp Trek 300 Camping Hiking 3-4 Season 400GSM lightweight sleeping bag is one of the cheapest options today. It is comfortable, durable and not very heavy. It keeps the user warm even in a damp environment. The style of this sleeping bag is mummy type which then gives extra protection to the head, shoulders and neck. It has an anti-static build-up and is easy to compress. The material is of high quality and offers all the comfort required for camping. It also comes with a carry bag for lugging convenience.


  • Lightweight and takes up only small space. You can easily compress this product for easier transport.
  • High quality material but cheap in price. It can last you for many more years. The outer material boasts of 190T polyester material, so it doesn’t rip or snag easily. The lining is also made from 100% polyester.
  • Easy access of zip. You can get in and out of this sleeping bag with ease.
  • It is very cozy because of its mummy style. It is ideal to use for cold weather conditions. The comfort rating is +6C with a limit of +2C and has an extreme temperature of -13C.


  • Some didn’t like how narrow the base is. It constricted leg movement and might feel a little claustrophobic.
Terra Hiker Ultra Lightweight Sleeping Bag Check latest prize

This is one of the lightest sleeping bags around with only 1.65 lbs of weight. It is the best if you are looking for a sleeping bag for backpacking or if you simply don’t want your sleeping bag to be hefty. It also rolls and folds down to a small size with a compact height of merely 7.48 inches.

You can rely on this during intense weather conditions as it has a comfort temperature rating of 8C to up to -15C, ideal even when camping out during colder days. The dual side zipper design is also a nifty feature because you can open or close it on both sides of the sleeping bag easily. The zippers don’t snag.


  • It is truly a lightweight bag. It even has a small footprint so it can be easily stashed in your bag.
  • It has a good comfort and extreme temperature rating. Whether you are camping in the summer or the fall season, you will feel comfortable using this.
  • The inside of the sleeping bag is made from cotton that feels a lot like silk. That can elevate your comfort and also seal in the warmth. It also helps prevent moisture from the outside from seeping on the inside.
  • The fabric is completely breathable, thereby preventing any form of condensation.
  • The length is substantial, so even taller people can use this without a problem.
  • The price is affordable and shouldn’t break the bank.


  • There were some issues about the lining slipping and clinging to the body. But for the price, many people still think this is the best.
KeenFlex Mummy Sleeping Bag Check latest prize

This product is one of the best when it comes to its lightweight properties. It is very easy to carry due to its lightweight, but it is convenient to pack as well since it has a compression bag that will allow you to reduce the size to 60% of its original footprint to ensure it will not be difficult to carry around.

This is an all-weather sleeping bag. It is capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions. It is heavy-duty as well and has the ability to provide warmth in -5C to +15C temperature conditions.


  • It truly provides warmth during colder seasons. It feels luxurious and cozy.
  • It easily folds down to a small size, thanks to its compression bag.
  • The ergonomic functions are great. You won’t feel discomfort and there are these anti-snag zippers that can make getting in and out of this sleeping bag a breeze. You also have pockets inside the bag to store your important things.
  • It has water-proof functions. Water beads on its surface, preventing it from seeping in.


  • There were just some issues about this being too tight. If you are on the slimmer side, this shouldn’t be a problem.
Scout Creations Jungle Slumber Mummy Sleeping Bag Check latest prize

Stay warm while outdoors in this sleeping bag. It is advertised as a 3-4 season sleeping bag that boasts of lightweight properties. What is great about this is that it comes with a durable compression to ensure that this sleeping bag folds down to a small size for easier transport.

It has water-proof functions. The inside stays dry and comfortable. It also boasts of breathable fabric materials so there are no threats of condensation. The materials used are also some of the most durable as they don’t snag or rip easily.


  • This sleeping bag is lightweight. You can easily pack it down after using it.
  • It is a warm bag. It has a comfort temperature rating of +10 to -10C. The interior material of this product is water-resistant, so you can stay warm and dry. It also boasts of breathability for good ventilation inside the sleeping bag.
  • You will like the high-quality outer fabric that prevents tears and snags. Even if you subject it to some rough handling, it can stay resistant to damages.
  • You can choose from different sizes. If someone smaller will use it, get the 190 cm one. For taller people, the 210cm one should be more ideal.
  • It comes with internal pockets as well that you can use to store your valuables.


  • Might not be the most ideal for extremely low temperatures although it is advertised as a 4 season sleeping bag.
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