Expect to do endless walking when going camping, hiking or trekking. You will be on your feet all day, so make sure you are armed with a good pair of lightweight walking boots that will make this task easier.

There’s no scarcity of walking boots out there. A wide range of features are incorporated in them such as lightweight materials, better traction, more comfortable insoles and easier lace-up process. If you are looking for those that can offer these features, you came to the right place. Read on to learn more about which lightweight walking boots we highly recommend.

Best Lightweight Walking Boots Review

Now here are the walking boots we recommend because of their lightweight properties:

  • Northwest Territory Ladies Leather Lightweight Waterproof Walking Boots
  • Rax Men’s Wild Wolf Outdoor Lightweight Waterproof Trekking and Hiking Boots
  • Northwest Territory Mens Terrain Lace Up Leather Waterproof Hiking Boots
  • Mountain Warehouse Mcleod Women’s Comfortable Boots
  • Gracosy Women’s Trekking Hiking Ankle Boots

Here are more things you should know about walking boots:

Northwest Territory Ladies Leather Lightweight Waterproof Walking Boots

Ladies Trek Leather Upper Lightweight Fully Waterproof, Walking/Hiking/Trekking Winter Boots - Colour: Red - Size: 7UK

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Never compromise on style even when you are outdoors because this pair of walking boots delivers on that. You can choose from different striking colours such as raspberry, navy, fuchsia and many more. Designed using a leather outer material and a comfortable inner textile, this is all you need for walking. It is lightweight and waterproof as well.


  • A lot of customers say this pair of walking shoes is very comfortable to use even without socks on.
  • The ankles are supportive and don’t grate or chafe the skin.
  • There’s a lot of room for the toes, so you are unlikely to get toe blisters even without socks on.
  • Many people like the waterproof functionality.
  • The soles have a good grip. You can rely on it in rainy weather.


  • Some people said it takes some time to break them in.

Rax Men’s Wild Wolf Outdoor Lightweight Waterproof Trekking and Hiking Boots

RAX Men's Lightweight Trekking Hiking Boots Backpacking Shoes Outdoor(Khaki 6.5 UK)

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Get this rugged-looking walking boots that also boast of waterproof and breathable features. The inner lining has good ventilation properties that prevent heat from building up, thereby keeping your feet nice and dry. The exterior is made from suede leather material for superior support and flexibility. It offers 3 centimeters of heel height and a lace-up closure.


  • This is an ideal lightweight pair of walking boots that is good even for extended exploring and walking.
  • It has an outsole made from rubber, great for those slippery rocks or grassy lands.
  • The cushioning system is lightweight. It provides comfort for an extended period of time
  • It is waterproof. It features a V-TEX waterproof membrane that keeps the water out.
  • There is a shoe tongue incorporated. It can prevent sand from getting in your shoes.
  • Many customers said it is as comfortable as wearing slippers.


  • Some commented on how the laces are thin and get easily undone.
  • breathable membrane lining-keep your feet dry
  • mesh upper-providing comfort, flexbility and support
  • Gum rubber outsole-improves grip and provides durability and traction
  • Phylon EVA midsole --for extra lightweight cushioning
  • Protective moulded rubber toe bumper with cushion in the heel absorbs shock

Northwest Territory Mens Terrain Lace Up Leather Waterproof Hiking Boots

Northwest Territory Mens Terrain LACE UP Premium Leather Upper Waterproof Walking/Hiking Trekking Boot (UK7, Brown Suede)

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This pair of men’s walking boots is made from leather exterior and uppers, an inner textile material and a rubber sole. It features 1-inch heels. You can choose from other colours such as tan and navy hunter. It is also waterproof and can be used for daily walking or regular trekking and hiking.


  • Many people commented on how good the fit and comfort are of this pair of walking boots.
  • It is lightweight. Your feet won’t tire out easily when using this pair.
  • The ankle and foot support this provide is ideal.
  • The customers said it didn’t require breaking in.


  • Some said it can be slippery on rocks.

Mountain Warehouse Mcleod Women’s Comfortable Boots

Mountain Warehouse McLeod Womens Comfortable Boots - Breathable Ankle Boots, Durable Hiking Boots, Padded & Lightweight Walking Shoes - Ideal for Trekking & Travelling Brown Womens Shoe Size 4 UK

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This pair of walking boots will last you for a long time, thanks to its durable construction. The synthetic and fabric material combination ensures comfort. There is extra padding to cushion your feet and prevent you from acquiring blisters. It has lace-up closures and a heel height of 1 centimeter. Another thing worth noting about this product is its airy composition. It remains breathable, which is great if you are using it in the summer season.


  • It is comfortable to wear. You can wear it all day and not suffer from too much strain or pain.
  • The breathable features are great. You can be assured that heat won’t be trapped in the shoes during those hot days. You can say goodbye to sweaty feet.
  • Unlike many other walking boots, this one has a good outsole traction. It provides the best grip on surfaces.
  • You will like the added tongue. It keeps the toes protected.
  • These shoes are very affordable.


  • Some said because it has breathable features, it might not be the best when it comes to keeping water out.
  • Breathable - Porous fabric allows air to circulate inside the shoe, keeping your feet cool and comfortable
  • Deep Lugs - Traction on the sole for sturdy grip & stability
  • EVA cushioning - Moulds to your foot providing support & comfort
  • Padded Tongue & Ankle - Extra cushioning for all day long comfort
  • Mesh Lining - Improves breathability to help keep your feet fresh whilst out and about …

Gracosy Women’s Trekking Hiking Ankle Boots

gracosy Women Flat Walking Hiking Ankle Boots, Winter Low Rise Slip On Trekking Footwear Anti-Slip Shoes Fur Lined Outdoor Lace Up Lightweight Breathable Warm Snow Boots Running Boots Gray 5.5 UK

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Get this pair of all-weather walking boots that should be reliable no matter what the season is. The uppers sit just right at the ankles, which is good if you don’t like a pair of boots that is too tall. It has a good traction and surface grip to prevent slipping. It has been tested for 12 hours of continuous use and this still provided superior comfort.


  • It is an ankle-type pair of boots. This should be ideal for everyday wear but can also be relied on during more rigorous hiking or trekking.
  • The anti-slip soles are reliable. You can use this even during rainy days when roads tend to be more slippery.
  • The exterior is a suede leather material. It should be easy to clean and maintain.
  • This is an affordable pair of boots.
  • The fur lining inside can keep your feet warm during colder days.


  • Some of the issues are only about the sizing. Just make sure to get the right size for you.
  • ★ALL-WEATHER PROTECTION - gracosy ankle boots Anti-Slip super light sole, provides great traction and grip. The sole is soft and comfortable, allowing you to walk in the boots for a long time without fear of hurting the ankle
  • ★COMBINATION OF TECHNOLOGY AND FASHION - gracosy women hiking boots Even for a full day of travel, they are very comfortable even after 12 hours of continuous use, ergonomic design ensures its fit, the stylish look makes it suitable for most occasions …

When Should You Go for Lightweight Walking Boots?

Best Lightweight Walking Boots

As you know, there are different types of walking boots out there. They vary when it comes to weight. Which one you should choose will depend on the type of activity you will do.

Go for lighter walking boots if you are going out for a day hike or taking a short camping or backpacking trip on terrains that are more manageable. Go for heavier walking boots when you need to traverse more difficult terrains and rockier grounds.

Lighter walking boots are also more ideal for people who just got into backpacking or hiking. Since these are lighter, they are not as heavy to move around. You can be nimbler on your feet, thereby allowing you to sidestep those rocks and muddy trails and uneven terrains a lot easier. When taking some of the weight off of your feet, you can reach your destination much faster and expend less energy doing so.

There are now also low-cut lightweight shoes that eliminate the bulk that the ankles are usually subjected to. These shoes help in minimizing the abrasions on the ankles and the heat that collects in there, hence experiencing better comfort.

Heavier walking boots, on the other hand, are created from full grain leather or a mixture of genuine and synthetic leather. These boots are designed to help hikers deal with more challenging terrains. They are heavier, so they provide more traction. The soles of these boots typically have deeper lugs and have more pronounced heels to provide more traction, ideal for traversing the loose kind of terrain. The high-cut upper tends to be more rigid to provide ample support to the ankles, thereby preventing sprain or strain in this area.

Go ahead and choose lightweight walking boots if you plan on doing a lot of day hiking on relatively easy terrains.

Which One Should You Get?

Have you decided which of these lightweight walking boots to get? Check out our recommendations:

Best Style: Northwest Territory Ladies Leather Lightweight Waterproof Walking Boots. Many customers find this pair of walking boots stylish. But even though it is a stylish pair of walking boots, it still delivers on all crucial features of a walking boots, which are lightweight properties, waterproof and comfortable.

Superior Comfort: Rax Men’s Wild Wolf Outdoor Lightweight Waterproof Trekking and Hiking Boots. If you do a lot of walking, trekking or hiking, something with superior comfort such as this one would come handy. It is ideal for men who might need to be on their feet for a long time.

Keeps Your Feet Dry: Northwest Territory Mens Terrain Lace Up Leather Waterproof Hiking Boots. Get this pair of walking boots if you find yourself getting caught up in heavy rain or you traverse wet grounds a lot. It’s a good choice if you want the best value for your money.

Breathable Choice: Mountain Warehouse Mcleod Women’s Comfortable Boots. Get this pair of walking boots if you like something that is more breathable. It is more ideal to use if you prefer going on long walks in the summer season. It is also not lagging behind when it comes to comfort as the padded interiors go a long way in preventing strain and blisters.

Great for Winter: Gracosy Women’s Trekking Hiking Ankle Boots. For a versatile pair of boots, get this one. It has a fur lining, which can keep your feet nice and toasty during cold days. Use this not just for hiking but for everyday walking as well.

Tips in Buying the Best Lightweight Walking Boots

Choosing the right lightweight walking boots entails taking into consideration what you need based on your hiking requirements and what is recommended. Here are some factors to consider when choosing the best lightweight walking boots:

Walking Boots Components

What is it made out of? This will tell you a lot about the comfort and support that will be provided by the walking boots. Full grain leather, for instance, is a material that is known for its durability. It is also ideal when it comes to resisting abrasion, great for those longer walks and treks. If you plan on doing a lot of walking and hiking on wet trails or trails replete with creeks or rivers, this should be a good choice as it is water resistant.

Split-grain leather, on the other hand, is a kind of leather mixed with a nylon material. This is one of the most lightweight materials for walking boots around and it offers breathability as well. They are more prone to abrasion and damage and are not that water resistant but can be affordable for those on a tight budget.

You can also go for other types such as nubuck leather, a suede-like material that has the benefits of genuine leather, synthetic, waterproof and vegan leather.

Check the Midsoles

The role of the midsoles is to protect your feet from shock. It acts as a buffer whenever you step on it. There are usually two types of midsoles out there. The first one is the EVA, which is a lighter and cheaper kind of midsole. They can be firm or pliable, depending on your preferences. Another kind of midsole, the polyurethane one is typically firmer and has a more durability to bring to the table. These are generally better for longer hikes.

Measure Your Feet Well

You can have the best lightweight walking boots but if it doesn’t fit well, it still won’t be comfortable to use. Some crucial measurements you need to know are foot length, foot width and arch length. If you wear additional support such as orthotics, try them out as well when having your boots fitted.

Shopping Online? Go with What You Know

You can buy your lightweight walking boots online but stick with those brands that you know and trust. That makes it easier to find a pair of lightweight walking boots that will fit.

What to Do Next?

Make sure you click on the links of the walking boots that you think can provide you with the benefits you need. We also recommend checking out our homepage for some more ideas on which outdoor gear to get. There are plenty of other camping, hiking and trekking equipment and gear that you might want for yourself.